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Garuda versus Bahamut with a slice of Chibi Titan? FTRP-edition [Lumikki & Maybe Brone]

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Garuda versus Bahamut with a slice of Chibi Titan? FTRP-edition [Lumikki & Maybe Brone] Empty Mon Jun 10, 2024 8:36 pm


How had it even come to this? A question the Dragon Monarch idly asked herself as she was preparing herself for a confrontation of well and truly epic proportions. She had heard plenty about Lumikki's capacities, some even went as far as saying that the raven queen could literally freeze over entire battlefields, and that was BEFORE people started exaggerations.

It was for that reason that Ryuko had chosen to take this invitation seriously. No fancy dresses, no stylish garbs, no instead the Dragon Monarch had come to the Arena of Champions clad in the armor that was often depicted in the illustrations of the so-called Dragon Emperor she had read about during her time in Pergrande.

She had been inspecting the last of her gear, namely the mysterious staff she carried with her when a familiar masculine voice called out to her.

"To think you of all people would entertain the notion of a battle for sports. Yet judging from how prepared you are I hardly think you're about to join in on a friendly game."

Ryuko couldn't help but chuckle softly at these words as she turned around to face her disguised predecessor. "If I have even a moment of lapse in my judgment Lumi-chi will freeze even me, and that is even after taking into consideration the fact we Dragons are cold-blooded." Ryuko's words made Bahamut grin in excitement. "So you'll be giving me a spectacle to watch?" To which Ryuko merely shrugged her shoulders. "Well, hopefully: If Lumi-chi doesn't turn me into a spectacle first. Although I might look amazing as an ice sculpture~"

And with these words she left the room and made her way toward the arena that had been reserved for this spectacle. Even while still being outside she could hear the excited chattering of the audiences, most of them likely fans of the Raven Queen who had made quite a name of herself lately. Now she thought about it... She had only fought in the arena officially once, twice if one considered the playful spar she had done with the training camp. But this time was different. There was no playing around, no tomfoolery, after all her opponent was Lumikki, who deserved her utmost effort and attention. As such when she finally entered the arena and entered the battlefield she raised her visor and smiled at Lumikki.

"Thanks for taking me up on this offer Lumi-chi~ I hope you don't mind the slight alteration I did to the battlefield. You will find it larger than usual, and instead of a ring-out rule we'll make it so that the first one to be rendered unconscious, surrenders or otherwise becomes incapable of fighting further is the one to lose... then again, the opportunity to see you in action already makes me a winner in my book~" She smiled playfully at the raven queen and tapped the bottom of her staff on the surface. "Ah right, I had some people prepare a barrier around the spectator stands, so we don't need to worry about collateral damage~ I did hear plenty of tales about your performances chilling entire landscapes, and our audience won't be able to enjoy it to the fullest if we have to thaw them out of it first~"

Although she had almost forgotten about something.

"I wonder if your uncle received the invitation, as famous as he is he might be quite the busy soul~"

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