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Budding Curiosity. ( Open )

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#26Constantine Librorum 

on Sat May 12, 2018 12:37 pm

He’d laugh along with her as she claimed that she was willing to see their good time all the way through. He wasn’t sure if he had anymore unintentional puns in himself, but he was glad that she could find something so silly so funny. Thanking the waitress for the drink, he’d pick up the mug and take a sip, watching Ianthe spill out some random and honestly extremely crazy order from her mouth. The amount of things that she had ordered and the variety that they consisted of surprised Teiho, but he was certain that she was going to put it somewhere. ‘It’ll likely end up in a toilet seat in the morning’, he thought to himself while taking another sip. He’d shake his head no at the offering of some of the food that she ordered. He had his fill with the corn and that was enough to keep the alcohol he was consuming from tearing his insides out the frame.

Putting down the mug, he’d smile back at her laugh at her rosy demeanor. It seemed the little lady couldn’t handle her alcohol. It was funny in a way but it only reminded him of the fact that she had told him that she used to be a slave. A little somber, but it kept him from picking on her about it all. He did agree though that the waitress should stick around the table, he was going to need a few more pints. In fact. “Give me a second, gonna go to the bathroom. Seems like all of these drinks are catching up to me”, he said simply while moving away from the table.


on Sat May 12, 2018 1:04 pm

good food, good drinks, and good company were the words of the day. With all the eating and drinking she was doing she could feel herself getting hot and was glad when the waitress came back with their order. Immediately she rushed for the water. It was cool going down and she was gulping it so messily it started to dribble over the sides of her lips, down her neck, and pool into her bosom. She didn't care though, she was thirsty as fuck and the cool water brought her back to life. She would only nod her head when Constantine excused himself to the bathroom as she reached for the pretzels and some fries. She wished they had a more... comfortable place to continue their conversation while still being able to eat and drink. She wanted to strip her clothes off and lay down while she listened to him speak but she was at a bar.

Ianthe was doing great alone, minding her own business, not bothering anyone until she felt someone grabbing her breast from behind. " Good Lord! It should be a sin to have breast these big and soft. Come on pretty let's see them chocolate balloons. " The voice behind her was not Constantine and she quickly bit down at the hands that were holding her breast. A loud harsh scream broke through the room and Ianthe found herself free as the man who touched her let go. " God damn bitch that hurt, I like that. Come on, come with me and I can show you how to use that mouth a little better. " Ianthe was disgusted and rightfully so, she never had anyone put her hands on her like that and everything about this man screamed sleazeball. " Get out of here you fucking creep Her native tongue showed it's sharp side as she backed further away from the man. Why did someone have to come mess up her night..

#28Constantine Librorum 

on Sat May 12, 2018 2:30 pm

The trip to the restroom was not nearly as eventful as Ianthe’s ordeal. Just the average time spent draining the lizard before he went back into the pub to consume even more drinks. He’d at least shake dry a few times to make sure he didn’t piss himself and wash his hands a few times with soap and water. He was drunk, not a savage. After drying his hands on a clean hand towel, he’d come out of the bathroom to the sound of people screaming and shouting. An intrigued eyebrow rose itself on his face as he turned the corner to find Ianthe standing away from some man who was holding his bleeding hand with his non injured limb. It wasn’t too hard to piece together what happened exactly and Teiho’s booze addled mind only found one way to solve the issue.

Taking a closed bottle of beer off the platter of a passing waitress, he tossed the bottle like a projectile, sending it careening directly into the man’s head, shattering it on impact and laying the man out on the floor as well. The man was unconscious before he even reached the floor, the bottle catching him in the side of the temple. It was a sure shot and he was certain no one saw him throw it due to being in the shadows of the hallway. Stepping out and away from said shadows, he’d return to the table where he’d place a hand on Ianthe’s shoulder to comfort and calm her down, a softer look on his face than earlier. It was clear from his cloudy hazel eyes that he was still very much inebriated, but he definitely wanted to make sure she was okay before they continued on with their evening after forgetting the unconscious man on the floor.


