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Interrogation Tactics [Roxanne]

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Interrogation Tactics [Roxanne] Empty on Thu Jun 22, 2017 3:48 am

The night was young in Oak town. The streets were more bare now that the sun had set. These hours were certainly not welcoming to those who couldn't defend themselves so it was best if the day to day citizens just stayed out of the dark. Roxanne had found herself in a rather lively tavern on this night. Men were signing loudly, cracking open cold ones with their friends. While women were dancing about and having fun. Roxanne sat at the back of the tavern, her back to the wall so she could see everyone coming in and out of the place. The tavern was cleaner than most, which was surprising with the sheer amount of people inside of it making a mess of things. It seemed like anytime a drink spilled or someone couldn't handle their liquor and hurled it back up, someone was there to clean it up quick,fast,and in a hurry. It was a nice change of pace for her as she took shot after shot of rum. Now when it came to booze and Roxanne she had her favorites. Whiskey was her usual go to. It never let her down and she never grew tired of it. Rum was special. It was like a secret lover in the night coming every so often from a never ending war to make sweet animalistic love to her. Rum brought out the beast in her, the cold, the unforgiving, acting on instinct rather than reason. On this night she needed Rum. Because tonight she was given a request from the ever amusing Martello family, one that she wouldn't dare to pass up. She would truly get her hands dirty and she wanted to be in the right state of mind.. A rum state of mind.

She had downed eight shots of rum before getting up from her seat. A little more wobbly than she liked. Paying off her tab she would take one more before sauntering out to the meeting place where she would be greeted by a member of the Martello family, one who looked quite amused and it was probably due to the drunken state that Roxanne should up in. Giving a toothy grin she followed the family member which was a man to a building that seemed to be rather secluded and deserted. Following the man inside the building and to a door she was stopped from going in and given a face mask of sorts that covered everything but her eyes. “ he is not to know we were responsible.. Just do what you were paid to do. “ The man spoke in hushed voice but pronounced his S’s a little to strongly for her taste. Taking the mask and placing it on she made sure to cover her hair neatly inside the mask before going in.

The person before her had a mask over his head. She took it off wondering what this man did to gain the attention of the Martellos. “ Aye. I'm gonna ask ye this once and once only before beating you so badly ye mum won't be able to tell ye from a piece of pounded beef. “ she would hope to get the info she needed with a threat but she was met with the man spitting in her face. She was happy he was tied to a chair and that his spit didn't get on her. With the quickness she reacted with a swift jab to the man’s gut. “ That was a warnin shot boy. Now where all you know about the cash transport, Or I'll be goin a little lower with the punches. “ her voice was more or a drunken slurred snarl as she grabbed the mans hair and pulled his head back. “ Start. Talkin. “
The man smiled at her, seemingly unfazed as he shook his head no. Roxanne laughed the boy had fight in him. She liked that. But now wasn't the time to be entertained. Letting the boy’s hair go she turned around for a second clenching both her fist as she did so. She took one deep breath and spun around using the force to move her fist directly in the man’s face. The first hit broke his nose and the second swelled his eye. She continued her assault until he was bawling. Spilling the information. Routes, times, places. With each piece of information she slowed her hits until she came to a stop. The man was a crying bloody mess and Roxanne sighed just a bit. Kneeling down she got close to him and whispered in his ear. “ You could've had it easy friend. “ With that she walked out of the room taking off her mask once the door closed behind her. She shared what she had learned with her Clientele and was paid for her work. Her hands were sore and she could feel hunger creeping up. It was time to get some well earned food and sleep.


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