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Odd Behaviour.... [Open]

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#1Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
It was a gloriously glouroous morning in Magnolia. The sun was shining, a gentle breeze blew causing a soft russling of the trees. No birds were singing which would have tied everything together however Selena was still hapily skipping along the streets of the busy town, drswing many eyes as she did so. Selena figured it was because she was so visibly happy. Most around town would see her sulk so they must have been surprised that she was acti g so happily. But as she sat down on a park bentch she thought it was odd that she was still getting a lot of attention. People were still looking at hee and others were pointing. "Hmm why is that? I'm not even doing anything." She asked herself crossing her legs. Selena rested her elbow on the arm rest of the bentch as she begab to get frustrated with the continuing stares. Selena sighed as she looked at the crowded street and how each and every person threw her a glance. Selena brushed some hair behind her ear, only it wasnt really hair it was more liquid than anything else. Taking her hand from behind her head she looked at her limb. It was no longer it's health pinkish colour but blue and translucent. A small wave of panic came over Selena as she looked at the rest of her body. What the hell happened!


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Stunning... Malevolent... Prestige. All words to describe a apex predator like Erebus. However, he was down on his luck lately. No missions, no women. Everything about him just seemed to fall apart after months of such build-up. The rise and fall of vengeful champions. It was poetic, but also lame. It was as if he were half of what he wanted to be.

He wasn't a champion. He was the beast bested by champions. That my friend, just simply would not do. There was lines that needed to be drawn. Ugh! Things couldn't get worse than this though. He knew he needed to pick himself off the ground. Yet, if only he knew how. Wouldn't it do wonders to his image-- if he could just push and motivate a little harder? Like he once had.

Speaking of, he hadn't shaved his face all month, stubble was appearing across his cheekbones. His hair was messier than as per usual. His muscles hadn't drained of their juices, they couldn't, he was a werewolf after all. Fiends like him just didn't hinder like that.

But his skin color surely had. He looked pale, depressed with himself. He felt it too. As a stranger was making way to a grocery store, Erebus slowly made way in his direction too. Though the pedestrian was impatient, eager to get by. The man rushed by the Grimoire Heart, their shoulder's collided by accident, Erebus had walked-- the stranger had run. Sadly, this wasn't to the civilain's favor.

The other guy would feel as though he had ran full force into a loading cart. Put in the dirt by nothing more than his own ignorance. However, the lycan didn't seem phased by it in the slightest. His head slowly bent downwards to make eye contact with the pitiful man. A look of annoyance was not apparent, as it should've been. In it's place, a blank reaction. "Eh? Sorry." He spoke plainly, planting a cigarette firmly between his lips. His walk continued as he lit the stick with a lighter, photogenic it seemed. As he maneuvered around the corner with his slow strides.

Sometime later he was planted still. Paused amongst his walk. Erebus was staring to the left, at a girl with flesh turning to gelatin. Funnily enough, Erebus hadn't taken any acid, so he couldn't be tripping. He felt reason to question the female on her... Odd, but pretty cool to be fair, physiology. "What's wrong with your uh, skin, don't think I've seen anything like that before."

His tone was monotonous, and his face didn't show much curiosity. He was lifeless in this world now. So he stepped over her, planting his butt onto the bench beside her. His head was pointed forward. A plume of ashy gray smoke escaped his nasal passages. And he sighed, just a deep exhale. "I'm Strategist. You got a name?" Typically now, Erebus wasn't the type to engage into conversation with weird people-- he just wasn't. However, what did he have to lose at this point?

Not a god damn thing.

#3Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
"Why is this happening!" Selena said through clenched teeth as she rubbed her skin hard, as if trying to remove a stain or blemish from her arm but with no such luck. As she took her hand away from her arm which was sore from the scrubbing a trail of blue translucent slime rose along with it. "Ahh man why!!!!" she moaned as she sat back down. Towards her right she had heard a loud thud but did not lift her head to see what cause it. Selena's mind was racing.

How how how how how how... The thought kept racing in her mind. Could it have to do with her dreams? The dream with the dragons? But if it was then why Slime! The only reason why Selena wasn't screaming at the top of her lungs was the odd feeling of ease that began to seeo through her body as if she was taking a bath in lukewarm water. Selena brought her hands to her head as she looked hard at the ground, sticky tears forming on her slimey face. Selena had not even noticed the boy sit down beside her and continued to sit in the awkward position. It almost soothed her as she stayed like that, the lazy sensation seemed to grow faster as she did.

As Selena was feeling completely submerged in the growing feeling of ease she heard words of concern come from a voice that couldn't care less. Shaking off the feeling she sat back up and looked at the boy. His face looked old despite his young physique. His face was scruffy as well as his clothing and normally Selena would slap the cigarette out of his hand but she decided not to. He introduced himself as strategist. Selena would normally scoff at the obvious fake name but she was not herself and instead decided to play along. ”I'm Slime as you can plainly see.” She said as she could feel a slight smile form on her face. ”And as for this..” She said lifting up her limbs. ”Your guess is as good as mine~” She said her smile growing bigger. ”So Mr. Strategist what brings you here to talk to some slime girl? Wouldn't you rather point and laugh like the rest~?” She asked tilting her head. The question would sound almost rhetorical but the expression Selena was giving showed nothing but genuine curiosity.