on Sat May 12, 2018 5:49 pm

The creep in question began to move towards her and she wondered why the patrons just sat there and watched. She found herself nearly backed against a wall until a bottle smashed against his head causing him to drop to the ground in a bloody mess. Ianthe felt her heart begin to race wildly as a few men came to drag the man away and then the waitress arrived at the table. As she wondered where Constatine was she felt a hand on her shoulders causing her to jump a little before she knew it was him. Quickly turning to him she placed her face in his chest and began to cry quietly, with tears streaming down her milk chocolate face she looked up into his hazel eyes. I-I was just sitting here eating and that man came up to m-me and grabbed my breast, I don't wanna be here anymore. T-These people just watched him, just wanted him handle me like that. " She was already tired and wanted to be in a more comfortable place, one with a bed preferably but anywhere but here would be wonderful right now. The waitress would just stand there and ask if she was ok and explained that hardly ever happened in this bar. But Ianthe just shook her head, she was ready to be gone from this place.

#30Constantine Librorum 

on Sat May 12, 2018 6:33 pm

He felt and saw the young woman turn and wrap her frame around his. Soaked eyes drying themselves on his graphic tee at a frequency he wasn’t normally used to. He had a thing against seeing a woman cry, especially one as fine as the one currently using his chest as a comforter. Dull haze clearing, he’d give her a soft hug, arms reaching around her frame in a gesture of comfort as he pulled he to her feet.

“If that’s what you want”.

A bag of jewels found its way on the table, the man who had assaulted her had been generous in his compensation for the event. A quick turn and swipe of a few items that had been around had also given Teiho a few more beverages to drink on the way out of the establishment as he would lead Ianthe away from the incident. He wondered if she would mentally be okay. He knew she was physically fine, all things considered all the man did was grope her. But mentally having to deal with a stranger touching and feeling as he pleased was definitely something that would leave a scar deep within her psyche. He only hoped it wouldn’t manifest itself in a terrible way.

“You know. You handled yourself well... getting away from him at least. Though I’m certain that biting people isn’t the smartest thing to do. What if he had diseases or bacteria on his arm? You could’ve gotten tetanus”. It was a bad attempt at resparking the jovial mood that had existed between them before the incident, but he was at least going to try to bring back the spark of joy to those lovely eyes of hers.


on Sat May 12, 2018 10:39 pm


"Oh so it's true...Fiore's humans party for a living..."

Orchidia was the first town in Fiore that Quami would ever see. It was pretty late and there were still so many people outside. There were way too many humans in the area, it reeked like bad salami, coffee, and a hint of sweet chocolate chip cookies. The 12 year old walked through the festival that was taking place just to observe the culture- although there hardly seemed to be just one. The vendors had food from nearly every part of the world and people too. Quami smiled warmly as he approached an older woman. She had to only be about 10 years older. "Hello! Do you know of any places where I can sleep for like...free?" The woman didn't even pay him any attention, shit she could hardly walk. She stopped for a moment and looked at the young Abioye. A second later she chuckled and continued moving forward. "The fuck? Okay..." he whispered to himself as he walked through the streets. In about 10 minutes he must have asked five people all who were either too busy being drunken fools or ended up getting distracted before he could finish speaking. Now he was beginning to get upset. Throwing his arms over his chest, he arched his brows and walked with a slight attitude. Towards who? Everyone. These people were useless and he didn't want to sleep outside on his first night in a real town. His journey was just beginning and already it wasn't going so well. "Wakanda people can just let a kid walk around like this at this time? This is why the crime rate here is so high because people are selfish and irresponsible. All the grown ups here smell like booty too...I hate it here, I think." he said to himself, annoyed. before Not too far ahead, he was seeing a dark skinned man and woman walking together towards him. Ayee! His face lit up and he forgot that he was just upset. The young Lycan raised his hand and waved with a large smile. they're like me! he thought. He probably should have just went up to them like "Heeyyy, cousinnnnn".



on Sun May 13, 2018 6:57 am

His body warmth was something she welcomed greatly while she held him but the cool fresh air of the outside world renewed her senses. She wanted to drink more but this felt alot better than being in that bar. As the two walked she listened to Constantine as he spoke he was right about the biting part but she wasn't thinking during that time, she was drunk and scared. Flight or Fight kicked in and she fought.. or well bit. " What's tetanus?. She didn't know where she was walking but found herself snaking her arm Constantine's. People were still out and about enjoying the night life but she vaguely remembered going into that bar in the morning, how long have they been drinking? The thought was pulled from her mind as she heard a " hey " from what looked to be a child waving in their direction. Ianthe was far from rude she she returned the gesture. Hello - Stopping in her words she continued to forget that not everyone spoke the language, switching to the fiorean tongue she smiled awkwardly at the child. " Oh I'm sorry, Hello also It's a little late for you to be out and about little one."

