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Mid night snack [espy]

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on Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:50 pm

Fenrir was alone tonight on his way back to Espy’s place. He wasn’t sure what he was doing out so late, but he was in the mood for a rice bowl and some noodles. There was a perfect little noodle stand on the way from the gym to her home so he decided to make a moderate pace. The street he was on was bathed in moonlight, the waning moon was peeking over the buildings. With two bags in hand, one full of noodle boxes three or four to be exact, on top of those were a couple of tupperwares full of rice. It was such a good haul he couldn’t believe he got so much for so cheap! And then out of kindness the old man that ran the stand gave him a bottle of booze for the heck of it! He didn’t drink but the complimentary item was well welcome!

He rubbed his hands together and smiled to himself. For a while he’d whistle a tone before turning down an alleyway, “The inn should be around here somewhere…” he cleared his throat and continued to walk on, for a moment he began to feel like he was a tad lost. With a yawn escaping his lips he looked up at the sky, the stars twinkling in the sky, but his nimbus had gone missing…


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:05 pm

It was supposed to be a peaceful evening, and yet something felt off as Fenrir walked down the streets. The area he was in was oddly abandoned, not a single soul was outside and a crescent moon shone outside. When the young man turned down an alleyway and entered a small plaza surrounded by several large buildings he would discover why soon enough.

"Nonono, don't, please don't!"

A voice screamed in fear as Fernir would likely hear a soft splash beneath his feet, a look downwards confirming he had just stepped in a puddle of blood that was right next to a lifeless cloaked body. A feminine voice came from deeper inside "I merely wanted an answer~ Let's see if you can give me what I desire~" A beautiful noblewoman stood above another cloaked figure, making the stranger squirm in fear "I-I-I can't tell you who send me-" The noblewoman's lips curved slightly as she raised a hand to the man's throat, a stream of red liquid wrapping around the man's throat and pulled him upwards. "If you can't tell me then you hold no use for me~" A light clench of her hand followed as the liquid tied around his neck like a rope when after a moment his head exploded!

With a heavy thud, the limp corpse of the man collapsed onto the ground as she turned toward Fenrir. "Hmm? An unexpected guest~"


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:17 pm

Soon he would feel something wet beneath his feet as he walked, he stopped in his tracks to analyze what it was. "Water?" he narrowed his eyes, soon it would pool around his feet. His brows furrowed, what on earth could have happened? The place was abandoned, this wasn't where the inn was... He continued to walk before a woman's voice would catch his attention. He followed closely to it and followed the blood trail bags still in hand before he saw the horrific sight between the three. There was a body, a woman, and a cloak. One was in the air, another was lifeless, and the woman she seemed spotless save for all of the blood.

"What on earth..." he mumbled the words in shock just before the explosion of the victim's cranium made him jump. He nearly dropped his bags the burst caught him so off guard. He didn't know what to say or do he could only stare at the carnage, "Y-you killed those men." he cleared his throat before stepping back, why was he so afraid? He should have wanted to see someone so.... Scary yet he couldn't do anything as his legs became paralyzed with fear.



on Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:27 pm

The noblewoman tilted her head lightly to the side seemingly slightly bewildered. "Of course I did, they attacked someone very dear to me, so I retaliated in the same fashion~"

The lady's eyes gave an eerie red glow as she raised a hand to him, a come-hinter gesture when suddenly the blood beneath his feet stirred, swooping backward as a sudden force would try to make him stagger forwards while she hummed in amusement. "Is this your first time seeing Blood Magic? I thought that by now human society had somewhat grown used to our existence. Then again, I guess it's understandable that one like yourself gets frightened in the face of such power."

A step was made into Fenrir's direction as she leaned forward toward him, inquiring with a hint of curiosity. "Do you have a name Boya?" Yet at the same time, she seemingly looked straight into his eyes, a spark of curiosity in her eyes. "Hmm, your face is somewhat familiar..."

Curious, could this person be someone who actually knew Fenrir? It was peculiar how despite her cruel attitude moments ago she was now displaying such a social and flirtatious personality! Most peculiar indeed...


