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The Flowers Bloom [Social||Festival||Open]

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The Flowers Bloom [Social||Festival||Open] Empty on Sun Apr 29, 2018 6:43 am

Ri Brighte
The day Ri reached Orchidia, the first thing he did was to check the guild, to see whoever was around that he could still talk with. Having, unfortunately, found none that he knew, he decided to leave that matter to another day. After all, there were more important things to do than meet new people. Even if that is what he also wanted to do.

With a sigh, the mage went to find his dormitory, and throw his backpack on the bed, laying down on it, with a sigh.

"The Flower Festival..." He muttered, before digging into his hoodie's pocket, and taking out the crumpled up flier. With a grin, he stood, and began unpacking, mainly looking for his brand new yukata, which he had managed to barter for with a mustached old man.

With the same grin, he exited the room, now ready to go the festival. The key, and his wallet were hidden inside the robe, and he couldn't help but silently worry that they would fall out. After all, it's not like that robe was the safest place to put them.

With that said and done, though, Ri was on his merry way to the festival. The sun was powerful, even for a day of spring, and the mage couldn't be more happy. A bright day, perfect for a walk through the floral streets of the city.

It didn't take long for him to reach the festival's ground, although his feet did somewhat ache from the shoes he chose to wear. At the old seller's incentives, he decided to buy a pair of geta, to go along with the traditional garb. Did he regret that decision? Mostly. Will he go out dressed the same way for the next few days? Yes. Definitely.

The mage's eyes wandered around the different stalls, before he stopped in his tracks, and neared the one which served any type of sweet he could think of.

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Aurelion managed to get accustomed to the festival after wandering around for a couple of hours. The music and the drinks made him a bit lightheaded, but he still had full grasp of himself and his surroundings. The live band made him want to sing and dance to his heart's content but him being a stranger among strangers made him shy away from his wants, maybe if he had some company and some friendly people around him things would be different. There is still plenty of time for that though, he thought as he looked towards the people playing music.

As he passed by some food counters, he realised how hungry he got and the alchohol he consumed previously made his stomach demand some treats right there and then. He couldn't really decide what that would be and so he bought the first thing to catch his attention, two beef skewers ready to go, he thought and chuckled while continuing his stroll through the festival with the skewers in hand. Their scent made Aurelion's mouth water and before he even realized it he had devoured both of them. That made him feel a bit cranky as he wanted to savour the moment but decided that there was nothing he could do now, instead he opted to go for some sweets, and hopefully take his time with them. Making his way to a stall full of desserts he noticed a blonde guy, probably around his age, waiting in the line in front of him. Thinking that they could have a nice conversation while waiting, Aurelion went for it. "So which one caught your mouth the most?!" Aurelion said in a joyful manner letting out a small chuckle.

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Requiem walked down the street in her kimono. A simple pleasure that she hadn't quite had the time for recently. The flowers and music made her think of a fantasy world like in the books. She bought some dango and continued along her way.

Deftly sidestepping a man puking his guts out, Requiem watched as people mingled and celebrated. She walked past several stalls that sold trinkets, "a lovely bauble for the lovely lady! The gem on this necklace matches your eyes!" She smiled and walked on, not particularly interested in jewelry or anything of the sort. She stopped to watch the band playing for a few minutes. One song brought images of a mountain river running down, fed by the melting snow into a valley of wildflowers where a shephard tended his flock. Another song made her think of a gentle rain becoming a storm in a land that had once been suffering drought. She finally pulled herself away and  walked down the street again when she noticed a stall that sold apple dumplings. She bought one and savored it the rest of the way to another display where florists were showing off the first blooms of spring.

Requiem was so enthralled by the beautiful display that she hadn't kept track of where she was going until she heard Jaeger chirp. Too late though as she walked into a black haired man in front of a desert stall and started to fall, grabbing him on reflex to catch herself.

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Ri Brighte
Were it not for the one who just gathered his attention, Ri would have already reached into his robe and took out his wallet, to buy one of each sweet he could see in front of him. Thankfully, he didn't- and even if he did, realistically, he wouldn't have enough money to actually buy what he wished for.

