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The Flowers Bloom [Social||Festival||Open]

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#26André Nakhodka 

on Wed May 02, 2018 9:57 am

André couldn't help but chuckle when he saw Aurelion touch Requiem's ears. The man deep down wanted to feel them himself, and seeing that Aurelion was kind enough to announce how soft they were was very welcomed in his book. For a few moments, he decided to look outside the window close to their table. Bunch of people walking from place to place, at the same time his ears would scan what was happening around him. Looking at the crowd-

The crowd..

"Ah, guess we are carbon copies after all."

A jolt from the other side of the shop made him jump and exit his thoughts. He quickly turned his gaze towards the source. Seeing Ri on the ground, and seeing Aurelion jumping into action immediately was enough for the man to realize something was wrong. Having a bit more stern face this time around, with a brisk pace he made it among the gathering crowd to see Ri from behind. His ears twitched at the sounds of crackling, and even behind him, he could see some sort of light. Aurelion warned the lightning mage.

However, André couldn't give any attention to him, for his eyes were locked on the tattoo on Ri's back, the tattoo of Lamia Scale, the same tattoo he had on his shoulder. "You are from Lamia Scale," André muttered. With a sense of comradeship growing within him, he walked next to Ri. "It is forbidden to ignore challenges in our guild, right?" He'd say winking. Taking off his flat cap, he would toss it to the site. He still had his gentle smile, but his eyes were now fierce. Saying nothing to the man, he turned to face him. His hands were already a triangle, ready to cast a shield to protect himself or most importantly, the others from harm.

Yet it seemed the man wasn't alone after all. Two other people, one of them a woman stood next to him. The lady had dirty looking brown hair that had stuck to her face, her eyes black, a leather-based attire of many belts around her waist gave her a scoundrel-like look. The other man had was short, but muscular. His head was bald, but his red beard was long.

"Well, then."
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on Wed May 02, 2018 4:04 pm

Requiem squeaked, purred and then blushed in that order as Aurelion rubbed her ears. She smiled shyly as she started to answer his question, "well, I'm a cultist superweapon that was rescued by a holy knight. Right now I'm working my way through the rune knights until I am strong enough to join the order of holy knights. It's been my dream since I was a little girl." She wiggled her ears, "I find being a Neko is rather helpful for my skill set." She frowned a moment before smiling again, "So enough about me, what about you-" a disturbance cut her off and she looked to see Ri readying his magic as Aurelion called out his warning.

She saw that the situation was devolving rapidly as a two on three fight appeared to be primed to break out. Requiem sighed, just once it would be nice to not have to bring work with her. She moved quickly between the two groups and held up her badge, "Alright, no one kill each other just yet. You," She pointed at the man that had knocked Ri over, "i just witnessed you assaulting someone. Now I'm feeling generous today so if you apologize and leave, I'll let it go." She made a sign with the hand holding the badge, ready to cast her magic at a moment's notice. Her shadow deepened as her ears lay flat against her head. Requiem hoped that the men and woman would accept the offer, but part of her knew that they would try to strong arm just because they could.

#28Ri Brighte 

on Thu May 03, 2018 1:03 am

Aurelion's words fell on deaf ears, as Ri watched the assaulter prepare for a fight as well. The electricity gathered around the hand, would now concentrate on his fist, but the mage didn't move. Yet.

Instead, his attention was gathered by the older man, who seemed to recognize the guild mark on his neck. His angry demeanor quickly changed, as he heard his words, and he nodded, a bright grin growing on his face.

"Yeah, you're right. It is."

As the attack was more and more delayed, the electricity continued to gather around his fist, becoming more and more powerful by the second. Suddenly, he stepped forwards, and sent his fist towards the "leader's" head. The electricity crackled as it neared the man's body with, well, lightning speed, hitting his forehead cleanly.

Despite that, it didn't seem to actually hurt the man that much. He stood still for but a few seconds, before shaking his head, and with gritted teeth, come back into a defensive position, quite ready to charge at both Ri and his ally.

