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Griffins of a Two [Kazimir]

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Griffins of a Two [Kazimir] Empty on Tue Feb 05, 2019 10:58 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
The young Nakamura had finally set down her book on griffins. It would be cool to have one since they were sorta rare creatures in Fiore. She really did not like her horse, or any animal for that matter since Abraxas had passed. That fox was perhaps one of the only things that kept her from going insane. PTSD was nothing to sneeze at! It was a condition most would never understand since it was unique to the individual. She laid back in her chair, sitting the Rune Knight lounge.

"Congrats LeeAnn on reaching A-rank" said a fellow knight. She was now on the same level as her brother in strength. They were almost matched, but he was probably superior in power and techniques. She smiled in response, shyly. "Oh...thank you" she spoke, messing with her hair. The book on Griffins lied on the table that she had bought from the book store. They were majestic creatures as there were many types. The most common one being the Bald White Head. She really liked the Peregrine Falcon type since it looked tough yet gentle.

Her thoughts ran a little off, still thinking about Abraxas. Growing a little teary eyed, she wiped her sleeve clean from the watery eyed state. Laying down on the couch, she boredly drifted asleep, dreaming about the Peregine Falcon Griffin and Kazimir.

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Griffins of a Two [Kazimir] Empty on Thu Feb 07, 2019 1:09 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir walked into the rune knight headquarters for the first time in a few days. Or maybe it had been a week. He tended to spend very little time here. only passing through to grab a job when one came up. Today was something a bit different though. He came in looking for LeeAnn. For some reason she spent time here to unwind every once and awhile. Kaz tried not to think about his impression on the other knights to much.

She had just been promoted to A-rank though and he needed to congratulate her as well. His real reason to find her was about a strange happening in the forest area. Some thugs had been seen roaming around and some of the residents were worried. Kaz was going to investigate and hadn't been on a mission with LeeAnn in a few days. he figured this would be a fun task to do together.

Finally he saw her fast asleep on a couch. last he left her she was turning in to sleep in the middle of the day. She did enjoy a good nap. As he arrived near her, he noticed the book of griffins on the table and had a good idea what she was dreaming about.

he leaned against the side of the couch picking up the book and thumbing through it. After a few pages he looked back down at LeeAnn. She looked like she was carried away in pleasant dreams. A small part of him didn't want to disturb her but someone would sooner or later since they were at HQ anyway.  

"Hey sleepy. Time to get up," he said gently nudging her arm with the book. "I found some work for us to do if your interested?" he waited for her to come to her full senses before he would begin to bring any of it up. For him this felt like an in and out mission but it was far more lively than helping grandma's. In fact some people in the knights that suspected his real power gave him weird glances for using it to continue taking D-rank quest even after he was recognized as a B-rank mage. Some even doubted the legitimacy of the B-rank status.

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Griffins of a Two [Kazimir] Empty on Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:58 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
Dreaming of a good scene, she felt a disturbance in the air. Feeling someone close to her, she tenses, becoming conscious. There was someone next to her that could possibly kill her. Slowly, her hand curled into a fist, preparing to punch who ever was next to her. LeeAnn could not tell who it was, but whom ever it was would get a punch. Not for waking her up, but for trying to hurt her.

A gentle hand was placed on her shoulder, shaking her to wake up. Quickly, LeeAnn's eyes opened and grabbed the arm. Twisting the arm behind the person. "Who in the hell are you and why are you trying to hurt....me" she hissed but realized something. She trailed off realizing it was only her crush, Kazimir. Quickly, she left him go and helped him off the ground. The fox ears were folded back and made her feel really bad. "Kazimir...I am SO sorry! I really am...I..thought you were someone else trying to hurt me. Sorry...are you okay?" she apologized. She checked him arm for any brusing or broken bones, but her grip was not that tight. It was tight enough to ensure not struggle.

A small huff of relief and she pushed back her bangs. The ghoul eye stared at his indigo ones. "Sorry...you were saying about some job or something..." she said to him. She wondered what kind of job he grabbed this time...hopefully it was not anything too...religion after what happened last time.

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Griffins of a Two [Kazimir] Empty on Fri Feb 08, 2019 1:55 am

Kazimir Seiryu
LeeAnn freaked out at being awoken and grabbed his arm to twist it. Kazimir simply gave out a sigh. He knew that she suffered from PTSD and this was something he should have expected. She twerked his arm and aimed to place him on the ground. Since she was still laying on the bed Kaz had some time to react and remembered an old trick from his youth to snap someone back to reality.

