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Into the Woods [Orchidia -> Worth Woodsea]

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on Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:56 pm

With three souls successfully passed onto the next world, it was finally time for Odin to stop procrastinating and get to the Woodsea to investigate the mystical carnival that had appeared out of nowhere, a phenomenon that had to be linked to the sudden appearance of roaming spirits. After all, before this week Odin had never seen a ghost in his life, at least not one that could talk or do anything beyond attack on sight. And now, after the unforeseen appearance of a strange carnival in the middle of a fucking forest, he had already seen, spoken to and helped three of them with whatever it was they needed to get done so they could move on, be it ruin a relationship, find a teddy bear, or win a contest. He had managed to amass a good number of those pumpkin pops, however, now having a grand total of seven pops, and yet he still had no idea what he was supposed to use them for, and what value they actually held, or with whom he could exchange them, not to mention what for. A great many questions swirled the dark mage's mind as he wandered into the woods, determined to find the answers to all of them.



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