That was, if the girl wouldn't have stepped in to diffuse the situation. All three looked at the girl, a bit surprised. Even Ri couldn't actually believe it. Who would've thought that his sweet girl was actually a law-keeper in disguise? Here's to hoping they won't be hauled off to whatever prison the Knights have in store for them.

He -could- just be exaggerating, but it's better to be prepared than not so. That being said, before the girl had stepped to stop the two, Ri was prepared to send another shock fist towards the bully, stopping in his tracks when she flashed her badge.

The three seemed to be glancing between each other, before one of them shrugged, and charged the feline-knight, hoping to smash his fist in her face. The other two followed, charging for the other mages.

By now, the other people, the innocent ones, stepped back. Some were calling for help, and some were inciting the fight. Hell, some were even placing bets.

Suffice to say, Ri was a bit disappointed that no one bet on him. He was a good fighter, damnit! At least he hoped, and thought, for the woman charging at him didn't seem to be thinking that. Without much time to actually react, Ri's face was, yet again, punched, sending him backwards, in a stumble.

He shook his head, to try and gather his thoughts, before he looked down at his feet. Those geta he was wearing will get really uncomfortable, and so, he threw them to the side, letting them slide in the audience. He brought his fists together, twice, as electricity began to gather around his arms. With a grin, he was ready to fight.

What the others did, was up to them.

Spells Used:
Name: Lightning Punch
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Lightning Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Lightning
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user quickly brings their hand to the side, as if they were cracking a whip, letting electricity form around it. It would then move on to their fist, before the user would send a concentrated electrical punch in their target's direction. If the sent bolt of electricity would hit, it would deal D-Rank shocking damage.

Name: Fists of Storm
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25 per Post
Requirements: Lightning Magic
Type: Self-Buff Strength
Element: Lightning
Range: 0 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user brings their fists together, before raising their hands in a defensive position. Electricity would envelop the whole limb, before they attack. The spell boosts the user's strength with the value of a D-Rank Buff.


on Thu May 03, 2018 3:47 am

Things were getting heated now, Ri and André seemed to be members of the Lamia Guild here in Orchidia and stood side by side ready to fight together, Requiem turned out to be some sort of cultist superweapon mixed with the Neko race and rescued by a Holy Knight and now seemed to belong to the Rune Knights. Just what is even going on, Aurelion thought with a distressed look in his eyes, and now the man had backup as well and decided to go against the authority of Requiem's badge, who in their right mind would go against the protectors of Fiore. At least it seemed that most of the civilians had evacuated the place, except some standing at the corner of the shop, they are placing bets on who is going to win, Aurelion thought, who in their right mind would do that, was it such a normal "thing" to see mages fight in the open, Aurelion questioned the civilians' actions but dispelling the thoughts in his head he now turned to the fight. This was his first time in a mage fight after the tragic incident with his mother, and despite him training his spells here and there he never got around to actually mastering one, it pained him not to be able to help his friends.

Requiem and André were in the process of being attacked with the members of the opposite team charging at them, and Ri seemed to have been served a punch in the face already, but wasn't out of the fight by any means. Aurelion admired the man for his strength and guts, watching him throw away his geta and getting ready for a real fight, Aurelion wanted to help them too but what would he be able to do.

His pendant inside the yukata shone with a blue light, taking it out he saw that the gem on it was the source of the glow. "Mother." he whispered as he could feel his head getting lighter by the moment. He could feel his mother's presence around him, his free holding the necklace itched like someone was touching it, holding it. The gift is yours, he heard in his thoughts, his eyes turned completely blue with now a touch of gold in the iris, letting out a radianting purple shine. Aurelion understood that something happened with his sight as it became blurry for a second, seeing now the two teams perfectly fine he realised they were standing still in place. Figures of blue and purple came out of them continuing the movement, the figure of the man attempting to hit Requiem suddenly changed direction heading for André instead, and the woman's figure appeared right behind Ri. Aurelion now understood, it was a moment of clarity, the same way his mother could peer into the future.

