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Clean Up Crew [Sovereign and Haigu]

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#1Sovereign Pale 

Clean Up Crew [Sovereign and Haigu] Empty on Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:39 am

Sovereign Pale
This was, much to his embarrassment, Sovereign's first proper mission he had ever been on. He had been part of the guild for quite some time, but had never actually done anything worthwhile. Part of him told himself that he was waiting for the right time to let his life bloom into a black rose, but there was that thought at the back of his mind telling him he was a lazy coward. Perhaps, it was a bit of both.

Dressed in his usual attire with his mask secured tightly around his head and face, Sovereign made his first few steps through the twilight street. There weren't many people around, which was most certainly a good thing since he and some other member of his guild were about to start chopping up bodies. Wherever he was.

"Are you one of the guild members here to assist us?" a queer voice would call out from between an alley way, the shadows concealing his face but revealing the dapper looking suit he was wearing. Cautiously, he'd turn around and face in the shadows, tilting his head like a curious child (which looked much more creepy than it sounds). "Perhaps, who's asking?" Sovereign would reply, still unsure what he should reveal at this stage.

"Remy. Remy Martello."


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Clean Up Crew [Sovereign and Haigu] Empty on Fri Aug 04, 2017 10:54 pm

The creeping darkness crawls and digs its icy claws in every crack and corners where the light fails to shine. A certain chill lingers in the air as the heat coming from the sun was dropping due to the lack of feeding it with the source. A chill that Haigu honestly does not mind since the darkness has long been his friend on a number of occasions. Of course when the lad was younger Haigu used to fear the dark night, but eventually he began to embrace it rather than being afraid. For it’s not the night Haigu is afraid of. What is inside the night would be Haigu’s fear since anything can happen and no one would be able to see it coming.

The familiar sound of boots stepping on the concrete floor lightly bounce off the stone buildings and curtain-covered window panels. Shadows following every step, the sound of night was nigh as a young man walks down the dark streets. Haigu was garbed in his usual attire as he was informed of this quest that involves with disposing bodies. Scanning the streets with his eyes, Haigu made sure to bring some disposable, cheap gloves. Eventually his eyes would come upon an individual that he does not register.

A tall man from the looks of it, and probably a bit older too. Haigu is a short and lean individual. Of course Haigu originally intended on just acting as a bystander, but then he thought if he was supposed to meet the guy here. Only was he closer did Haigu noticed there was a second person cloaked in the shadows of night. With one glance over the shoulder to check for any movement, Haigu would approach the two. “Excuse me, you wouldn’t happen to see a respectable guy who dresses decent. Probably like in a suit or something. Tall, ginger hair maybe?” Hence the brief description that was given from the quest, but Haigu was being a bit discreet about it.


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Sovereign Pale
Sovereign was still practically a little lamb in this world of crime and quests. There was no point pretending he was a master of everything - a creature of the night that had no fear for man nor beast. Sovereign was still practically a boy, he had a heart that he hope would one day flourish, for better or for worse. Thus, it was only natural for his heart to skip a beat when a voice echoed from behind him.

His head snapped around, eyes locking onto the smaller figure who looked... Young? Maybe it was just his facial features, it was hard to tell in the dark and Sovereign knew better to judge a book by its cover; for all he knew, this person could be an A-Rank wizard.

"Respectable man?" Sovereign began, smirking slightly underneath his mask, "Why... I believe the man you described is-"

"Right here." Remy interrupted, finally stepping from the alleyway with a strange grin on his face. "I'm glad you're here. Shall we begin?" He'd take another few steps forwards, the light of dimly lit fires and the dull glow of the moon shining off that orange hair of his. "We'll be at the location soon. I do hope you're ready."



Clean Up Crew [Sovereign and Haigu] Empty on Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:12 pm

Convenient was the word for this as Haigu did not expect to find Remy so soon, but then again he’s used to certain people stretching things out as long as possible. The teen did not reflect the surprised expression, and even if it did the shadows would’ve cloaked his face enough to hide it. Still once Remy stepped into the light more to reveal more than just a suit Haigu recognized him. Mostly because he fits the description quite perfectly, and who is Haigu to question the intel given by the clients? If anything a certain amount of confidence is found in the teen’s heart while hardening up his mind.

“Here, i’m not sure if you possess a pair or not, but just so we don’t get any unwanted infections we need to protect ourselves a bit. Also roll the sleeves up a bit. Blood can get onto sleeves and even on dark colors they stand out to animals.” Haigu advised his partner in a calm fashion as the teen brought out a pair of plastic gloves and handed it to Sovereign. He was trying to be helpful and also preparing for unfortunate events later on in the future. Though Haigu hopes for the best that their activities won’t be found by the Rune Knights or any goodie-two-shoes, but still he plans for the worst case scenario.

