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Thy Family Crest. (Mission with Fye)

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Thy Family Crest. (Mission with Fye) Empty on Mon May 08, 2017 3:18 pm

Yet again another day for work, Waylon was more then ready to do this next mission, Simple one it seems in thought just get something back, Something he got a picture of. With the afternoon, calm and clear skies. Over all peaceful day, Waylon was partly excited for seeing how this  mission will go and how he would go about it after all he had no idea what to do about finding it.

So far he kept the image of what it was in mind after he looked at it. The picture of two swans just entwined or entangled around one another. It was kind of nice to look at this picture and wondered what the actual object looked like as well, since it looked really pretty in his eyes. Waylon found it a shame it was missing but hopefully he would fix that situation.

So he would feel weird about doing it. Letting out a sigh he figured he would go on to the streets and ask around about if there were any signs of this family crest. He would look at the picture and look out at the town and the people in front of him wondering where to start, He had problems with talking to people he knew he did so this would be a bit longer then he thought. But he will have to suck it up and talk to the towns people soon he just needed to think about how to start talking and who to start talking too, his first thought of this job being simple was now gone, This just would be a bit harder for him to do.

But nonetheless he would do it and start doing it anyway, After all these jobs would not fix themselves and standing by doing nothing didn't help either, So it was time to start talking to people. Looking around at the crowd he would slowly figure out where he would start would not be long.

word count: 331/1000

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Thy Family Crest. (Mission with Fye) Empty on Thu May 18, 2017 1:47 pm

Hãi dié Líng
Her blue eyes of oceans would stare forward as her petite womanly body would move forward. Her mind on the other hand was gone as it was among the clouds up high, cloud nine perhaps. She was wearing her usual french maids outfit. Her arms dangled against her sides as she would then finally think of something that wasn't air. Her heart started to beat as she would wonder if Mr. Karlinius was going to be there. So far he was there during some 'missions' if not all, she couldn't remember. Fye's long ocean waving hair would flail by the winds.

The sound of the click clacks of her shoes against the cement would be heard from all who were several feet away. ''What was the quest again? Something about going somewhere, finding something.'' she would say as her eyes cornered towards her little friend, Mei Ling, her Companion. He would wiggle and squiggle with her as a simple nod would be seen. ''Yes. Okay then.'' Fye would say in her soothing song of a voice. Not so long she would see someone up ahead. Could it be? Possibly. Her head tilted as she then stopped walking. She was in the streets and now so was Mr. Karlinius. ''Karlinius? Such an interesting turn.'' she would say politely and soft. Her full small lips spoke, closed and curved into a small smile. Surely he wasn't like any other guy - or so she thinks. Fye hasn't met many people as he was the first and only, the female was that one girl... She couldn't remember her name already.

All she knew or so remembered was that they were to find some Crest. Maybe Karlinius remembers what it looks like as she didn't grab too much info. ''Karlinius, do you remember what the thing-a-ma-jig looks like?'' she would say as her mind spaces out once more. The paper that she was given must've either been thrown away due to forgetting what it was for or used for some wrapper to wrap her bubblegum and threw it away somewhere. Oh well. Her eyes looked up to look at him, hoping that this guy had his paper.



Thy Family Crest. (Mission with Fye) Empty on Thu May 18, 2017 2:17 pm

He would have to slowly start paying and clue into tuning out his uncomfortable speaking fear, Arisa was not here to help him he could only do this himself, So he finally just dealt with it and would would start talking.

He would find the people whom seemed more...friendly store and shop owners or a market stand selling food or fruits. First person he had spoken too had no information for them, Disappointing but Waylon moved on to the next person.

The second person he spoke too, did not have anything else really at all but they were more busy selling there fruit more for the moment and maybe just did not want the trouble, Waylon would buy a few apples, an orange and dragon fruit since he had heart of them but never tried one.

Putting the fruits in his beg he looked around to the feeling of some one trying to get his attention and the mention of him, he knew whom it was because they mentioned him by his last name and not his first. "Oh Hello again." Waylon started off saying.

Did he know what this object looked like? "What object are you looking for? Is it the family crest like this one?" Waylon mention reaching into his pocket and pulling out the image of what he was looking for, unsure what Fye and Mei were looking for. "I have been around talking to the people here to see if anyone had heard anything about this Family crest that was stolen." Waylon said with a smile."Also picked up some fruit since I have not eaten any fresh fruit in a while." he was happy about getting fresh fruit.

"Hopefully it is the same object, If not I will help you right after I finish this, Feel free to stick around me." Waylon mentioned with the slight smile he had on his face when he was happy, Turning forth with and started talking to another owner of a stand that sold something, Waylon did not pay attention to what was being sold, But this person had mentioned something to him about a person attempting to sell such object, slowly the clues were coming together, Waylon eventually got the name of a person to talk too and meet, So he wouldn't waste time to find them.

