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A Balance Between Mind and Body(Open)

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#1Judina † 

A Balance Between Mind and Body(Open) Empty Sun Apr 09, 2017 6:01 am

Judina †
Orchdia was an interesting place so far to Judina after she managed to finally not worry about herself, It was one of the times of day none are expect out. The sun just being up, She trailed herself far off into the forest outskirts, It was something the about the dawn and the woods that she slightly just felt okay with being in.

Clueless to the past of this area when she walked over to the moss covered stumps she then just figured it would be a prefect to start testing balancing on leg again, But wondered how they got like this and how long a go the situation was.

But She figured if she returned or stayed here for sure after she was done her task in mind currently she could ask some one.

Judina then took a step on to the stump, It was a little uneven, she did not mind that. Letting out a heavy exhale she then took a deep inhale, slowly lifting her left up and kept it touching against her right leg. Judina then clapped her hands poms flat together and kept them in front of her, closing her eyes she would see how long she would last or if she could keep balance so far she was not having problems.

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