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Later Capital (Era---->Oak)

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Later Capital (Era---->Oak) Empty on Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:12 pm

Caius was still laying down in the ark recovering from his battle. He had heard the results of the operation and had mixed feelings on them. They failed to level Era with the ships cannon but they had recovered a key member of Grimoire Heart in Thesus. Looking down, Caius had a scar across his stomach going below his chest he received from the Blue Pegasus mage and his dog. The medical staff did a good job of patching up before he suffered any more damage. It was a good reminder. A reminder of his failure and that he needed to improve himself if the guild was to take over Fiore.

There was one location he had in mind where he could improve himself and that was in Oak Town. He completed many of the guilds missions and added some new spells in his arsenal there. Era was too hot right now after all the commotion and he didn't want to risk getting caught by the rune knights or any of the light mages that still lingered around. Caius flung his legs over the bed and sprung up to leave the Ark. He tossed on his black gi and packed up a small back for travel as he tossed it over his shoulder. Stopping by all the offices of the Ark he informed them all of his destination and what he would be doing. The guild currently had no assignments where he was needed so he was free to move for now. Caius departed the Ark and started his long walk back to Oak Town. A LONG and ANNOYING walk he knew all too well by now.



Later Capital (Era---->Oak) Empty on Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:18 am

Caius had been traveling for quite some time now. He was now traveling through the Worth Woodsea which was the hardest part of the journey by foot as there were a lot of fucking trees that were in the way and wildlife that wanted to eat your ass for being tasty human meat. He wished that the Ark would have dropped him off but he knows that such a request would be denied by the higher up as the Ark only moved very few times per year to keep it hidden. Caius would countinue through the forest as much as he could before it finally hit night time. Caius would then decide to set up camp next to a river but he would still need some food and wood for a fire so he headed into the thick of the forest to find some animal friends to murder and cook into delicious meat for the protein that makes muscles son.

Walking into the forest, he could hear the animals moving around him but had issues seeing. All he had was a flashlight lacrima strapped to his side that was sure to attract some type of attention to the stupid animals around the area. He heard some snarls int he bushes and saw the glowly yellow eyes sticking out as the bushes would rustle with the movement from whatever animal it was that was stalking him waning his human meat. Caius got some black wind around his body in preperation of the attack from the animals as he woudl then pretar a blade in his hand that would be ready to strike whatever popped out of the bushes. The animals all attacked at once in a pack and it was revealed that they were some big as worg looking shaggy gray dogs with the teeth and the claws and all the other stuff that can rip open prey and eat them for their yummy nutrients. The first worg would jump at him but Caius would stick his wind blade down it's throat causing it to fall dead at teh floor. H etapped his foot and the wind vortex around him exploded and slammed all the other dogs against the trees and knocked them out. He could kill them at his leaiusre.

Caius after a few trips would take all the dogs and the wood and head back to his camp next to the river. He would light a fire with some tinder and flint and then would take one of the worgs and and cook them till they were well done and crispy because that's how he liked it. Dat crispy worg meat was cooked prefectly and hit the spot before Caius decided to get some shelter going. he used his wind magic to cut up some trees and then he would make a small fort in front of the fire because he did stuff like that and would have some protection from teh wild animal assholes. He would lay down and fall asleep and get ready for teh next day. Caius woke up and he was refreshed from all the sleep and food. The walk was short and he knew the path so it wouldn't be that bad anymore. he would destroy his forest home and then would continue down the path towards Oak town. He went through some of the other cities but didn't stay long as he was a man on a mission and that mission was to walk to oak town and then he would be able to train and do the missions there. He finally arrived at the gates of Oak town and would then head to his usual hotel before looking for a request.


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