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Petty Theft [Selindra]

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Petty Theft [Selindra] Empty on Mon Jun 26, 2017 2:35 am

Selindra wondered when it would be that the child would learn, when the boy who she had both helped out with the very nature of his survival as well as nearly put his life in mortal jeopardy, would continue to reach out to her, to expect that for whatever reason, she would be be led to believe that there was going to be have been something different. Was it perhaps the child at fault? It had to have been the case, that the child, a young, ignorant fool who did not have any idea as to the true strength and importance of Selindra’s very nature, would believe that she would willingly want to carry out these contracts of which were being assigned to her. It was a job, not out of the kindness or compassion in her heart. Rather, she would have loved the idea of being able to simply dismiss this, to instead not provide any degree of further assistance towards either the boy or that of the people of Oak Town, but she knew that that was as unlikely to happen as to believe that the boy would show any degree of relevance or talent. He was a lost cause, years before in which the faintest creeping of his mind would begin to process the very same matter. Anything in which Selindra may have done, regardless of what it may have been, of what she may have done or otherwise what the boy may have accomplished in his time still on this world would ultimately not change that fact, nor his fate. He was damned before, and he was damned now as well.

That did not stop her though from fulfilling the task in which she had been demanded of. It was a contract, and she was not one to step away from a contract, nor with two past experiences with the child who knew more of her than perhaps most of what the rest of Oak Town did. To spurn someone who may have known as little as the child likely knew, even in spite of everything, would be a calculated error, one that she was not ready to gamble upon. Per their past encounters, there were no more need for formalities; the roles had been clearly defined, utterly solidified with their previous job done together. There were nothing more for Selindra to do now, knowing full well that her willingness to allow the boy to live was something that she would be able to forever hold over him until the day in which he would inevitably die alone.

The task in which she was contracted to deal with was a very simple one; to ask as a diversion so in which the child would be able to successfully steal something. It was a task in which she hoped that the child was at the very least capable of, especially after going through the extreme measures of reaching out to and recruiting Selindra for the operation of this variety. She waited outside while the boy enacted his plan, breaking in to the store while the patrons were inside, otherwise occupied and invested in other matters. It wasn’t a very long period until they had realized what had happened, that the child was on his way out of the establishment already, possession in hand, whilst Selindra began to depart as well, appearing inconspicuously as able as a measure as to not attempt to draw any degree of attention. However though, there were many options or chances for which that would happen, especially not as she turned her head to notice that there were in fact guards who were proceeding towards her, though a quick dip between the guards was more than enough for her evade their attempt pursuit of her. Though, in the end what aggravated her more, it was not that the guards had given a form of pursuit, as that was largely to be expected and one in which she had calculated was very likely to have happened all the same regardless of the circumstances, but it was also very true in which that the child likely knew, and once she did finally encounter the child again, it was the fact that he provided her with all of the jewels that were expected of her, she may well have cut him down right where he stood. Alas, he was able to live for another day.

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