#33Constantine Librorum 

on Sun May 13, 2018 8:24 am

Teiho chuckled at her innocent question on what tetanus was. He often forgot that she wasn’t privy to those kinds of things due to being a slave for so long, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t find humor in her innocence. A comforting rub of the lower back and the feeling of her body drawing nearer to his, brought a rosy glow to his cheeks as he awkwardly pulled a flask from the pocket of his free side. Bringing the flask up to his mouth, he’d twist the cap off with his teeth before taking a drink. He’d make sure not to disturb or discomfort her as he did so before noticing the young dark skinned child waving towards them. Blinking at the young boy, he’d look down at his flask before looking back up at the boy and shrugging as Ianthe confirmed he wasn’t hallucinating. The young boy reminded him a lot of himself as a child, but that also brought up some questions.

“The boy is Savannahian Ianthe, you don’t have to use Fiore’s language”, he said lowly to her before smiling and releasing her from his grasp so he could kneel down to the approaching boys level. “Hello little one, what can I help you with?” He’d speak in Savannah’s native tongue, certain that the young boy had probably not received much instruction in the tongue of Fiore. Of course he could’ve been wrong about that assumption but it didn’t hurt to make sure. “Now what is a lone child of Savannah doing in the middle of a festival? Where is your Sire boy?”


on Sun May 13, 2018 9:25 am

Unbelievable. Why did everyone always feel the need to address him as if he was incapable of living out in this world on his own? If anything he was far more capable than most people. Quami didn't let how the two older Savannians speak to him bother him. In fact he was quite relieved to know that they actually knew the language because sometimes he hated speaking in Fiorian because it wasn't topnotch and his accent was pretty heavy. First the woman caught herself assuming that Quami couldn't speak in Savannian. She was gorgeous with milk chocolate skin and dark colored hair, unusual for Quami to see since all the Savannians he knew had white hair. Her breasts were also extremely huge...this man was lucky. The dude knew off the bat that he could freely speak in the language of their mother-country, probably because of the white hair and accent he had. The dude looked like he could have been related to him too, but if he wasn't a Lycan than it was close to impossible. Both people were concerned with his well-being which was to be expected from Savvanians, they were nothing like Fiorians. It was rare to find people from Savannah that weren't far from selfish or rude. Quami grunted, keeping himself from getting too annoyed with how the adults spoke to him. "I'm capable of surviving out here on my own I don't need a grown-up to tell me what to do,, it's not even thaaaat late anyway." he said using the language that the man kneeling in front of him used. His face frowned for just a moment but then he remembered why he called out to these people. "b-but I don't really know where I'm going..." he said with a slightly saddened expression.


on Sun May 13, 2018 10:13 am

Oh, wasn't he just adorable. Ianthe smiled at the boy but would not bend down to his size because it was clear he wanted to be treated with more respect than that. Well if you don't know where you are going.. Then where were you planning to go? I know you didn't just arrive here with nothing planned out. Just tell us where you want to be and we can guide you. But first tell us your name, I suspect you don't really like us calling you " boy " and " little one " Her native tongue flowed sweetly as she spoke to the child. She was tired so getting this child where he needed to go and quickly was the new goal for the night so that the two adults could resume whatever conversation and drinking they had going on prior to meeting this one. Ianthe wasn't in a rush though as helping the boy would probably help her sober up a bit as her face was still pretty rosy and her eyes glossed over from all the booze she consumed. She almost didn't notice that both Constantine and the boy had shocks of white hair and she was real close to asking if there was any relation between the two but decided against it, seeing as how Constantine wasn't even a Savannian.

#36Constantine Librorum 

on Sun May 13, 2018 2:44 pm

He’d give the young boy a hearty laugh at his tough exterior. The young child’s slight pouty face and dull eyes reminding him a lot of himself when he had escaped. Just a lost child in a world that didn’t care with the resources to continue surviving yet another day. It was good that children like this still existed in the world, they knew more than they let on and it served them all well.