Either way, he turned to him, and gave him his trademark grin, "The crepes, for sure." He spoke, before turning back to the shop tender. Now actually taking out his wallet, he dug through it, and fished out the necessary sum for said sweets. "The strawberry one." He told the tender, before handing him the jewels. As he waited for his order to be taken, he glanced around the whole area, quite surprised that not many people made their appearance. It was still day, he supposed- After all, the true fun is during the night. Who knows, maybe they'll even bring in some fireworks.

"I suppose you're here to-" He paused, once he saw the girl stumble into his new-found friend, and took a step back. "Are you alright?" He asked, glancing between the two, "I mean, both of you."

To make it worse, his order had just arrived, and Ri had to be shouted at by the shop keeper, so his attention could be gathered. He yelped, before nodding his thanks and taking hold of his crepe. His next set of actions, though, was to use his free hand to help the man up, if he were to fall down.

If not, he'd just take a step back, and take a bite out of his crepe, looking between the two, yet again.

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Crepes sounded just about right for Aurelion, maybe he was going to have some himself. Hearing the young man ask for a strawberry one, he couldn't help but think of how delighted he would be to have one of that with some syrup on top. His thoughts returning to the boy in front, he seemed to be a nice guy and Aurelion was looking forward to having a conversation with him. After all it didn't seem that anything else eventful was going to happen. Aurelion's gaze fell on the owner of the stall as he was preparing the crepe, it would be a good idea for him to learn how to make them so he wouldn't have to spend a fortune whenever he felt like having one, because that whenever was pretty much all the time.

Aurelion was deep in thought, having his left hand on the chest supporting his right one as he was playing with his dark blue hair at the back of the head. At that moment Aurelion felt someone bump into him and immediately turned his head towards the person. The girl quickly grabbed his arm as she was falling, Aurelion still a bit dazed looked at her eyes as she was trying to hold on, realizing a second later what was happening. Since he had been so relaxed and didn't anticipate this situation his body wouldn't be able to hold the weight of the girl and his as he tried to catch her. He felt his feet leave the ground and made a slight grin of discomfort, they were both going to fall but maybe there was still something he could do. At the last possible moment he managed to grab the girl and take her side, if they were both going to fall at least she would fall on top of him.

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André Nakhodka
Even the warmest of days with the hottest of suns would first start with a cold breeze that envelop it. During today's early morning, a young man would be awake and ready, had already woken up an hour before the sunrise, shaved and showered. When he started his jog around the town, he would eventually came across the festival square.

With light blue haze of the early morning, birds tweeting and trees moving gently with the breeze, the town square in preparation would look as if no crazy festival would be held there. The old and young men and women together carrying wooden planks and other tools around, hammering of nails echoing in the streets, the stalls would be built. A small girl, who André assumed to have fire magic, was blowing holding her hands under a tea urn, blowing sparks to light the stove beneath it. Pausing his jog here, the young man would spend some time helping the stalls to be built. Yet the scale of the festival would make him unable to see all of it. Rejecting any rewards, he would quickly run back to his apartment, while mentally mapping the part of the square he was at to come back to it later.

And so he did, after spending some time home doing chores and reading, he wore a beige linen shirt that only had three collar buttons, all of them left open for the weather was warm. Folding the sleeves of the shirt thrice each, he revealed his semi-muscular arms. Underneath, he wore brown jeans, and black dress shoes. To finish it all off, he wore his beige flat cap that went well with his shirt. He was ready. Surely a kimono would suit better since he had already seen some couples, but the young man didn't have one, nor the interest in buying one.

With a half brisk pace, he made his way to the festival and sat on a beverage stand. He wasn't the biggest fan of cafes and such places, but knowing that these stands were people from the community sharing their own goods made him feel good two folds. Across the stand he was sitting was a sweets stand. While drinking a glass of sparkling water with lime, he turned his head around to face some noises he heard. Three people stood there, all looking relatively younger than himself; two boys and one girl. The boys were tall in height, in fact the blonde one was pretty much the same height as André himself. The girls was however much shorter in comparison. The blue haired boy was shorter than the blonde one, and unlike the blonde who seemed manly in some aspects, the blue haired one had a much more different aura to him, something elegant- maybe even pretty.

André was witnessing an accident, the blue haired one and the girl were falling. Thinking it was almost cute and normal for such a festival. He started to gently scratch the part between his nose and upper lift, as he would do when entertained as a tic, he saw something that caused his eyes to grow big. The same little fire mage girl from the morning was running towards the three, holding a small ball of fire that didn't look like she could manage control over, yelling people to get out of the way.

