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White Fear [Selindra]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

White Fear [Selindra] Empty Wed Jul 05, 2017 12:26 pm

Leyaria Venerak


Crash Queen

Her time in Hargeon, for as much as she felt that it would have been awkward, even perhaps, terrifying had yet to really be just that. It felt as though she were from a completely different version of Hargeon, one in which the likelihood of survival was more akin to being forced to deal with the hardships that went with just trying to survive one day further at a time, it was not something in which she felt like she had to worry about here. Perhaps it had been as the times changed, or perhaps more it was that there was a change to her, herself. Leyaria was not the same little girl who had once lived in this place, who did not know anything that stood outside of the poorer realms of the city, who indulged herself in the fantasies of the docks and the stories that were relayed between rounds of drinks.

She was her own person now, a stronger woman. One who could function on her own, who had not only survived, but managed to some degree to even thrive within this place, or more appropriately this world in which she was now in. Hargeon, yes it was a daunting one, one in which could be at the very least, intimidating towards someone who may not have been familiar with it, but it paled in comparison to what she had seen in Fiore, of the challenges and successes in which she had managed to achieve as well. Yet, even in spite of this, she could not help but feel as though she were out of place here, as though who she was now was fighting against those memories and feelings which she long harbored and resented when she was a child.

For as much as it were the same place, so too was it different. Though, in areas like these, where whatever exposure she had had of the past if any at all, it no longer held great weight other than the vagueness to which things just seemed to either click or otherwise within her head. And even in those cases, her memory of them were spotty at best. Establishments built, structures, and even entire parts of Hargeon seemed foreign to her, to the point where it was as though she were in a new place altogether. The only thing constant that there seemed to have been were the alleyways, both reminescent of her time, not only in Hargeon, but much of what she had come to live much of her life with, only recently having had things change.

To Geth though, it was a completely different story. Much of what it had seen of Hargeon was for the first time, all new. Nothing of it was anything to which the creature had before experienced, and the intrigue to which it had conveyed were nothing short of amazed. From the ships that docked and departed from the Hargeon Docks to places elsewhere throughout the city, it took much of Leyaria's concentration not only to ensure that it did not get itself in trouble, but also that it did not lead the pair down a path that they did not wish to venture.

Unfortunately, that effort was for naught when something had managed to catch the attention of something, something in which Leyaria was not able to catch but the golem-like creature was clearly able to see. In what seemed like a blink of an eye, Geth was off running towards an alleyway, leaving Leyaria stunned at what it may have been that caught its eye. Geth had run off before and she recalled the last time that that had happened; she was not about to allow it happen to a second time. "Geth!" she called out as she stormed through the crowd of people, into the same alleyway that the creature had wandered into.

She had not taken more than a few steps into the dark alleyway before she felt the heavy presence of force put onto her shoulder and the sharp point of something nudge just gently enough into her backside such that she could feel its presence. Her body locked up with terror as she realized just what was happening, wishing that she could have done something more than just accept the reality as the point pressed slightly deeper into her back at the slightest bit of tension she exerted on whatever - or whomever - was holding her.

"Now now dear, we wouldn't want anything to happen to you, would we?"
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White Fear [Selindra] Empty Wed Jul 05, 2017 12:52 pm

It was easier than what she could have imagined it being, that a mere flashing of her sword within the right light would be so easy as to attract the attention of the weird construct was something that not even Selindra could have expected. It was more a test than anything else, a chance to see if her prey would be so easily enticed. And while she may not have been, her little thing was was, and with a fervor ir proceeded towards her.

Selindra licked her lips with excitement, curiosity more than anything else taking the present stage of what was going on within her mind. Too much time had passed to adequately tell one way or the other if someone were a practicer of Magic or not, especially with the recent flooding of the world of companions similar to that of the weird little golem and of weapons that mirrored the same capabilities of Magics themselves. This woman, may have been a Magic user, or perhaps not. It would have been easy just to assume the former and end her right now, but too much of her prestige, her title of "White Witch-hunter" had been built around the reputation of being thorough and precise.

