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White Claudia[Kenny]

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White Claudia[Kenny] Empty on Wed May 31, 2017 6:03 am

Alyssa had awoke early once again to get Kenny and herself a quest. After the night before, she could not help but be more at ease than usual. She left Arcane back at the hotel, snoozing happily along with Kenny. She had left a note before, telling Kenny where she was going where he did not wake up alarmed. Upon reaching the request board, Alyssa found one that looked easy enough, be a test subject. Though she was sketched out about the idea, she knew the man that needed help. One Dr. Stephan Mabzu, a dear old friend of her family. She had met him when she was first in Oak.

Walking to his shop, the man rose when she got there, looking tense and uncomfortable. Alyssa walked over to the man, giving him a hug before handing his request flyer back over to him. "I saw you needed help, doctor. My colleague and I would be happy to be of assistance. We just have to wait for him to arrive." Alyssa informed the man as she sat down in a chair near the front of the shop. "It should not take him long, and then you can explain to us what needs to be done." With that, she waited on Kenny to wake up and arrive for today's quest.



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Kenny had awoke not too long after Alyssa left. He stretched his arms as he sat up in bed. The lack of warmness wasn’t there meaning she more than likely went off again, she seemed to be more aggressive about missions lately, not that Kenny was complaining but he was certainly curious about her desire about getting to work so early. It was probably the same reason he was jittery about working, the need to get more jewels and all of that good stuff. Curious, he picked up the note she had left and read it, something about seeing a doctor about a job this time. Interesting.

Kenny got out of bed and threw on some clothes paying no mind to what he was wearing. Over at Arcane who was still snoozing like usual, what did he do when they were off on missions anyway? Sleep all day? Maybe he would find a way out and go about the town on his own? An Interesting idea to say the least. Kenny got cleaned up and headed out of the hotel room, down the stairs and to the location she wrote down. Soon he would arrive in front of a shop and opened the front door, “anybody home?”



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Alyssa was talking with the doctor when Kenny showed up at the door. She stood from her chair and walked over to him, taking his hand. "Doctor, this is Kenny, my partner. Kenny, this is Doctor Stephan Mabzu. We are going to be helping him out today. Now doctor, can you tell us what you need help with today?" Alyssa asked. The doctor still looked tense as he pulled out a vial with a milky white serum inside. Alyssa took it from his hands and held it closer to her face to inspect it, a questioning look upon her face.

"This is a new medicine I need to test...you two shall be my guinea pigs." He took the vial back from Alyssa and turned, leading them back to the back of his magic shop. He neared a bookshelf and pulled one book, allowing a wall to part and lead to a secret back room. Upon entering the room, Alyssa noticed two chairs placed in the center of the room, wrist straps on the handles. She glanced at Kenny, a bit cautious. "Do not fear, just have a seat where we can begin the experiment. I promise this will not take long at all." Alyssa knew it was too late to turn back now, so she sat down in the chair to her left and allowed to doctor to strap in her wrists and pull a needle out of his back pocket, which happened to be something Alyssa was severely afraid of. She closed her eyes tightly as the doctor injected her with the white liquid before turning to Kenny smiling, asking him to take a seat as well.



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The feeling Kenny got from the “doctor” certainly wasn’t one of ease. From the time he walked in to when he explained his experiment Kenny was suspicious of what was going on. Then again the bearded brute just didn’t like doctors or more so he didn’t trust them, he wasn’t 100% sure what his take on them were but when this one pulled some milky gunk out of his pocket it seemed like he was bad news already. Shit, if Alyssa wanted someone to shoot her full of something they could have easily gone back to the hotel room and do that five or six times without the needle.

Guinea pigs… he wanted Guinea pigs. Okay no, this is when they go home. Just when Kenny turned to leave however he was pulled along ad into the magic shop. To make matters worst for Kenny they would soon find a “secret” lab in the back of a store with two seats just for them! “What the hell…” Kenny murmured narrowing his eyes. There was no way they would take part in this, they didn’t need the money THAT badly. They were doing well with all of the other quest, this was not only dangerous but what if that shit stopped his heart, or made him lose his hair or scariest of all killed his libido? No, he wasn’t taking the chance- Aaaaaand Alyssa had sat down and took the shot. “Alyssa, no!” he slid to a knee beside her, “Why would you let him do that to you? We don’t know what the shit does.” he was beginning to panic, he did his best to undo the straps shaking them briskly.

“How do you feel?! Are you alright?”