He’d give the child a knowing stare, cloudy hazel eyes meeting dull red ones with a look of mirth. “So you’re lost hmm?” He asked simply. He didn’t want to trivialize the child’s issue but he was drunk so everything was funny. Looking about to see if he could spot any semblance of the boy’s parents, he’d nudge Ianthe to signal her to comfort the boy while he tried to locate the boy’s Sire. Of course the boy thought it wasn’t too late outside, he remembered those days himself, sneaking moments of freedom before being laid to rest. But all good things must come to an end, even for little ones like the one before him.

He’d hear Ianthe ask about the boys name and figured he’d chime in as well, “And what does your Sire look like? He shouldn’t be too far from you hmm?


on Sun May 13, 2018 3:32 pm

The woman was right. Quami didn't come here without a plan in mind, that would have been dumb. His goal so far was to find a place called "Dahlia", but he wasn't in a rush to get there. Dahlia was the home of Lycans, Vampyres and other non-human beings from what he's learned. According to the clerics of Worth Woodsea, finding answers concerning his particular form of magic would be easier there. I can't just tell them what I'm doing... he thought to himself. but I mean...they do seem like pretty nice people.

"My name is Quami..." he'd begin in Savannian.

Abioye was a pretty well known name throughout Savannah so he hesitated on saying his family's name at first. The Abioyes were a Lycan family known for consisting of multiple other Lycan packs - but they weren't liked very much. Not everyone in the Abioye packs carried the Abioye last name - only true Abioyes could carry the name."Quami Abioye..." he'd finally say quickly but with confidence. "And I don't have a Sire, my whole family's dead." he said blankly. He could obviously tell that both of these people were drunk, they smelled like poison and looked the part too. "I'm looking for a place to sleep for a few days, but I don't have a lot of money, so like...somewhere cheap you know?". The Savannian language rolled off his tongue easily, though still not as great as the woman's.

It didn't take long for Quami to get distracted. He was curious to know what special concoction was in that flask. Of course he was no stranger to alcohol, though he was never allowed to drink for obvious reasons. "Hey, I'm thirsty, do you have anymore of that stuff you two were drinking?" He asked innocently as he wiggled his finger between the mohawk man and the big booby woman. He could smell that the liquid in the man's flask was the same liquid on the mouths of the Savannians and he wanted some too.


on Sun May 13, 2018 5:23 pm

You know good and well you cannot have what we are having. You are a child and what we are drinking will without a doubt mess with your growth and possibly do irreversible damage to your body. Now since you are out here alone I will place you in a good inn for a few days and I hope you stay out of trouble for the rest of the night. Or you are welcomed to stay with me in my deluxe room and I can provide you with food and new clothing if you like. Ianthe's voice was firm but calm like a concerned mother about her wild child. She held her hand out to the boy hoping he would take it so that everyone knew he was not alone, if for a moment too long he did not take her hand she would walk towards the inn that she herself was staying in. It was only right to have him close to her as far as room and board went. Ianthe wasn't so heartless that she would just let him be alone if she could help it no matter how well adjusted he was. She had never felt it before but motherly instinct kicked in for this boy who shared her skin color and was out here alone in the world. She had come to understand boys his aged did travel but she didn't accept it. He should be taken care of until he was truly ready to be out alone and in her drunken haze Ianthe was ready to take care of this child until he was.

#39Constantine Librorum 

on Mon May 14, 2018 7:40 am

Teiho’s eyebrow furrowed at the thought of something being able to kill an Aboiye. They weren’t exactly the most powerful of packs but they definitely were quite proficient at combat and anything that could kill multiple members of that family was definitely something he didn’t want finding the boy before he could reach maturity. But of course his thoughts didn’t matter to Ianthe. The caring girl already taking the young boy with her back to her hotel after offering him her a place in her abode. While Teiho agreed that one of them should house the boy, the thought of him staying with a young woman such as Ianthe definitely didn’t play out too well in his head, even if he were a minor.

Don’t worry Ianthe, he can stay with me for awhile. I’d like to talk with him for awhile anyway. On the plus side, he’s a child of Savannah, they are allowed to have drinks harder than this after their first few summers”. He’d reopen the flask and offer the contents to the young Aboiye, the drink heavy with juice and liquor that it would likely assault the poor boys sinuses upon smelling it in its entirety. He knew the boy could take the drink but if he could actually handle it, well only the Mother Above could tell.