"Careful!" André shouted at the three and got up from his bar stool, but he was too far away to do anything.
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Requiem's reflexes kicked in as she and the man she had bumped into and then grabbed fell and twisted. Her left hand held the back of his head and neck as her right slammed into the ground to arrest their descent. She found herself looking at his torso with an increasing blush. She had spent enough time around certain types of people that she shouldn't be this shade of red, but it didn't stop her.

"I...ah....I ......." She jumped to her feet and held her hand to help the man up. Her ears twitched in embarrassment as she rubbed her hand over her face in a cat like movement. The winged lemur clicked and then thumped Requiem on the head, chattering for a moment before going off to explore again, "So, I ah...*ahem* I'm sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going. It's just that I've never seen anything like this. Between my studies and training and missions," she stopped speaking a mile a minute and bowed, "My name is Requiem. My apologies for crashing into you."

If the man and his friend were polite, or at least not complete dicks, she would stay and try to converse. Otherwise, she would go enjoy the festival with all its wonders.

She heard shouting and her attention was drawn to a girl running, with a look of growing panic. Should no one react by the time the fire child reached her, Requiem would cast her Eldritch Arms spell and clap her hands on the fir to extinguish it.

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Ri Brighte
Seeing that none of them decided to take his hand, Ri stepped back, and continued to bite from his crepe. The girl's cat-like movements perplexed him- and that was clear from his confused expression- but he didn't address it. He'd seen weirder things in his short time away from home.

At her apology, Ri looked between the two, and shrugged, "It's a mistake. Don't worry about it." He began, with a small smile, as he took another bite of his treat. "The festival's here to be enjoyed, so let's not get angry over- " He paused, as he caught the man's shout, his eyes quickly moving towards the small girl's direction. Without much of a thought, Ri handed the crepe to the blue haired mage- not really paying attention if he caught it or not- and ran towards the small girl. Once in arm's reach, he'd bend his body forwards, and send his hands for her middle, to catch her mid-run, and lift her in the air. Given the child's age, Ri's main concern wasn't the ball of fire, which would probably only singe his awesome yukata, but the fact that the girl seemed to have lost control over her magic.

Bringing the child over to eye level, he looked directly towards her, with a soft gaze, and a small smile, "Relax." He spoke, "You don't have to fear the fire. It is a part of you, after all."

He didn't expect his strategy to work, but once again, his main concern wasn't the fire's effect on his clothes, but mainly the girl's future with her magic. If she didn't learn to control it now, she might never get the chance to do so.

Once he saw that the girl had calmed down, Ri sighed, and kept his friendly smile while placing her down and patting her head. With the same smile, he turned to his friends, "Now." He began, "Where's my crepe?"

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Aurelion was surprised to see the girl's reflexes, his head was safe from hitting the ground thanks to her and although his back did hurt a bit it wasn't of any importance. Seeing her jump back on her feet like that and looking at her ears he wondered what kind of creature she was, one with manners better than most people, he thought as she offered her hand to him and helped him get back thanking her for stopping the fall. The girl blushed and apologized, as Aurelion was about to speak she made a small bow and introduced herself as Requiem, even her name is beautiful, he thought and blushed slightly. Agreeing with the young man beside him that it was only a mistake he offered his hand to the girl "I'm Aurelion, like my friend said here there's nothing to worry about." he chuckled slightly and gave the girl a heartfelt smile.

At that moment, Aurelion heard a man shouting some meters away, careful of what, he thought while turning around his hand still extended. What would be the girl's hand in his, was now the crepe of the guy next to him as he started moving quickly towards a girl that seemed to not be able to control her fire magic. Aurelion was scared for both of their lives what if the magic was explosive, it seemed however that the blonde boy managed to calm her down, Aurelion was relieved and took a bite out of the crepe, then another without realizing what he was doing.

As the boy turned around asking for his crepe he saw Aurelion chewing and swallowing it. Only then did Aurelion understand what he just did and apologized with a worried smile as he continued, "It was reflexive, I'll get you another one of course!" he exclaimed with smile while patting the back of his head, man I have to control my appetite, that was embarrassing, he thought. Waiting to hear the boy's response he also turned around offering to buy a treat for Requiem as well, after all she was polite to him and Aurelion wouldn't let that go unrewarded. And at last he turned his head to the man that warned them moments ago offering his gratitude and a warm smile.