Aurelion blinked, his former sight returning, he had to warn them fast. "André, Requiem's guy is going to charge at you, Ri the woman will appear behind you!" he shouted at them, making sure he wasn't too loud for the opponents to hear him during their war cries.

#30André Nakhodka 

on Sat May 05, 2018 1:41 am

When he heard the best being placed all around, André's stern face suddenly became on of a lazy smile. "They are placing bets eeeh..." he mumbled before focusing in front of him. He watch Ri punch to the guy and hoped that would suffice, yet it seemed as if the man was merely tickled from his reaction. Feeling as if the situation might've been worse than he thought, and that the escape now was non existent, he decided to help the guys out.

From his peripheral vision, he saw a glint and heard Requiem, in a tone unfitting of her cute face. Much more serious, even dependable. However, when he realized what the badge was and what Requiem had said, his eyes narrowed. "A rune knight," he said out of the blue. While he didn't hate nor dislike the knights, his prejudice still existed for them. Deep down, he wanted to win this without her help.

At that moment, Ri was punched away, but he seemed to be fine, with electricity surrounding his fists. "Atta comrade..." André thought. He was happy to see someone of vigor that was on his side. Now being the closest to the guys, he quickly opened his arms from side to side to create his gypsum shield, and separated the teams. He then placed his fists together, seperated them and created his feldspar spear. Holding it with both hands, he heard Aurelion's cry from behind. He had no time to give it any thought, and decided to trust his new comrade. Spinning the spear as he got in between Requiem and the charging person, he hit them with the handle of the spear, causing them to fly to the opposite side for just a couple of meters. Still holding his spear, he quickly went behind the shield he wished to use as a barricade once again, he couldn't help but feel as if his body was supporting the shield further, sadly it wasn't the case.

He turned to Ri to see if he heard Aurelion's warning, but also had to make sure that he was in a good position. When the shield was hit once, and cracks opened on it, he turned to face it. Now they couldn't come directly from front of them. The shield would not stand another hit. At least however, they could only come from the sides of the shield, except for the woman, who would, apparently, appear behind Ri.

André gritted his teeth.

Used Spells:
Name: Feldspar: Spear
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Mineral Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Earth
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post 
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user puts his fists side by side as if holding something and quickly pull them apart to create a feldspar spear that is 1.30 meters, the handle being 1 meter and the blade being 30 centimeters. As well as using it as a melee weapon, the user can also throw the spear with a max range of 5 meters. As long as the spell is sustained and the spear is within the range, the user can pick it up. The spear deals D-Rank piercing damage and has the durability of D-Rank.

Name: Gypsum: Shield
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Mineral Magic
Type: Defensive
Element: Earth
Range: Self
Cooldown: 1 Post 
Duration: Instant
[quote]Effect: Making a triangle with his fingers, the user creates a thin, circular gypsum shield in front of them with a diameter of 1 meters. The shield can take up to C-Rank damage.
For the people!


on Sat May 05, 2018 6:31 am

Aaannnd of course these people would want to fight. Requiem pocketed her badge and cast Danse Macebre 1st verse, turning into a shadow as the man charged her. She was surprised to see Andre get between them and block the attack and then strike at the man.

Hearing Aurelion's warning to Ri, she dashed towards him and knee stomped the woman right as she appeared, "just once. Would it kill you people to surrender just once? You do realize it costs more to resist right?" She really didn't like using her magic for extended periods of time and dropped the Danse quickly as she spun and back kicked the woman a few feet. Requiem was glad she wore pants under her kimono as she stood ready to strike again.

The woman got back up with a psychotic smile, "heeeeeere kitty kitty kitty" the creepy lady said in a sing song voice. Requiem jumped forward with a spin kick followed up by a leg sweep and an axe kick. Her opponent managed to avoid the worst of the blows but ended up off balance, "seriously. Just surrender." Requiem unsheathed her claws and took a defensive stance, "this is your final warning." If these people kept fighting, she'd have to get serious about this.

spells cast:
Name: Danse Macabre-1st Verse
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Azrael's Magic
Type: Self Buff- Speed
Element: Darkness
Range: self
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: D-rank speed buff. Requiem makes a hand sign and turns into a shadow, thus making her faster.