As she rose from the couch to push him and simply reached out and pinched her nose to get her to stop. He held it while he replied, "Easy killer. Its just me." She apologized hastily and didn't release his arm as she checked it for any injuries. he wasn't hurt but let her check to make sure he was safe anyway.

"Yes I'm fine. Don't worry about it," he said with a warm smile and picked her book off the floor to hand it back to her. "There are some bandits or something in the forest I thought we could check it out. They are out towards the small mountain. You interested?" Kazimir was eager to try out the new equipment he acquired. There was a simple staff on his back now. He also reached down to pick up the wizards hat that had fallen on the ground. He dusted it off on his leg and put it back on. It was easy to tell he didn't like it but he wore it for the benefits.

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Griffins of a Two [Kazimir] Empty on Fri Feb 08, 2019 5:21 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
Quickly, she covered her mouth with her hands. Feeling super guilty, she help him up. It seemed like he would be prepared for this thing. He managed to reach out to her face and pinch the bridge of her nose. His words were calming to kitsune's ears. She let up on the pressure, lettting him back up on his feet. Feeling sorry for what she did, her ears were folded back and eyes guilty like a kicked puppy.

He mentioned about a job that he had found. Something a bit more exciting than the ones they had done earlier. He did not give much detail, but only there were a few crooks in forest. He asked if she was interested. It was better than sitting around here and doing nothing. Why not? What was the most that could happen?

The young Nakamura looked at the page, reading the flyer that was posted. Giving a few nods and her eye scanned the whole thing. She gave it back to Kazimir. "Let's do it! Sounds really interesting" she smiled. It seemed legit and her eyes shown an adventurous glow to them. The redhead fixed her messy bangs, making it easy to see Kazimir. She looked around to make sure no one was watching in case then back at her partner. "Come on twinkle toes" she spoke.

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Griffins of a Two [Kazimir] Empty on Fri Feb 08, 2019 11:37 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir just shrugged off the sudden response from LeeAnn as she awoke. Normally he would have given more attention to it but his mind was too focused on the mission that he found and being able to get out of the city for a little while again. He put her book back on the table as she looked away guilty for what had happened.

She fixed her bangs and then scanned the area if someone was watching as if she was about to do something secretive. Instead she just said the oddest thing to him. 'twinkle toes'? She was certainly in a strange mood today. Maybe it was because of her dream. Kazimir cocked an eyebrow at her phrase and shook his had at how silly she was.

"Alright then. off to work it is,"he said with a nod. He hadn't done a job in a few days and was ready to get back at it. He adjusted his scarf and started to walk out the door. Some of the others in the knights glanced their way. There had been a curiosity rising as to why a seated knight would be adventuring with a page at all, let alone so frequently. Kaz paid it no mind but tried to keep up on what he could, in case any surprises came his way.

They began their walk toward the forest when Kazmir's attention drifted away. Music could be heard from a nearby pub. It sounded like a live band of stringed instruments. He was walking right alongside LeeAnn when he suddenly and quietly veered off toward the sound of music. 'What a delightful sound. I'll just peak in for a second,' he thought to himself but forgot to say anything to LeeAnn. All that could be heard from him was the crunch of snow beneath his feet.

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Griffins of a Two [Kazimir] Empty on Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:23 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
It was now offical. They were going on a better and more interesting job than the ones before. AND it was in the forest, which was away from people. Kazimir just seemed to go along with things. LeeAnn stayed alert the whole time, calculating every step. Any sign of movement she would turn her head into that direction specifically. It would be a quick snap, not a slow turn.

It was quite clear that she was on her A-game like always, perhaps too good some of the time. They grew deeper and deeper into the trenches of the snowy woods. They heard each other's crunching. Only come to find out, that was just her. Kazimir drifted off somewhere. LeeAnn stopped now, listening. There was music being played, her ears were like sound radars. She bolted to the source of the music and guess who she found?! None other than Kazimir, himself. She marched up to him and gave him a good ol' slap across the face with a serious look. "What happened to being on a job? Come on! We dont have time for silly music" she hissed. As she grabbed both ends of his scarf, she dragged him towards the forest. He was such am airhead. "I don't mean to be a bitch here, but look...take this seriously or else you will have ashes for clothes! I WILL do that you know" she hissed.

She let go of his scarf and took the lead this time. She kept looking back over her shoulder to check Kaz was right behind her. Then...she stopped. The young kitsune heard music again...this time not from the pub but deeper into the woods. Looking at Kazimir. "You have the music ears. What intrument is that? And who would play music in the middle of the thicket of the woods" she asked.