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Another plume of gas blew forth. This time from his lips, smooth like silk, if smoke could be compared to that anyway. The boy laid back in his chair, people around did chuckle-- something he hadn't noticed at first glance. Even from across the street. So evidently, her jest was all in good fun. Or maybe to hide her pride, but a glance of curt signaled in on where she sat, telling her Erebus didn't agree with the joke at all. The lycan himself sometimes was mocked for his racial stature often. So he wasn't ready to just act like a prick for the hell of it. After all it wasn't typically hard to differentiate a werewolf from a human if you were looking for the right traits.

"Ha Ha Ha. What are you a masochist? No, I don't give a fuck if you had six tits or three heads, or if your skin was turning to jelly like it is right now. But since you don't know what;s wrong, I guess my question is answered." He turned then to face her completely, his eyes beaming like they were able to see through souls. Erebus left the cig tucked between his lips. His eyes looked even more judgmental when he squinted at her, as they danced over her form. He did manage to grin. But it wasn't to mock her appearance, it was to mock her attitude. Finally, his irises met the ground again. An expression of snark over his face, though he was still calm in the way he went on about things.

"But hi. Nice to meet you Slime... I can't give you my real name, so don't be so sarcastic when someone opens themselves up to you. And.. Whatever. Regardless, We all have a beast in us somewhere. Mocking the beast is what kills the man. Let them act like they know what you are; like they can belittle you."

Erebus pointed a finger at someone snickering, they quickly turned around. Embarrassed. As they should be, fight fire with fire. Fight rudeness with rudeness. "When you get them good and alone. Educate them. Simple as that. Then they can't laugh at you anymore." The man stared at her slim arm. The blue almost catching the light and giving off a glow. "It's what I would do, if I were in your place." Erebus looked away from her. He was very careful with his wording. In all actuality, he had killed many people simply due to being a monster. However, he left his advice to sound like she should beat them up-- not kill them. And she should. It was only fair taking all into consideration. However, he had his own identity to leave concealed so he wouldn't let her know anything about himself. Only the hint that he was similar. That would be enough.

#5Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
Selena looked confused at the man as he roughly spoke to her and began to laugh in her face. However she too began to laugh. She could tell he had no malice in his voice was merely trying to be funny and it worked. "Well if I'm a masochist, you're one kinky fuck~ Imagining me with 6 breasts? If you said that to the wrong woman you'd get slapped, Mr. Strategist~" Selena said winking as the man stared in her eyes. Selena smiled as she then placed her finger on the end of his cig to put it out, a light fizzling sound would be heard as it went out with a small puff of smoke. Selena herself would not feel a thing being slime and all. (provided she was let do this at all.) After which she would grasp her hands together under her chest to enhance the size of her bosom and look forward. This was merely to annoy the man as a home. To Selena she knew he did not care about her appearance but to rease hi. about it seemed fun to her, like it was a game. That being said his eyes seemed to stare through her approvingly as if he disliked her for whatever reason. A small voice in her head shouted the answer but it was unheard under the lukewarm water that had now filled Selena's body.

Selena giggled again at the man as he spoke once more. But not mocking, she giggled in agreement. "Sorry I totally agree, I couldn't care less what they think of me, as long as I'm enjoying myself~
I just think it's funny to say you opened up yet go by an alias."
Selena giggled once more. But I didn't mean to be rude or sarcastic,
just polite. And if you can't give me your name that's fine but I won't be giving you mine either~ You understand."
She sighed as she looked at the boy Strategist had pointed to. She couldn't help but feel comfortable around this boy. He seemed to understand Selena's previous plight. But as she sat there she couldn't remember what it was, until an unfamiliar voice broke from her lips. "I haven't been myself lately either." the voice said, referring to the boy's earlier question. Selena reached a pale blue hand up to her lips as of to stop any more of those words to come out. The water was turning cold now and draining from Selena's body. "I haven't really known what's been happening with me for some time." The voice said again, sound melancholy as of coming to a realisation. Selena's body did not move. It just remained staring forward with it's hand in front of it's lips.

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The goo trickled off of Selena's fingertip, it was certainly messy. It reminded the boy of other sticky substances. He wondered what kind of chemical make-up was making it up, and if she even had vital organs anymore. That was pretty interesting to think about, so it seemed she possessed abilities stemming from this change as well. Her personality no longer came off sarcastic when she spoke again, but instead a bit flirtatious. Not that Erebus was complaining. He liked it when girls showed off playfulness, and honestly speaking, she wasn't bad looking even if she wasn't all human in appearance anymore.

"I wish I could say you were far off, but eh, haha."

The man cracked a small grin. His pressing eyes sunk back to watch her. The push of her hands made her body grow, she was... Actually much more attractive now. With a large bust... Full integral control over her shape-- that's something wild right there. Strategist wondered if she were some kind of bio-weapon from like comic books. Or if she were just some mage, with a spell gone wrong. Either way, he was impressed, profoundly impressed.