#32Ri Brighte 

on Sun May 06, 2018 10:58 am

A few thoughts ran through Ri's head at that time. One, what did the mage just say? Second, where did the girl just go? And third, what is that Aurelion guy doing?

Swiftly turning his head to the boy, to see what happened to him, Ri's eyes were met with that of the earlier thug-like woman. So, she teleported behind him? It seemed quite personal. Maybe he said something to strike a cord, or something of the sorts. But that didn't matter, for the lightning mage drew his electric-empowered arm back, and sent it towards her newly-appeared face. This, thankfully, was done in conjunction with the Rune Knight's own attack, sending her backwards. Even the burn on her face didn't seem to affect her, and Ri wondered how she still stood, and managed to avoid the feline-woman's movements. He sniffed, mostly in anger, when she managed to avoid her powerful hits. But- When he saw that her footing was off, he suddenly slammed his foot in the ground. Pushing himself forwards, he used his electricity to send him faster in the woman's direction, his fist ready to hit her.

"Screw! You!" He yelled, as his flying body hit her face cleanly, sending her toppling backwards, and making her slam into one of the tables, some of the people around it taking a few steps to the side, to get out of her way. Some more left, in hopes of not getting hurt.

Ri stumbled forwards himself, and panted, shaking his hand in pain. This was no good for his wrists. He'd have to work on them a lot more. But not now. -Now-, he needed to help his friends. Or, rather, acquaintances. But, he liked to refer to them as friends, seeing that they were now fighting off a small gang, in a bar.

The mage then turned to the others, still panting, as the crackling electricity began to dissipate from his arms. Unfortunately for him, the intense current caused some ripples in the sleeves of his yukata, and he'd have to sew this back together. In the guild hall. Not now.

With that said! The mage's eyes laid on the remaining bully's, one who was hurting his guild-mate. Well, trying to, for the shield wouldn't let him pass.

"Andre!" He yelled, to get the man to pay attention to him. In just one split of a second, he found himself near a table, and he grabbed a plate, "Shield down! Now!" He yelled, and quite foolishly so, threw the plate for the assaulter's direction. In theory, it should slam in his face -or really- anything that was the man's person, and disorient him enough for the earth-type mage to finish him off.


on Tue May 08, 2018 3:35 am

Aurelion was glad his new friends were out of harm's way, he was still a bit dazed from what occurred and was also confused as to how that happened. Maybe it's true that she hasn't left my side, he thought as he was reminded of hearing his mother's voice a couple of minutes ago. Shaking his head he tried to focus on the fight, now it wasn't the time for thinking, it was time for actions.

Looking how his three allies would handle the two out of the three enemies he decided to run past them through the chaos that was now taking place and managed to reach close to the third guy without him noticing. Looking at him closer he realised his eyes were shut and he was chanting in some language Aurelion never heard before. Scanning the area around him for something useful, he hastily went to the counter to search for something heavy. The others had now knocked the woman unconscious and were focusing on the guy in the middle, trying to assault André. Aurelion was impressed by them, they all possessed such strength and vigor, and their magic seemed to be on point, Aurelion decided to not let his own gift go to waste anymore. After the festival he would get the training required for him to be useful in fights like these.

Having made it to the counter, he leaned over it and saw the shopkeeper hiding underneath it "Oh good day, I'm gonna need to borrow something heavy for a little bit." Aurelion said and smiled at the person, he looked at him scared to death while pointing at a heavy looking vase. "Ah perfect, thank you!" he exclaimed in a singing tone and went to get the vase. Moments later he approached the man -still chanting- from behind and lifting the vase, he smacked the guy with all his strength on the head. The man fell down seemingly unconscious, "That serves you right, chanting your mystical mumbo jumbo and being all sneaky." he said as he went looking for another heavy item, gotta make sure he stays unconscious, he thought.