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Griffins of a Two [Kazimir] Empty on Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:42 am

Kazimir Seiryu
The music was enchanting but before he could get there he heard LeeAnn marching towards him. She cocked back her hand and slapped him. he didn't expect her to do anything like that and there was a moment of surprise, but more so sadness about not hearing the music. She was right of course. She grabbed his scarf and he complied with her pulling him, "You know violence doesn't solve everything," he complained rubbing his cheek. He kept glancing back at the source of the music but never returned to it.

"I take everything seriously LeeAnn. Sometimes it is hard to see the patterns of the wind," he said as he adjusted his scarf and his ill fitted hat. He shook his head at the comment about burning his clothes thinking about the practicality of it. He commented plainly but also to poke fun at LeeAnn a bit, "But if you burn my clothes it would be difficult for me to fight alongside you. Being nude would make me vulnerable and unfocused. I wouldn't be able to protect you as easily not to mention the dangers of the forest."

He kept pace with LeeAnn surprised she still took the lead but her fear of him running of was apparent. Suddenly she stopped. She heard the sound of music and it reached Kaz's hears as well. "Sounds like a harmonica," he added as he walked past LeeAnn to the source of the music. He took this chance to jump into a tree to scout from a higher vantage point. "It's odd to be out here, but I am often guilty of the same."

He moved through the trees swiftly coming upon the source but making sure LeeAnn was close by on ground level.

Peering through the brush he saw a small camp. It was on an old path that led to the base of the snow capped mountain. There were four large tents but only three people. At the edge of the camp was an assortment of cages in varying sizes. The three men had bow and arrows and one carried a blade. Near the cages were unused collars and spears.

He looked back at LeeAnn and gave an affirmative with a hand gesture they both learned during basic rune knight training that meant, danger ahead.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
It was good to see he was not wandering off like always when they heard music this tie. Though, his comment did bring her cheeks red and a slight ping of irritation. It was clear that this really bothered her causing her to become all embarrassed and flustered. The thought of Kazimir nude was nothing she really thought of ever. thinking about it made her a little dizzy. She had to grab onto a tree trunk for support and to gain balance. "Just...never mind..." she huffed, face growing red.

She rushed past him really flustered with dirty thoughts. Why did he implant that into her head? For the love of lightning! Why? Perv. Too caught up with her thoughts, she was thrown off by his walking and everything. It took a little bit of time before she was back to normal in serious mode. They both pauses when she heard music, still hoping he would not wander off. He mentioned it was a harmonica. The young redhead's fox ears twitched, listening carefully.

She peeked through the thick branches and foliage. There was as small fire and a few people who where armed. Different sized cages which give her an alarming feeling. A small little idea popped into her head. One that could not fail if she used her feminine charm. "Go scout. I will charm these men. I am going to act like I just encountered a strong beast and on the end of my life. They have to do something but help. If not, I can get myself out. Let's jsut wait here for a little bit" she whispered. She made sure it was not loud enough for no one else to hear.

Just as she finished, there was large squawking. Both of their heads snapped to the direction of where it came from. They saw two more men dragging two chained griffins. One was fighting and roaring loudly, not giving in. He had energy of thirty buffalo, while the other was quiet and submissive, scared out of its wits. "Quick, Hino. Give me a hand here" said one of hte men. One of the that carried the bow got up and started to calm down the griffen. "Quite the catch were he got Benny. Boss will be proud" said Hino.

This broke LeeAnn's heart even more. Those poof griffins chained up in those cages. Once they were in the large cages. The fiesty one was attack the steal bars as the other one lied down hopeless and scared. LeeAnn luckily was not wearing her best outfit and not her rune knight uniform. She started to tear up her clothes and took off her eye patch. After a while, it really looked like she gotten into a bad fight. She went as far to burn herself and cut herself to look the part. Giving Kazimir a nod to go free the griffens. She walk back a little bit. Quickly, she casted a small device that let out a roar of a large creature then LeeAnn screamed loudly. She ran imitating a panic. Falling through the branches, she landed into the camp, pretending to be passed out.

One of the men got up, hearing this quite alert. "What the hell happened here? Charlie, come here" spoke Hino. A tall, important looking man that was a safari looking man, whom held the sword, peered over LeeAnn. Putting out his cigarette, she studied here. "She's in horrible shape. Treat her wounds at least, I may hate animals, but not women" he spoke. The two men carried her back to the camp and on a blanket beside the fire. LeeAnn was out for at least a good half hour to an hour.

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Griffins of a Two [Kazimir] Empty on Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:21 am

Kazimir Seiryu
He had dealt with the forest sapping the life energy from people before and wondered if this was the same. "Are you okay," He asked helping her regain her balance. She huffed and then sped off.

