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Budding Curiosity. ( Open )

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on Wed May 02, 2018 10:29 pm

Ianthe strolled around the festival's grounds, her green eyes sparkled with child like fascination as she took in all the things around her. The falling petals from the trees danced to the ground in such a hypnotic way that she felt like catching them before they fell. The rich scent of food and flora filled the air and Ianthe's head was for the most part feeling like it was as light as a feather. If this is what festivals were she would be all too happy to continue coming to them. The mocha skinned female would find herself picking a few of the flowers she found around her, careful to pick a select few as far as color went. They were so beautiful that she just couldn't help herself if she wanted to.

For the first time in forever Ianthe didn't think about her time as a slave. She wouldn't let her past rear it's ugly head in today and would just enjoy this day in all it's wonder. Ianthe had dressed herself in a simple moss green dress that displayed an intricate lace design on the back. The dress came up to her knees and on her feet a simple black pair of slip on shoes. It was a comfortable get up and since she didn't own anything expensive she didn't feel like she would stand out amongst the colors of those dressed in flora patterned dresses that came all the way down to their feet. Her wandering and overall being lost in the festival's atmosphere led the poor young Ianthe to trip over something and begin her descent to the flower covered ground.

#2Constantine Librorum 

on Sun May 06, 2018 12:51 am

It seemed he had come to Orchidia at a rather interesting time. The Flower Festival was always something he had wanted to attend but usually skipped due to work or travel, but now it seemed as if he had caught it at just the right time. Figuring that his plans and vengeance could wait for now, he proceeded to enter and enjoy the festivities. He wore a plain yet modern get up for the festival. His hair having grown out long enough to be considered for twists as if he were going for dreads in the future. His hazel eyes were hidden behind a pair of tinted glasses that he had procured near the entrance of the festival. Over his chest he wore a short sleeved moss green shirt with a plain back but a decaled pop culture front that featured some superhero duking it out with a villain. Over his legs he wore a pair of loose and comfortable khaki cargo shorts that were held up by a brown belt that looped down the side of the pants before coming back up in the back. On his feet he wore a simple pair of comfortable brown boat shoes with ankle high black socks. He forwent any sort of headgear for the simple fact it would mess up his twists.

Smiling, he’d step to a stall and observe the wares, the sounds of children playing nearby was a welcome change to the relative quiet of Baska, something he had only been hearing for around a month or two, but if he could be honest with himself, was tired of hearing. He could tell that the festivities had been going on for a few days already, but it was nice to be around a major source of people again, it made him feel almost wishful for a future where he didn’t need to ruin the peace of normal everyday people like those at the festival for his own personal reasons. But alas that was life. But for now, his calling was an ear of corn dipped in butter and covered in seasoned salt and parsley. Oh how good it smelled.


on Sun May 06, 2018 5:33 pm

How clumsy was she on this fine day? The answer of course would be very, very, very clumsy. As she braced herself to hit the ground, the young maiden closed her eyes and hoped for the best. She wasn't always this out of touch with her own two feet but today seemed to take her mind and body to a place where she felt like she was floating. It took forever to hit the ground until she realized that she wasn't going too. " Are you alright miss? " A deep voice that shook her spine filled her ears causing her to open her eyes and look up. Her golden orbs found themselves staring deep into the face of a man with crystal clear blue eyes and hair as black as the oil. She could only nod her head as she felt her body being placed upright. " Thank you very much, I don't even know what I tripped on. " She smiled a sweet smile and looked around her, trying to find the culprit of her fall. " Ah don't worry about it just be careful and have fun. " The man was very nice and Ianthe watched as he walked off. She wished he would stay a little longer to chat but she felt herself getting hungry.

The growling in her stomach forced her to find food, and find food she did. All around her stalls were up and people were selling just the most amazing of things. She couldn't choose what she wanted and it would seem she didn't have too. Looking around she would spot a shock of white hair in the crowd, not many people she knew or even saw with that kind of hair caused her to investigate because she had a sneaking suspicion she knew who it was. Gracefully dodging people in the crowd, she carefully made her way over to who she thought was Constantine. She was careful not to bump into anyone or anything and soon found herself behind him. " Constantine? " She spoke in her native tongue and her voices sounded far more curious than she wanted it to be. His hair was different from the last time she saw him and it might not even be him, but she had to take her shot anyway.