While they were on the way Haigu would take the time to think what would be best to do time efficient wise. Chopping up bodies for easier carriage takes time to do especially when there’s seven bodies. It’s not exactly what he trained for, but having some experience in other fields is not something that is harmful. If anything it’ll prepare Haigu for more things to come both himself and the guild as a whole. Haigu pulls off the gloves that were already on his hands and tucks them into his pocket. Which he brings out his plastic pair and slips them on. “If we weren’t ready then we wouldn’t have accepted the request.” Haigu commented which can be seen a bit rude on his part, but it seems he’s only speaking from a logical sense. The familiar mark for Phantom Lord proudly displayed on the back of Haigu’s right hand. “I think while you get the bodies into smaller pieces we’ll go ahead and gather the other three to their designated spot. I am assuming you already have a spot in mind?”


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Clean Up Crew [Sovereign and Haigu] Empty on Wed Aug 09, 2017 4:12 am

Sovereign Pale
Sovereign was surprised at the kindness of the teenager beside him. Yes, he'd confirm to himself, most definitely a younger man, but at the same time not much younger than himself. It did make him wonder however, how there could be such a big difference in maturity in such a short amount of time, but this guild mate of his seemed more than capable (if not more so than himself). "Thank you." he'd say warmly, taking the gloves and holding them in his hand, "I don't think I'll be using my hands that much however."

There was a smirk underneath his mask, but he enjoyed the fact nobody else could see it. His emotions were his, his reactions were his, why should anyone see what he is feeling? Remy, who was leading the group, would playfully tut at Haigu's comment, he wasn't annoyed, but found it humorous and pleasant in fact. "Of course, how silly of me to ask such a question." Before long, they reached a large building that was still surrounded in loose piles of bricks and stone, various wooden beams leaned precariously atop of each other. "Here we are." he'd take a bunch of keys and gently unlock the door to the building, which probably had a lot of openings somewhere in its walls due its uncompleted form.

Letting everyone in, he'd then lock up behind again to ensure nobody was following them. The man let out a long sigh upon seeing the bodies strewn across the floor like leftover bricks ready to be used to build the walls of this building. "A shame, but deaths are important for lives to flourish. Some may disagree, but here in Oak, it's just the way things have always been." he paused, staring glumly at a body in particular, "How they'll always be."

Spending a few seconds walking around, he'd identify the bodies and check which ones are part of the more favoured gang. "Those three bodies there, two by the table and one laying across the crate over there. Those ones are mine, I have body bags for them. The rest you can bring to me, I'll sort those out accordingly."

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The teenage male nodded to ensure that there was no blood between himself and the guild mate. Granted Haigu doesn’t know Soverign considering that he’s only been trained by the Phantom Lord and member of the guild as well. Nonetheless the young lad did reveal that he is resourceful even if it is considered as mundane. So Haigu achieved what he wanted since he honestly didn’t want his comrade to think that Haigu is incapable of anything. Thus lifts a strain from his mind and ponder on what method they should use.

Haigu honestly liked the way Remy seemed to be relaxed, even though Haigu suspects it to be a front not anyone can just kill someone and smile about it. Of course the easiest thing to do is to simply not care at all and learn nothing from their fallen. The only thing that mattered to assassins are weaknesses and how to make the victims most vulnerable for a devastating attack. However what Haigu gathered is that wouldn’t be the case since the deed was already done by somebody else. They just needed someone to clean up the mess their members made. Or at least that’s what Haigu thought; thoughts that were best keeping inside the mind to prevent upsetting their client.

“Very well then.” Haigu simply responded as he made sure to roll up his sleeves to the elbow as the lighting reveals the young smooth features on Haigu’s face. Yet there was a bit of a coldness to them as the teen simply walked up; eyes stared at the dead man’s face for a moment; then reached down to grab the limp arms and began dragging the body towards Remy’s direction. Lining up neatly to make room, Haigu would set the body in place near Remy before walking towards another body. Noting that his feet are light on the weight making little to no sound on the blood soaked wooden floor. The way Haigu carries about himself is like one would expect from someone who is capable of things. Though in truth Haigu is just as fresh into this line of work as Sovereign.


#7Sovereign Pale 

Clean Up Crew [Sovereign and Haigu] Empty on Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:41 am

Sovereign Pale
Sovereign felt rather uncomfortable with the whole situation, but more so with the fact that he felt out of place in a way. A complete stranger moving the bodies of dead comrades and well known enemies. It was rather intrusive in his opinion. The younger wizard began doing his work, snapping on the gloves he so cleverly remembered. Sovereign would never have remembered, he probably wouldn't care if blood got on his hand... Regardless, he was grateful for them. Doing the same, Sovereign would put on his gloves and head over to the bodies that weren't exactly 'friends' of this gang. It was clear who they were now due to the difference in clothes, and the different wounds they possessed. He wasn't sure which of the two gangs won, but judging by the more brutal deaths, he'd say the side Remy was on came out victorious here.

Clasping his hands together in fists, he'd close his eyes and exhale softly, a warm glow of turquoise green light radiating from him before he outstretched all his fingers suddenly. Hands made of his spirit force would soon materialise, whizzing around him like little birds as they'd grab hold of legs and arms of corpses. Sovereign too would grab  one and before long, he was dragging them all towards Remy. "Here." he'd say quickly, flinging them onto a table as they piled up.

Sovereign glanced at the saw in Remy's hand, then to the empty sacks, "I assume you'll be... Uh, taking care of this part?"


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