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André Nakhodka
With the relief of no harm coming to any of the parties around, André couldn't help but exhale deeply, without realizing he had been holding in ever since he saw the girl running towards them. Smiling, he turned around and change the straw of his drink and quickly made his way next to the crowd. Kneeling down, he offered his drink to the small girl who was calmed down by the blonde boy. "Here you go," he told her. The girl, who still seemed to be shocked just gulped as she looked at André with big eyes. She had a pointy face, with red hair that fit with her magic, strands of hair that probably got dirty from playing all day on the festival square flowed down, he sweat sticking them to her face. "It's okay, you can take it," André insisted. With slow moments she took the glass. Getting back on his feet, André gently tapped the girl on the neck and said "Atta now."

Looking behind her as she slowly walked away, André took a much more relaxed posture, one of his hands on his flat cap adjusting, with one of his hands, back of it, supporting his weight on his waist. He turned to the blonde boy and wanted to shake the man's hand. "That was very composed of you," he said. Even if the offer of his hand shake was rejected, André wouldn't mind, judging people based on one action wasn't something he was fond of. He gave a look to each of the people there. During the whole thing, he had missed the reflexive movement the girl had demonstrated. He had noticed that the blue haired boy had eaten  the crepe his friend was asking, he let out a chuckle when he explained himself and returned his warm smile with a nod of his own. He looked at each of them, "I'm glad none of you were hurt, something much more could've happened than what happened to you two," he said and with a smile. Pointing to his back, towards the beverage stall, "Want to relax there for a bit? They have some tasty fresheners," he offered.
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The two men had assured her that everything was alright right before one of them saved the girl from her out of control flames. Requiem released her magic and watched as Aurelion ate the crepe with a small smile. He didn't seem to even be paying attention. She giggled and stretched her arms as things calmed down and the fire girl left the area, "I don't suppose there's somewhere we could go and not be the center of attention" she said with a half serious tone. The festival may have been a wonderful break, but old habits die hard and she wasn't too keen on so many people being able to track her. The third man who had walked up to congratulate Ri had made his comment which made her blush again, Stupid hormones, stupid racing heart. She would follow the men if they went to the drink stall. "So does this sort of thing happen often? Mages losing control over their power I mean."

She watched a group of street performers entertain their way through the crowd as she listened to the men talk. A day like this was meant to be enjoyed and she wouldn't dwell on things that went wrong for more than a minute. After all, there was so to see and do.

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Ri Brighte
Right after he asked his question, Ri's sight set on his almost finished crepe, figuring out on his own who ate his treat. He looked visibly torn, slowly raising a hand as to somehow grip at it. Comically, and theatrically, he then fell to his knees (while also making sure that his yukata wouldn't get dirty) and placed his hands on the ground, as if in silent mourning. "My precious... You have lived a short but beautiful life. May you rest in peace."

He then quickly stood back up, and dropped the act, while dusting himself off, "But seriously now, don't worry about it. It's not -that- expensive." With a shrug, and a grin, he neared the blue-haired mage, and slung his arm around his shoulder, while keeping his friendly demeanor. He watched the older mage talk to the girl, and was visibly surprised when his hand was shaken. "A-Ah, don't worry about it. It's a kid, after all, I'm not going to attack her." He shrugged, and unslung his arm from the other mage's shoulder, now bringing both to cross them over his chest.

"I suppose we can." He answered, to Andre's question, and looked around, "Uh- Requiem, right? If you want, we can go elsewhere. If these two are alright with it." He kept his relaxed posture, his gaze now set on her, "And if not, I'm sure we can come to a compromise. After all, it's not like the place is crowded. We can sit wherever we want."

"Oh! If you want, we can go watch the- uh- the musicians!" He seemed to stumble over his words for a second, for he spoke fast, almost as if he didn't wish to lose his idea. "I mean, I doubt that they're giving the full show now, but it's still something, right?"

After he spoke, his hand went back in his robe, and he already took out his wallet, opening it, and taking out a few more jewels. He called out for the shop keeper, and keeping his smile, he handed him the sum, "Another strawberry crepe." He spoke, turning back to the two, afterwards.