#4Constantine Librorum 

on Sun May 06, 2018 5:55 pm

God he was hungry and there was no better tell than how he dug into the ear of golden deliciousness that was the grilled street corn. He couldn’t tell immediately what country or culture the flavorful food was from, but he knew he had to have more as he devoured down the last kernel. He couldn’t fathom how hungry he was all of a sudden. He had been just fine walking into the event, but the corn itself seemed to spark some sort of ravenous hunger within him that could only be satiated by the corn itself, as if it were illicting a similar response to some sort of foreign drug.

Dropping the ear of corn into the trash, he’d quickly order another. He’d ignore the knowing shit eating grin that the vendor had on his face, even turning around and surveying the crowd as the man prepared the next ear of delicious addicting corn. The sound of his name being called in a foreign tongue alerted him to the presence of a soft form that he hadn’t seen since Baska. Turning to face Ianthe, he’d give her a cool smile, eyes drifting over her form from behind the safety of shaded lenses. He could see she was wearing similar clothing to that of their first meeting. It made him wonder if these were the only outside clothes she had to wear. Hearing the vendor cough to get his attention, he turned sharply and reached out his hand to grab the ear of corn. Realizing that he hadn’t responded yet, he’d give a quick, “Hey!” in their mother tongue as to not seem as if he were brushing her off before immediately beginning to nibble and chew on the delicious ear of corn.


on Sun May 06, 2018 6:06 pm

Ah so it was Constantine she was thoroughly excited to see him and even more excited to see him with food. Another growl of her stomach caused her to immediately go to the vendor and request the food that Constantine was having. It looked so good and smelled so heavenly that she mentally doubled over because she wanted it so bad. The rich smell of butter and a few other unrecognizable scents on her part forced her mouth to water so much that she was swallowing the spit back because spitting is unladylike and rude. " Isn't this festival wonderful? I've never been to one before so I was surprised when I showed up here. When did you get into town? We could have arrived here together you know." Her voice was full of pep as she spoke and her eyes lit up when the man who sold the corn gave her what she wanted. With a swipe of her tongue over her lips she dug her teeth into the sweet and savory corn, getting half way through it before wiping her mouth with the napkin she was provided. "This is so heavenly I might just have to gorge myself on this corn for the rest of the day." Chuckling to herself she continued to devour the cob.

#6Constantine Librorum 

on Sun May 06, 2018 6:24 pm

He desperately tried to not ignore the warm and happy young woman. The corn that had found itself way into his mouth was doing its best to distract him from the joyful conversation she was attempting to strike up. But it was all for naught, the young man had already mentally resigned himself to a conversation, whether that be with corn in his mouth or not. Thankfully he had the added benefit of her ordering food as well to give him more than enough time to respond. He’d take another bite and chew the food slowly as to not appear to have shit manners before holding his other hand up to his mouth and coughing to clear the airways of food. Ensuring that he wouldn’t choke the moment he decided to speak, he’d respond to the happy woman with a similar disposition, “I arrived just recently to be honest with you. In fact it was a mere thirty minutes ago, the festival happens to be hosted near the gates for some reason”.

Taking another bite in between statements, he’d chew through his food before continuing as she received her own ear of corn, “We could’ve traveled together, but I didn’t know that you had left Baska. You didn’t say anything to me after that last mission so I figured you were still upset over it”. There was some truth to it all. He didn’t know when the young woman had skipped town, but if he were honest with himself, it hadn’t crossed his mind all that much. It’s not to say she didn’t leave an impression, more that he knew not to get too attached. Not after the last time he did anyway.

He’d laugh at her comment on the deliciousness of the corn and agree with her nonverbally using a grunt of amusement as he went back to eating his own ear of corn. He’d likely get another one before leaving this stall to find something to drink.


on Sun May 06, 2018 6:59 pm

Before she knew it the corn she was indulging in was gone but she was smart enough to signal the vendor man for another order while she had been in the middle of the one she was eating. Chucking the cob in the trash can she greedly reached for the next one and took the first bite before speaking again. This one had a cheesy taste to it and a kick of spice she could imagine all the ways this could be prepared. Licking her lips and wiping them off with her napkin she turned her attention back to Constantine. I.. I wasn't upset, just confused. The rune knights told me what was against the law and the things I had to do to stay out of trouble in order to not go to prison which according to them was a lot like being in slavery, which I really don't wanna go back to."

