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Practical Uses[Jeeroy]

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Maybe Jeeroy should not have told Kalash that he could call upon him for any more jobs that he needed done. He had yet another letter from the man delivered to his hotel, this time asking him to be a test subject. Though he had said he would not be in any danger, Jeeroy wanted to disagree. He had been a test subject before and he had not liked it, he had the scar on his side to show for it. He was testing a shield as well, one that he did not know rather or not would break allowing him to get hit with the full force of whatever spell the man wanted to throw at him. Hopefully he would throw a very weak one at him. If not, Jeeroy could see himself being knocked out from the force...well maybe not because he did have armor. Plus he would get to hit the man with the shield as well. So maybe the day would not be all bad. Plus, Jeeroy could stand the pain of being hit a couple times, he was a large giant, his muscles would protect him. Maybe he could just consider it training for when he was in a real fight. For when he had real magic...he hoped it could be sooner rather than later. Maybe he would talk to the old man about it that day. With a shrug, he gathered his belongings and the prerolled joint in his lips and headed out towards the Mag Drug Magic Shop.

Jeeroy found the old man in his shop in the back. He was digging through some old things that it seemed he had no clue what to do with. He found this to be the perfect opportunity to ask the man what he needed to. "Kalash?" The man spun around with a smile. "I had a question for you, my good sir. I do not have magic, I was not born with the ability to have it. Is there anything you can do to help me achieve a magic?" Jeeroy asked the man. He seemed to think for a moment before sending the giant a bright smile.

"Jeeroy, my giant friend, I do believe I can help you. You will just have to give me a while to figure it all out." Kalash said to the man. Jeeroy could not have been any happier. "Now, I need you to follow me." Jeeroy followed him to the back of the shop where there was a more open yet isolated area. The man handed Jeeroy a shield, the one he had told him about. "Now, I need you to stand over in the corner of the shop. I am going to throw a spell at you and I need you to block it with this shield. It should withstand the damage. Hopefully." The man gave Jeeroy no time to think before he readied a large fireball in his hand and flung it at the giant. Jeeroy blocked the ball with the shield, thankfully it held up and he did not get hurt. Kalash ran over to inspect the shield and seemed extremely surprised and happy that it held up without a scratch upon it. "Wow!" He ran his fingers over the metal. "I can not believe it worked! Good Good! Now give the shield to me and hit it with your most powerful blow you can muster up!" Jeeroy did not want to hurt the man so he was hesitant in giving over the shield. He handed it to the older man who seemed to have no problem holding up the large piece of metal. Jeeroy pulled his weapon and readied himself, letting out a loud war cry, he slammed his spear into the shield as hard as he could. The man nearly fell, but the shield barely suffered a dent.

"Wow, this thing is very durable. I assume you have enchanted it with some type of magical abilities?" Jeeroy asked the man who was mesmerized in looking over the shield. His fingers were still tracing over the small dent with a large smile upon his face. "Kalash, you are extremely talented! Thank you so much for all of the help that you have given me! I hope I can help you another time." The man nodded.

"Yes, it does have magical properties about it. Thank you for helping me test it, it has been in storage for the longest time. I know there are not many people willing to sit and let me with them with a powerful spell. You are truly a blessing. I will call upon you if I need anything else." The man said and led Jeeroy out to the front where he paid him the jewels he owed him. Jeeroy then left the shop ready to continue on.

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