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Smugglers Scheme [SOLO]

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Yumi stood on the balcony of the lighthouse looking down to the rocks beneath. Loud banging could be heard from the locked door behind her. Ever since she had taken the quest to steal the lamp she had been exhilarated ever since she leapt from the lighthouse balcony, enjoying the wind in her face and the descending fall. Yumi was armed with two climbing axes, rope attached to each of them that bound around her wrists. YUmi smirked as the door was busted down before she leapt off the sided falling towards the rocky waters. Yumi threw the left axe. The climbing axe sank deep into the side of the lighthouse and the rope tightened. Yumi used her tiny weight to swing on the rope swinging around the lighthouse. As she swung the axe dislodged from the lighthouse, but she quickly threw the right in order to keep herself from dying. Yumi released a high pitched thrilled scream of excitement as she swung through the air, feeling the ocean breeze on her face. Yumi sailed towards the ground, easily eight meters up in the air. Yumi continued falling as she sailed around the lighthouse using the axes to dig deep into the lighthouse until she reached the ground where she landed in a crouched position.

The lolita gave an exhilarated laugh, she could feel the adrenaline pumping through her body from the deadly fall. SHe heard cries out from behind her as the guards came racing out of the lighthouse. Yumi stuck her tongue out at them before crouching low to the ground in a runners position. Yumi kicked off the ground launching herself at max speed of eight meters per second turning into a blur. Yumi departed from the lighthouse heading back to town as she moved at high speeds. She saw a carriage coming into view and leapt up landing atop it. She then used it like a springboard to launch herself up onto a nearby roof and began roof running.

Yumi was heading in a single direction, the docks. She was heading towards the docks as earlier she had taken a quest from the board for Reagan and she was to meet him at the docks in ten minutes. Before hand she decided to have a little fun, as at the time she had two hours before the meeting. Yumi gathered up some climbing gear and preceded to force her way into the lighthouse climbing up to the top where she barricades the door then leapt off the balcony for the thrill. She wanted to have a little fun and excitement before she did the quest. Now she was making time in order to reach the docks and perform this quest. SHe usually did a C or B rank quest but this time she was taking it easy and had accepted a D rank. The reason she accepted it was because it would be fun. Reagan wanted her to cause a little mayhem, make a distraction to pull away security so he could smuggle some goods.

WC: 509

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Yumi arrived atop a warehouse roof that overlooked the dock. From her position, she could see a large amount fo security covering the dock. The increase of security was making it hard for Reagan to get one of his smuggled shipments out. Yumi needed to make a distraction so that the ship could sail away amongst the chaos unnoticed. In the note it said she could fake a death, scream and yell or even attack someone, as long as she could distract the guards long enough for the ship to leave port. Once it left port she was to leave and findRegan at the end of the docks after loosing the guards. There Reagan would be pretending to be a fisherman in order to watch the ship sail away. If the job was completed he would leave a bag beside him. She was to collect the bag without saying a single word to him before running off.

Yumi began counting the number of securities guards. On a regular basis, there was around half a dozen, six guards, protecting the docks on rotating shifts. This time there was a total of twenty guards patrolling the docks and checking the ships before they left port for smuggled goods. Yumi craned her neck and began to descent falling to the ground. Yumi impaled the wall of the warehouse with a climbing axe from earlier and used it to slow her descent. Yumi hit the ground in a crouched position and tore the climbing pick out of the warehouse and charged towards the closest group of guards.

Three guards standing around suddenly noticed a little black haired gothic lolita charging towards them at high speed wielding a climbing pick. One stepped forward raising a hand in order to stop her from entering. The guard froze as terrifying aura came crashing down upon. Yumi was exerting her demonic pressure over the entire dock. As she flexed her muscles and wrist a terrifying demonic aura burst forth from her body. Magic in the shape of tongues of black fire came to life engulfing her form and enhancing her physical strength. The black magical flames encased her as mana funnelled into her eyes making them appear to glow a demonic shade of red. The red eyes pierced through the darkness as waves of killer intent and blood lust washed over the docks like a tidal wave installing fear. Thick waves of killer intent took on a visible shape behind yumi in the form of a great horrifying demon five stories tall, maniacal red eyes and long horns with rows of razor sharp teeth.

The killer intent released from the tiny demon installed an overwhelming fear within all the security guards. This type of murderous intent was formed from thousands of lives. It was terrifying to think that such a young looking and small girl could possess such a mighty intent. The blood lust rolled off her was incredibly thick, it was as if they were all staring down a mighty predator.

WC: 504


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Smugglers Scheme [SOLO] FIXCi2K
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Yumi closed the gap between herself and the guard and threw the climbing pick. The pick lodged itself between the eyes of the guard and his body began to fall backwards from the force behind it. Yumi leapt up and slammed her left foot into the pick driving it in further before she landed on the ground in a crouched position. SHe drew the axe from her back and rushed towards the next guard and with both hands swung the axe upwards. The mighty blade cleaved the man in half from the groin to the tip of the skull. Yumi gripped the axe and swung downwards in an arc cleaving the next guard in two. Yumi used her right foot to kick the two corpses aside. As she did the other guards had all gathered running towards her. Yumi charged forward with a maniacal laughter. She closed the distance and pounced throwing her axe at the fourth guard. The axe sailed through the air and lodged itself in the head of the guard. Yumi appeared before him and grabbed the handle with both hands. She swung the corpse attached to her axe throwing it towards one of the guards knocking him off the dock and into the order, at the same time ripping her axe from the dead man's head.

The other fifteen guards circled Yumi in order to cut off her escape. Yumi snorted, at the same time she could see a ship pulling away from the port. Her work was done. The lolita turned and kicked off the ground in the direction of town, placing her axe on her back. There were two guards in her way but she would make short work of them. yumi slammed into the first guard, shoulder barging him with all her might. The sound of ribs cracking was heard as yumi reached up with her left hand grabbing him by the face. Yumi then threw him into the second that stood in her way. As the man was thrown and connected with the guard yumi appeared before them both driving her right foot into the man, the one she threw, stomach. The blow connected with both and sent them flying back opening a gap in the circle.  Yumi then made a made dash towards town creating distance between herself and the guards. She made a turn and quickly scaled the crates that got in her way and climbed onto a roof to get out of view, loosing the trailing guards.

With the guards off her tail Yumi quickly snuck back to the docks, finding Reagan fishing on the pier. Yumi approached and didn't say a word moving to a bag by his side. Yumi grabbed the bag and turned around immediately making her way back to town. Yumi kicked off the ground going into a full sprint making a made dash to town. Yumi kicked up dust as she shot through the town of Hargeon like a speeding bullet. Her destination was the apartment complex at which she was staying at in order to count up her jewels and turn in for the night.

WC: 524
TWC: 1537

Mana: 1380 / 1700
Yumi's STR: 36 + 40 = 76
Viking Axe: 76 + 26 = 102
Kuroi Kyouka: +5 STR -20mp
Mokushi Reiki:+5 STR -20mp
Kuro Naku: +10 STR -40mp
Kage Naku: +20 STR -80mp
20% mana reduction[/spoiler]

Smugglers Scheme [SOLO] FIXCi2K
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