Stuffing her face with corn once more she could feel the thirst sneaking up on her she hadn't thought about being a slave for awhile now. Enjoying her freedom had pushed those dark thoughts back but now they resurfaced and she could feel the weight of it on her chest. Luckily this corn was god damn bliss and only happiness showed on her face as she devoured the yummy golden tongue tingler. The Rune Knights told me alot of things that I shouldn't do but I've come to realize that... They are no longer taking care of me.. No one is, so sometimes I'll have to do things in order to take care of myself.. And since I haven't been caught from the last thing we did, I think it's alright to continue to do what I must in order to survive as long as I'm not hurting anyone. Smiling she took her last few bites of corn and threw out the cob, wiping her mouth and chucking the napkin along with it.

#8Constantine Librorum 

on Sun May 06, 2018 7:54 pm

Dehydrated couldn’t even begin to describe what Teiho was feeling now as he devoured the salty yet sweet and oh so buttery corn. He was certain that he could feel his blood pressure rising just from the pure amount of salt and starch he was consuming, but for some god forsaken reason, he just could. Not. Stop. And so devour this ear of corn he did, the seasonings, the buttery coating, the mess. It was all so perfect, but alas even the buttery deliciousness couldn’t distract him from the proverbial cloud of depression that was now growing oh so slowly over the conversation. He kicked himself mentally over bringing up the past, but he rationaled that she had started this train of conversation first so it technically wasn’t his fault.

Eating his corn just a bit slower, he mulled over the thought of slavery in Fiore. Of course it was common knowledge and something that had been debated, marched, and fought over time and time again, but he had only recently heard that it had been abolished during his slumber. Looking over at the girl as he continued to consume his corn, he realized that this young woman was a survivor of that time and kicked himself again for dragging her into a situation where she likely would have ended up in yet a different form of slavery. But then those feelings only lasted for a short period of time. Life didn’t care for things like rules and laws, only those who were strong enough to prove that their way was the right way.

Gulping down his corn, he’d signal for one more before looking around for a booth that would hopefully sell some alcohol. He’d have to drink this whole conversation away just to continue on with any semblance of an actual good mood and not a forced one. He’d continue listening as the young woman explained the situation she was in before meeting him, causing him to give her a look over. So she had changed, if only slightly due to his ideals. It was interesting to know that he had influenced someone, but he didn’t dwell on it for the moment. Instead he would discard his consumed husk, and claim the fresh new one. He would then jerk his head in the direction of the pub, insinuating that she should join him for a drink so they could continue the conversation there where he would likely reply to her story.


on Sun May 06, 2018 9:08 pm

Ordering one more cob she swore she was done with it. What was the friggen deal with this corn. She had the stuff before but this was gosh darn amazing. If this man who sold the corn was a god she would throw herself at his feet and praise her name. The smile on this man's face told her that he knew something about this corn that everyone else did not and it was probably because people kept buying it by the boatload. It should have been a crime to sell something this damn good and jamming her face into the cob like a wild animal all semblance of manners were out the window. Finishing off her very last one and this is seriously the last one, she followed Constantine's steps to what seemed to be a pub. Following him she would sit wherever he did and before they could even flag someone down a waiter popped up before the two of them. The waiter in question was shorter than both herself and Constantine, with a shock of ice blue hair and deep brown eyes. " What can I get ya'll? "
Ianthe thought for a moment, ordering some apple juice. " Oh suga we don't have apple juice here..I'll get ya something you might like tho. And for you sir? " Ianthe didn't argue and just shrugged it off. She really didn't care what she got as long as it was good.

#10Constantine Librorum 

on Sun May 06, 2018 9:52 pm

The walk over to the pub had been quiet and uneventful, something he rather appreciated as he slowly and methodically devoured and consumed his flavorful treat. The ear of corn had only lasted about halfway through the trip, yet it was definitely one of the most memorable parts of this festival so far. Glancing behind himself, he’d see that Ianthe had followed him over to the pub, his parched throat capturing his attention now more than ever as he sat down at one of the window bound booths and considered the bars drink menu. Of course as soon as they walked in they were greeted by one of the pubs waitresses. The bubbly blue haired bimbo could’ve been Ianthe’s sister if it weren’t for the fact they were polar opposites in everything but bust size and general demeanor. The happy young woman quickly pounced on Ianthe’s interests in drinks before looking over to Teiho to see if she could catch his order. Unfortunately for her, that hope was lost once she saw that the young man was rather engrossed in the drink offerings of the pub.