She was loathed to see that change today.

When the woman entered the alleyway, Selindra, who had lurked just off in the shadows, took a step by step to mirror that of the blue-haired woman. Blade drawn, she lunged forward, putting more of her weight into the right side of her body, her extended arm grabbing into the woman's shoulder. In the same instant, she shifted her weight such that it leveled out, the blade in her left hand stopping just short of directing piercing into the backside of the woman, but still putting enough force and pressure so that while it would not cause any damage, she would still at the least feel it.

The woman jerked slightly, and Selindra reacted in kind, applying the slightest bit more pressure into the blade, enough to at least further make its presence known to the girl. "Now now dear, we wouldn't want anything to happen to you, would we?" Her words were cold, each one deliberately chosen but all the while being evasive enough such that the woman would be allowed enough of a reason to believe herself safe, all of it contigent upon her actions than that of Selindra's.

The fear of this girl was evident in her body's tightness, even the slightest bit of resistance, albeit intentional or not, being little more than an inconvenience for Selindra. "Rest now dear. I don't mean to bring any real harm, but the more you struggle, the less inclined I will be to show you that same consideration." The tightness waned, as the girl seemingly came to accept her fate, albeit a mystery in itself. Selindra's mercy, rare as it may have been, was one in which this girl was smart to take.

"Good. Perhaps then we may actually speak..."

#3Leyaria Venerak 

White Fear [Selindra] Empty Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:07 pm

Leyaria Venerak


Crash Queen

There weren't many options for her to do. Even the slightest amount of movement that Leyaria attempted to exert, the woman who seemed to have taken control of her only further exerted pressure against her back. Whether it had been the twitch of her shoulder in attempt to alleviate the woman's grip or the turning of her neck, she was only met with the blade poking deeper and deeper into her backside, the question of when she would pierce through the flesh being a legitimate question, one in which she wasn't looking to ask.

"Please, I don't have anything. Just let me go," her mind raced as she tried to comprehend just what it was that the woman wanted. The only logical thing that came to mind was that this was a pickpocket, something that she had heard more than enough of in the past, but not so much within Hargeon. Era? Certainly. But Hargeon was more known for pirates than anything else, and there was nothing that led Leyaria to believe that this woman was a pirate. There wasn't the slightest hint of alcohol in the immediate area outside of that of the crusted scent that seemed to linger throughout the city.

Her eyes darted down at Geth, stunned at what was going on, struggling itself to comprehend just what it was that was going on. Undoubtedly, a level of guilt and fear overwhelmed it, perhaps believing itself that it was to blame for putting Leyaria into such a compromised position. Even from its vantage point, Geth could not see what it was that the woman was doing to her, but that did not stop it from seeing Leyaria's face, the fear which was painted right upon it. It just stood there, seemingly helpless.

"Oh, I don't want anything. If that was your worry, you needn't," the voice spoke again, her words fluid, almost sensual. It was a very curious thing. To a degree, it left Leyaria conflicted, as much intrigued as it - or more appropriately, the woman's actions - which had her worried.

"Then... What do you want?" It was all that she could seemingly ask. It wasn't as though she had any options at her disposal to fight back. No Magic that could be used without causing significant harm to either herself, Geth, or anyone who may have been nearby and otherwise not involved. Nor could she have even afforded to fight against this woman, lest she find herself potentially harmed herself. The way that this woman was able to time the pressuring of her blade towards even the slightest movements of her body, it was impossible to believe that a sudden move would not be met with a much harsher strike. And if this woman were serious, it wasn't likely that Leyaria would even get enough time to take a strike at her. All she could do right now was simply comply with the woman, for better or worse.
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White Fear [Selindra] Empty Wed Jul 05, 2017 3:29 pm

To some degree, Selindra almost expected that she would be met with some level of resistance, not the compliance in which this woman was displaying. Even more, that her little golem thing was not making a move either was something that she was wholly aware of. Her focus had largely been divided between the two, much of it at first being focused upon it than the woman; after all, there were more unknown variables that were tied into its actions than her's. There was force held between whatever the woman may have been able to do against Selindra, but the creature was left untouched, able to freely move or act.

