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Wiping off the Rust[Kenny]

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It had been a while since Alyssa had trained her skills and it occurred to her that she was getting a bit rusty. Kenny and her had been sitting around doing nothing most of the day as Arcane lounged lazily on the patch of grass outside the hotel. Deciding that Alyssa needed to test out her skills, she looked at Kenny. "I wanna spar." She said, getting to her feet. "We do not need to get rusty on our combat skills. Arcane has not fought anyone in a long time and my spells are getting rusty. I'm sure you could use some practice with that sword there." She changed into a pair of shorts and a tank top while calling Arcane back into the hotel, waiting on Kenny to stand get ready. "Unless you're too scared." With that, she winked and walked outside to the small field behind the hotel.


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A wonderful day in the hotel courtyard with his family, that’s what Kenny was enjoying. There was no distraction or irritation from the rest of the world as he relaxed with his lover and her companion. The beard had lazily lounged back and put his hands behind his back, sword at his side incase someone decided to give them trouble as it always was. He began humming a tune as he thought up what they would do today the peace wouldn’t however, It never did. “Spar?” his eyes opened, the last time someone suggested a spar kenny had gotten knocked off his feet. But if his Aly wanted a spar she would get one, though he was reluctant to stand. “If that is what you want my love, we shall spar.” he unsheathed his sword and twirled it by its hilt in his hand. This was going to hurt.

Wiping off the Rust[Kenny] Qurywgl

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Alyssa looked back at Kenny, grin on her face.  Arcane seemed to know exactly what was happening as he happily barked and ran to Alyssa's side.  She was standing about 3 meters away from the man, barely out of range of his weapon at this point.  Looking at Arcane, deciding to make sure he took no damage, she pointed her finger at him and willed her water shield to form around the Growlithe.  "Arcane, go use Ember!"  She said.  The Growlithe immediately growled, turning towards the man, opening his mouth and spewed out an arc of fire that reached 10 meters out and 1 wide hoping to continue dealing damage to the man until he gave up or was knocked out, as it was a sustain spell.

Alyssa Mana: 505/530
Arcane Mana: 150/200
Spells Used:
Water Shield


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The smoke cleared and there laid Kenny, a sword too short, beaten up armor and a growing irritation and headache. He looked up at the sky and sighed, “Again and again and again.” he mumbled to himself, “And again.” he sighed, she wanted a spar, he got the dog. How fantastic, how wonderful, how fantastic it was to get blown to what should be smithereens by an animal. Without so much of a word he sat up with a blank expression on his face. He looked at the two, first at Arcane and then at alyssa. “Mm.” Not a word spoken he simply stood up, dusted himself off and headed for the hotel scratching his head and shakily walking along. “I need a drink.” he would then collapse just as he got to the door. “Just leave me here, you two keep sparring.”

Kenny raised a hand and waved her off if she came, "Really just leave me alone for a moment."

Wiping off the Rust[Kenny] Qurywgl

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Alyssa immediately felt bad, regret stewing in her system. Looking down at Arcane, who also looked extremely sad, she sighed. "I guess that's a win, though it doesn't really feel like it." She whispered to him. Feeling foolish for even wanting to fight against the person who was her world, she looked down at the ground, tears gathering in her eyes. "Why did we do that?" With that, she sat down on the grass and let the tears slip down her face. She was certainly an idiot. A win in a fight against him was not worth all the respect and love she had probably just lost in his eyes.

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