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The company had been a spectacle for a few people already, but with the crisis averted and the little girl leaving they could now decide on their next move. The young man came closer to Aurelion placing one arm on his shoulder telling him that the crepe incident wasn't a big deal while having a friendly attitude. Aurelion slightly blushed and smiled at him, relieved that he didn't mind and watched as the other mage shook the white-haired boy's hand congratulating him for the save. The man suggested they go for a refreshment which wasn't a bad idea at all for Aurelion, he was thirsty after this event and the crepe he just ate, but listening to Requiem's comment he thought for a few moments after which he said, "Since Requiem would like to go to a more quiet place, why don't we head to the shop, get a refreshment on-the-go and find a quiet place to sit down and talk?". The white-haired boy talked about compromising as well, also offering another alternative of watching the musicians. Aurelion turned towards them, they aren't that ready yet, he thought, two of them were still trying to tune their instruments, and speaking his mind to the others he pointed at them.

The young man now was speaking to the owner of the stall ordering another crepe and handling him the money. Aurelion, wanting to keep his promise walked closer and paid three times the amount, "I'll be paying for that one and make me two more of the same please.". Giving the young man his jewels back, he turned to Requiem and the older man, "Sorry for not asking what you two would like in that, but I hope everyone likes strawberries!" Aurelion exclaimed with a smile, if someone didn't like it he would gladly eat it himself. Once the order came he was willing to follow the other three to any place they wanted to.

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André Nakhodka
The attitudes of the three people he had met were quite pleasant. Until he had started talking to them, André had not noticed how quiet he has been in general ever since he left the farm. Feeling a tinge of guilt and anger towards himself for acting more against the things he wanted to pursue, his hand found his way back to his flat cap again, adjusting it. He had many tics, and another one would follow quite soon. Listening to the ideas of the three with a sly smile as he gently started to scratch the part between his nose and upper lip. From time to time, he'd nod at them, and when finally everyone told what they wanted to do, André raised his right arm to his head height, "I'm André, André Nakhodka." he told the three. "Nice to meet you."

The people seemed to have quickly be comfortable with the idea of hanging together. While André didn't expect as such, he was also glad that passively, the four of them had became some sort of a group of their own. "I guess we all came here alone," he said, looking around towards some friend groups and couples. "I am okay with whatever, but since I gave my drink to the lass there, I sure would like taking some beverages on the go," the man spoke as he lowered his arm. He would listen to the others if they were to also introduce themselves. "Also, yes Requiem, I'd say mages losing control over their magic wouldn't be out of the question," André's eyes looked up right for a second as he started to tap on his chin in thought, "Especially if they are young, hell I remember when I was learning, I had quite the trouble!" he added with a laugh.

Accepting the crepe offer of the blue haired boy with a smile, André turned to him with a serene expression: "Thank you!" he exclaimed and immediately knew how to return the gesture. "Let's get some drinks and make our way to the musicians, or a quiet place, I'm okay with whatever. The drinks will be on me," he said with a wink. Walking towards the stall, he ordered an ice mint tea. Whatever the others would buy, he'd pay for them, and insist if he was refused.
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Requiem smiled shyly as she accepted a strawberry crepe. Ri's theatrics certainly lightened the mood as they went to get drinks. She would order a lemon tea.

Her ears twitched happily to the mix of sounds that made up the festival and under her kimono her tail twitched in excitement. She saw Jaeger glide down to her shoulder from a nearby tree, holding what appeared to be a biscuit. So he managed to get a treat out of someone somewhere. The people around them seemed to get even more excited as a performer did magic tricks involving birds before moving to another corner of the street to do another act.

She took a deep sniff of the air, various flower fragrances mixed to add to the atmosphere of festivity. Requiem bought a flower and put it in her hair. She started noticing little things about the group she had joined. Andre seemed to have a habit of adjusting his hat. Aurelion seemed polite and carefree at the same time. And his hair was dark blue instead of black like she thought. Ri appeared to be a calm, mature person. Although his antics at the untimely demise of his crepe also showed him to be a clown.

Once they were relatively clear of the people celebrating, Requiem would ask the men about themselves.