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"Kenny, just calm down."  Alyssa said, trying to soothe the man's nerves.  To be completely honest, she was terrified.  Terrified of what this shot would do to her.  Terrified of what would come in the upcoming moments when it took effect.  "It is too late, do not undo those straps.  If something happens, I need to be restrained.  Especially if it takes a bad effect on my split.  I trust the doctor, Kenny.  If he says I am not going to die, I trust him."  As Alyssa tried calming Kenny, the world began changing before her.  First it was little things.  The room began getting smaller to her, the walls slowly but surly turning colors before her eyes.  

Parting her lips, Alyssa soon found herself forgetting the other two people in the room.  This had to be some sort of strange drug that kids found on the streets.  There would be no other reason that she would be getting the effects that she was.  It was like a strange trip, it had not got bad yet, but she had a strange feeling that it would.  Like clockwork, the room began to change more quickly.  The room was soon transformed to full metal, rusty and falling off of the walls.  There were windows, barred and dirty.  She could hear creaking noises as the flickering lights that hung from the ceiling swung back and forth before her eyes.

Alyssa was nearly paralyzed with fear by this point.  She was in the center of the room, still strapped to a chair that had also transformed to a cold metal slab.  The straps were tightening painfully around her wrists.  She heard a scream in the distance and began looking around frantically.  Seeing nothing, she began pulling at the wrist restraints only to find she could not get loose.  Blood then began seeping from the cracks in the walls, gathering on the floor.  Turning her head to look left, she soon found that the doctor and Kenny had both transformed as well, turning into monsters, her biggest fears.  They both began cackling loudly, hurting her ears.  Soon, she found herself screaming in pure terror and agony from the pain of the wrist straps growing tighter and tighter around her wrists, cutting into her skin.  None of her magic was working, and soon she found herself calling for Arcane and Kenny, the only two beings she ever relied on in life.



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Kenny sighed, she trusted this “doctor” thus he supposed he could give him a chance. This was going to be a mistake, he could feel it in his core but again, if Alyssa trusted him Kenny could spare one chance. The straps of the chair next to Alyssa were undone, the chair looked uncomfortable but he would bare with it for her as he sat down. He situated himself at first, the doctor approached to strap him down, though just as the first wrist strap was pulled down things seemed to take a turn for the worst. It seemed like she had frozen in place, it was too late for him to do anything as the second strap was put in place.

There was only a tiny prick of pain when Kenny was injected with the needle. He would do it for her, that was the only thought in his head. If it killed him, then at the very least he could have her be the last thing he sees before he dies. Just as Kenny’s injection was over Alyssa began screaming, he immediately looked over at her, she was screaming frantically. There was so little that he could do, he fought the restraints and did his best to fight out of them not even noticing as the world around him went black. “Alyssa wake up!” he bellowed at the girl in an attempt to get her to snap out of it, “I’m here for you…” he trailed off. If anything this was his biggest fear, she was calling out to him and he was powerless to help her, he couldn’t ease the suffering instead he had to watch.

Everything went black, he couldn’t see much of anything, “Son, is that your girlfriend?” a man’s voice rang in his ears, Kenny’s eyes followed the voice to the lone light in the room and there stood his father, “Well? She’s a pretty young thing if she is shame I’m taking you home.”

Kenny furrowed his eyes as his father, “What are you going on about? I’m not going anywhere, how the hell did you even get here?”

“Now, now my boy, the mines need yo no arguments.” His father’s voice was distorted severely as he stepped out of the shadows, whatever this thing was it wasn’t his father, but a monster. It looked akin to his father, though his skin was green, he had a head of balding black greasy hair and rows of sharp yellow teeth protruding from his mouth. In one hand he held a pickaxe. The beast dragged the axe up and over its head as it walked forward, “Maybe this little whore is what’s keeping you away from us.”

“Stop!” Kenny struggled and fought the restraints sunk into his skin forcing him to watch in place. Just as the pickaxe swung down. Everything went black again, “My Alyssa…” he mumbled to himself, his eyes cracked open, but he mumbled the same words “My Alyssa…”



White Claudia[Kenny] Empty on Sat Jun 03, 2017 8:36 am

Alyssa had passed out and awoke to someone nudging her in the side with a shoe. Looking up to see the doctor, she pulled herself off the ground and stumbled over to Kenny, checking to make sure he was okay. She wrapped him in her arms and hugged him tightly, trying to get over what she had just encountered. "Get up, I have things to do. It seems I am going to need to fix the formula a bit." The doctor muttered coldly. Pulling Kenny up, Alyssa snatched the money from the doctor before pulling Kenny quickly out the door, hoping to never have to endure that pain again.


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