That it wasn't only made Selindra's job easier.

Selindra retracted the blade just slightly for a brief moment, the reprieve being not even enough for the woman to react accordingly as in the same instant Selindra had again shifted her weight, turning the woman slightly such that her backside now faced the alleyway wall and then shoved as much of her weight as able against her, thereby slamming the woman into the brick wall in a swift, singular gesture. With the woman pegged against the wall with Selindra's forearm now acting as the force holding her there, it's location just beneath the woman's neckline with more than enough freedom to enable her to lift it slightly to choke the woman if so inclined.

Meanwhile, her hand in which the blade was held instead was pointed directly towards that of the little golem, its point coming within just inches of it as it had begun approaching her. Selindra smirked slightly as her eyes focused upon the creature, liking that it attempted to capitalize on the opening to make its move. Had Selindra been a bit slower on her reactions, it may have worked, or at the very least would have been able to attempt. But not here.

Her eyes darted back at the woman. "Your thing there. Does it understand what I say?"

A nod of the woman confirmed it to her.

Her gaze turned back towards the creature, it now paralyzed as its focus was divided between that of the blade that still was pointed right towards it, the same focus to which she had applied towards ensuring that it remained pressuring against the girl instead focused directly upon wherever instead the creature started to shift itself, such that it was always directly facing the point of the blade. "Thing. It would take me only a matter of a second for me to apply enough pressure to break your little master's neck. Make another move or otherwise detract me further, and I promise you this. Maybe you'll be able to make a move against me, but she won't be alive long enough to appreciate whatever happens. Now, back away!"

The golem stood there for a brief moment, its head shifting very slightly as though it were looking at the woman. Then, it took a step back, conceding to Selindra's demands. "Good," Selindra remarked as she turned her attention back towards the woman. "Now then, let's start with the simpliest question. That thing. Where'd you come across it?"

#5Leyaria Venerak 

White Fear [Selindra] Empty Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:37 pm

Leyaria Venerak


Crash Queen

The woman's interest in Geth, it wasn't something that took Leyaria by a bit of a surprise. Given that it were not a mugging incident, she was more inclined to believe that this woman had explicitly targetted Leyaria. But if that were the case, why would she be unaware of whom Geth was, especially after for so long that the two of them had been travelling together. That this woman did not know who Geth was at all, it was odd.

Leyaria was not given much time to further reflect on that though before she found a very brief reprieve of the blade being pulled away from her backside, only for the woman to subsequently slam her into the wall, a sense of pain shooting up her backside that far outweighed any sort of pain in which the woman's sword had dealt up to that point. She hoped it would have been the end of it until she felt the woman press her arm up against her, the force at which she applied being enough to cause Leyaria's back to again bounce off of the wall, further causing pain to traverse through her body.

Now able to actually view her attacker, Leyaria was again surprised by what she had come to expect of this person. A part of her expected someone who appeared more like a street thug, an urchin, or somebody who may have been poor or otherwise addicted to some sort of vice. She wasn't expecting that it would have been a beautiful woman who was armed head to toe in high quality armor. The woman kept her eyes fixed largely upon Geth, as she did her sword, seemingly moving it ever so slightly with the slightest of Geth's movements. In the moments where the woman did turn towards Leyaria, the crimson pupils of her looked like death than of anything else.

No passion towards them. Only war.

The woman asked where it was that she had acquired Geth, a question that even Leyaria wasn't sure of. A part of her wondered if there had been any reason to the questioning, if there was a particular answer that she was expected to give or not. Lying didn't seem like it was going to be something that was going to work with this woman, especially given how coldly efficient this woman appeared to have been. She sighed, knowing that there was really only one answer that she could give, though she was loathed to think that it was going to be something that this woman would be satisfied with.

