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Practical uses (Quest)

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#1Rishi Namatzu 

Practical uses (Quest) Empty Sat Aug 05, 2017 6:38 am

Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

Rishi was skipping through the streets, her skirt flowing effortlessly as she looked for something interesting to do around town. She saw many other mages gathered around the request board in the middle of town. It seemed so tempting to look that she just couldn't resist, so she pushed all the other mages out of the way so she could see what the commotion was about."It's really just about some dumb quests." She said before everyone around her looked at her as if she was crazy. She saw that most of the requests were gone but there were a few that remained. The only one that had caught her eye was the one about testing a shield for Khalash at the Mad Drug Magic shop. She took the request off the board and studied it for a while. Rishi knew where the shop was, yet she had never been there before. She had to struggle to leave the crowd but soon enough, she was on her way to see Khalash.

On the way there she sung a couple of songs that would help her pass the time, since it was a long walk to the shop. Other people heard her and complimented her greatly, yet when they did she really had no idea what they were complimenting her for. She had been offered jewels to sing for the people that heard her but of course,she had turned them down. She had a job to do, and she wasn't going to let some small distraction get in her way of doing her job.

Soon she arrived at The Mad Drug Magic Shop to find Khalash waiting outside to greet her."Why hello there miss! My name is Khalash how can I help you?" He said with the sweetest smile on his face."Uhm hi my name is Rishi and I am here because of your request about testing a shield" she said calmly."Oh yes the request! I had nearly forgotten about that! Right this way." he said as he took her into the backroom that was very open yet had a slight feeling of isolation to it. there was almost nothing in the room yet there were many dents and small holes in the walls.
She was really wondering what the room meant,
and what it contained, since it looked like there were things in the dark corners that were moved out of the way for this job.

"Okay my dear now we are testing out this shield for the Magic Council to test its durability in battle." Khalash said as he handed her a shield. It had a gold color to it and it was lighter than she had expected. Maybe this was to make sure that the knights didn't slow down during battle? She didn't really think about it too much because he told her to get ready to defend his attack. He shot a fireball at her as she put the shield up to defend it. Her feet slid back a little,leaving a dent in the ground. Once he finished Rishi walked up to him and showed him the shield."Wow not even a dent in it!" She said surprised to see that nothing had happened to the shield. "Why that's great!
Alright now I need you attack me with your best shot"
He said as Rishi gave the shield to Khalash. He started to dance around but then stopped when he realized Rishi was still there. She went to the other side of the room to get ready to attack."Alright hit me with your best shot." he said just as Rishi shot her strongest fireball at him. It was one of the brightest and hottest fireballs she had ever created but, did the shield hold it off? Had Khalash gotten hurt? She ran over to Khalash to see if he was okay. When she approached him he showed her the shield with the biggest smile she had ever seen on his face. It seemed it had hardly suffered a dent. What kind of metal was this made out of? It had to be enfused with some kind of magic but, the metal had to count for something right? Or was it just the magic that counted? Or did it have anything to do with magic at all? Well it didn't really matter, the job was done and that was all she needed to know. She watched his smile get even bigger, which started to scare her.

"Thank you so much miss! Now I can tell the Magic Council that it works! It really works!" He was dancing and jumping happily all around the room and Rishi just stood there awkwardly. "Oh sorry miss Rishi hehe... embarrassing myself again" he chuckled, "Thank you for all your help! Here take this" he said as he handed her the reward. "Thank you very much." She told him kindly. "Alright now if you'll excuse me,
I have some important work to get back to"
Khalash said giggling. She stared at him awkwardly.What was he going on about? It had to be something about the shield. But what the heck was it! She stopped thinking when she noticed the giddy old man had stopped making noise. "Did you hear me miss Rishi? I need you to leave this room now." He said just a little bit more seriously. She and Khalash had left the backroom and when they walked out, they saw a line of people."Well I really should be going now.
Thank you for allowing me to help you with your task mr. Khalash"
She said as she ran out the door, trying to avoid hitting any of the customers. She just really had to get out of there. She wasn't buying anything and it was really busy... and it was getting awkward. "Another job well done" she said as she walked home happily. She was very happy with the work she had done but was still a little creeped out by how happy Khalash was when he saw that the shield didn't break. He had to be getting something good out of it. It wasn't really her business so she walked home, enjoying the quiet streets.

Word Count: 1033
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

Practical uses (Quest) Untitled_drawing

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