"Nice tits." He answered to her movement, then she seemed distracted  by the boy of earlier. Her voice changed too when spoke again. Further leading him to question who or what she was. It was all he could do after all. Instead of bringing concern to the conflict, he offered assistance in her problems. "I see. So you're going through some stuff. Sucks, bad. Shame too. But I wouldn't be against helping you figure things out Slime."


Using that as her alias granted them both a level of mystery. It worked to set boundaries, as well as create relations. "Do you remember if you were given any tasks that sent you away from your friends?

#7Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
Selena couldn't help but giggle again. Strategist was slowly growing on this side of Selena. He too seemed laid back and up for a laugh. He even admitted of his kinkiness which cause a small fit of giggles. That stopped however as he had commented on her bust size. She felt as though she should slap him but since she had already put out his cigarette and a part of her didn't want to push it. She was not sure why but the lukewarm water was beginning to go cold and before she knew it she was talking in a voice that was not her own.

The other part of Selena was now thankful to Strategist. He actually seemed to care about Selena's concerns, even offering to help her. He first asked if she had gone through anything out of the ordinary, if she was asked to do anything from her friends. "Heh, friends..." She gave a dry laugh. Her voice was more dull and monotone than it had been. She thought of what was wrong with her first and foremost. "Before you ask, no I'm not bipolar. I think." Selena would say given how even now she was noticing how weird she was acting. "As far as I can remember I don't have any friends. But that being said I can only remember up to a few weeks ago.
But this stuff only started happening today and i don't think I was doing anything out of the ordinary..."
She said as she began to swim through her foggy memory which was now covered in slime. "I have been having weird dreams lately. That could hardly be the reason?" She asked looking at him. As she spoke Strategist would notice that the slime was turning back into skin, however a light layer of goo would still be coating ber. Her hair would be turning back into her usual sky blue while her eyes would be turning back into their usual Azure. Whatever she was thinking about was helping her control the beast within. "And thanks for listening I guess." She said looking down. Her own personality was coming through the slime, the luke warm water was turning icy and leaving her body until only Selena was left, no trace of slime remained on her but she did not notice yet.

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Flicking the cig away the boy, tucked two hands in his jeans and leaned back in his chair at the bench. His eyes still held their cold, yet welcoming stare. Especially as her form meshed and grew into that of a human. Not before her voice that is. She told him she didn't have any mental illness to match herself with.

"It would've been a fair guess to think you were bipolar actually, but based on your umm, shape-shift. With all things considered. I think you're just being affected by some kind of magic. No way to know for sure right now, not this soon at least."

She couldn't remember too far back, as Erebus understood it. She was a clean slate, an infant in this dangerous world. Sad to say, but she'd have a rude awakening. the world wasn't just butterflies and rainbows. It was a cruel hell, ripe with crime and suffering. Strategist himself being an practitioner of both.

Selena's human counterpart was pretty cute, though, the slime appearance was more fitting. There was a iniquity about it that was just so... Appealing. Erebus sided the thought-- men had often been driven to want the exotic things in life. Being a dog, he was no different. However, those kinds of things he kept distanced nowadays. No point in it anymore. He was burnt out, a petty thug-- not a soldier.

Back onto the girl-- the lycan watched as every piece of goo sunk into her flesh. Peculiar. Alas, the shift wasn't in her control however so there wasn't point in flirting any longer. This version of the girl was very different. The type that probably wanted to be left alone. She seemed kindred-- Erebus smiled. The wolf rose his brows, she'd make a great guildmate. Too bad though, he'd rather spare her from a life like his. Speaking of which-- Erebus had places to be; things to see. On such a note, the boy stood up, and offered the sticky wet female a hand, so that she might stand up too.

"Don't mention it, I enjoyed the chat. Sometimes people just need a hand reached out to them to make a world of difference. Irregardless, it's time we close up here. Maybe we'll meet again. Peace out."

Just like that, the boy was gone.


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#9Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
Selena thought about what Strategist had said. She thought about how he easily came to the conclusion that she may have a mental disability. "Well I could have a screw loose for all I know" She laughed dryly. As Selena thought about it she could have one. She felt so many emotions within her, but so few where her own. The thought scared her somewhat. That was the only emotion she was sure was her. The anxiety, the fear, the loneliness. However Strategist could be right about the magic thing since in this world it was rarely anything. But what kind of magic could do that too me? She thought. Before she could ask the boy however he had said he had to go. Selena gave a melancholy smile as she nodded. "Yeah thanks for the chat and for just talking to me, think that's what I needed." She said trying to look happier, although the growing pit of loneliness was beginning to consume her. Selena then got up and began to walk away before she did anything she would regret. Soon after she had walked away she felt the lukewarm water rise again. "Hehe, he was fun to talk to huh~?" A sweet voice said behind Selena. Selena whipped around at once only to see the large crowd walking still. Feeling warm once again she continued to walk, deciding to let whatever was gonna happen happen.

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