She whispered up into the trees where Kazimir was perched about a plan. "I don't no if its worth putting yourself in harms way like that. They may just decide to capture you or kill you to tie up loose ends," he avoided saying the thing that was really on his mind and was his real concern. How the men would react to seeing the affliction on her face and her unusual eye. They may treat her like a beast or a danger. LeeAnn's condition no doubt changed the dynamic of how she had to interact with people like this. Not to mention that she was a kitsune which was rare enough.

He was thinking of anything else they could do and maybe he could be the one to put himself in danger. Squawking interrupted his chain of thought as two griffon's were being pulled down the road. Both reacted very differently than each other.

Before Kaz could devise a different plan, LeeAnn was already tearing her clothes and harming herself for the performance.  "LeeAnn I don't think..." she had already nodded at him and crashed through the branches before he could reply. He just sighed in the tree with a bad feeling about what was to come.  

The wind mage snuck a bit closer but only within 10 meters when he heard two of the men talking. "She's gonna fetch a good price. Boss cares about women. Good thing she's a fox. Wonder how much we're gonna make on this one," the poacher said.

"Not to mention the rest of the griffon next they are taking up the mountain," the other man with a sword replied.  

Kaz's fears were becoming realized, but LeeAnn was strong and could hold them off for a time. He was close just in case things went south. He eased closer to the griffons and the beasts felt his presence and looked toward him. He rose a hand to calm them while he was crouched.

Suddenly he caught a glimpse of a man sneaking toward LeeAnn with a collar connected to a chain and another with knife drawn. It was now that he had to act. he couldn't let anything bad happen to LeeAnn. They were here for the griffons but his protective instinct kicked in regardless.

He quickly cast a whirlwind on the other side of the camp. It tore through the trees like a mad beast was over there. Hopefully the distraction would alert LeeAnn to the danger.

During the explosion he cast a blade of wind that cut through the locks on the griffon's cages setting them free, then dashed to another part of the camp making loud noise.

The men jumped to attention feeling like they were surrounded by some beast. The safari looking man stood without fear. A cigar in his mouth and a vest full of knives and hooks. "Looks like we got areselves a battle boys," he unsheathed his sword while the men still looked a bit panicked.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
The redhead knew of the possible dangers she was putting herself through. All senses were alert at all times. She could hear the steps coming towards her. Immedately, she opened her eyes and sat up. Getting out Sting, her sword, she knocked the chains and collar out of his hands. He looked a little startled, but then...Kazimir came in.

He felt a strong senses of wind coming from her part of the camp. Standing her ground, she placed the sword into the dirt to keep her position. Some of hte other men took this as a gateway to an opportunity to attack her but that went south. Thanks to her mother's training, she was able to wipe the floor pretty easily. Things were going great! She was at least to able to keep them at bay, but a loud explosion happened. All their attentions turned to the cages as the griffins were free. The feisty one decided to attack the men, the other one decided to do the same. The two opposing griffins were not too happy. LeeAnn attacked the men with a blast of fire and melted some of their weapons.

"You dare try to attack a Rune Knight! You all are going to jail for illegal poaching" she cried. She grew even more tired of these guys trying to look tough, but most of them would shat their pants by now. A low growl escaped from the griffins as they clawed and bashed the men. She sat back a little since the griffins clearly had this under control. For a moment, she looked around to try to find Kazimir, them she spotted him. Hiding on the other side of the camp. A heavy, relieved sigh escaped her lips. she was glad he was alright. Though, she knew he was extremely worried about the stupid decision she made, but she knew the dangers going in. It was worth it.

Once the rampaged was done, the five men were clearly worn out and hurt. A lot of them groaning. She walked through the camp. Looking at the griffins, who were still angry and felt threatened. It was a slow pace, but she made eye contact with the beast. "Easy, boy. Easy. I am not going to hurt you" she spoke in a sweet yet calming voice. The griffin seemed to be still a little scared and aggressive towards her. He reared up and scratched her arm. Falling back, she sheethed in pain, but got up. She did not let that phase her. "I am not going to hurt you. Just let me get those chains off you...okay" she spoke. The feisty one was too nervous to let her touch him, but with enough patience she was able to. In a slow motion, she got the chains off the griffins, both of them.

She would look at Kazimir with a raised eyebrow, seeing how worried he was. "Are you okay? You look more distressed than the griffins" she spoke. She would walk over to him slowly, letting him rest and ease. Placing her arms around him, having her elbows rest on his shoulders. "I knew what I was doing! No need to get so worried, airhead" she teased.

