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Bringing a shotgun to a fistfight [Vesper]

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Bringing a shotgun to a fistfight [Vesper] Empty Wed May 15, 2024 8:43 pm

It all began with a misunderstanding... Or so the legend says. After she had finally reached the surface the young Dhain dwarf found herself inevitably lost, and to make the matter even more confusing, she had quite literally found herself in Seven! It had taken her at least seven entire days till she had figured out enough of the local language to be able to commune with the citizen, although during her time there she learned that while not entirely familiar with her kin, the people of the country had plenty of stories to tell, something that did succeed in exciting the young lass. However, it was also during that time she learned the greed of the surface: Nothing came for free, at least that was something many people seemed to believe in. Perhaps it was for that reason she had found herself in this current predicament...

One of the administrators of the Arena of Champions had taken an interest in her story, and soon the tale started to spread: A mighty dwarf from the legends had emerged from deep underneath the surface and was seeking for her fellow kin! Of course, despite the fact most of it was true, the part she didn't like was when he proposed that she should show off her martial talents in the arena.

Why?! What martial talents?! Did he think she was some sort of powerful magician containing a magical gift that had been hidden for centuries? Or perhaps she had some artifact that bestowed onto her untold power? What nonsense! All she had was... She gazed at her left hand, the large shield covering most of her small body. It was indeed a magnificent shield, a beautiful one to look at as well, likely once belonged to some great adventurer... Maybe a Paladin? Not that it mattered since she looted the shield from his skeleton! At least it would hopefully serve her better... Well, hopefully the magical ring and bracelet she carried with her would see to that. And if not?


A sudden cloud of dust rocketed the field in front of her, a light shake of her sawed-off shotgun making her smile weakly. Hopefully the opponent she would face was the type who would die if she pointed the good end of her boomstick into their noggin and started blasting and blasting and blasting...

"Who am I kidding... I'm likely about to be send to the infirmary before I can even cry out a safe word..." The last muttered dejectedly as she wiped the tip of her shotgun over the surface of the ground.

"One little dwarf.... peeked out of her cave... Saw the big bad wolf and decided to call it a day~"

Poor girl, she clearly wasn't expecting much of this fight!


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There was a keen glint in the young wolf's eyes, the flight of scarlet in every blink that captured the sun's reflection. Vesper lingered still in Seven following the conclusion of his training camp in preparation for the expeditions to the Void. He was rather invigorated by the experience, finding a thrill in the fight and a renewed resolve to bolster his combat ability. What better place to hone his skills than at the local gladiatorial arena? And what better opponent to test his abilities than the legendary dwarf that had been heralded in the streets surrounding the colosseum? Because his magic was so steeped in the idea of bolstering his physical prowess, there was little to improve upon otherwise. Sure, his creativity in utilizing the different properties of savory sweets was useful in and of itself, but when it came down to the wire, his strength was what would seize victory from the jaws of defeat.

Open the curtains! Sunlight flickers with a blinding luminance as it blares in the eyes of an eager, yet anxious wolf. A firm hop to shake the fear and a flurry of practice jabs to warm himself up, and get his blood pumping for the exhibition. He wasn't confident in his chances for victory, but the boy wanted to savor the experience, sprout from the soil, and grow. A rekindling of sorts as the dust settles that quickly evaporates when he sees his opponent; the dwarf of legend.

So, to say he was shocked would be an understatement. Vesper did not have much experience with dwarves, the odd appearance in Hargeon in smithing or mercantile jobs, or some kind of manual laborer that utilized their bulky frames. The legendary dwarf was the opposite of his imagined foe. A small girl peeking from the shelter of a striking shield that encompassed her, with a gentle but wobbly smile and not a gruff, stoic dwarf warrior. Oh, but not to worry; she was frightening in her own unique way. The gun she brandished sent a chill down Vesper's spine and his heart felt weighed down by an anchor. Okay, okay. Perhaps this was more terrifying than he had previously imagined.