#34André Nakhodka 

on Sun May 13, 2018 1:10 am

Only following the happenings around him with his ears, André's main focus was the guy behind his shield, the one he held on with his body. Requiem and Ri were handling the teleporting woman. At the finesse of his guild-mate, he let out a cheer but then quickly got his worried face back when the shield behind him shook once. When he had returned, he was looking at Ri who yelled at him to put the shield down. "Shield down?" André asked him. Well hey, you never knew what people were thinking.

"Ouuuukaaaaaaaaay" he said while he pushed his heels to the ground, his back and palms still pressed to the shield that was pretty much done anyway and started to fall down along with the shield. When he fell down, the shield crumbled and all that remained was André with a now dirty shirt, on the ground looking at... Aurelion? Well, his vision was upside down since he was on the ground, arms and legs sprawled. Aurelion was holding a vase and scolding the man. Letting out a very bold laugh because of his strained body position, "Hell yeah!" he cheered while doing a fist pump, a very slow one. "Ya can do a lot... without magic..." he mumbled and his arm fell on the floor, his eyes were leaking sleep. But then, a plate flew on top of him towards where the guy used to be. "Oh. Oh no," he thought.
n o t h i n g p e r s o n n e l l k i d
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on Sun May 13, 2018 5:16 am

Requiem pulled out two pair of cuffs off her belt. One she snapped onto the woman and the other on the man who was most likely concussed in the most cliche way possible. Not that she was complaining, idiots like this made her paycheck. Still, there was dumbass number three who managed to dodge the plate with rediculous flair and taunted the mages, "you couldn't hit the broad side of a barn" he called out as he landed on his feet. Requiem felt her eye twitch. Really? Really? Who says that anymore? She silently walked up behind him and swept his legs out from under him while at the same time wrapping her legs around his ribs and her arm around his neck. Everything he man moved or exhaled, she would tighten her legs until he couldn't get air into his lungs. Should the basted prove too stubborn to go to sleep that way, her choke hold would restrict his ability to breathe as well.

The man bucked about in a panic as his breathing became shallow and ragged before he finally stopped and lay limp. Requiem slowly got up and checked his pulse, still alive, "if someone has a rope or something, I kinda need it." The shopkeeper handed her a decent length and she hogtied the final thug in time for the local law enforcement to come and cart them off. With the excitement over, Requiem went back to her new friends, "that was fun."

#36Ri Brighte 

on Mon May 14, 2018 11:48 am

Seeing his amazing plan crumble to pieces, Ri's face only showed annoyance. With that said, once he started actually taunting, Ri's face turned from a light shade of pink to a dark red, his fists already charging up with enough electricity to down a mammoth. Well, that was an exaggeration. For the spark of electricity was actually enough to down a man.

But, thankfully, he didn't have to use any of his magical abilities, for the "police-girl" had it all covered. Seeing the brutish man now in a neck-hold, and almost passed out, Ri's eyes lay on the older member of his guild, now sprawled on the floor, and he quickly moved to him, extending a hand to help him up. Accepted or not, Ri smiled either way, then turning his attention to the guards. He muttered a few curses. In all truth, he was a bit paranoid about the whole situation. From their view- And he didn't blame them- it looked like a bunch of mages just decided to attack each other, and given that one side of the fighters was on the floor, unconscious, Ri knew that they were next to he interrogated.

Thankfully, it didn't come to that, and the electricity-based mage gave a sigh of relief. Once the guards exited the restaurant, he went to gather his geta, and put them back on his feet, before turning back to the restaurant. As one would expect, there was a large mess left behind them. Two tables were broken, one of the pillars holding up the shop was almost destroyed, and people generally just went outside, seeing that the main event was over.