It was strange that this one town had so many different pubs that also served as breweries. It was almost as if this were a much larger Baska in how they treated their alcoholic drinks with reverence. Settling on a simple option, he’d choose the seasonal cherry tonic lager option just to see how this establishment treated the regional specialty. From there he’d probably try many other brews and hopefully get plastered enough to forget his troubles for the remainder of the festival.


on Mon May 07, 2018 12:35 am

Once the waiter pounced away with orders in hand Ianthe placed her full attention to Constantine. He was handsome in her eyes, maybe not enough to race her heart but she still took note of it. Sitting back in her chair she thought it might be smart to whip up a conversation and since she figured he knew alot about alot of things she would just start simple. " You ever play chess? " Folding one leg over the other she smiled in his direction at the simple question. She was honestly very curious because she could remember one time being challenged to it but she didn't know how to play and was really to afraid to say so. Hopefully he knew how to play and perhaps run her through the rules and such. Her curiosity could open up a few doors for the both of them and since she was absolutely dreadful at proper people interactions her questions would help her become more comfortable with speaking. The waiter was quick because they just ordered drinks and already she was back. " Alright I got a cherry tonic lager for the gentlemen, and a appletini for the lady. I'll be around so don't be afraid to call me over. " Grabbing her drink slowly a strong smell hit her nose. It was sweet and sour and something she couldn't place her finger on but she didn't dwell on it and took her first sip which was surprisingly good.

#12Constantine Librorum 

on Tue May 08, 2018 1:42 am

Teiho honestly hated waiting for things. It showed a lot in how he handled conflicts with other people. He would often snap at them, or rush them along in their points so that he could refute or rebuttal them with either superior logic or half baked analysis. And now was no different. Foot tapping, and eye contact on everything in the bar, the young man was clearly impatient for his salvation beverage and he hoped that it didn’t make him come off as rude or inconsiderate in the eye of the young woman he was sitting with. Thinking that a conversation would be a good way to pass the time, he opened his mouth to start one when he was asked a simple question about his knowledge of chess.

Chess. She wanted to talk about chess. Okay. Then he would talk about chess. Clearing his throat, he’d shift about in his seat as the waitress brought back their drinks giving him more than enough time to dredge up whatever residual information about the game he would have had in his head. Any deeper knowledge was stored within his library which he couldn’t access at the moment. Figuring that a basic understanding would suffice for this conversation, he’d smile and lift his drink up to his lips before taking a rather short draw of the beverage before smacking his lips and returning her question with one of his own, “I’ve dabbled in it quite a bit, what is it you’d like to know about it?”


on Tue May 08, 2018 1:54 am

Licking the taste of the drink off of her lips she took note of the little movements Constantine made. In her eyes he seemed quite agitated but for what she couldn't tell. Since she wasn't the one to press thing of that nature she took another sip of her drink, perking up as he responded to her question on the game of Chess. " Well, I've seen some people playing the game and someone even challenged me to play. I of course didn't know how to but watching it all looked so interesting, especially the pieces. Tell me about those first. " Ianthe was a simple in her line of questioning ,as she continued to take small sips of her drink which really helped in clearing her tongue of that crazy delicious corn she had been eating earlier. Thinking about it now it was sort of gnawing at the back of her mind and she wanted more but the taste of her drink helped curb that insane wanting. Seriously their should be a warning about something that delicious. Ianthe would give Constantine her full attention, her sea green ocular globes would bore into his own as she leaned slightly forward. Her whole body language spoke and it said " I'm listening "

#14Constantine Librorum 

on Tue May 08, 2018 2:20 am

Deep hazel met curious sea green as he arched an eyebrow at the direction of her questioning. So not only was she unfamiliar with the game but her knowledge extended to surface level observations. Interesting... Pursing his lips and sipping slowly, he’d take the mug away from his lips before waving the waitress down for another round, might as well get into the mood if he was going to explain an entire game to the young woman.