Word Count:
331+391 = 722/1000

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Thy Family Crest. (Mission with Fye) Empty on Tue Jul 18, 2017 5:46 pm

Hãi dié Líng
Fye looked at Karlinius all lost as if her brain was missing. Her mind was in her own cloud, screw cloud nine. She smiled all goofy yet sweet as she would let her hands play with the strands of her own blue ocean hair. Her ocean water colored eyes gazed at the guy's ice colored ones. She was quite unsure if he knew what she really meant. She didn't even know what she meant. What did the object look like again? What was she doing again? Oh rght... She was looking for something. Her eyes followed his hand movements and listened to his lips run. Mei on the other hand was concentraiting on Fye's self being and on the fact that Waylon was speaking. It was true that Mei was somewhat jealous that Fye's attention was more towards the partner she was to do this quest with even if Mei's sweet friend was lost in the head, clueless on the where-abouts of the item.

Soon enough Waylon would speak to Fye about some item in which was truly the item that were to look for. Mei shook his head in a nodding way, agreeing. Fye cornered her eyes to look at Mei and smiled happily. ''Oh.. Is it Mei? Oookay then.'' she spoke freely and softly with a shrug that was loose, letting her arms dangle against her sides right away. ''That paper shows it... right?'' she questioned, tilted her head cutely and looked at it cluelessly. ''It looks rather cute.'' she spoke simply and then started to walk on her own free will. The air was rather nice in her opinion as she would take on this stroll with her new friend. Was he her friend? Her head turned to look up at the guy. ''Are we... friends?'' she wondered softly, her wide blue eyes starring up at him. She would enjoy this walk as she would then grab the paper and look at it. ''How did they lose it again?'' she asked clueless as if she forgot the whole purpose again.

Fye's memory runs small in most things. She could be told something within five minutes and then forget everything that was said. She was thankful that she didn't forget this guy's last name as she would be disappointed in herself. The other thing she was thankful for was the fact that she remembered where she lived. Her head turned back towards her 'friend' and wondered what his answer would be. Were they friends? Or were they just partners in quests. Her head then looked straight...following.



Thy Family Crest. (Mission with Fye) Empty on Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:27 pm

He stopped what he was doing for a moment to listen to Fye seemingly clueless however Waylon was not annoyed he found if anything the ability to smile with such the situation after all Waylon himself knew he was that clueless at times either form sleeping or having other things on his mind. He was that why himself sometimes so Waylon did also have to be reminded about what he was doing in the area as well so it was just Waylon seeing a slightly relfection if anything, But work none the less had to get back on his mind.

Even with this time a part from his best friend, It was a good experience Waylon learned or felt like he could easily be fine on his own even with out Arisa around with such time had passed, Waylon had wondered if he could for a while, because he was rather unsure of himself for the longest time with this and some thought to himself things were slowly shaping toward this realization about it how Waylon could be.

"It is a very nice object yes which is why they hired mages like us to get back such an object, not only for it value but because it is considered dishonored among there family line." Waylon was happy to explain, since he had to keep it in mind too for his own mind. Waylon stopped and smiled for a moment at her asking."I do not see why we are not friends, We have not done anything to it to be otherwise." Waylon stated.

He would be getting back to work quickly since he had paid attention about some one who would sell anything, since that came up Waylon would go find this person, After all anyone willing to sell anything sounds like the right person to go to.

word count: 308.

722+308= 1030/1000

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Thy Family Crest. (Mission with Fye) Empty on Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:38 pm

Hãi dié Líng
She would nod as she listened to him speak on how they were friends, there was no reason for it to be anything less otherwise. Her eyes would then wander as she would look for such a pretty item. Her pretty little arms would dangle against her sides as she would walk to a non-specific place. She wasn't sure on where she had to go or where she should go since all she knew was that there was an object on the loose. Softly Fye would hum and twirl around every once in a while. ''Where O' where could you be.~ Where O' where could you be?~'' she sang quietly to herself as she twirled around and then skipped along forward to no where specific. It was sad, but true that Fye was in her own world, but then she saw a little sales area and skipped along to it. Her eyes widened as she saw all the shiny objects. ''Ooo, that one is really pretty.'' she spoke sweetly and smiled, pointing to a hair clip that had butterflies on it. Her eyes then moved away from it to see something that looked like the thing-a-ma-jig. She picked up the paper and showed the guy it. ''Do you have this? It's missing and Mr. Rune knight is looking for it.'' she spoke and asked innocently, leaning over the selling table. The guy really looked at it and smiled rather nervous. ''Oh haha yea....Someone sold it to me, didn't know it belonged to someone else. Take it.'' he told her and then gave it to her. Fye nodded and looked towards Waylon in determination. ''Okay! Let's gooooo.~'' she spoke and pointed towards where the gate was. Mei would follow and they would then hand it to the guard. After so they would finally be rewarded. ''Well, Cya Mister.~'' she would say to him and then leave.




Thy Family Crest. (Mission with Fye) Empty on Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:48 pm

Waylon just seemed to watch as what had happen after all he was just about to find and ask that person such the question, But it seems he no longer needed too and Fye solved the problem since it was all said and done all was left to do was collect and leave. These mission and jobs were simple yes but in Waylon's mind needed because even the most simple of jobs have good intentions to them and sometimes mean a lot more to some one then anyone would first think.

Walking over to the rune knight he would report Waylon would tell them what went on, return the object and collect what his dues were. Hearing Cya mister happily before Waylon had time to say anything it was like Fye and Mei had already departed.

Waylon figured after this it was time to get back on the road.

Word count. 150

1030 + 150 = 1180/1000


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