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:34 pm

His eyebrows twitched as anxiety took the Lycan, how could she have killed them with no remorse? Not even a sliver of regret in her form. He didn't know what to do, he couldn't run his legs felt heavy. He tried his best to back away but instead he had only found himself taking one step. Why was he so afraid? He hadn't even feared Asmo this much yet here he was trying his best not to faint. What was she going to do with him? Kill him? Beat him? Oh no... Before he could get a second word in he fell forward blood shifting before his feet and sending him into her.

He was on his knees at his point as he looked up at her, "M-my name is, m-m-my name is Fen, Fenrir." he cleared his throat as he tried his best to advert her gaze, a bead of sweat creeped down his jaw as he tried his hardest to not look any more or anyless frightened. He wanted to look neutral at the least but there was something off putting about her. She made him scared, he wanted to run but now he was down at her mercy.


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:47 pm

"Fen...rir?" The name rolled over her tongue as she pondered softly, seemingly fascinated by it before she shook her head lightly in response. "I heard about that name before~ Master Asmodeus' new pet hmm? However, I never knew you were such a coward."

A step backwards was made while she provided him with a playful curtsy. "My name is Shalltear Bloodfallen, the guardian of the First, Second and Third floors of Asmodeus' Dominion. and as one of her servants I will consider it my duty to whip the cowardice out of you~"

It seemed she meant literally, because she raised a hand lightly upwards into the air, a stream of blood manifesting from the corpse she had slain earlier when without any warning it molded into the shape of a large whip that lashed at Fenrir's back!

"I don't understand why the master keeps you at her side. A coward... a weakling like you? Even if you possess the potential of the Saiyajin you're way too insignificant to hold any use for our master!"

Another lash of the whip was made. "So" another lash followed "Why does Master Asmodeus" Another lash when finally she glared down at him "Care about vermin like you?!"

Yet little could Fenrir have known that seated behind the cover of the curtains of a certain pair of windows a obsidian-haired demon lord was watching the spectacle...


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:56 pm

Before he could do so much as speak the corpse had become briefly animated before its crimson essence would form a whip in the vampire's hand. Just as he opened his mouth to speak he was whipped across his back the lash causing him to groan for a moment with pain. "Hey!" he finally cried out as he dropped his bags at either side of him. Before he could protest he was whipped again, and again, ruthlessly she whipped him as marks began to form, reddened skin beginning to turn into wounds.

He was on all fours at this point as he tried his best to shake the fear, "STOP!" he looked up at her with intense glaring eyes, "And I'm not vermin! My name is Fenrir and I'm just as good a servant as you!" he stood up and caught the whip before she could give him another slash. He coiled it around his hands as he erected himself at full height. He wouldn't let go no matter what she did, even if she collected another whip he'd stand and look at her with a sternness he hadn't even shown Esperia.

"And... Even if I am a pet, I'll be the best darn pet I can be! now stop whipping me!"


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 6:03 pm

A hand raised to Asmodeus's chin as she seemingly pondered something about the actions Fenrir did just now, the elderly butler busy serving her tea. "Forgive my insolence Master Asmodeus, but why did you send out Shalltear to test him?" The Demon Lord's lips curved up slightly as she explained with a hint of amusement in her tone. "While Shalltear's moment to shine has yet to come, she already has her use, and so does Baron... I need to instill within him the desire to fight, the desire to survive. For those things will be the start of his desire to win, and then he'll be a step closer to obtaining the means to become a Saiyajin."

Meanwhile Fenrir had narrowly caught the whin and glared at her, making Shalltear briefly stagger backwards in surprise as the whip dematerialized. "Don't get cocky now!" A sudden sweep of her leg was made in an attempt to connect it to the man's cheek, that if it connected would likely make him fly a few meters backward while she glared at him. "Don't you dare compare yourself to us! We have served her for countless years! You weren't there to fight for her during the war, nor were you there when she was betrayed, or when we worked diligently to bring forth her revival!"

The noblewoman's eyes narrowed as she raised her arms into what seemed to be a martial arts stance, declaring in a firm tone. "If you truly believe yourself to be our equal, then show that you at least possess the power to be a pet of hers!"