Placing the mug on the table, he’d grin and rest his left arm by his side, shuffling his body so that his posture was straight and allowing himself to get more comfortable. It looked more like he was about to tell a story than explain a rather complex and thought proving game like chess. But regardless, he would begin his description of the game with the very basic of basic pieces. “So everything begins and sometimes ends, with the Pawn. The most numerous and least constrained of the pieces, the Pawn can only move forward. The amount of spaces it can move depends on the turn however. If it’s the first turn, it can move two spaces. If it’s any turn afterwards, it can only move one”.


on Tue May 08, 2018 2:55 am

She had been enjoying the drink so much that she didn't realize it was gone until she brought the empty glass up to her lips. With the waitress returning to the table with a new cup of what she called an " appletini " Ianthe requested her next drink to be something like this but not quite like this, to be more precise this but with a different flavor. The waitress caught her drift and left the two alone causing Ianthe to place her attention right back to Constantine. As he began to speak about the peice called the Pawn, Ianthe could recall the game she saw being played and knew exactly what piece it was. The pawn was the smallest on the board and he was right about it being the most numerous.

" Can it move in any direction within the spaces it can move? Or is it restricted to just moving only one way? " She really did enjoy speaking in her native tongue. Her words always came out more clean... Well spoken in a way that she couldn't imitate when using the language of Fiore. She could remember the games she saw played again and took note that some pieces moved differently from others. She didn't understand it because she didn't know what was going on but now that she remembered she was obviously curious about it.

#16Constantine Librorum 

on Tue May 08, 2018 3:33 am

It seemed Ianthe really had enjoyed that drink seeing as she had ordered something similar to it. It was good to know that he had a new drinking partner, maybe he could get her to try harder drinks later on after their talk. He would listen in as she asked further questions about the pawn, things he was going to elaborate on anyway but it was good to know she was paying attention and not just using the conversation as filler. It gave him a bit of happiness to know that he could impart even a sliver of the knowledge he had gained over the years to someone else.

He would take yet another swig, his mug getting a little too close to being empty for his tastes, but he would ignore it for now as he continued his explanation, “They can move diagonally, but only if they are capturing another piece, and only if that piece is in front of it. See pawns are only able to move forward, but they’re also the only unit or piece in the game that has the ability to promote into a different unit or piece. So for example if you somehow got your pawn all the way across the board through whatever means necessary, you could have that pawn promote into say another Queen giving you two on the board”.


on Tue May 08, 2018 10:41 pm

Her question opened up a new can of worms and the answers she was given gifted her with even more questions. Shuffling a bit in her seat she continued to sip her drink while waving a waiter over. Even though she had eaten all that corn she was starting to feel a bit more hungry. " I see ya'll doin fine over here, what can I get ya doll? " Ianthe smiled a bit as she started to feel differently. Her body was giving off this slightly tingling sensation and she felt so free. " Bring a large order of chili fries with melted cheese to the table please. " Nodding she turned her attention back to Constantine, not realizing she was still using her native tongue and since her attention was no longer on the waiter she also didn't realize that the girl didn't leave.

" Uh, what was that miss... I didn't quite catch that. " The waiter nearly tilted her head at the language and Ianthe looked over at her and frowned only slightly. " Ah, I'm sorry. I asked for a large order of chili fries with melted cheese on top. " This time she used the Fioran tongue something that annoyed her to no end. Placing her attention back to Constantine she smiled once more, glowing under the influence of the alcohol she was drinking. " The pawn sounds like a very useful piece. Making it to the end can earn essential grant you with something that could easily turn the tide of the game but... What's capturing? Do you take their pieces are able to use them now? Constatine had only spoke about one piece but she was just fascinated by it. Bringing her glass up to her lips, she drank the contents until it was gone. Licking her thick lips to savor any left on her them.

#18Constantine Librorum 

on Thu May 10, 2018 1:48 am

His lapse in description gave Ianthe enough time to hail down the server, the young woman definitely earning her tip for today. He would wait patiently as Ianthe ordered a rather peculiar dish of chilli cheese fries. However it seemed the drink had made her forget that the waitress didn’t speak their language as shown by the confusion on the young woman’s face. It was clear she didn’t want to be rude in response, but the level of uncomfortable on the young woman's face could not be described. Luckily Ianthe seemed to notice her mistake and switched back to Fiorian before the woman could get upset. Lifting up his nearly empty mug as a sign that he’d need a refill rather soon, he’d start to take a serious swig to drown out any potential chuckles at both females misfortunes.

