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Games & More [Open]

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on Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:00 pm

Today would be the first day that he and Isabella spend together after months of being on their journeys of self-discovery, I can't wait to meet up with Sister and Vulpix! he thought to himself grabbing his bag and heading to the Festival. Even though it had been a few weeks or was it months, either way, the fact that people are still coming to the Festival amazed him to no end. The sky had never looked so clear before it was like looking at a painting "Oh I can't wait to play some games today." he muttered with a cheerful smile, TK Looked around to see if his sister had arrived but it seemed like he was first.

Once he arrived he waited by the Ring Toss booth fiddling with the string on his bag in his Tennis Shorts and T-shirt with the Rune Knight Emblem shoulder "I hope she didn't oversleep." Something that was common between the two of them but more for him than her. The Area around the games always seemed to be overflowing with a verity of ages most were parents with their children while the rest were people around his age. I should make a small note for the games to try I played already, he thought to himself pulling on the string slightly harder.

#2Bianca Fleur 

on Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:23 am

The Flower Festival had been going on for months now and Bianca was wasting so much time and money there, mostly to escape from the stress that she felt buried under. It was the only place she could feel like something was chasing her, but it was starting to be a problem now. She no longer had enough money to travel elsewhere, and she didn’t feel like taking any requests to earn money either. To be completely honest, she was in the shittiest of shitholes. The letter to Adelaide had been sent; that was over two months ago. No reply. Adelaide was the kind of person you had to expect the worst from, and she was unpredictable as heck, so from the day the letter was sent, Bianca’s anxiety levels were out of this world. Every moment she was awake, she felt like someone was coming to kill her or something.

Once again, the vampyress was at the venue of the Flower Festival, looking for something interesting to do. She had been to every corner of this place, so the only excitement she could get out of it was from the new booths that popped up every week or so. While fidgeting with a lighter that had run out of gas, Bianca spotted a small blonde boy from behind, who was wearing a shirt that sported the Rune Knight symbol. The vampyress never stopped walking from the moment she entered the festival compound simply because nothing had grabbed her attention yet.

The boy was standing close by the ring toss booth making Bianca think that he was probably waiting for someone, since he wasn’t in queue. The only reason her attention was focused on him was because of the symbol on his shirt that led her to think that he was associated with the Rune Knights one way or another. There was the possibility that he was simply a fan of the Fiore police or something, but she couldn’t help her curiosity. What made her even more curious was because he was boldly displaying his allegiance in a poorly supervised area where he could be jumped by anyone who wasn’t fond of the Rune Knights.

Bianca approached the boy from behind, making sure that she was unnoticed which wasn’t hard since her movements were completely silent thanks to being a vampyre. She had no intentions of harming him, although the way she was approaching him seemed like it to those nearby. The vampyress was much taller than the boy and once she was right behind him, she leaned over and spoke in a hushed tone. “Did you bring some money?”


on Sat Jul 21, 2018 12:22 am

It felt like he was standing their or hours waiting on his sister but then again with everything that happened between them, he hung his head in disappointment as the truth started to set in I can't let this one thing ruin my day, with a smile on his face TK adjusted his bag and hat to make something of the day. The sound of games and people filled his ears "What should I do first? Oh, I could try that fish game." a good idea but with the maze that is the festival I could take him all day to find it again but that's to be expected when you try to do a little bit of everything in one sitting.

When he heard the person's voice he quickly turned around and went to draw his sword forgetting that he felt it back in his room Oh ya it's on my bed... the voice belonged to women that didn't look like a normal beggar from all the times that he helped them back in Crcous. "I'm sorry Miss I thought you were going to mug me. Not that I think you would do that or anything, I mean you seem very nice." TK relaxed his body and held his right arm I guess I can't let my guard down just because of its a festival. Yet something else he needs to work on when he gets back home and starts training with his father once again.

#4Bianca Fleur 

on Sat Jul 21, 2018 2:00 am

Having done this more times than she can count, Bianca didn’t not expect the boy to try and protect himself from her. If she had planned to actually mug him, the pale sorceress would have used a different approach. It seemed like he was reaching for something that wasn’t there and after seeing the vampyress, he visibly calmed down, talking about how he thought that Bianca didn’t come off as a mugger. A slight smirk crept on her lips as she put her hands in the pockets of the thin hoodie she wore. “Relax,” she told him in a soothing tone. It wasn’t impossible that there were muggers here at the festival, but Bianca wasn’t one, at least not today.

Now that they were facing each other, the undead woman bit her lower lip, a sign of craving. She noticed that the boy still hadn’t answered her question, though she assumed that nobody would come to the festival without bringing some money unlike her, albeit that was because she was broke as fuck. “You didn’t answer my question,” she said, her voice sounding a bit hoarse. She forced a cough to make it go away.

“I just need some to buy like a pack of cigarettes or two…” she said, hoping that would convince him to give her some money. She was out of ideas at this point.


on Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:26 am

For some reason, TK couldn't shake this feeling that she wasn't normal but then again he could wong as well I hope she didn't spend all her money on the games. he thought giving the women a quick scan to see if she was concealing any type of weapon but from he could tell she was unarmed. Out of everyone that at the festival this women picked him not that he would turn down a person in need but it was more of a shock if anything. "Oh yes I do but it's all I have but if you need it you can have it." he handed her the rest of his jewel with a joyful smile on his face "It's my job to help those in need so don't worry about it." in that moment his stomach let out a loud growl Guess eating nothing but candy apples will do that to you.