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 6:14 pm

The blood of the whip dematerialized in his grip but his glare wouldn't change. Instead of backing down he kept his fist up and squatted into a fighting stance as he waited for her angered approach. When he realized she wasn't playing around he raised his right shoulder, bicep and forearm working to protect him from the blow as he shielded the side of his head. While her kick was fierce he bough himself an opening as he took a hold of her leg as it was still likely raised from the sweeping motion. With that he coiled his right arm around her kicking leg and took a firm grip.

"What's your problem! I'm not trying to be like you! I just want to help!" with that, if she didn't jerk herself free he'd begin to spin her around in a perfect circle his own leg spinning about the other propelling it around as he spun on and on at least ten times before releasing her sending her a good two or three meters away before he'd collect himself.

"I don't want to fight you, nor do I want to intrude, but if you leave me no choice I'll calm you down somehow."


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 6:39 pm

Fenrir's grapple of her leg worked, or perhaps it seems she was willingly getting herself thrown? As she was tossed several meters away she raised a hand into the air, creating what appeared to be five large crimson pikes made of blood, raining down upon the man. "Let's see if that's something you can do, if you intend to get serious you better show more bite than bark!"

A momentary pause followed while the noblewoman waited to see what the man would do. Meanwhile, Asmodeus raised a hand to her cheek, tapping her finger lightly against it. "Hmm~ Let's see... I think if he fights seriously we might see an entertaining spectacle."

The Demon Lord was musing softly, clearly interested to see how Fenrir would deal with the fight against the blood-manipulated noblewoman. The noblewoman lifted a hand to the side of her body, seemingly preparing some sort of spell.

She was a bit curious to see what type of strength this man had waiting. "Do you truly think he wields the dormant power of a Saiyajin?" Sebastian's inquiry made the Demon Lord's lips curve up into a grin. "Perhaps~ I guess we'll see soon."


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 6:46 pm

Once he got some separation from her he fell back into stance, just as he did so his muscles expanded and his maw broadened, he had turned into his Lycan form. Now he was serious, or at the very least he was about to get serious with her. He clenched his fist and doubled his presence. He was so much stronger in this form, there was enough for him to get there or at least enough to try and face off with her properly. She summoned a weapon, he smiled at her and focused his mind on the battle. It seemed he'd be fighting on two fronts one in his mind the other being the woman before him.

"Grr..." he narrowed his eyes at her and nodded at her, "I'll have you calm down then." his banted cut off by the falling pikes. He tried his best to dodge them, each one after another making close calls at his back and arms. As all fight fell and settled he looked at her. Taking one in his hand he'd grab hold and pull it from the ground and at her, the others making him struggle to move however thus he'd have to hop toss it at her before slipping out of the pikes. He looked undamaged, but he had taken a scrape to his back where he was already whipped, blood pouring down his side.


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 6:54 pm

The injury on the Lycan's back didn't go unnoticed, and yet it would take a moment for her to carry out her plan. Fenrir had skillfully dodged most of the falling pikes, yet the sight of him grabbing a hold of one and toss it had her would cause a rather unexpected result: that being the fact that the blood pike dissolved into liquid once more, splashing against her face and clothes and making her expression distort slightly into a look of pure rage.

A light clench of her fist caused the blood on Baron's back that was dripping sideways to turn into tendrils, coiling around his arms in an attempt to restrain him while at the same time Shalltear raised a hand sideways, her hand seemingly having shifted from its graceful look into a more claw-like nature as she darted forwards, claw raised into the air as she swooped it down at Baron's chest, a flurry of slashes following in a swift left to right pattern.

Meanwhile, inside the nearby room, Asmodeus rose from her seat, gesturing at the butler. "Sebastian, be a dear and get us a bucket please." Now to see how the fight would go...