"I... I don't know. I just, one day it... He was there. Back in Crocus, months ago." Her words were serious, the history of where Geth came from still being unknown, the reason for its attraction towards Leyaria being a largely unknown still, even though she was very content, if not outright thrilled that the two had come to travel together since then. If this woman was going to believe her, that was a different story entirely. "He's been with me ever since. I swear."

"Why? Why do you care?"
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White Fear [Selindra] Empty Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:42 pm

Selindra listened intently to the girl's words, carefully examining and deciphering the truth from what may have been fiction. It wasn't hard to tell that this girl was scared, that this was something that she was not able to quite determine just why it was that it was happening in the first place. All that considered, it made it very easy to pick apart what were lies and what weren't.

And to the shock of the woman who had the girl pinned to the wall and a sword to the creature's head, it seemed at least that everything the girl was saying was true.

She exchanged a glance with the woman, seeing the fear within the girl's eyes, then back towards that of the creature, it still paralyzed at the sight of the blade. Whether it realized that it were little more than a step or two of Selindra's from being impaled was one in which it perhaps did not realize, but it only added to the fun of it all.

A smile warped upon Selindra's face, her grimmace oriented directly towards the girl as she - in an instant - pulled back her forearm which had pinned her in place and delivered a swift but forceful punch to the chest, causing the girl to cry out in sudden pain and lean forward, only to be met with Selindra's open palm with which she applied her body weight and strength into it as she pushed the girl back into the wall, the brunt of the force focusing directly upon the shoulder than that of the back which had already met with the wall twice before.

"Interesting. I would have figured that a creature like that, those are... Hmm, how should I say this exactly?" Selindra thought for a moment aloud, being careful as to dictate her words, "Well, I suppose I had figured them to be more something that mages would have, wouldn't you?" She eased on the pressure just slightly, allowing the girl a little bit of give, but only a little. The last thing she wanted was to allow this girl too much freedom such that she might have attempted to escape, but at the same time, convey her point as thoroughly as able.

"Now, you don't strike me as much of a mage. A mage, now I don't want to sound like I'm tooting my own horn or anything, but most mages I've encountered in my time, were at the very least a bit smarter than as to allow themselves to be lured into such an apparent trap." She retracted her wrist slightly and then pushed outwards once again, the force of the impact again pushing the girl's shoulder right back into the wall, another yelp of pain escaping from her.

"Hell, even a mage would have at the very least put up a bit of a fight. You haven't."

She expected a response of some sort from the girl, but her cries of pain were all that could be heard, as well as a few sounds that came from the weird little golem. "So, perhaps it's dumb luck that you happened to find this little thing. Or maybe there's a purpose behind all of it, which is why, after a bit of reflection, I have an offer to propose to you, if you would be so inclined. Care to hear my terms?"

#7Leyaria Venerak 

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Leyaria Venerak


Crash Queen

The violence and the efficiency in which this woman dissed out said violence was unlike what Leyaria had seen before. Certainly not to what she had been forced to suffer herself in the past, but it was wholly apparent at least that there was no stopping to her continuing on with this assault, Leyaria's back having already taken a serious beating which was only further compounded by the shots that were taken by the woman as her palm continually pounded and struck against her shoulder, causing her entire backside to ache in pain, making the ability to focus much more difficult.

It was clear that this woman knew how to fight. She was a capable of fighter, one who took precise shots rather than having to be burdened by wasting shots, much like she had seen within the taverns, two drunken men fighting with each other, wasting energy and making reckless strikes with the aim of doing something. This woman though, she was particular and accurate, ensuring that her efforts were not wasted.

And to some degree, Leyaria could not help but respect that.

Even in spite of the fact that this woman was dominating her physically, Leyaria could not help but respect this woman for her clear skills. Beyond just getting the jump on her, by wholly controlling the scene, not just her but also Geth, it wasn't something that a drunken patron or someone who was simply trying to mug her would be able to do. At least not alone. That this woman was able to, it spoke to her abilities.

