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More White Claudia

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More White Claudia Empty on Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:24 am


The breeze stung his pale cheeks, eyes sunken beneath woven raven bangs. Hands still, unmoving, hugging under the walled protection of Erebus' pants pockets. Yet here he was, drunken and moving along to take more jobs. He noticed like many others did, his speed at building his infamy was not what it once was. Though, how could it be?
He poured time into a bitch... The boy spat at the stone concrete. Carrying a sinister glint in his eyes. He neared Stephan Mabuz's shop. Sweat dripping like a moist towlet off his boyish face.

The last time he was working for this nut, he almost went batty. Not that he hadn't just that he kept the facade on that it took more than what the doctor could cook up to dismantle his head. Strategist was a genius too after all. Sure he was no mad scientist; never had been. But he was a prestigious youth, a master of games. Grandmasters don't lose in chess, without planning it. This was almost true for Erebus. Had he ever lost before Maarschalk Raion he might've considered himself such. Then again at least he was able to grow. To reach higher pedigrees. That's what meant the most. Effort beats Talent.

Wasn't that how his grandfather use to explain it? The Dark Adventurer stopped in his tracks. He reminisced there for a second, not usual for him. People who are in their emotions-- they dwelled in feelings. It's what made them psychos. "Pitiful." He decided; even if agitation was the signifier. The boy pushed open the door and let it close behind himself. Mabuz, still in that chair, greeted him. The two exchanged stares before Mabuz lifted up and prepared to led him back into that basement. "Strategist, good to see you. The pleasure is always mine." Eagerness. Erebus noted it down immediately. "White Claudia again I take it?" Anger, The Doc always liked that about the Lycan. his... 'Aggression'.

The two walked down to the chamber in which Irony had been taped down to her last time here with him. "Indeed. It modified after much of my work. I'd like to test it on someone with more endurance. Someone like, say, you?" Erebus fell silent. He didn't even really care if it hurt. If it meant money, then so be it. Mabuz halted, turning around fast. "Don't worry, no chair needed my friend. I trust you can take the pain." A syringe flew from his sleeve into his open hand. Strategist was startled by the speed of it. His teeth sharpening within his mouth.

Hesitant but resilient to fear, Erebus pulled up his hoodie sleeve himself, holding his arm out. He retained eyes which struck through the man's soul. Underneath the bad boy shell, an insane man, it was pick or choose. As quiet and calculative as he was now-- it was still less as dangerous as his other self. The one with bars. Did Mabuz know that? The doctor chuckled, grabbing the freehand. He placed the syringe in it before going back upstairs. "I'm not so foolish as to leave myself in the room with a Lycan while he's being tortured. Surely now, mercenary, you know that." Heh... Mabuz was right, Erebus was about to go ape in here. It was a concise move, to leave him alone. The door closed, a lock noise was heard.

Erebus stood there staring at the syringe. He inhaled, closed his eyes... Puncture! The drug was in his system. His eyes shot open. The world tilted before him, the room grew and shrunk horizontally as the walls and ground turned to rusty metal. Blood spillin off his entire body. A blink, now he was in some kind of corridor. Far different from the original in which he was locked in. The room littered with many doors on the sides, though a single stairway at the far end with light in it.

His head moved to the first door. He stepped inside, it was his old home. Though the walls were dim crimson color. He could hear moans, and sexual clapping as if body were ramming body. In the living room there he saw Celeste, on top of another man. Anger overtook him but he couldn't step forward. He ran through the house to his bedroom. Victor was there, with his sisters. Holding them to his... What kind of nightmare was this?! He exited the way he came in, fraid to check anymore bedrooms of that house. For fear he might find even more fucked up scenarios.

The next room in that corridor took him to his initiation, Crowley and Icarus... Only they were trying to kill him. He had never feared them. Was it subconscious? Maybe he was actually weary of the guildmaster. It was justifiable. The third room was simply his mother, though she was crucified, a single robed finger lit her on fire. The figure pulled his hood down. There, standing before the woman whom was burning alive. Was Erebus Cassiel. Laughing.

Sweat broke out over him. He wanted this to end. It was terrifying. Not because of what he did, but because of whom it was. The darkness had crept into his soul. He was the monster. The madman. In all of his dreams. the realization had set in. A deep growl and clicking noise started small. Oh no... He wasn't the only monster here. He got out of the room only to find himself now officially freaked. Erebus leapt for the stairway. Afraid for what was running out to him.

He fell back to reality. he was cowering like a child in a corner. Mabuz opened the door. Everything was explained to him in detail. He was rewarded... But this was not forgotten. His outer shell, was breaking... Whatever lied beneath was getting closer to control each and everyday. The only difference was that it was accelerated thanks to this event. The fear was unbearable.


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