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Little Jerr [Quest]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Little Jerr [Quest] Empty on Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:17 am

Bianca Fleur
So for the first time in a while, Bianca had decided to venture into the outside world with no real purpose. She had wanted to meet new people, but all she did in the past week were quests so maybe this time she thought she should just walk around...not like she hadn't done that already. BUT, who knows what she might find this time around, right? Besides, she felt like getting some fresh air. Sitting in the guildhall, she didn't really get much fresh air. In fact, a few pimples had appeared on her face, which was rare. Made her want to scratch them off her skin, but she knew better than to do that as it would only cause MORE pimples to appear on her face and she definitely didn't want that to happen. Moving on, she had arrived in the bustling streets of Oak Town, where there were a bazillion coaches literally zooming past her. What a busy day. She wondered if she could ever mingle with the ordinary people, the non wizards, and join in their business. She knew it was never going to happen. Plus, she was associated with the dark guild Phantom Lord now. So other than disguising herself (and cutting off the pointy tips of her ears), there was no way people wouldn't recognize her as a dark wizard, especially in this town. So if she was to pretend to be someone she's not, not in Oak Town.

Come to think of it, did the clients she meet for the quests count as the 'new people' that she's always wanting to meet? After all she did meet them and have some kind of conversation with them. Apart from the fact that she was receiving money from them for dirty work they wanted her to do, they seemed to be okay to count in to the people she'd met. With a slightly but not really satisfied look about her face, Bianca tried to remember the names of each person she had worked for in the past week. A frown came to her face when she noticed in a distance, a shopkeeper yelling profanity at the street in front of him. Curious to know the reason and determined to stop him from tainting the vocabulary range of the children nearby, Bianca increased her pace and stood right in front of the man, waving a hand in his face and grinning, hoping to grab his attention. She was successful in doing so, making the man stop and stare at her in confusion. Of course he was confused. He probably thought she was some kind of illusion, given her pointy ears, bright pink hair and funny attire (funny for humans anyway). With a grin, Bianca cleared her throat and said, "Hello there, I was wondering why you were shouting at the street. Is there something I can possibly help you with, sir?" with a polite tone and a small smile.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

Little Jerr [Quest] Empty on Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:15 pm

Bianca Fleur
The stranger cleared his throat, probably ashamed to have been caught in the middle of a raging session, and gave her a small smile before diving straight into explanation. While he was talking about this young boy who needed a scolding for behaving badly, Bianca noticed that he had a lot of hair missing in the middle section, and had two pointed sections on the left and right. It was funny, but she didn't laugh for she did not want to put him in a state of discomfort. Giving him full attention, the pinkette came to understand the reason behind his yelling, immediately nodding along to what he was saying. She already felt like giving this boy a huge beating, but given that he was nowhere near their current location, it seemed she would have to either wait for him or go out and find him. She didn't actually feel like bothering with actually looking for him, so the shopkeeper told her that she was free to stay in the shop and wait for Jerr - the young boy - to show up, and give him a scolding for a small reward. Bianca liked the idea of being rewarded for doing something she felt she would enjoy. "Alright, I accept this deal. I'll make sure he never comes to bother you again, sir," she told the bald man before purchasing a bottle of water for them and literally standing at the entrance in anticipation of the kid's arrival.

No later than ten minutes, Jerr decided to come back, probably to stir some more trouble, but he was not in luck this time around. No one would have expected Bianca to be the person paid to do something like this, same with Jerr, who completely ignored her presence and simply strutted into the shop, probably looking for the shopkeeper. Immediately Bianca reached out and grabbed one of Jerr's ears, pulling it hard with as much force as she could muster, but the boy was too fast. Having a handle of the situation now, he had escaped from Bianca's hold and disappeared. "What!?" Bianca shrieked. She hadn't expected him to be that fast, so she decided to go easy, but it seemed to have been a mistake on her part. "Well, shit," she muttered inaudibly before sprinting off after Jerr, who seemed to be slowing down, probably tired. "Come back here, you little dog!" she yelled after him, realising that what she just said was probably not very insulting. She was trying to say something offensive but since he was a child, she wanted to tone it down, which came to that result. But in the end, she caught up to him and grabbed him by the shirt, hissing some very threatening things before letting him go with a push which caused him to collapse to the ground. Once this was done, she returned to the shopkeeper to earn her reward. Another request she had completed smoothly!

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