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 6:59 pm

She was full of surprises, he ruined her dress her face turning into one of rage and anger. He backed away from her shaking his head, "You just won't give up, fine i'll-" before he could speak the blood at his back had shapened into tendrils wrapping around his arms leaving him mostly defenseless, in any case he still had his teeth anyway. He hunched over and dashed at her, her hand raised the claw struck him across his chest, he wailed aloud but roared at her with a deafening bark. With that he'd continue to charge and made a go at the collar of her shirt sinking his teeth into the silk and tearing away at it before be would fall back the pain in his chest becoming all too real.

With a mouthful of fabric he tried his best to wriggle onto his knees to get back up to face her. There was no fighting her, he wanted to desperate to defend himself but he refused to kill her. With all of his might he wouldn't fight her back, he had nearly made a go at her neck but instead tore her shirt open instead by mistake though it was also to keep on his feet


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:14 pm

Unfortunately for Fenrir it seemed Shalltear's rage was consuming her mind, her hand pulled back to form a rather dangerous looking red lance when a sudden unexpected change in events happened. A torrent of water poured down from above Shalltear, soaking her in water as two figures emerged between the two of them. Sebastian had punched the red lance away and extended a hand to Fenrir's chest to halt him while Asmodeus raised a hand to Shalltear, a gesture at her torn top. "Shalltear~ I thought you were more elegant than that, to show your naked bust without any reservations."

Asmodeus' words caused Shalltear' face to turn red in embarrassment while Asmodeus lightly pulled a blanket around the woman. "You'll have to excuse her little outburst Fenrir, Shalltear gets to get a bit violent when she is soaked in blood~ But I'm sure you'll understand how tough it is to control one's rage, isn't that so?"

Sebastian had raised a towel from his arm toward Fenrir, seemingly offering it to him to help him wipe off his sweat and blood. "Now, let's get somewhere more comfortable than an outside plaza filled with corpses, shall we?"

For now it seemed she was quite a timely arrival, wasn't she?


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:31 pm

Fenrir was certain his life was over he couldn't get up in time his chest was aching he needed to get up and fight before she killed him. Sadly for him when he attempted to fight back he was only recoiled by the pain in his back this was it she was going to really kill him. He tightened his eyes and widened his maw again to at least try to take a bite out of her as he went down. Though, before they could battle. She was stopped, the pike out of her hands and in the air. Seb and Asmo were here.

She had dumped a bucket of water on the blood covered vampire's head. She seemed to calm down not long after and while Asmo spoke Fenrir took the towel after breaking the tendrils. With that he reverted back into his normal state and wiped the blood off of his face. She had gotten him good in his back and it wasn't a pretty sight. He held on to himself as he smiled at the demon lord and butler, "Thank you both for intervening." he nodded as he continued on. "Sure, that'd be nice, though I do have food to put away." he walked back over to his bag. His shirt was gone, the pikes had torn it loose revealing his newly scarred form.


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:39 pm

Asmodeus smiled briefly as Fenrir picked up the bag of food, meanwhile, Shalltear and Sebastian were busy talking to one another, yet by the time Fenrir had turned back to the group the vampire had already disappeared, leaving the man likely to wonder just what in the world had happened. Asmodeus however gently waved a hand at the man for him to follow her. "So~ Let's go and talk for a bit while Sebastian goes to get you a new shirt, shall we?"

Asmodeus motioned for the man to follow her, leading him into the room they were in before and with a light wave of her hand beckoned for him to take a seat across the table while she took her own seat. "As you have likely become aware already, Shalltear was testing your resolve. In this upcoming war you'll obviously need a certain thing if you wish to live: The will to survive. If you are too afraid to fight, you'd just end up dead."

The demon lord mused softly while she gently leaned over the table, her hands resting beneath her chin while she hummed softly. "And that is something we couldn't have happen, right? I'd be quite sad if you were to kick the bucket so suddenly~"


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:59 pm

While he picked up his food it seemed the vampire had vanished in the blink of an eye. He wanted to apologize to her for tearing her first open yet she didn't stick around for so much not even a word to him. He was already forgiving her for hurting him, but he had hoped that she would have softly held some forgiveness for him. As he walked with asmo he tried to cover himself with his food boxes as he followed her close. There was silence, not much in the way of their departure but soon they'd find themselves at a table for two.

