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Eye's Wide Open (Alyssa)

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Eye's Wide Open (Alyssa) Empty Fri May 05, 2017 4:56 am

Standing in front of the message board, Alyssa sighed. Once again, she was having to take a quest to fill her pockets where she could survive. Arcane stood at her side, tail wagging, hitting her leg with the pooch of fluff. Her eyes scanned the jobs in Magnolia, numerous in quantity, trying to decide which she would prefer to take. She was used to helping the small shop owners around the town, which is why her eyes trailed to a paper on the left hand side of the board. It was an easy mission, one she would not have to travel far for. She knew the shop owner that was asking for help, one Khalash Saton. He owned a small magic shop, called Mag Drug Magic Shop; a place Alyssa had visited many times just to look around at the trinkets he had available to him. She was always very pleasantly surprised at the items she found while roaming the shop. He liked Arcane, too, which was always a benefit when it came to choosing who to help.

Alyssa tore the flier off of the board and turned, collecting her belongings from the ground before she started her walk towards the magic shop which sat down the road about a mile. The voice in her head sighed at her decision to, once again, take a quest where her split personality would be of no help to her. Alyssa usually tried to choose missions where killing someone would not be an apparent part of the job as it would draw out her other self. Though those types of missions would satisfy the beast, she knew it would only be a short time before it was back, asking for more. She did not enjoy the feeling of her other self pressing against the barriers of her mind, trying to take control.

The streets of Magnolia were busy as it was midday, making it a bit harder to navigate her way to the shop, yet she made it after a couple of stops. Khalash was behind the counter, dusting away at his wares he kept in the case by the register. At her approach, he stopped his dusting and smiled at the girl. Walking around the counter to hug her, he noticed the paper in her hand and his smile widened. After they had hugged, he took the paper from her hands and stroked his beard in thought.

“Out of everyone to help me, my dear, I am glad it is you who came to my aid. I need to leave my store for a while to collect some more wares from my business associates. There are some shady people who I would like to be kept out of my store in order to keep my items safe. That is where you come in, I just need you to watch the store for a bit and keep my items safe while I collect my belongings. I should be back within a couple hours. Oh, and please stay out of my back room.” He said, grabbing his bag from a cubby behind the counter. With one last hug, he headed out, leaving everything Alyssa needed to run the shop on the counter.

Glancing at the room he had told her to stay out of, she sighed. Arcane had began to wander the store, sniffing at the items on the shelves. He had tried to make his way into the back room, which Alyssa scolded him for. The first customer she had seen wandered into the shop and began to look over the shelves without so much as a glance at her. It was an older man, someone who did not look like he would steal anything, yet Alyssa still kept her eyes on him. He gathered what he needed and wandered to the counter. As she rung him up, he hummed a bright tune and thanked her once she had taken his money and given him his belongings in a bag.

The store remained quiet for a couple hours, with one two more people coming in to to look at the wares. After almost four hours had gone by, a group of rowdy teenagers wandered into the store. Seeing Alyssa, they began whistling and yelling as they nearly ran through the store, throwing stuff back and forth at each other. They made their way towards the back room, which Alyssa stepped in front of. “You are not allowed in there. I’m going to have to ask you to calm down, or leave.” She said with no room for arguments. The group of boys laughed as one stepped forward, putting his hand on her shoulder.

“I’m going to have to ask you to move, miss. Unless you want to get hurt, that is.” He threatened, giving her a small shove to the side. She regained her balance and glared at the boys before giving a shrill whistle, which woke up Arcane from his nap in the corner of the store behind the register. He immediately ran over to her, taking up a defensive stance once he saw that the boys meant harm. He growled lowly, heat radiating off of him as he was ready to protect his owner. The boys glanced at the growling dog in fright and began slowly backing away, before breaking into a run out of the store.

Alyssa smiled at her companion. “You know, you are such an amazing friend.” She patted his head. “Extra treats later, buddy.” She said, crouching to kiss him on his nose. “Thank you.” At that moment, Khalash walked back in, carrying bags of things which she quickly helped grab and carry to his counter. He looked around his store, noticing everything was still there and in it’s rightful place.

“You are a lifesaver, dear. Thank you both.” He went behind the counter and handed Alyssa a reward after patting Arcane on his head. Alyssa walked out of the store, Arcane on her heels, as they headed back down the streets to find somewhere to eat, pocketing her reward as they did.


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