Leyaria was almost expecting another strike to come against her and her body was largely tense as a result, though the long pause between her speaking and the white-haired woman pondering her response had her wondering if things were alright. For a moment, it almost came as a surprise that the woman had issued her a proposal than anything else. Looking at the woman right within her crimson eyes, the pupils still looking like that of death, it was clear that this was not something that Leyaria had a choice towards. Rather, it was one that she was going to have to agree towards.

"I guess I don't have a choice. Do I?" Leyaria asked, her question immediately being answered by a small smile which appeared upon the woman's face. She sighed, "Fine... What do you want?"
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White Fear [Selindra] Empty Fri Jul 07, 2017 9:29 pm

The girl agreed, much to Selindra's surprise. She would have figured that the girl would have even at this point done something to stop or otherwise protest, but instead she simply complied. With a slight pout on her face, almost wishing that there was going to have been some degree of excitement than anything else, Selindra smiled very slightly as her head nodded, only to the slightest degree.

Turning her head, she could see that the golem thing was still stationary, not having moved much since it had first come to face Selindra's weapon. She processed the distance between her and the creature, the time in her head that it would have had to move before anything were to happen, or even the chance at which this girl would be able to react to her next move. Calculating that the odds, even in the worst of circumstances were largely in her favor, Selindra glared directly at the girl, her eyes looking equally of fear and defeat.

She took a half step forward as she managed two actions in a singular gesture, her hand pulling off of the girl's shoulder and onto the back of her neck as it was pulled forward, causing the girl's chest to move inwards as a result of the action. All the while, Selindra lifted her knee upwards, such that it would meet with the girl's chest, her lung in particular, serving as the two different forces of momentum would only further increase the severity and strength of her strike.

Once it connected, the girl cried out in pain as Selindra released any grip that she may have retained upon the girl, allowing her to fall to the ground. The creature, more concerned towards the safety of the girl than that of fighting Selindra, tended to her before even recognizing that Selindra was walking out of the alleyway, proceeding towards the crowds that continued to move freely, largely ignorant of what was going on within the alleyway.

Before she left though, she turned her head towards the girl, an evil smile being clearly apparent on her face.

"Spread the word, would you. Let the people know that the the White Witch-Hunter has returned..."


#9Leyaria Venerak 

White Fear [Selindra] Empty Fri Jul 07, 2017 9:45 pm

Leyaria Venerak


Crash Queen

The pain was something that she should have expected, but nonetheless it was something that was a shocker to Leyaria. But that may have been more attributed to the suddenness of it all than anything else. She had figured that the woman would have struck her again, though all of her attacks up to that point had been focused upon Leyaria's backside than anything else. In preparation for another push into the wall, Leyaria had tensed her back muscles, expecting the blow to occur, so to suffer the knee to the unguarded and vulnerable chest, it hurt more than anything up to that point that this woman had dealt to her.

She fell to the ground, the pain from the blow and the existing pain that ran through her back being more than enough such that there was no way for her to even move, let alone fight if she were even able to. She lifted her head to see the woman walking away, turning her head very slightly to get a final look at Leyaria's defeated body which lay in the alleyway. It was in this that perhaps this woman best memoralized herself within Leyaria's mind, of someone who was strong enough to completely dominate her and all the while one to not waste time for needless drama or effect. She was leaving as she accomplished her task, nothing more and nothing less.

With Geth by her side, Leyaria struggled to her feet, her chest hurting from the knee she took, but that pain was residing quickly. The strike that she had been last dealt was one that delivered a quick amount of pain but at the same time wasn't long lasting. Instead, that was for the shots she had taken to her back, the pain which she felt throughout that being constant and seemingly nonstop. With each step she slowly made, a bolt of pain ran through her body, at points causing her to require time to stop or even just use the wall for support and help herself upright.

As she collected herself and began to limp away into the crowds of Hargeon, the woman having long since disappeared from sight, there was only a single thing in which she was wondering as she headed towards a place to better rest and recover; who was the White Witch-Hunter? And perhaps more importantly, would the two of them meet again, possibly in a scenario when Leyaria would have a better chance than what she did here?

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