Thankfully it seemed that Ianthe hadn’t heard his amusement as she had returned to asking him about the various chess pieces in the game and how they functioned. Oddly enough she seemed to jump ahead at a different mechanic in the game that he had brought up in his description. “Capturing just means taking the piece off the board. A piece can only be captured by another if that piece is able to move into the space that the piece is currently occupying, and it is the turn of the player that can move said piece onto that particular space”. Taking another sip, he’d hope that his description wasn’t getting too technical, the game itself was actually rather simple. It was the tactics that made it hard.


on Thu May 10, 2018 4:03 am

Ianthe would nod her head at the explanation of capturing and was slowly starting to piece together the goal of the game, or so she thought anyway. As she wrapped her head around what was told to her the waitress popped back up, bubbly as ever and with a few drinks in hand, a few more than what was ordered. Looking at what the waitress was holding there should only be two drinks but instead there were five? Ianthe gave the waitress a very confused look and the waitress smiled back because she already knew where the drinks were coming from.

" Here is your refill sir, your large order of chili cheese fries, a strawberry martini as you requested a different flavor of the appletini, and of course three different orders of a long island iced tea, rum and coke for the lady, and for the sir a straight whiskey. These orders are from the couple at the bar. "
The waitress would point in the direction of the two people who sent over drinks to the table and they each raised their glass as Ianthe acknowledged them when she looked over. She wasn't interested in them, her attention was focused on Constantine but she wasn't gonna turn down free drinks and smiled in their direction before turning back to her own company. Grabbing a fry which left a string of thick cheese in it's wake Ianthe stuffed it in her mouth before speaking once more.
" So is the goal of the game to capture all the other person's pieces? " She spoke between bites and chews, swallowing the food down and grabbing another fry while make a hand motion over the spread that was basically universal for " help yourself "

#20Constantine Librorum 

on Fri May 11, 2018 2:40 am

The waiter returned with his next mug of ale as well as a platter of food and another set of drinks for the both of them. He’d give the woman a short arched eyebrow, a bit of confusion is his dulled eyes as he finished off the last of the ale in his first mug, before grabbing the recently delivered brew and tipping up towards his mouth to begin gulping the drink in one solid go. He’d slam the mug back on the table with finality. The sound startling the waitress and nearby patrons including the couple that had gotten them more drinks. He’d eye the two with a bit of interest before shrugging and taking the offered shots. He didn’t have to worry about poison due to his physique, so at the very least, he’d get a serious buzz today. Knocking back each of the offered shots of whisky and barely grimacing at the taste and strength of the alcohol. Letting out a harsh gasp of air, he’d motion for another pint of brew before redirecting his attention back to Ianthe’s inquiries on the of chess.

“The game... the game is definitely about capturing other peoples pieces...” he began, a slow slur to his speech. It seemed as if all the drinks he had consumed earlier that day as well as the recent excess that he had started since entering the bar had finally begin to run his system. “But it’s all about... how... you capture those pieces. Like for instance. Let’s say, hypothetically, you had a rook in position on the board, and you wanted to move it forward. But I had pieces in the way. Now normally you would go ahead and just capture those pieces, because sure why not right? But now imagine if I had a pawn sitting right behind that piece that could then capture your rook. You wouldn’t want to make such a risky move unless you could then get rid of that pawn as well without losing another one of your pieces”.


on Fri May 11, 2018 3:12 am

As she enjoyed her fries she noticed the change in tone as Constantine spoke, she wondered if he was tired but wouldn't press him on it as he continued his explanation on how the game of chess worked and the job of the pieces. His scenario caused even more questions to pop up in her mind, forcing her to engage with him like she never had before with others. She was having a wonderful time and the alcohol was making it better, causing her to feel a bit giddy inside like she was floating on bubbles without a care in the whole world. I don't understand that scenario very well without knowing what a rook is. But I do understand what you mean.. I think that is called.. Strategy? Right? Did I use the word correctly? I've been reading the dictionary in my spare time I'm almost done with it. Grabbing some fries she would sit back fully in her chair and switching the way her legs folded so that it was her right leg over her left. The fries were a much needed addition to the alcohol as if the two balanced each other out and helped her stay afloat in all this booze she was drinking. She was handling it far better than she thought she would, for now at least.