But as he offered the young man a drink, a new peculiar sight crossed his eyes, another young man like himself out on the town. Vaguely mumbling lyrics to a song he didn’t know while offering drinks for every person in the vicinity of himself. Of course Teiho wasn’t one to turn down a free drink, but he was slightly worried that the small child before him would soon have his liver tested due to a night of aimless wandering.


on Mon May 14, 2018 1:39 pm

Quami raised an eyebrow in response to what the woman had been saying. He probably shouldn't have been surprised with how motherly she sounded, most Savannians were naturally welcoming people. There was no doubt that she was drunk but Quami could also hear the genuine concern in her words. With a chuckle the young Lycan rolled his eyes. After telling teaching him of the harmful affects that alcohol would have on his body, the lady offered him a place to stay - two actually. She said she'd have no problem putting him in a room alone or allowing him to room with her. "Oh wow really?!" he asked excitedly. These people were blessings in disguise.

The man on the other hand insisted that Quami stay with him. Ianthe... he thought as the man spoke to the woman. It seemed he was interested in the boy. The three of them seemed to be in their own little world, while the people around them were merely the background characters n their story. It felt like this night was about Quami - why else would god introduce him to two Savannians who just happened to be amazing people? Ianthe turned to walk after her partner responded and just as she did Quami was surprised to see the flask right in front of his ruby red eyes. "Oh shit, you're serious?" Quami hesitated as he grabbed the flask. When he put it to his nose the sheer toxicity of the drink sent a sizzle up his extremely powerful nose. With a puppy-like grunt he turned his head.

"This is nothing I can't handle.." he told himself. Like a brave soldier, the young Abioye began to drink the poison, gulping the mixture of sweet and bitter liquids without stopping...he just kept going....and going....and going...


on Mon May 14, 2018 3:42 pm

She stopped walking when she heard what Constantine had said on the boy's drinking. She couldn't even believe what she was hearing from him right now, but she didn't speak on it. Turning towards the two males she folded her arms over her chest. She didn't want to continue being outside and she was starting to get annoyed, a byproduct of the alcohol now doubt. " Let's not have him drinking in the middle of the street. Besides I'm tired and would very much like to sit back and enjoy the rest of the night in peace. " Her words were cool and stated in a very " matter o fact " sort of way.

She would wait for the two to finish interacting, she didn't have much more to say on her end and at this point she was trying to enjoy herself. Her sea green gaze looked out over the area at the lights still coming from the flower festival. Everything was so much more beautiful during the night and now she wanted corn. Oh no, she wanted corn. Ianthe could feel herself walking towards the festival grounds muttering something about her being back because the corn called to her. She was thankful to had forgotten about it but now she remembered and the god damn urge to submit to the golden kernel gods were strong.

#42Constantine Librorum 

on Tue May 15, 2018 6:16 pm

Sensing danger from Ianthe’s tone, Teiho would give her a cursory glance out of the side of his eye. This caused him to make a grave mistake in taking his eyes off of Quami as the boy attempted to drown himself with a flask of Iceberg’s Blue Fire. Turning back around quickly as he heard the boy let out a cough as he tried to drink down the drink, Teiho would rip the drink from the small boys hands, accidentally spilling a small amount on the boy in the process. “Woah there Quami. Sip, never devour. You’ll destroy your stomach at that pace my boy”. This young pup was going to age Teiho, he could feel it in his face already.

Looking about, he felt something he hadn’t felt since that underground lab in Seven, attachment. Between Ianthe’s beautiful concerned if off putting face as she drunkenly pushed for more interactions or a progression to the day, and Quami’s sudden eagerness to prove himself as a man in the eyes of what he likely saw as a future Elder, he could tell that these two would become something in his life. What they would become exactly he had no idea at the moment. Whether they would be acquaintances, friends or family. He had no idea. But he did know that this meeting was more than fate. It seemed the old gods were watching over him after all, even if he decided to live his life like a drunken wretch.