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Kazimir Seiryu
There was still a worried look on Kaz's face but it wasn't for anything that had happened here. He knew Lee would be safe and had overheard the men talking about another location and they didn't have time to enjoy the victory yet.

While she tried to calm the animals, Kazimir gathered the injured men up and threw them into the cages. Once he was done LeeAnn put her arms around him but there was still a serious look in his eye. "I knew you were fine. My worry is that the job isn't done yet. I overheard them talking about taking the rest of the griffon nest. We have to get up the mountain."

Almost as if the griffon's understood what he was saying they both flew off toward their nest on the plateau of the mountain. Hopefully the rest of the poachers hadn't made it all the way up yet but now it was a race to see who got there first.

Kazimir appreciated her loving gesture but gently brought her arms down, "Let's go. Maybe we can still catch up to them." He started sprinting up the snowy path. He was happy he got those speed earrings and was putting them to the test.

He zoned out everything around him but the task at hand. Something stirred in him from running through the wild. The wind rushing past his face. The snow crunchy beneath every step. His body hungered for this freedom and his eyes were fixed. Looking down at his footprints he blinked twice. he could have sworn he saw a large paw print instead of his own. It was nothing more than the trick of the light reflected off the snow.

Before long they saw three men up the path. Not even getting close to them yet, the one in the lead peered over his shoulder. He was much bigger than the others and wore a wide brimmed hat. "well, well, well. Looky here. Got ourselves some wanderers that don't know any better."

Their surprise was ruined by the man's seemingly supernatural sense of their presence. Kazimir stopped his run, "I'm Kazimir Seiryu of the rune knights and..."

He couldn't finish his sentence as the man slammed his hand on the ground causing purple chains to float around his body. They looked like they could shoot forth and grasp anyone at a moments notice. The next instant he stood and thrust a hand forward. A magic circle appeared above him and shot out four tiny projectiles in the knight's direction. Kaz threw a wind slash at the ones headed for Lee and dashed to the side to evade the others, although narrowly.

"I aint't no run-a-the mill poacher youngsters. Let'me show ya a thing er' two."  This man was no pushover and the other two continued up the mountain to get the griffons. They may have to deal with him first. The other two didn't look like ones that were easy to take down either.  Kaz adjusted his scarf with his usually calm expression, "If there is no other way then. I had hoped to settle the rest of this non-violently."

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LeeAnn Nakamura
Trying to look cute, she was placing a hint that she was wanting him to be her knight in shining aror or something. Though, the airhead posssibly did not pick it up or was just that dense in the head. She narrowed her eyes and huffed. Her ears twitched irritated that he was not even the least bit worried? How could he say that.

She was quite frustrated with the man a little, but understood his reasoning. They were in the middle of the job. Without knowing it, the feisty and bigger griffin grabbed her by the shoulder, flying her to their nest She started to scream and struggle, being caught off guard. She looked down at the ground as everything grew smaller and smaller. Flight was not her most favorite thing especially being dangling down by the shoulders like some prey.

They landed. There was something about what Kazimir did that pissed her up. A small whiff of wind caught her attention as there wa a battle already starting. LeeAnn was too caught up in her thoughts about KAzimir to really notice what was going on. One of the Griffins nudged her on the shoulder to grab her attention as well. LEeAnn looked back and nodded. Grabbing Sting, she unshteathed the sword and prepared for battle. Growing more confidet. She began to charge at the enemy and swinging. The rage of battle just could not compute to keep away the thoughts. Out of rage thinking about Kazimir and his comment, she just grew tired of it and blasted fired in a ring. LeeAnn would not stop as fire raged around her looking all scary.

She was being reckless almost burning the eggs. The griffins screeched making her stop and look back. They were already knocked out and burned. Turning away she walked back to the griffin and hugged it. It allowed her for some reason, knowing she meant no harm. "There the stupid job is done okay. We can save the eggs and put them to jail. There....happy" she retorted, coldly. She got up glaring back at him.

Okay..she was perhaps thinking a bit too much again. This was not like her to jump to conclusions about people she trust. With Kazimir she over thought everything, every action and word phrasing. She marched up to him and pinned him to the tree angry. "Do I not matter? Do I not make your worry? You were not the least bit worried when I put myself in danger...huh? It hurts..." she hissed, almost crying. Yeah...she over thought....not suprirsing. She walked over to one of the poachers and kicked him the head.

"I care about you a lot. I even let you in on how i feel..." she hissed. After a few moments, she kicked the guy in the head again. The kitsune's heart thumped really fast, not out of anger, but embarressment and that her feelings for Kazimir were really messing with her logical head here. "I just realized how stupid I was being...uh...sorry....I..." she said. She grew red in the face and hid it from him. The griffins were making sure the eggs were okay. They were warm.

