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A gentle snooze as I travel to Magnolia [Train Travel][Baska -> Magnolia]

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on Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:20 pm

The train headed towards Magnolia ought to have some sightseeing. This was Maarschalks initial thought upon boarding the train. It was a rusty girl, with wooden floors. They creaked a little bit if you walked across them and carried enough weight.

The leathery end of his coat served as a pillow after taking it off once seated. There was only one reason for the absurd costs of his coat; their comfort. Especially when used as a pillow on a train such as this. It was too warm outside. Even for the peak of the summer, the sun scalded his skin when it could.

This left the young male to find a dark corner in the wagon, and settle there. It was going to be a long ride, since Magnolia was several stations away. There were something he'd like to look up in Magnolia, he'd hear some interesting rumors during his short-stay in Oak that led him to traveling to Magnolia. Now it'd be incorrect to say that Maarschalk is anti-social, actually, it wouldn't; he hates whatever he can possibly hate, albeit he doesn't express his natural hatred towards every moving cell.

Once the train took off, the man could prepare him for the task at hand.


Though he couldn't fall asleep, the train wasn't very... stable. It was a bit rocky actually. And so, every few hundred meters his head got raised off of his coat, and slammed into the window by the sharp movement of the train. He expected a smoother ride. This was terrible. He put his coat back on. He decided to instead lay on the seat. In it's full length or whatever. Town after town, Magnolia was nearing closer and closer. The train stopped every few kilometers to pick up new people. Luckily it wasn't a busy time, so no other traveler had interrupted Maarschalk from getting to his destination in his lonesome. The weather forecast predicted light rain in the area of Magnolia, so Maarschalk was curious to see how it'd unfold. He was also starting to get more interested in completeing one of those quests. He's heard that Magnolia had a few posters hung up for the request of mages. He made a mistake in sleeping for only fifteen minutes. It woke him up and made him feel grudgy. After taking a deep yawn, the male exitted the train through the backside, where the least amount of people resided. He snuck into a big crowd and hid among the people, should anyone have followed him to his destination. Maarschalk had a natural sense of paranoia lingering around him, it was noticeable to people who behaved similar to him. His first goal was finding a place to get lunch...

Magnolia - Baska

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