"Oh but before you go could we play a quick game?" a good suggestion as they were standing by one of the many games at the festival for the day. TK's eyes light up as he really wanted to try the game with someone even though it was supposed to be just him and Isabella today but maybe this happened for a reason. He would totally understand if she didn't want to play the game it more of a distration for his mind to move away from the hunger.

#6Bianca Fleur 

on Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:43 am

The response that Bianca got from the boy put her on alert. He said that it was his job to help those in need, making her think that it was more likely he was a Rune Knight. The vampyress wasn’t fazed by him mentioning that it was all he had, since she had encountered many helpful people and taken advantage of them. A blank expression masked her curiosity as she nodded, saying, “Thanks. I’ll remember this.” She accepted the money that was given to her and shoved it into one of the pockets of her hoodie. As if mockingly, the boy’s stomach growled in a demanding way, and the woman let out a short chuckle. She didn’t want to play a game with him. She just wanted to leave, so she told him, “I’ll go get some cigarettes and come back. Just wait here.”

Of course she wasn’t going to come back. She didn’t feel like playing a game with some kid she just took money from. But first, she was going to get her ciggies. There were a few stalls that sold them and she knew exactly where they were located since she visited them frequently. Even the stall owners recognized her already, though they never talked to her because she never talked to them. She always got what she came for, and left. Just like now. Bianca tossed some of the money she just got from the boy and picked up a fresh box of cigarettes and tore off the plastic wrapping. Then she realised she didn’t have a lighter. She fished out some more jewels and tossed them on the counter, grabbing one of the cheaper lighters they sold. With a nod to the stall owner, she turned away, walking towards the gate of the festival compound.


on Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:58 pm

TK knew he was doing the right thing by giving her the money but then again maybe giving her all the money wasn't such a good idea, giving her half would have been better. "Okay hurry back!" even though he knows nothing about her he certainly felt that she was trustworthy, cause only villains would take advantage of a knights generosity. The young knight waited for a few minutes when he realized that she wasn't coming back She was a polite robber...Wait I willingly gave it to her! after the realization of what had really just happened, he followed after her in hopes that he could get his money back before she spends it all.

This would be the first time that someone that wasn't his sister was able to trick him into doing something. It didn't take long for him to track down where she could have gone seeing the thing that she wanted was only in a few locations Wait what if she didn't really want to smoke sticks?! a realization that may have it him too late as she could have been long gone by now. TK asked the owners of the carts if they had seen the women and until he reached the last one who told him that she headed towards the gate. He raced to the gate in hopes of cutting her off to get whatever of his money was left "Stop! Please!" he shouted thinking that she would actually stop if she heard him.

#8Bianca Fleur 

on Tue Jul 24, 2018 5:04 am

It was true that she had slightly underestimated the kid. What she had expected was for the boy to wait long enough to be sure that she wasn’t coming back, and then get sad, and probably go home or something because he gave her all his money leaving him none to spend at the festival. She almost felt bad for a second there, but she could barely care since she was going through a financial crisis herself. If only there were more nice people like the kid so she could take advantage of that kindness to feed herself. Once she had walked out through the gate, a false sense of security came over her and she brought out a cigarette to satisfy her craving immediately.

With a very pleased look on her face after the first drag, Bianca raised her head with her eyes briefly closed before she opened them to the sight of a bright blue sky filled with white fluffy clouds that drifted with the wind. For a moment it felt as if everything was perfectly fine. The noises from the festival behind her sounded as if they were coming from far away. It was only for a moment, things seemed alright, and after said moment, the sounds of people laughing and talking at the festival grew louder and a strangely familiar voice started shouting behind her. Bianca turned to face the source of the yelling and came face to face with the boy she had just taken money from. The first thing that she thought she would do was ram the lit end of her cigarette into the boy’s face so that she could run.

She couldn’t bring herself to do it in the end, and stood there blankly staring at him for a while before she took a deep breath and gave him a goofy smile. “Sorry, I was going to come back after this cigarette,” she told him, trying to be careful since she didn’t know what was going on in his mind and if he was angry or something.


on Wed Aug 01, 2018 12:02 pm

After catching up to the women TK caught his breath "I don't believe you." for the first time in his career he felt that he made the wrong decision with helping this woman but maybe he was wrong about this hopefully he was. People that walked by looked at the two of them on their way out and in but that was natural I can't seem to read her for some reason, being able to read the faces and words from people is something that he thought he was good at but it seems he still needs to work on it. "I don't know why but I feel like your not telling me something." he scanned her again to see if she was going to try and run but it looked like she wasn't going to make a break for it.

This woman doesn't seem like the type to do any kind of crime but looks can be rather deceiving at this point but on the off chance that she was telling the truth he did all this for no reason. The young Knight really wanted to get to the bottom of this so he could play something before the day's end, His mind started to wander off as he started thinking about the games he would play once this wrapped up.

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