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When Milk & Nekos Come Together [private/LeeAnn]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

When Milk & Nekos Come Together [private/LeeAnn] Empty on Thu Apr 27, 2017 10:33 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat

It was a sunny morning in era. The rays of sun light were shining through the streets and were even reaching any dark spot that could be found as the rays were reflected by the many windows of the buildings along the street. Slowly a light started to shine on the face of a peculiar fellow that was laying in a box on a small roof of a side building. The man had long blond hair and a slim face. His eyes started to twitch as the man started to wake up.

Chelvaric rubbed his eyes as he  woke up. Ugh what time is it he taught by himself. He was having a nice dream and now he was abruptly awakened. He cursed the sun and got up from his box. Chelvaric grabbed the ledge of the roof and jumped down in a very agile way. He landed perfectly on his feet and started walking when he was fully recovered. Chelvaric was wearing a sleeveless black hoodie and blue ripped jeans as pants. They got ripped when he was out hunting last night. It sometimes happened and it annoyed him a lot as he had to keep buying new clothes. He only arrived in era last night and he didn’t really know where he could get some breakfast so he just started to stroll down the roads of era. There were only a few people walking around already. They were heading to work or getting some last groceries for breakfast.

Chelvaric liked this about the nights in a city. Even tough nearly no one is around there still some people to be found. But it isn’t as busy as during the afternoon when everyone is falling over each other like ants in a jam pot. After a while he found a nice little tavern. It had the era flag hanging outside and was decorated with flowers at every window. The place also had a cat as a sign so chelvaric saw this as a lucky sign and sat down at one of the tables outside. Even tough it was morning the early summer sun was warming up the place nicely already and it warranted a nice outside breakfast. He felt like it was a perfect start of a day and ordered some tea and waffles. He slides down in his chair and wondered where scraggy was hanging around.

#2LeeAnn Nakamura 

When Milk & Nekos Come Together [private/LeeAnn] Empty on Sun Apr 30, 2017 6:37 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn felt weaker with each passing day as she lied in bed getting better after the incident with Cell. It was good to rest,but to her rest was only stopping her from even enjoy the daily sunshine and getting her vitiamn D. The neko was the only one around these parts from what she knew of. Everyone in the Rune Knights knew her just by her tail and cat ears. Sure that was fine, but she was now referred to this as "Neko girl" or giving her cat calls of "Here kitty, kitty, kitty". This was not the best way to approached the Seated Knight. Well at least the lower ranks called her that even knowing who they were messing with.

The off duty knight was with her fiance, a tall, white haired kitsune with a top hat, steampunk outfit and boots. He sipped his water from his cup as LeeAnn was drinking her typical morning drink consisting of tasteless alcohol with a mix of fruit juice. She wore a long sleeved black jacket with blue jeans and converse and black gloves. Her apperance was quite odd as she wore a brown eyepatcch to hide her scarred up right eye. The half of her right side of her face held a purple-gray infection that looked to be permanent. Her right eye the only one revealed to all people to see. It was black with a red ring for the eye.

She walked beside her fiance, Hans. Her neko tail stood upward out of satisfaction with her morning drink. It was a pleasant one and something she rarely enjoy nowadays. "Lee,
you want to sit someone? How about at that little kitty sign cafe place over there"
he smiled. Lee's ears perked up looking over in his direction. "Well, sure. We can take a break from our walk" she said. They would sit in another table near another man, but enough distance where they wouldn't bother him. "God I am tired" she sighed.

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