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Intimidation Tactics [Roxanne]

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Intimidation Tactics [Roxanne] Empty on Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:16 am

She could only look up at the ceiling as the sun rushed into her room and flooded it with a light so bright she thought she was dead. Roxanne had one to many shots of rum the night before and although she could handle her liquor rum was always the exception.  She had a fun time with it for sure but it always left her feeling like shit in the morning. Some lover he is. Taking deep breaths she gathered her thoughts and slowly rose out of bed. She was in a inn and didn't remember how she got there. It didn't matter since she was thankful that she did find her way to a bed. She should have honestly been trying to go back but there was coin to be made and people to rough up.

It had seemed in her drunken stupor last night she became under the employment of  Vincenze's right hand. A chuckle at the thought on how the tables have turned in regards to who she was working for amused her highly. Last night she was beating a man for information against Vincenze, and now she was going to be working for the man. How life dealt it's cards was funny indeed. Finding her way to the bathroom she quickly washed her mouth and showered as she prepared for the day. She had a note in the pocket of a piece of her clothing telling her that she needed to meet the man named Frankie Marino at a bar. She could almost feel whatever she was eating last night come right back up at the word but she kept her composure as she placed her foot in her boots and made her way out of the Inn.

Before making her way to the bar in question Roxanne grabbed herself a bacon and egg sausage. The greasy, salty, savory breakfast food charged her with enough energy to make it through whatever work this man had in mind for her. Roxanne looked over the location of the bar and made her way in that direction. It was the same bar she had become a regular at so she didn't need the directions to the place. It had begun to rain once she made her way to her destination, slipping her way into the door and taking a seat in front of her client. " So where am I goin. And what am I doin. " She was straight to the point as usual. and the chuckle her client gave her was on of amusement. " A gal that get's straight to the point. I like that. You'll be paying a visit to an old friend of mine. Stubborn old shopkeeper who needs to remember who his friends are, who is going to protect him, and the cost of protection. Make sure you do what it takes to get in writing an agreement that he will pay the dues. Dont kill or maim the man, he is old, just make sure you get that note. "

Roxanne nodded her head as her task was simple enough. She rose to go to her destination, leaving the bar to go out into the rain. She was starting to question if a storm was heading to Oak with all this shitty rain weather. Roxanne's arrival to the store seemed to have alerted the old shopkeeper as she made her presences known upon entering.
" Ah welcome to my shop miss we have a lot of things on sa-"
" I aint here to buy. I'm here to make sure you pay. "
Cuttin the old man off she grabbed him up and shoved him against a wall.
" You need to write a payment agreement out to Vincenze. In it you need to put that you will pay this week. Failure to do so will force me to break your legs. One by one until you do as your told. And once I'm done with your legs I'll break your shop. "
The man was visibly shook at these words it seemed he was caught off guard, like he didn't know his actions would have consequence. The old man shook his head no and Roxanne slammed him against the wall. This changed his mind real quick and within ten minutes she had what she came her for. Looking at the note she nodded and took it back to Marino who held up his end and paid. Once her pockets were lined she dipped out of the bar and back into the rain.



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