Ri sucked in a quick breath, as he realized the extent that their fight had taken. By now, he'd know that he would at least be banned from this restaurant. With a sigh, he turned to his "maties"

"So." He began, with a bit of panic in his expression and voice, but with a comical smile plastered over his face, "Where to now?"


on Sat May 19, 2018 11:39 am

Aurelion felt relieved that the fight was finally over, with the last thug restrained and subsequently all of them being given to the instruments of law, he sighed as he run his fingers through his hair. Turning his head and looking at what happened around him, with the shop being all torn up, with broken tables and chairs and all kinds of items thrown all over the place he finally turned to his three new friends "Quite the fight, huh." he smiled before bursting into laughter. He had just realised how comical his actions were, hitting someone with a vase and whatnot, his eye had caught André doing a slow fist bump from the ground after he hit that man with the vase and was now returning it with a wink towards him. "I never had that much fun fighting before, never thought that a mage could be this exciting." he said with with his eyes sparkling from excitement.

Aurelion walked towards the three of them and praised each one for their outstanding capabalities, smiling and shaking their hands. Aurelion heard Ri mention what they should do now, or rather where they should go, now that the fight was over and the shop seemed to be in shambles they would surely have to find another place to host their company of four. However, before replying Aurelion turned and looked at the shopkeeper, the poor thing was still trembling and was looking around his shop with fear in his eyes. Surely there were a lot of mage fights but when ones property was damaged even the owners couldn't bare it. For that, Aurelion decided to stay behind and help the owner repair his shop, or at least to the extend he was capable of, explaining the situation he thanked the others for spending time with him and gave each a heartwarming smile, bidding them farewell as they were deciding on their next destination.


#38André Nakhodka 

on Wed May 23, 2018 12:13 am

Getting up from the ground and starting to dust himself, he heard his new friends talking. Joining along with Aurelion's laugh, he smiled at each of them once. His eyes met with the orange sky outside and he realized how tired he had been since the morning. Seeing how late it was getting, he decided that he probably shouldn't have joined anything else that the three would do. "You should contact me some time Ri," he said to his guild mate. "We should hang out again, all of us."

He looked at Aurelion who had decided to stay with the shop owner, desiring the same thing himself, he felt a tinge of guilt when he realized that he really had to go. He didn't like being outside after twilight. "I think... I'm done for today," he said, looking at his reflection from a nearby wine bottle. He was a mess. Stretching, he patted Aurelion and Requiem on his way out and took his flat cap, slammed it against a wooden support pillar to dust it of and doing a small salute at the group, left the restaurant.

However, the twilight had other plans for her. Walking while whistling, he saw a woman approach from the other side of the road. Why were the cities so empty? His black eyes and her blue eyes met for a second.


on Thu May 31, 2018 11:32 am

Requiem watched as the two men took their leave, herself and Ri being the only ones still together. In response to his question, Requiem thought for a moment before pointing, "We could find a bar to fight in" She smiled impishly before continuing, "although I think a less violent idea would be to go see what other things are going on."

She would follow Ri if he chose to lead the way and asked, "so what led to you being a mage?" She kept an eye out for any other shenanigans related to magic, occasionally stepping over to people being overly careless with their magical abilities and giving them a stern reminder of how easily it could backfire or go out of control. For the most part, people were rather happy other than the three wannabe thugs back at the cafe. This day was actually shaping up nicely.

#40Ri Brighte 

on Sun Jun 03, 2018 8:56 am

The young mage laughed at the girl's first words, giving a sheepish glance around the room. He wouldn't want to fight again, that's for sure. Not that it wasn't fun, because it kind of was, but it meant either helping or buying the man's equipment. It didn't seem fair to just ruin bar after bar in petty fights. So, with a shake of his head, he shrugged, his eyes falling on the two who remained behind to help the shop keeper clean after them. "I guess I'll stay back too. It's only fair after all. I started the fight, more or less, so I might as well clean after myself."

With a small smile, he began moving around the place, picking up broken pieces of furniture and throwing them away. The girl's next words broke him from his trance and he only shrugged, "Nothing, really. I just- kind of became one, I guess. My dad taught me magic." Another quick shrug, and he was back to work.

For the three of them, four if the girl decided to join, it wouldn't take long to clean the place, and bring it back to its normal self, clean and shiny just as it was before they arrived. Ri would have gone home with a smile on his face that night, glad that he found enough allies -or friends- that he had a good time at the festival.

The day passed so quickly, yet it felt like he spent an entire month with the three.


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