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Ri Brighte
Ri pouted, and grumbled something when his money was returned, doubtfully placing them back in his wallet, and stuffing that into his robe. He crossed his arms, and sighed, leaning his back on one of the shop's wooden poles- that mainly held it together- before he was, yet again, yelled at by the shopkeeper. With a surprised yelp, he stood, and muttered a few apologies, as his treat was angrily handed. Just to be sure, the mage took a few steps to the side, in case the man wanted to hit him with something.

As he took a bite out of his new-given treat, Ri looked between the three, and shrugged, "We can always just find a- What's it called? One of those shops where you can eat inside. At this time, they should be pretty quiet." He gave another shrug. "I don't think anyone's eaten anything yet, right?"

That being said, he followed the older man to the drink stall, and turned to its keeper. "I'll just have a lemonade, then." He spoke, with a grin, before turning back to the two, "So...If you're all a-okay with my idea, that place I mentioned is about two minutes from here, towards- " His pointed two fingers towards the middle part of the festival grounds, "-there."

Once his drink arrived, Ri would take hold of it, and start walking forwards, before breaking into a joyful jog. He turned his face to the group, thus running with his back, and gave them a wave, "Well, c'mon now! We'll decide on the way if you're still not happy!" He yelled out, before turning back to the road, and continuing his light jog. He couldn't run faster even if he wanted to, since those geta he was wearing greatly limited his speed. Plus, he didn't want to side-step and mess his foot up.

Once he'd reach the middle of the grounds, Ri would take a small sip from his tea, and look around, mainly wondering if the others had followed him or not.

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The company of four seemed to be on friendly terms, no one could have predicted that turn of events but at least it made them bond. Aurelion heard André introduce himself and with a smile Aurelion followed suit, keeping up the pace as they all headed to the refreshment stall. Aurelion ordered a strawberry lemonade, the tingling of the soursweet taste the drink left on his tongue made him remember the days when his mother would make it for him, savouring every sip he took.

The white-haired boy seemed to have some plans in mind, he suggested they all go to a place to eat just two minutes walk distance and it also being less crowded at this hour it would make the perfect place to sit, relax and have a talk. Aurelion agreed to that idea, thanking André with a smile for the drink he followed the young man.

"I did have a few bites with a friend of mine before, but there's always room for more!"Aurelion said and laughed. "After all with such great company the food will taste better as well." he said as he turned around to Requiem and André winking at them, then headed towards the young man as he stopped to take a sip of his refreshment and look whether the three others followed. Aurelion walked up to him and looked him in the eyes with a playful smile, "You know, there's something wrong here." he said making a dramatic pause. Seconds later, Aurelion swiftly placed his arm around the boy's shoulders and pulled his head towards him in a joyful manner "You haven't introduced yourself yet." he said with a chuckle, letting the man free moments later.

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André Nakhodka
Feeling grateful that his offer for the drinks have been accepted by the two, he hoped Requiem would follow the suit. Of course, people had their own values and ideas, so if she truly didn't want him to buy her a drink, he would not question it any further than a simple try. Paying for the drinks of the both boys, he watched the blonde one jog backwards, facing to them. Seeing him with such energy caused André to have a smiling, yet perplexed facial expression. Before he could say anything, the other boy followed the suit, making him can't help but feel like an odd one out with his age and demeanor.

So the blue haired boy's name was Aurelion. That sure was a fancy name, André thought, suiting a man as such he was. He didn't know the meaning behind the name, nor why he thought it was fitting. Perhaps because in his mind he had connected the idea of such a name with the elegant behavior of the young man.

The blonde boy's idea was definitively good. André hadn't noticed that he was trying to fill his empty stomach with drinks. The strawberry crepe had surely helped, but he really did want some other food as well, now that it was mentioned. He looked at Requiem to see if she was following and with a slightly faster pace, made it to the two boys. Looks like Aurelion had the same thought as him, given that he was curious about the blonde boy's name as well. Or was his hair color... white?

With one of his palms on the side of his head, André smiled at the two men, "I sure can go for some food," he told them. The festival was here to stay, and with such an energetic party, who knows what could happen in the following moments? "I think I want some grilled meat..." he pondered to himself, almost whispering.
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Requiem shot the stall keeper a look, her shadow deepening in anger for a moment before she once again was her usual sweet self. Having finished her crepe and started her tea, Requiem followed them towards the middle part where he had gone. She glanced behind herself to see if anyone else was following, and then turned back to the group, "That was entertaining."