He steps forward with a nervous grin, waving his hand at the little dwarf that stood even lower off the ground than Briar did. His approach was akin to the way you would approach a stray cat, slow steady movements to not scare her off, or worse; get blasted in the face by the gun she was wielding. "Hello there~ Uhmm... My name is Vesper Lovera. It seems like I'm your opponent today, Ms. Legendary Dwarf~. So let's try to have some fun with it, okay~?" He'd shutter his eyes, expression colored in tranquil shades of pink that compliment the smile that spreads across his face.


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The small dwarf watched with hesitation as the large gate opened and a young teenager stepped out into the arena. She brandished her shield, peeking from over the edge while the shotgun rested in her hand. Perhaps... it could work if she intimidated her foe into giving up? However, the hesitant approach made her idea quickly disappear into one of panic. "A-ah! Vesper! An easy to remember name~ My name is Therlin! Therlin Mapleshield!" The dwarf exclaimed proudly, although she had nearly bit her tongue three times just trying to introduce herself! That was how nervous she was. When Vesper announced himself as her opponent the lass hesitatingly took a step backward and pointed her shotgun at him, shaking lightly in her boots when suddenly a soft feminine voice called out to the lass.

"I think your little act is too obvious my dear master~" As the voice chimed through the arena the air around the lass started to shift and distort and slowly but certainly a figure became visible, hovering lightly behind Therlin.

"Caster!" Therlin exclaimed with relief as her servant appeared, the lady gently hugging her from behind as she looked at Vesper, a cursory glance that turned into a warm smile. "Do forgive her for the deception dear Ves~ My Master hoped to intimidate you into giving up without a fight." Therlin pouted at these words as Caster continued. "Fortunately my master is not martial-inclined~ If anything she is a little magus through and through ~"

She hummed softly while Therlin nervously lowered the giant shield and shotgun onto the ground, causing them to dissolve into small crystalized dust, as if they had been illusions! "Of course, considering this is a proper Arena, it is only fair we equalize the challenge between us, correct? It would sadden my dear sensei if I fought one of her guild members unfairly~ So tell me Ves: What field of combat do you specialize in? What role do you take the most pride in? If you can tell us that I will recommend my dear little Therlin on what Servant to summon to fight you on equal grounds."

And with that mysterious little hint Caster lowered her hood, her pointed ears twitching lightly and her eyes gazing gently at Vesper. "I hope Alisa is doing well~"

Bringing a shotgun to a fistfight [Vesper] Illyasviel-von-einzbern-fate-grand-order-thumb

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The stammer in her introduction left Vesper speechless, with an exasperated gasp and a yearning to clutch at his chest as his heart seized in response. His eyes widen and he nearly forgets about the deadly weapon that was waving around in her shuddering hands. She brandishes it again and the young boy takes a step backwards, waving hands out in front as if to dissuade her from opening fire. "Oh golly!" A panicked yelp of a phrase that was not his own, but wriggled into his vocabulary nonetheless due to the whimsical company he almost found himself with.

The tension finds respite again in the pleasant knell that rang from a phantom voice. A perplexed look adorns his face in the manifestation of light and waves that would form an apparition. Of what? Vesper had no idea of the mechanics of it. A summoning of some sort, but it differed from his understanding. "Oh, well I'd say it worked on me, hehe~ I've never fought anyone with a gun and that shield looked impossible to break through!" A genuine sigh of relief in the illusionary equipment that would fade from existence, but now he would have to contend with this mysterious elf. He shines a little smile at the dwarf, eyes shut and relaxed with an affable demeanor.

She had a kind aura and a soothing lull to her voice that made it difficult for the young wolf to bear his fangs. He tilts his head, a flit of his ear that gets him wondering, curiosity brimming just to the surface, but it would have to wait for now. A little smirk creases the boundary of his mouth and he taps the palm of his hand with a closed fist. "Umu! I usually just fight with my fists, ma'am!" He'd giggle and lift a hand to tap at his chin.

"Say... I think I've heard mention of you by Miss Alisa and Miss Yu... At least, I'm pretty sure you're the one... The grimoire we tested out.." He'd clap his hands together in a display of apology and offer a bow. "How rude of me and correct me if I'm wrong, but- It's a pleasure to meet you Miss Esperia~" He'd gleam through opulent rubies, enamored at the prospect of meeting someone so dear to his dearly beloved guild.

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