Standing up from Quami, he’d stretch and pop his back before taking stock of the festival. Due to the drink the young man consumed and the probably lack of food within his stomach, Teiho would give him approximately one more minute before extreme intoxication kicked in and thus more food and drink were the destination. Seeing Ianthe go off in the direction of the corn stall they had visited earlier, Teiho would call for Quami to follow him as he himself followed behind Ianthe on their mission to get some food.


on Wed May 16, 2018 3:01 pm

This drink was nothing compared to the sheer bitterness of Savannian-styled alcohol. The juice was enough to help Quami gulp with ease, nearly taking it like a pro as Ianthe spoke. Out of the three she seemed to be the most rational at the moment which made sense since Quami was just a child and the other man was...well...a man. Before Quami could finish the entire drink it was snatched away from him with wise words that followed. Quickly the Lycan wiped his mouth as the liquid dripped onto his shirt. "What? I wasn't even done yo." he said blinking. The liquor gave him absolutely no time to get himself together. In literally a few seconds after his mouth left the flask the young Abioye began to feel the affects. "Whoahhhhhhhhhh" he said in Savannian as the two adults walked ahead. The world began to spin and suddenly he began to feel hot...hot and as light as a feather. Quami squinted his eyes and held his head as he looked forward to focus on the adults he adopted moments prior. How did they get that far?! he thought to himself. The couple were only a couple meters in front of him but they looked like they were already on the other side of the festival. "HEY YOU GUYS CAN'T JUST LEAVE ME!" With his hands still holding his head he began to run as fast as he could to reach them. Running felt amazing, it was like he was soaring through the sky and boy did it feel like he was running for a couple minutes. In actuality they weren't even that far so he was running that fast for no damn reason. In a second he reached the two and forced himself in the middle as they walked. "For a zecond I thought you guys were trying to diiiiiiiiiiiitch me, bahakhakhakhakhakhakhak! WHEW!" The little Lycan laughed hysterically as he smacked Ianthe's arm.

"Wait a fucking minute. Am I...what's the word?" Quami looked up at the sky for a brief moment to think. "cockblocking?" he said in Savannian.


on Thu May 17, 2018 8:34 am

She could feel herself walking but she didn't know how far she was going or how fast. The liquor finally hit full force and the world around her began to spin, sounds began to blur, and she just needed to have a seat to in order to regroup. But corn man that was good stuff and maybe if she could just have some she would be fine. She was lost in her own little world until a voice rang out in her ears, as clear as anything else she could hear at the moment. This voice caused her to turn in the direction of it and her eyes narrowed in on a figure coming towards her. It was a small figure, childlike and as it got closer she saw it to be Quami. He said something that to her sounded like jibberish before a he slapped her arm. He was adorable and drunk, as was she but she was keeping it together.. Hardly.

" Whasht's cockblocking? " She looked down at the boy as she asked the question in genuine curiosity. Her words slurred slightly as she placed her hands in the boy's hair, rubbing her delicate fingers through it and smiling stupidly at him. She never thought about motherhood, she didn't know what it even was. But motherly instinct wasn't something you learned, it was something you had and it was starting to show in a drunken Ianthe.

#45Constantine Librorum 

on Thu May 17, 2018 9:04 am

The two with him quickly devolved into hysteria, the alcohol likely finally seeping into their system causing them to turn into raving drunk monkeys. He’d hope that the drinks later on that evening would balance them out or at least crank up the fun factor to about three thousand, but at the moment he wasn’t sure if that was the right thing to do.

Looking down at Quami’s drunken rosy hued face, he’d grin and laugh at the small boy. The young man’s statement not far off but definitely wasn’t something that crossed Teiho’s mind at any point in the day. He hadn’t had sex in a long time truly, and sure Ianthe was indeed fairly beautiful but he was also respectful. Trying to bag women on the first outing was never a good sign for any sort of long term relationship, especially if one side of the relationship had no clue of what was going on. Patting Quami on the shoulder, he’d shake his head before speaking to Ianthe bluntly, “It means that he feels like he’s interrupting our chances of fucking tonight”.

Tactful as always, Teiho truly didn’t care if it made him seem vulgar but considering none of the Fiorian’s around him knew what he was saying since he stuck to the Savannahian language, he only had to worry about leaving a bad impression on Ianthe and Quami. After looking at the both of them. Let’s just say he wasn’t worried in the slightest.


on Sat May 19, 2018 8:00 pm

The world was spinning far too fast for the young Lycan. Ianthe's hands gently ran through his head and for a moment he was in an entirely different world. The pleasure he received just from that tiny bit of contact was enough to make him tired. Either that or even his inhuman body couldn't handle the amount of liquor he consumed. The woman asked what cockblocking was but Quami's eyes somehow landed on her chest and all he could do was stare stupidly. His eyes nearly crossed watching the jugs on her chest bounce lightly with every step she took. The man finally explained what Quami meant. "Yeah that..." he replied with a burp.

