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Orchidia to Magnolia [Walking | Michelle Hunter]

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Orchidia to Magnolia [Walking | Michelle Hunter] Empty on Thu May 31, 2018 12:56 pm

Victor Garrett
Things had escalated into a situation that was uncomfortable rather quickly. Lucifer had basically revealed himself to Phoebe and to the goddess that had taken possession of her body as well... Now, while Victor had known about the latter for a while, the former was not true up until now. He wondered what reasons the fallen angel had, to reveal himself this way, especially to the queen of the underworld, not to mention goddess. Clearly, there was some history between the two... Much like there had been history between the vessels, although it seemed the history of the legendary beings was far longer and intense compared to the ones between the humans. This entire mishap could have been avoided if they never ran into Phoebe to begin with.

Victor wanted to blame Michelle for it, but the fact was that she had no idea what she'd walked the two of them into, fairly early in the festival. Running into Phoebe should have been expected, the lack of foresight really irked Victor, annoyance at his own decisions were particularly uncomfortable, perhaps because that occurrence was usually rare. Nonetheless, the easiest quick fix method was to take a break from the festival and return to it after things settled down a little bit. He wasn't even sure if they'd settle down in time. Despite all the prowess the Garett had shown, the demon had still not agreed to share his powers with the man. Doubt had begun to rise in the fire wielder's mind, one that he really had to work hard at suppressing, simply because Lucifer's presence existed within his mind and soul, which gave the demon access to all of the man. Doubt would surely not aid in this scenario...

So here the man was, without warning turning away from yet another seeming ally... Slowly, over the course of the day that followed their little tryst with Phoebe he had wound up his meager belongings and then, now, in the dead of night, he left the tent. Vic left the dark-haired tempestuous woman lying in her make-shift bed as he ushered himself out of the tent they had rented. Once again, he hadn't quite used his well-sharpened wit, she would know and she would follow. The only missing piece of the puzzle, was that the knowledge of Lucifer's existence within the body of Victor, was one that Michelle knew off to... His life sure had a way of being rather convoluted and interesting.


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Orchidia to Magnolia [Walking | Michelle Hunter] Empty on Thu May 31, 2018 1:33 pm

Michelle Hunter
After their meeting with Phoebe, Victor behaved exactly as Michelle expected him to; hasty and flustered. She knew very well that he would no longer be inclined to stay at the festival for long, at least for the time being. And the fact that he didnít mention leaving at all while he sneakily packed his stuff was enough of a clue for Michelle to know he was going to attempt the vanishing act on her too. There was no freaking way the assassin was going to let go of her third target too. She really wished to stay at the festival and try to catch that darkness girl she was supposed to. But she was also afraid that she was going to lose someone who was very much in her vicinity and much easier to convince to stay by her, in trying to catch someone who she wasnít even sure was present at the festival.

So, knowing very well that she would have to get up in the middle of the night, pack her stuff and follow the man trying to run away, she slid herself into her bed wrap and went on to pretend as if she was sleeping. It was extremely boring to lie down there with closed eyes and not move a muscle for hours on end, all the while staying very awake. Even though her thoughts wandered to several things, Michelle acted as though she was meditating and convinced herself that she was successful at it.

Just as she predicted, the blonde man took his leave in the middle of the night without a word. Sighing softly after he exited the tent, Michelle lay there waiting to let the man take the lead and believe that he had fooled her. After a few minutes, she got off, packed her things and followed Victor. It wasnít hard to guess where he would be heading. He would probably presume Michelle would not search for him at Magnolia, considering that was where they were before they arrived at Orchidia. And just as she thought, there he was, taking the road that headed down to the south of Fiore. Keeping him in her vicinity, but staying a good distance away from him, Michelle followed the man as sneakily as she could. The journey was long, and she probably would not be able to keep herself hidden from him for long, but she wished to see what he did when he was alone. No better way to judge a man than to judge him by his actions when he was alone.


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