#22Constantine Librorum 

on Sat May 12, 2018 3:19 pm

A light shrug and a nod of the head was about all he could respond with to her statement. It seemed not drinking for an expressly long period of time had dulled his tolerance for harder drinks, but no enough to cause him to make mistakes or have lapses in his judgement. However it did cause a goofy smile to cross his rosy cheeks as he picked up his mug and extended the index finger of the hand gripping the mug, “Right you are my dear”. He stated in a smooth voice. It felt like the more drunk he got, the further he returned to a sort of relaxed state rather than his previously uptight or highly observant side. He seemed more open and even slouched just the tiniest of amounts. Not enough to fuck over his immaculate posture, but enough to show that he was feeling the alcohol and agreed with the feelings he was having.

Taking a hearty swig of his hard beverage, he’d hold up his other hand to his mouth as he let out a heavy belch into the cuff of his hand, excusing himself for the action before patting his chest to make sure he had got it all out. Giving a simple chuckle, he’d place the mug back down before continuing on with his explanation, “I guess that means we should finish talking about the other pieces. You know what a pawn is, but a rook. Oh those bad boys are actually pretty straight forward. They can only move straight in one direction, but they have the ability to move any number of spaces”.


on Sat May 12, 2018 7:06 pm

Her face turned blank at what she just heard and a feeling of rage built up inside of her but also a feeling of happy embarrassment, she really couldn't explain it but her feelings were causing her brain to fizz out. I've never felt like this before... I. Was that a fuckin pun? A stupid smirk crossed her face as the slow realization settled in her mind from what she just put together. She had never heard a pun before but she knew what it was and now she was upset that she heard it because it was the stupidest thing but it was so funny and she was angry she was enjoying it.

A part of her couldn't get past that hurdle of words that were strung together to form those sentences and she found herself holding back a chuckle but failing miserably as she burst out into a giggle that had her holding her sides. Now to some it might not have been that funny but after three very fruity achcolic beverages most things around Ianthe would be considered quite hilarious. " I'm sorry, I'm sorry. " Her words came between giggles, tears, and hiccups that had now formed from just the mess concoction of booze and hard laughter. She almost couldn't stop but she found her ground and slowly her giggles died out, although the hiccups stayed.

#24Constantine Librorum 

on Sat May 12, 2018 7:20 pm

It seemed that Ianthe had found something he had said or done moderately amusing. Whatever it was for the life of him he couldn’t figure out, but he bet it had something to do with his description for the Rook. Thinking back through his foggy and almost forgettable mind and he’d see that he had made a rather awkward if unintentional pun in the process of breaking down the piece. A chuckle would tear itself through his throat just before he would join her in joyous laughter at the rather simple joke. He felt his body relax completely, the atmosphere and the booze combining into a comforting space of goodwill and comforting friendship. It also didn’t hurt that Ianthe was rather beautiful.

Lidded hazy eyes gazed over the mocha skinned woman as he admired her giggling frame. The sound of her laughter enticing his alcohol addled brain but he managed to keep some sort of focus on the task at hand. That task being asking for yet another drink as if could definitely feel that he was not drunk enough yet. Pushing aside the newest empty mug, he’d grin and shake his head, “It’s okay, I realized that I had said something rather silly myself after you started laughing. Would you like me to continue or has my goofiness turned you off of the subject?”


on Sat May 12, 2018 8:32 pm

Oh no, I plan to see this to the end. If the rook gave me a giggle imagine what the rest of the pieces can do. Smiling a smirky sort of smile Ianthe went grabbing for a few more fries and realizing they were gone she called over the waitress who looked exhausted by this point but Ianthe didn't care about that, she was hungry. " Yea I'm gonna need a pitcher of water, some cheeseburgers like four, more chili cheese fries, and uh I need something crunchy but sweet... Chocolate dipped pretzels. Yes those are the best! Oh.. Uh I don't know what else to drink as far as drinks go... Any suggestions Constantine? She looked over to him, her face showing undertones of red over her cheeks, brightening the chocolate skin and giving it an even warmer shade. Placing her dainty hand in the cleavage of her massive bosom she pulled out a reasonable sized pouch and poured some jewels in the waitresses hands. " That should cover what we had already ordered and what I just ordered and a chunk for yourself! But we aren't done so stick around our table alot. So this what living life was all about huh? She could get use to this if it meant joys like this every day. Her company was just the best as well, she felt so comfortable around Constantine she hoped the two would have more adventures like this.

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