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Mid night snack [espy]

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on Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:02 pm

"A lover? The twins mentioned you didn't even know what romance was till recently, you certainly grow up fast." Shalltear stated with a hint of amusement in her voice, yet as she looked up at the sky at his question she wondered for a moment. "In a way it had its beauty, although I have left it many years ago. Ever since I started serving Master Asmodeus I have either wandered the abyss or Fiore, so I can't say if things are still the same in my homeland."

Still, his ominous words about the encroaching battle made her expression soften a little. At least he wasn't naive or delusional about the nature of the upcoming war, that might increase his chances for survival. "Either way, it's unfortunate that Master Asmodeus has commanded me elsewhere and that neither I or the twins can fight by her side tomorrow. She has commanded us on separate tasks, and only Sebastian will be at her side tomorrow, so if you were genuine about your words you better prove yourself out there tomorrow. This will be your chance to show the master just how much potential you truly possess within that mortal vessel of yours."


on Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:58 am

"I don't know much about all that, but I read something like that in a book. It was pretty odd how the guy in the book kept talking to the woman but didn't say a thing about fighting all they did was cry and kiss and stuff." he shrugged a he began to swing his legs, he looked up at the night sky, eyes still fixated on its beauty. "You know, the night sky is only the second most beautiful thing out here tonight." he turned to face her, "Let's forget the battle just for a moment and talk as acquaintances. Even more than we've already have. This may be the last you see of me after all." he smiled at her and patted the seat next to him. She seemed bent on Asmo's power lust, or whatever was happening.

He rubbed his hands together and smiled weakly at her, "Plus you know the twins? Do you know where they are now?" he tilted his head, he had wondered where they were, where everyone was. He was only in his little hubble most days he didn't have a clue there was anyone else living in the place at the moment.


on Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:26 pm

Shalltear raised a hand to her cheek, seemingly not entirely sure what to think about Baron's remark about the whole romance bit, but for the time being she decided to put it to the back of her mind, instead deciding to answer his question about the whereabouts of the twins. "They are searching for a certain servant of Master Asmodeus who is still missing." The vampire explained as she calmly took a seat beside Fenrir to look up at the night sky that he was observing.

"Of course I know the twins, all of us been serving Master Asmodeus even before you were born~" The vampire mused softly, seemingly amused at the conversation while she looked away from the sky and back at him. "Although some of us are spread out across the world to do the Master's will. Demiurge for example is in a distant land searching for something, while Cocytus is wandering Fiore, it's the latter who the twins are trying to find currently." Yet after a moment of consideration she lightly swung her legs before the bench and hummed softly. "Besides, I doubt this will be the last we'll see of you~ Call it the sixth sense of a woman~"


on Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:29 pm

He was unsure what to make of this, if he died that would be one thing but what would happen to his dreams? Would he dream if he died? How scary it was to think about such things. Without so much as a word he hunched over and looked over at her. She seemed sure he wouldn’t die… He wasn’t sure himself, this would be quite an interesting event if he played his cars alright. There was so much at stake, if he didn’t fight hard enough or he didn’t try hard enough he’d die. How terrifying, that would mean he’d likely be in serious trouble if he didn’t take it seriously.

Fenrir closed his eyes, “Woman’s sixth sense ey?” he questioned as he ran his fingers through his hair. That was even scarier than the oncoming war if anything… How could she be so certain? Sure he wanted to fulfil the legends but they seemed more sure of his gaining the ability more than he was. It wasn’t that he wasn’t confident in gaining the abilities but there was a slight fear looming in his heart that he may not make it to see the next day after the war… He’d never see another sunset he wouldn’t see any more stars.


on Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:37 pm

"Hmm~" Noticing the dejected reaction of Fenrir Shalltear was sure he must have been nervous for the upcoming war. It was understandable, in the end, not everyone was the type of person who could fearlessly march into a conflict knowing they might not live to see the end. Then again, it would be problematic for her master if Fenrir became overtaken by fear during the war, or worse if he perished during the battle. Perhaps a little incentive could help him gain courage? Suddenly shuffling closer she leaned toward Fenrir and gently tried to kiss his cheek. A simple and innocent kiss before she leaned back, a finger raised to her lips as she mused softly. "Consider it a good luck charm~"

Shalltear mused out loud while she took a few steps forward before turning around to face Fenrir once more, leaning forwards while the light of the moon shone down upon her, giving her a surprising unnatural beauty. "And an incentive for surviving the upcoming war~ Let's see... if you survive the battle and prove yourself to be useful to Asmodeus I will go on a date with you~ maybe even do those things that you read about in those books at the library."

A playful wink followed as she turned around and said with a smile. "Good night Fenrir~"


on Wed Feb 07, 2018 4:58 pm

He wasn't sure what she meant by a date as he didn't quite know what that meant. Maybe she meant like some sort of food? In that case if she was treating him he'd love to go get dates! If that was the case he would try to go to war with a lot more confidence! He was going to get food for fighting! That was awesome! He had to fight hard in that case! For the food! For the honor! The glory even. The glory in food. He rubbed his stomach at the thought of what she might give him. Yummy food, yummy, yummy.

When she kissed his cheek he tilted his head confused by the gesture. He had no idea what was the meaning of such a thing but it made him feel a bit warm that was for certain. He placed a hand where she had kissed him and smiled as she walked away. "Good night." he chuckled as he held his head down... "War..." his tone changed, this was his chance to change for the better, but that was it, what if he fought someone who was too strong for him? He didn't want to be out of his league not yet...

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