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Beach Gym [Seira]

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Beach Gym [Seira] Empty Sat May 27, 2017 3:21 pm

Seira woke up to sunshine, warm weather and the sound of seagulls screaming all over the place. The girl absolutely hated seagulls and the sound thereof so the first thing she did in the morning was to get out of bed and close the window. Seira often slept with her window open to let fresh air inside during the night, since it was quite healthy for you and she also loved hearing the sounds of the night from outside, but Hargeon Town, as a port city, was different. Seira rarely visited places so close to the sea and she had little experience with them, which is why she made the wrong decision in leaving the window open through her first night in town, not realizing that the scent of the salty sea as well as the sound of annoying seagulls would catch up to her and eventually wake her up earlier than she wanted to be awoken. But Seira wasn’t going to stay up for long, it wasn’t even 6am yet and the Sorceress wanted to sleep in. She rolled over in her bed, closed her eyes and went back to sleep for another 4 hours before finally waking up. Hargeon Town was much busier now, with everyone being awake and Seira felt almost bad for sleeping almost until 10am, even though this time of the day wasn’t anything unusual for her. The girl had no plans yet for the day but making money was, as usual, high on the list. She didn’t plan on staying in Hargeon for very long, but she wanted to use the time she had to earn some money while she visited all the interesting places and got some sightseeing done. As one of the oldest places in the entire continent she was sure that Hargeon Town had a lot to offer and perhaps she would even meet a few interesting people during her stay. Seira rarely interacted with others on a personal level, one on one, but she was willing to make an exception for those who seemed worth the trouble and were interesting in one way or another. She slowly got out of bed and went into the bathroom to get ready for the day. After Seira was dressed she looked outside the window. You could see the ocean from her room and it was quite beautiful. The girl decided to head towards the beach, where she had run into many different people before, some of which had offered her simple jobs against good amounts of money already. Perhaps in a town like Hargeon, where the sea mattered this much, a place like the beach was the best way to find work after all. Fortunately, it wasn’t a very long walk and Seira arrived in about fifteen minutes. It was already midday by now and everyone was enjoying the sun and having a good time. Seira decided to stay away from the water for now and walked up to a place where she had been to before, but not as a customer: the gym.

The gym was directly by the beach and filled with young and old people working out hard to train their bodies. It was quite the impressive sight and although Seira knew that what they were doing was extremely good for their bodies, the young woman was way too lazy to join them and be apart of their little workout crew. A day or two ago Seira had run into a very popular person here, Jay Holiday, who was a bodybuilder that was known by pretty much everyone in Hargeon, especially in Hargeon Beach. He was friendly and sometimes also had good job offers. Even though it was not what your usual mage did to earn their money, Seira understood that for those that wanted to stay away from real danger for now needed these jobs to get by and she was perfectly willing to do one of them. She ran into Jay and greeted him with a smile. The man waved her towards him and before she could say much it was that he had already decided what he wanted her to do and what she would be doing. Jay needed a spotter for the day, which means that he needed someone to basically help him work out. It was a relatively easy job since Jay was basically a professional and barely needed any assistance but Seira agreed nonetheless. He wanted to do some weightlifting and bench pressing and to improve his skills he needed to take a risk and get heavier weights and it was Seira’s job to monitor him and make sure that he was safe the entire time. They started out with Jay performing a couple of sets, simple as that, and Seira assisted him as best as she could. She reminded herself to keep her hands hovering over the bar in case he needed some assistance and although Seira didn’t look like it, she was quite sturdy thanks to her different lifestyle as a wizard. She could certainly lift most of the weights on her own and Jay knew that, which is why he had hired her. Jay also decided to increase the weight at the end of each rep, which meant that Seira had to put more weights on, making sure that he was still able to hold it up just fine. Even though he was quite the professional even Jay had his struggles and needed motivations and kind words to keep moving on, all of which Seira could provide with relative easy. They managed to keep going and went through all the different, increased weights throughout the workout, and Jay managed to lift each and every single one of them eventually. Seira then helped him place the handle back to where it belonged before he thanked her for his help and the training and ended said training with that exercise. He gave Seira the promised reward, which was quite generous considering the small amount of work and the girl thanked him and went back home to her hotel room.


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