He'd put his food down as he saw and rubbed his aching bicep, the kick she hit him with really shook him. "I'm sorry for fighting that girl, I didn't want to hurt her... Honest." he looked down at his legs guiltily, it felt good to fight but if he had snapped at her just hard enough who knows what he might have done.

"I see... I will try to do better, I'll try to sharpen the sense... Can I apologize to her though mam? Unless she doesn't want to see me... I'm sorry again..."


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:26 pm

"Don't worry so much Fenrir~ Despite what you might assume, Shalltear isn't the type to hold a grudge over that." The demon lord smiled softly while she shook a hand lightly to wave aside his concern. "Besides, she wasn't even taking things serious back there."

A soft hum followed by the Demon Lord while she leaned back in her seat. "But if you wish to apologize to her, she will be around later." A hand raised to her cheek as she pondered for a moment. "Nonetheless, we are now a step closer to obtaining the power you need to become a Saiyajin."

For the time being Asmodeus clearly seemed pleased by the result, but a knock followed after a moment, leading to Sebastian to guide Shalltear back inside the room while the butler handed him a new shirt. The Demon Lord's gaze shifted from Fenrir to Shalltear while she mused out loud. "So~ Shalltear, I believe Fenrir wanted to tell you something."

She certainly was curious to see how the man would react, considering she had folded up her arms beneath her chest and hummed in annoyance. "My Master, if he is to apologize there is no need to do that, it was nothing more than a surface wound..."


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:17 pm

He didn't know how to respond to her words, they seemed to be in the right place but... They didn't make him feel any better. He didn't want to apologize for the fight, it was self defense and his intention wasn't to hurt her. It was about something else that actually rather embarrassed him. She spoke on him being a step closer, but he couldn't feel anything new other than him somehow keeping his new form under control. He was abnormally reserved for a man who couldn't control himself at one point but now he was certain that he needed to apologize for something else.

"Well... Actually I didn't want to apologize about-" just as he spoke up the vampire reentered the room. She seemed annoyed and even a bit dismissive of him and his presence and that was what he feared the most. He knew why she was annoyed with him and he would courtly apologize for it in time. He looked down at his knees as he began to sweat a bit more once again, "Actually Miss... uh Shalltear I didn't want to apologize for the fight... I want to apologize for tearing your shirt open.. I... i almost saw your uh... Unmentionable parts." he rubbed the back of his neck as he shot his gaze down, "I didn't mean yo open your shirt like that... I got carried away"


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:25 pm

Listening to Baron talking to Shalltear Asmodeus silently raised a hand to her mouth, an elegant attempt to hide the smirk on her lips at hearing his words, for they had quite an impact! Shalltear's face turned beat-red as a hand reached for her bust, covering it as she grumbled in annoyance and addressed the Demon Lord. "Master Asmodeus, can you please excuse me?"

Asmodeus smiled calmly at the vampire, nodding her head lightly. "Go ahead Shalltear." The vampire left the room and a loud tremor shook the building, a inhuman screech following while Asmodeus turned toward the Lycan with a smirk. "Fenrir my dear, a word of advice for the future: Try not to mention her bust, she is a bit sensitive about its.... youthful nature. Guess that's why she gets along so well with Espy~" The Demon Lord hummed with a grin as she started to rise up from her seat. "Don't worry, she'll have calmed down by sunrise, so you should go and get some rest Fenrir." The Demon Lord said with a brief smile as she turned her gaze at the window, a hand raised to her chin while she mused idly about a certain matter.

What type of surprises would the future hold for them?


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:36 pm

"I wanna touch them." he nodded his head to the demon lord as he leaned back in the seat, maybe it was the appeal of such soft flesh but he didn't mind her small stature. He didn't understand why, but the desire was there despite her being a servant of the Demon Lord. Or well, Demon Lady? He was confused by why they called her a lord, when she was clearly a woman! But if she was a demon that didn't really matter did it? There was so much to know after all. He didn't understand why the vampire wouldn't talk to him, he liked her a lot! Even if she knocked him silly.