She sat on a short wall, kicking her legs as she swayed side to side happily drinking. It had taken her a moment to realize that Andre was easily the oldest out of the four of them, not really relevant information but she mentally filed it away anyhow. She pulled her kimono back up as it almost slipped off her shoulder before putting on a thinking face, "hmm..grilled meat...cafe...." her stomach decided the matter for her by growling, "sounds like an idea" she said, smiling brightly. Aurelion and Andre brought attention to the fact that they still didn't know the white haired man's name. Come to think of it, she hadn't heard it either.

Requiem turned to face him, "let's see, if you two," she gestured to Andre and Aurelion, "your names start with the letter 'A'. So, does that mean your name," she pointed to the third one, "Does it start with an 'R'?"

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Ri Brighte
When the other mage slung his arm around his neck, Ri yelped, the grip on his drink almost slipping. He sighed in relief, and chuckled at almost-disaster, before his attention was caught by his words. He didn't even notice he hadn't given his name. He could have sworn he did. He didn't actually know when, but he could remember he said it. Maybe that was just in his mind. Keeping his smile, the mage was quite happy to give out his name to the group. After all, what's the worst that can happen? They send him to the depths of the underworld for knowing his name?

"Really? I didn't notice. Sorry. You can call me Ri." The blonde mage spoke, his smile never fading. He laughed with the other mage, clearly in a pretty good mood himself. As always, really.

"Also, that's a good guess, friend-o." He spoke, while taking a swing of his drink. "Don't know how you guessed that, but hey, I'm not one to question odds."

Unslinging himself from the other mage's grip, he began walking forwards, beckoning the three to follow him. And then he took another swing, gently shaking the container to see just how much he has left to drink.

Once they entered the shop, he looked around for an empty table, and once found, he made his way to it, letting his drink rest on the wooden surface, and turning to the others, "You all sit down, and I'll go order, alright?" He asked, with the same smile present on his face.

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So Ri was the boy's name, and Requiem seemed to have guessed the first letter correct, odd, Aurelion thought following Ri's comment on that, however Aurelion decided to not pursue it further seeing how Ri didn't mind himself. As the boy headed for the cafe and signaled the other to follow him, Aurelion backtracked a bit towards André, "Now that I noticed you seem to be the only one not wearing a kimono. Not a fan?" he asked softly with a slight smile, "In case you didn't have the time to get one we could go together and get you something nice." he said almost whispering to André. Whether he agreed or declined, Aurelion gave the man a wink and headed to the food cafe shortly after where the other two were waiting.

The place inside was beautifully decorated with all sorts of festival ornaments and Aurelion was finally relieved to have avoided the sun. Too much sunlight isn't good for the skin, he thought and slightly nod his head in agreement. Looking at Ri he now realized that the boy's hair is in fact blonde and not white as he initially thought, blaming the sun for that. Aurelion took a sit as designated by Ri and asked for a small size of whatever he was having thanking him in the process, admittedly he wasn't too hungry but he wanted the company more than anything. Turning his attention to the girl now he made a gesture and said, "Requiem come sit beside me, I want to ask you a few things if you don't mind.". He was caught off-guard by her lightining fast reflexes displayed outside and his curiosity had reached its zenith.

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André Nakhodka
With the pleasent aura still continuing, André constantly had one of his hands on the side of his head, a smile persistent on his face.

Smiling to the affirmative notion by the cat girl, he turned to the other once again and started to follow them. The chemistry between the Aurelion and Ri was quite nice to watch, and André couldn't help but once again think of his age. However, he also knew very well to not dwell on such matters, and quickly threw the idea off his head.

Entering the shop behind them, he was stopped and his wandering gaze was brought to attention by the blue haired boy. With his straw still in his mouth, with wide eyes, he was looking at Aurelion who questioned him on his kimono choices. Before he could even reply, the soft tone of the boy had flustered him, causing him to blow instead of suck, making bubbles in his drink. With a blushed face, he started to explain himself. "U-uh, yeah. I prefer such clothes like I'm wearing," he told the boy, and decided not to answer the other question, he didn't even know what to say, and thought that Aurelion was simply playing around.

