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Scold the Brat | Solo Quest

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#1Eiko Jitsuko 

Scold the Brat | Solo Quest Empty on Sun Apr 02, 2017 6:15 am

Eiko Jitsuko

By the means of stopping something evil, mysterious, or maybe somewhat annoying that affects your life, would you exchange goods even with a dark entity? That was a deep question for a shopkeeper. The bitter he is, the more goods he gets stolen from. The shopkeeper never learns his lesson to keep a good attitude, and somewhat turned to dark mages to stop a certain little kid from stealing.

Eiko met the man shouting at a boy who was very far away. She chuckled at the man's selfishness and that small 'chuckle' got the man's attention. "Hey, you! You look like I met you before!" The shopkeeper called. Eiko looked behind her so she would not misunderstand and assume that the man was calling her. No one was behind her, only Eiko alone. She looked back at the man and pointed her face, asking if he was calling her. "Yea, you! The girl in the same 'tea party' outfit you wore last week!" He shouted. By the sound of "tea party", she suddenly remembered who the man is. He's that old, disgruntled man back then in the Crash the Cash House quest! Eiko thought while keeping her emotionless and worried face.

"Whatche'r silent tone, kid?! Having another tea party?!" He shouted, pointing his staff at Eiko while raging more. "I was thinking of treating you some donuts~ My grandpa loves donuts!" Eiko acted as she tried to bribe him away. "I've been bribed too much already, kid! That ain't workin' on me!" He shouted, louder than his consecutive tone.

Eiko doesn't know what the shopkeeper wants, or wants to do with her. But that old man got Eiko confused enough. Is this some kind of April Fools joke?! Eiko asked herself as she started feeling annoyed. The man inhaled, and then exhaled with more air than he inhaled. "Listen, kid. You see that annoting little brat?!" He asked as he pointed at a small kid, eating bread from a paper bag he both stole. "That kid is annoyin' as hell! Keepin' stealin' from this shop." He added while shaking his head roughly, removing anger from himself.

"Let me guess... you would pay for me to catch him?" Eiko asked with a grin. The man sighed, but his reply was louder. "What do you think?! Of course I do!" The man shouted, loud enough to make the people around looked behind them and notice the man. Eiko chuckled, and went off to get the boy. Eiko was two meters away, when the boy looked behind him to see Eiko. He ran away quickly. Too quick for a young age himself.

She smiled as she ran as well, trying to chase the boy who is already far away from her. It seems to be quite the challenge for Eiko herself. But running seems to take too much time and stamina. The more it takes time, the more Eiko loses her grin and becomes annoyed instead.

When the boy reached a dead end, Eiko stepped behind the boy who was near, and catched her breath. When she was about to hold the boy's neck, the boy evaded her hand and ran away. Eiko closed her fists and raged in her mind. She ran quicker than how she ran earlier. As she gets nearer to the boy by 5 meters, she casted a spell.

Using Eiko's left hand, she pointed two fingers at the boy as she ran. Muttered the words, "Ichor Andante", and made a thin string of chains in the color of blood, converting her mana to lower the boy's speed. As she holds on to the chain, the boy started running slower... and slower... at the time the boy is near enough, Eiko uses her right hand for it to face the sunset sky. Using her magic, it converts her mana to make a circular glass around her. Once the circle has been completed, she jumps at 3 meters per leap. And the last jump at 5 meters, she drops at the boy. Hurting it.

As the boy is on the ground, the thin chain shattered like glass and disappeared. The debuff spell lasted as the enemy has been defeated. "Sorry kid." Eiko said as she held unto the boy's scarf. "You made me hurt you." she added as she started dragging the boy back to the shop.

The shop keeper seems to be selling more items, probably because that boy stopped stealing. Eiko showed up, dragging the boy to the shop keeper as he keeps on struggling for Eiko to let her go. "Took you long enough!" The shopkeeper shouted as he puts his hands in his waists. "But look at this profit! So much cash without that BRAT around!" he added, showing the profit to Eiko.

In a stool at the shop, Eiko made the boy sit down. "Apologize." Eiko said, letting go of the boy. The boy wouldn't apologize, and tried to run away. But Eiko was quick enough to hold the boy's pony tail aggressively, making the boy sit back to the stool again. Eiko pinched the boy's cheeks, "I said, apologize." she said. The boy looked away, crossing his arms. "No." he said, stubbornly.

With a smile, Eiko opens her right hand to the sky, making red smoke from her hand, scaring the boy, "I said, apologize." she repeated, but made her words slower. The boy was frightened, so he closed his hands and bowed down to the shop keeper. "I'm so sorry!" he said with fear. Eiko pulled his scarf harder. "Uhuh, and?" she said, making the smoke bigger. "A... And I will never steal ever again!" the boy added and bowed lower.

Eiko let go of his scarf and chuckled, patting the boy's head. The boy afterwards ran away after saying his words. "Does that satisfy you enough?" Eiko asked as she looked at the shopkeeper. He nodded back, "Let's just hope he doesn't steal anymore."

Spell/s used:
Name: Ichor Andante
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25/25
Requirements: Via Scarlet Palliate Magic
Type: Debuff
Element: Darkness
Range: 05 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: 1 Post
Effect: Points at an enemy with two fingers, making a thin string of blood from their left hand and transfers the user's blood (mana) and makes the enemy slower by 5 points in a short limit of time.

Name: Vital Vault
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25/25
Requirements: Via Scarlet Palliate Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Darkness
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Opens the right palm of the user upward, covering the user with a circular glass of blood, allowing them to jump as high as 5 meters. This can only last in a short limit of time, and is usually used to dodge attacks.

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