He steepled his fingers together and smile with thought, "Forgive me if I'm being blunt, but I would like to see more of her. She's really fun and if that was her holding back I'd love to see her go all out. Plus she's really pretty! Is that the right word? pretty?" he cupped his chin, he didn't know why but she gave him a funny feeling in his stomach even when she was trying to take his life...


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:47 pm


Asmodeus tilted her head slightly sideways, a bit curious at his statement, and yet her lips curved into a smile. "Oh mai~ You're quite straightforward aren't you, stating you want to touch a woman's breasts." Yet she wasn't the type to disapprove of such desires, in fact as the Demon Lord of Lust she was the type who enjoyed goading people into pursuing their desires. However, after a moment of silence she tapped a hand against her cheek and mused softly. "Knowing Shalltear she likely went out for a walk in the streets. But depending on your luck you might find her in yet another conflict~"

Yet Asmodeus folded her hands on her lap and mused softly. "You'll see her again soon enough. I will be preparing some entertaining adventures for us in the future." Yes, the Demon Lord had plans, far-reaching plans that also involved Baron, or Fenrir as she had named him. "Just be careful out there, there are rumors of certain unsavory people preparing to cause troubles for the people of Crocus, the guys you saw murdered earlier were some of those people... But if you desire to go outside I won't stop you~ Have a safe trip Fenrir~"


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:53 pm

"I'm kinda comfy here, but if it's okay I wouldn't mind taking a look outside." he smiled and stood up, a new shirt would really come in handy but for some odd reason he had a craving for air. He stood up and made a bound for the door they had come through, making his way down a corridor to what was outside. He felt his back sting a bit, the scar was healing already though it wasn't speedy he was glad that it wouldn't stay open for long. For now he was only in his green track pants and black sneakers as he looked up at the night sky.

The stars were so pretty this time of night, they were almost perfect in their appeal all dotting the sky and lighting the path for whoever hoped to look at them. Even his Lycan form could appreciate this kind of beauty. Perhaps what he said was unsavory, not as unsavory as the men that were killed but fairly difficult when it came to relationship. He couldn't explain the urge and he wouldn't try it was probably natrual.

For now he would post up outside, sitting on what looked like a bench as he admired the night air.


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:31 pm

The starlit sky was often said to be something that brought peace to the hearts of those who watched it, something that made them feel at ease and somewhat relaxed, and yet when Asmodeus gazed outside the window she didn't feel anything at all. Perhaps Esperia liked watching the sky, but to her, it was something she was indifferent toward.

Slow footsteps came from beside Fenrir, and if he looked at the direction the sound came from would notice that Shalltear had in fact just returned, properly dressed and an umbrella covering her head. "You should go to sleep soon Fenrir, unlike some of us you will be participating in the war, and considering there are rumors that the siege will commence tomorrow... you should get all the rest you can get."

She twirled the umbrella lightly in her hand, while looking up at the sky. "Reminds me of the sky I used to see at night in my homeland..." The vampire mused softly. "What does the night sky remind you of Fenrir? I recall hearing you lost your memories, so I'm slightly curious what you see in the star-lit sky." At least she was attempting to have a nice conversation for the time being!


on Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:40 pm

He put his head down as he sighed contently. This was the calm before the storm, he was already nervous about his encounter with her and how she made him felt now he was on his own at night instead of sleeping for the oncoming fight. He had heard the footsteps come not long after they started and looked to his side to see Shalltear in all of her glory, this time with an umbrella in hand. Why? There was no rain out, or at least he didn't think it was raining, wasn't unlikely there could have been a light drizzle and he didn't realize it.

"You're probably right, but I don't think I can sleep. I might not get any sleep at all tonight. The war is one concern, but I keep feeling conflicted about a multitude of things..." he looked to her, in retort to what she spoke about the stars he thought on it for a moment.

"When I look up at the sky I'm reminded of a pair of lover's eyes. How they illuminate the night and all and fill me with hope in a way. I know I might not get to stare into them ever again after tomorrow, so I figured i'd get to soak it up now." he smiled at her before looking back up.

"Your home land? Was it beautiful?"

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