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Rum Diary [Selindra]

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Rum Diary [Selindra] Empty Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:46 pm

Hargeon had already proven, even in the case of just a single contract, to have been a better place for Selindra to really be her self. It was some thing that was nice, nice for her to relax within, to enjoy the warmer, summer air, feel the cool breeze as it came off of the ocean, giving a nice contrast against that of the cooler, more balanced temperature and feelings that were attributed to Oak Town. Even beyond that, the first contract that she had attempted to have carried out and succeeded in was some thing that she relished in, not only because there seemed to have been an actual benefit associated with her helping to smuggle out some goods, of which she is still not actually aware of what it was. And that was perfect for her. It was not in her contract to know what it was that she was helping to smuggle, only that she was to help smuggle them in the first place. It was a perfect scenario and made it totally fine for her to help carry out a task like that, especially knowing that there may have been hidden treats through out the entire thing and there fore enabled to carry out extra tasks such as killing off people in order to accomplish her tasks, much like that of how the first task went with her killing off the woman. Whether she lived or not, whether she was eventually suspected to have been the killer, it did not matter, because to Selindra, she accomplished her contract, and that was all she needed to worry about.

When the broker she was in contact with told her of another request, one in which was being done by the exact same person who had hired her in the first place, Selindra couldn’t help but smirk with delight, knowing that if – granted this being a long shot – that she could engage in some of this similar area or even have the chance to carry out an execution again or not, it would be more than worth it. How ever, she also knew that that was some thing that she should not have suspected it, but rather just take it in the places in which the opportunity presented itself as opposed to going out of her way to attempt to find it. This time, much like how it had been the first time, she was to investigate if there had turned out to be more smuggled goods, which quickly had Selindra realizing that the port of Hargeon was actually one of the largest smuggling hubs than perhaps what she could have, even in her wildest dreams, have had adequately imagined or believed. Upon investigating just what was being smuggled this time around, she had been informed that it was a case of multiple cases of rum, liquor which was frequently passed through the port and then sold at prices much higher than in which most bars would be ever be able to afford, let alone be justified in being able to sell this, regardless of the quanity or quality that it may have had.

Looking around, she couldn’t help but appreciate that there was no reason or any individuals were stopping her or otherwise making it a challenge for her to be able to investigate what was going on, who it would be that was looking around, and as she continued to look around, Selindra happened to see that the rum was not there. Rather, there were plenty of bananas, yellow fruit which essentially seemed to completely and utterly fill up a number of crates that were being unloaded out of the ship that was docked. However, upon further investigation, she realized that behind the bananas in each crate were several cases of rum, small enough such that they would not draw attention but large enough too that they would fetch a huge sum if the contractor’s words were accurate. When every one ended up being distracted, she was able to fetch one of the crates of rum and deliver it to her contractor without any sort of incident, enabling her to bring it to him and for which enabled her to earn her reward, as well as being gifted one of the rum bottles as an added bonus.

720/700 [20% Adventurer Reduction, 10% Grimoire Heart Reduction]

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