It was a little clearer that the Abioye was cockblocking at this point, and that didn't sit well with him. As the child in this situation Quami figured that he was now the responsibility of these two adults so he could basically run what was going on right now. Quami's senses were strong as hell, he could basically smell the horniness in the damn air and it was starting to affect him too. Fuck around and get a threesome popping in Ochidia or something. "Guys.. I'm getting tired...a-and I don't f-feel s-*burp* so well..." Quami was hoping for them to take him somewhere comfortable so that he could rest and they could do the thing that adults do when they like each other. The child gently rubbed his eyes as he walked between his guardians waiting to hear their response.


on Mon May 21, 2018 1:26 pm

She was tired but not tired as if she wanted to sleep, Tired like she wanted to rest her feet and soak in a hot bath. Constantine's answer to her question only brought about more questions on her end, but she wouldn't pursue them right now. Looking from Constantine to Quami she could tell that the boy was getting tired himself without even saying anything. The drink that he took from Constantine was too strong and she did warn them, she warned the both of them not to let him drink. Now look at the boy, sick and tired and probably a mess. She didn't know how far he walked or how long it had been since he had a proper rest but she would take his hand as he walked between them.

Don't worry Quami, we'll get you to a room where you can have a nice hot bath, some food, and then you can sleep your weary head. Smiling at the boy she gave him a reassuring squeeze on the hand, not so much that she would bring any pain to him but enough to let him know that she would be there to help him every step of the way. Moving her gaze to Constantine she realized that they might not even be staying in the same inn as each other. " Which in are you staying in Constantine? We'll go there since he'll be staying in your room. Honestly I don't know why he couldn't stay in mine. I have a whole extra room I'm not using. " Ianthe had only gotten that room because the bathroom was something she only dreamed about. It was big with a shower and a wonderfully built bath tub that could easily fit three people. She would rather them all stay in her room but if Constantine still wanted to go to his, then she wouldn't fight him on it.

#48Constantine Librorum 

on Tue May 29, 2018 7:25 am

He could hear the sounds of the crowd get slightly louder as the night went on. Their walk to the corn stand interrupted at least three times by rowdy festival goers. It seemed the alcohol had been just a bit too strong for the young wolf child that had imprinted himself on the two young adults that had shown him some sort of attention. Chuckling at the rather amusing way the young boy mentioned that he was not feeling well after consuming the alcohol the young man would step to the corn stand and order five orders of corn for the group before turning back to Quami and Ianthe with a smile.

I forgot that I technically had just arrived so yeah we can crash at your place for now Ianthe. Hopefully you have an extra room for the little one because it looks like he’s going to need it”. The night was still young for him however, unswayed by the alcohol that he consumed routinely at this point. It seemed the young wolf would have some ways to go before matching his senior, but if he stuck around Teiho that shouldn’t be so hard to manage considering Teiho was a chronic drinker. As for Ianthe, well the young lady was already on her way if the way she seemed to be handling the various drinks she was offered over the course of the day was any tell.


on Wed Jun 27, 2018 1:44 pm

She was happy with this, and quickly took the lead to the inn she stayed at. Being the busy bee of a worker that she was, Ianthe didn't pick any old inn to stay at, she found the best one and lived in comfort. Her pockets jingled with enough coin that she could afford to stay in luxury. Leading the trio into the inn and up to her room she would open the door to a spacious area. A living room of sorts with a small bar and a beautiful balcony overlooking the town welcomed them inside. To the left of them was a kitchen set up and to the right of them were three doors. The door in the middle lead to a bathroom with a shower and a square bathtub big enough to fit two. To the left of the bathroom was a bedroom that held a queen size bed, a television, a dresser, desk, and a closet. The room to the right of the bathroom was the same but it had a king sized bed. Both rooms led into the bathroom. Most people would think the room was a bit much for one person but she liked the space she enjoyed the freedom of the choice that she had. " Let's get this one to bed, before anything else. Leading the boy to the room with the queen sized bed she would look over at Constatine and smile. " I'll leave you to get him tucked in, I need a bath. It's been a long night and I feel pretty dirty...Especially after what that creep did. " Making her way to the bathroom she closed the door behind her and started to run the water in the tub, undressing herself as it filled up.

- exit - ( to be continued )

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