LeeAnn looked over to see one of the eggs hatching. Her ears perked up to see a small tiny crack appearing on one of the shells. "Kaz....come here...the eggs are hatching" she spoke. She was quite happy to see life forming right in front of them. A breath of fresh air.

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Kazimir Seiryu
LeeAnn was flown away by the griffon leaving him to contend with the enemy mage alone. "Looks like yer partner done abandoned you," he gave as a snide remark.  He wasted no time in launching his chains out to finish his sentence. A chain ensnared Kaz and flung him threw a thin tree and crashing into larger one. "Ugh," he hollered with spit and blood speckling out from his mouth.

He landed and wiped the blood from his lip, "We know we can stop both of you this way." Hopefully his phrase wasn't a false one. They lunged at each other with spells flying. Wind blades lashed out cutting trees and leaving cuts across the mans body and clothes. Projectiles ripped through the air colliding with parts of his body as he narrowly dodged. The chains battered his ribs and sent him to the ground multiple times. Each time he flung upward with the wind and conjured a whirlwind to send the man into the air.

A chain grasped Kaz's leg as four projectiles pierced his back and he crashed into the ground. He rolled to the side as another chain rammed into where he just was. The wind mage hopped upward and sent two wind blades cutting the chains in half. In this opening he unleashed a tornado on the man sending him to his knees. Kaz dropped down with him fatigued from battle.

With a quick wink the poacher summoned a hidden ally from the woods. When the next opponent jumped out a griffon came out of no where and slammed he man into a tree. The beast was regal and stood with a broad chest. Its eyes were calm and powerful. It flew over putting its beak under Kaz's arm and lifted him to his feet. They locked eyes and understood. Both of them peered at the poacher and stood ready. The griffon leaned downward ready to dart forward. Kaz threw a wind attack and the griffon spiraled around it. he attacks clashed into the man leaving him out cold.

They noticed a fire coming from the nest and with a simple gesture Kaz mounted the griffon and they were off. Flying was new to him. It felt liberating. Like he was finally unbound. They landed at the camp to see LeeAnn surrounded by flame and the two griffons in fear. He cast a gentle breeze to blow out the wind As soon as he got down, LeeAnn was ranting and shoved him against a tree.

She could tell that for once Kaz was annoyed and disappointed. "Idiot, of course I care about you. I also care about your choice to do whatever you want and respect your abilities as a mage." He stopped to look past her at the battlefield that was set ablaze before he put it out, "But we're rune knights and we have a  duty. We are supposed to protect, but you frightened the griffons and almost burned away what we came her to save," he didn't want to sound like he was scolding her but she expressed her anger and emotions to him so it was only right to give it back to her.

"Earlier you were angry that I wasn't focused enough on the mission. And now this," he commented about her anger now about him being too focused but to him, she lost sight of the mission now. All the while he hid the pain of his bruised ribs and the blood he felt trickling down his back.

She took a moment and came back to apologize, "It's okay. We all get carried away sometimes." The griffon he rode in was clearly not a close member of the flock as it didn't get too close and sat behind Kaz with another huff. Together they watched the eggs hatch but for some reason Kaz was not moved by it. Instead he just felt a familiar creeping pressure on his mind. He pushed it away the best he could.

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Griffins of a Two [Kazimir] Empty on Wed Feb 13, 2019 12:08 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn watched the young hatchlings emerge from the egg shells. LeeAnn sat right beside the eggs as the small griffins were the first thing they saw. Immediately, they glomped LeeAnn causing her to fall to the ground. They licked her face and squeaked thinking she was their mother. Obviously, her griffin she rode picked them up and placed them back in the nest until their real mother arrived. There was something about baby animals the brought out the best in LeeAnn. Though, right now she felt uneasy around Kazimir for the first time.

She had been emotional the past few days every since the outburst in front of her comrades. Causing a scene like that really made her knees wobble, even today. She felt humiliated and stupid. Though, the talk about Illumin tortured her and still does. Kazimir was clearly a victim of her moodiness and she be handled with care. She felt bad with how she treated him, while more it ate at her like a parasite. She laughed a little with the baby griffins, this made her want children more, but her ears lowered at the thought. Wiping it away, she hid her feelings and admired the small little innocent beans of fluff. "Kaz...aren't they..." she started. She trailed off seeing how dead pan he was. Her facial expression turned to a little bit saddened and looked away. "Never mind. I need to think" she mentioned.