On the table, he sat down across Aurelion, and would also be sitting across Requiem if she sat down next to him. He started to tap the table and rest his hand on his chin, looking at the two. Before that, he would tell Ri to get some grilled chicken and rice for him. Interested in what Aurelion had to ask to Requiem, he decided to stay quiet for now.
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Requiem laughed as Ri introduced himself and complimented her guess, "it was a bit of whimsy really. A balance of names." She was a bit afraid to tell him how she really guessed, that she had managed to see identification when he pulled his wallet out to pay. For some reason, people found that level of observation to be disconcerting. Still, if Ri was as friendly and carefree as he appeared to be, she might reveal her trick later in private. Or possibly sooner than that if things were going well.

She hopped off the wall and followed them into the cafe and took a seat next to Aurelion, carefully adjusting her clothes and tail to be comfortable. Out of habit, she sat in a way that allowed her to get a good view of the eatery, "a chicken salad sandwich for me please" She was curious to see what she could learn about her new friends, and she would start with the questions they asked. She might be a bit naive but she could tell that Aurelion wasn't romantically interested in her. If she was reading the cues right, he seemed to be more interested in the two men with them, takes all kinds, she thought to herself as she awaited her food. "What do you want to know?"

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Ri Brighte
As the others told him their wishes for what to eat, Ri mentally took a note of each. Seeing what everyone ordered, he felt a tad bad, seeing as they probably had eaten before he had. But, it was too late now, and he couldn't back down. He took a decision, he might as well stick with it.

That being said, he continued to smile, and he turned his back to the three, and headed for the counter, at which there wasn't only the shopkeeper. Next to him were three, or four, other employees who were manning the grilling racks, and trying to finish all of the orders already given to them.

"They seem stressed..." He muttered, looking at the crowd gathered around the "chefs". With a sigh, he stepped forwards, to near the counter, only for someone to get right in front of him, at the last second, and order in his place. He took a deep breath, not really wishing to cause a scene, but being stubborn enough to know that this was his turn, not his.

And so, as politely as his angry self could, he tapped the man's shoulder. Once. Twice. He took another deep breath as he saw he was ignored. As tall as he was, he was actually a bit surprised that he couldn't get the man's attention. Then again, they were about the same height.

"Excuse me, s-"

"Piss off."

Ri frowned. Well, that was rude. "Hey." The mage began, a forced smile forming on his face, "It wasn't. Your turn." Were his words, spoken through gritted teeth. Ignored, again. Alright, he'll be diplomatic, and not outright punch the man. He will not. He does not have anger issues, that is quite true, but even he can't not be angry at the sheer idiocy of this man in front of him.

Hell, if he was shorter, at least, he'd understand, but this guy genuinely seemed oblivious to Ri's appearance. He even turned his face towards him, and regarded him with a raised eyebrow, as if looking down on him.

With another deep sigh, Ri raised his hand, and tapped the man's shoulder. "Sir-"

And just like that, he found himself on the floor right after, with a throbbing cheek. The bastard. Punched him.

Oh, it was on.

The mage stood, cracking his neck, as he snapped his hand to the side, and let electricity gather around it.

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Aurelion was still a bit upset with André not having responded to his second question, but he was amused by his overall reaction, attempt one was a half success, let's see what I can do next, he thought and slightly chuckled as the man took a sit opposite of him. Now turning his attention to Requiem who accepted to sit beside him and answer his question he said, "I was really impressed by your quick reflexes Requiem, you don't see this every day. Not to mention your ears." he stopped and gave a light poke to her left ear, "Woah, so soft, they are so cute!" he exclaimed as his eyes brightened up. "So, what are you exactly, I don't think I've ever seen someone like you before." he continued while looking at her eyes.

Waiting for her answer Aurelion heard some noises coming from the order line. Ri seemed to be having some problems with another guy in the line and --that guy just punched him, he thought. Quickly standing up, Aurelion alerted the others of what happened and passing by Requiem and then André he came to a halt as he watched Ri standing up and gathering electricity to his hand, well I have my answer now, he thought, mage number two. "Are you ok Ri? Don't go overboard, he might only be a civilian." he said as he watched at Ri with a worried look, he still hadn't perfected his spells so he couldn't do much more than just observe.

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