Turning back, she started to walk away to think. Nearby there was a stream, she walked to the area. Sitting on a rock she thought about her past and how she treated Kazimir. The feeling of guilt was overbaring her and not wanting to confront the issue. The reflection shown something she did want to see. A skulled demon with the head shaped of a dear, she splashed the water. Obviously, it was only her imagination. There was NO monster behind her.

Suddenly, she felt a all too familar pain in her stomach. "Crap....please no" she whispered. The stress and anxiety was now catching up to her after the past several days. Her stomach churned with a nausea and her chest started to hurt severely. Her visioned blurred. LeeAnn started to cough up blood. A tall figure was in front of her, a man. A man with pink hair and a scar over his face. She knew him.

"Uncle...Simon?" she spoke then blacked out. Simon Nakamura, a kings guard and a lightning mage, rushed over realizing it was his niece. "LeeAnn! Don't worry I gotcha" he whispered. He picked her up into his arms and saw the griffins. The fiesty griffin screeched in distress, warning everyone around him that someone was approaching. It flew down to Simon and screeched once more, proving that they were not a threat to be messed with. It started to attack him as he started to dodge left and right. Not wanting to hurt the creature, he casted a stun spell that would freeze the creature for a few minutes. He walked past the griffin calmingly.

"I mean no harm! I just came to check the area since I heard there were poachers, but seems like I found something else instead" he said. He looked up at the Rune Knight in front of him. "My niece passed out by the stream, I assume you two were on this job together? She's gonna need medical attention stat! She was coughing up blood earlier" he said, slightly panciked.

Leeann slowly woke up, feeling worse than before, but hid it. Trying to prove she was healthy, she held her head and stared at her Uncle. "What...are you doing here Uncle Simon? I thought...you retired" she asked. Obviously, she was in no shape to even sit up again. Her uncle sighed and had lie down. He dropped a few dissoluble tablets into a drink of water and gave it to her. "Here...drink this. It will help keep your symptoms stable for now. Just rest" he spoke. The griffin, whom was stunned earlier, gotten in front of Simon, protective of LeeAnn. The three hatchlings stood in front with feathers puffed up all cutely, trying to look threatening.

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Kazimir Seiryu
It took Kaz a moment to realize where he was again. The presence was stronger now and lurked outside of the pure survival instinct but he pushed it away again. Not really knowing what it was that tugged at his being. Resigning it to a moment of stress.

Kaz noticed LeeAnn walking toward the stream and started to follow when her faint words hit him of needing some space. After what just happened between  them he could understand. he would let her go and hopefully she would find some solace. In the meantime he staggered from his own injuries. Wounds that LeeAnn hadn't noticed in her anger.

It made him wonder how observant of his pain she was. He cared about her but what was it she really wanted from him. Companionship or someone to take care of her. They were dark thoughts but he came from a cold place of betrayal. One were he cared for people but they turned out to have their own interests that tore him apart. She didn't even respond to his outburst or address what he said about the almost burned eggs, and just played with them instead.

The griffon propped him up once more. Blood still trickling down his back and his ribs throbbing from the pain. He was in no condition to go to anyone's aid.

His melancholy moment was shattered as a new man appeared. He shocked the griffon, paralyzing it. Kaz stood up once more, concealing his injured state. The man claimed to be her uncle but that was a question for a later moment.

"Is she alright? We can take her down with the griffons," he explained as he looked toward the magical animals seeing if they were ready and willing. The stunned griffon returned in their way, still trying to protect Lee from a danger that didn't exist.

"That's enough," Kaz said to the griffon. he looked back down at LeeAnn, "You're uncle's right. rest and we'll get you too a hospital."

"Thanks for finding her and bringing her here. let's get going." If Simon agreed, Kaz would put LeeAnn on the griffon she was with and try to get Simon on as well to hold her steady. He would get on his own griffon and they could begin to fly down to the hospital.

All the while his eyes grew more faint from blood loss but he held it together.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
Simon was not playing games. He grew serious noticing blood in the area Kazimir was then saw a blood trickling down from his back once he would turn around. "Hold on boy! You are in no condition to get up either. I can see blood coming from you" he spoke, pointing to blood coming down his leg. Simon was no good with animals, but would try his best to command them to take them to the nearest hospital. Considering his mount was probably gone by now, that stupid Wyvern!

"I will take you two back to the Rune Knight medical hospital. Now LeeAnn, gimme a sec" he spoke. He bent down and gently picked her up, holding precious cargo. He looked towards the stunned griffin. The creature seeing he was only trying to help, allowing him to set LeeAnn on his back. While Kazimir, he looked towards the wind mage. "You my boy! Can you get on your griffin" he asked.

If not, he would help him up. Otherwise, he would let Kazimir get on the griffin by himself. He would ride with LeeAnn as preferred to the hospital. The ride there was bumpy, but the griffins were overly excited to be flying without any chains. It was a sense of freedom. Once they arrived, Simon got down and picked up LeeAnn taking her in first. Kazimir would follow him afterwards. "We have two knights, one injuried, the other sick. Take these two to go get them checked out stat! Put the bill under the Simon Nakamura" he spoke. Medical bills were expensive, but luckily, he had the money to afford the care. He would cover Kazimir's two. He gestured to Kaz to go on ahead.

"Go one, I will be in there in a minute" he smiled. LeeAnn was taken on a stretcher, seeing she was out like a light. Other wise he would of walked herself.

About a while later, Simon was called in say Kazimir was done and LeeAnn was still underway of recovery. He nodded and the nurse lead him to the room Kazimir was held. A small knock was heard as he could see bandages wrapped around the knights torso. "May I come in? he asked, he invited himself in anyways. Seeing his condition was far better than his niece's, he thought to check on Kazimir first. "LeeAnn is going to take a while. I called her father to tel him the news, he's immedately taking the next train to Orchidia. I tell you, that man is more fond of his adopted daughter than of his own blood. Either way, Lee is apart of the family. Uh...sorry about the small tangent. How are you feeling" he asked.

Simon looked at the boy and sighed. "That girl is fond of you. She kept speaking your name and mumbling about something on the way here. Treasure that...she never really was close to anyone but Hikaru" he spoke.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Without hesitating, Kazimir gritted through his own pain and mounted the griffon. "Yeah I'll be fine. Just get her there safely," he said to Simon. They took off. Once again Kaz felt the rush of the infinite sky around him. His pain was dulled by the drifting of his mind. The ground below sped by in blurs of snowdrifts and pine trees. Their was a cold bite of wind across his face that was refreshing in a way. Blood rolled down his robe and flung off, trailing in the air behind them. Small specks in the vast expanse.

Nothing was like ridding on the back of the griffon. Its powerful body securely keeping him up. There was no fear as he laid down to rest his weary body. The griffon cocked its head back to see the mage. It knew the way and followed the others.

Simon offered to pay for the medical bills but Kaz was content with his own basic medical coverage from the knights and didn't want to feel in debt to anyone so he politely declined. "that will be okay. I can cover it. Your full attention should be on Lee anyway."

Kazimir let the nurse wrap and treat his wounds. They were a tad worse than he thought but nothing that he couldn't deal with. While he waited the burly griffon hovered at the window once he was alone. Kaz held his ribs and scooted off the bed. Opening the window, the griffon squeezed its way in. "Well, you were concerned for me huh," he asked as the griffon circled him like examining a crime scene. "I'm fine I just need rest you should get back to your flock,"Kazimir gestured toward the window assuming the griffon would leave.

Instead, the bird simply pushed Kaz with its beak and ruffled its feathers. With a powerful snort it blew Kaz's hair into his face. "Alright then. Stay if you like," His words put the griffon at ease and he laid under the window sill. Kaz didn't make his way back to the bed and instead sat and leaned against the griffon. He rolled out his ball of yarn to see if the griffon was interested. The winged creatures eyes became calm as it pecked at the ball.  

A short while later Kaz had drifted off to sleep when Simon's voice called into the room. Before he could give the man an invitation he invited himself in. A move that he would only be comfortable with from allies. But for now he wouldn't make anything of it and see how the rest of the talk went.

"How is she," Kaz asked assuming he had gone to her first. With a smile, "It will be good for the two of them to see each other again. I'm sure its natural to go the extra distance to make someone who is an outsider feel more welcome. by birth or not," in a tone that was welcoming of the conversation.

"I'm fine. They will heal in time. It would be better for you to be by her side. The wounds I have will heal with company or not. Hers requires support from people." He was keen to make the distinction between emotional wounds and physical ones Especially if that emotional turmoil led to physical upheaval.

"I am fond of her as well," he paused taking in his next statement. "I treasure all those that I consider an ally and a friend," his tone was still welcoming but a bit more distant. There was a lot to unpack in his simple sentence. Given what had recently transpired he didn't know if either of them would be ready for anything more than that in the near future. He had is issues to work through, and so did she, before they could take any steps forward in whatever fondness they felt.

He gathered himself to go check on LeeAnn but she was still recovering. he decided it best to give her some time. He mounted the griffon and flew out over the city.


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