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The Corrupted Grail [On Invite]

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It all begun during an early spring morning. Although it had been several weeks now since the trial she had granted onto her Dragonborn, giving them the opportunity to spend some time growing comfortable with their new charge, it appeared that the Dragon Knight had some plans that were set in motion as well.

Although the political games involving Iceberg were proceeding... well to say the least, there was a particular matter internally that Ryuko intended to settle soon. It was for that reason she had invited not just the Dragonborn over, but also several of the new recruits, including a certain Roana.

It must had come as a surprise for the latter to suddenly gain an audience with the Dragon Monarch, but the moment she would enter the audience chamber there would be no mistaking the presence of the woman seated on the golden throne. "Perfect, I do like it when new members of the Order don't need me to send a knight to show them the directions." A smile lingered on Ryuko's lips as her gaze remained fixated on the young woman. "No need to be surprised, I have heard of your presence already Roana, you could say I was looking forward to our meeting- although do not hesitate to take initiative, it is something both respected and admired among the order. Either way: Welcome to the Dragon Order~ Before you get yourself comfortable, as much as this audience is a meeting, it will also serve as a briefing for a little assignment I look forward to having you participate in."

She gestured toward the large round table in front of the throne, the one made from pure white marble. "That table is where my Dragonborn sit, and should you prove yourself beneficial to the order you will soon earn a place among them. Although for now, we will await the arrival of the others."

Ryuko's smile remained unwavering as she waited for Skald, Karstaag and Coventina to answer her call. Slowly rising from her throne she approached the window that cast a view upon the Voda River, the main domain of the order since her conquest had begun. She raised a hand, lightly beckoning Roana to approach her. "So, have you learned to master some of the powers my kin bestowed onto thee? If not it will be useful for you to learn a bit more about how to wield them. Although not every assignment is bereft of conflict, this one will likely have us face some opposition. Not that it should prove too much of an obstacle, but experience through trial and error still brings one experience." She turned her gaze sideways at Roana as she hummed softly. "A saying I hear some martial arts practitioners are fond of using. Although in my opinion knowing the right method from the start is quite a lot more efficient. Yet at the same time providing all the answers does make for a bit of a dull lesson...


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"A broken child"

STR: 6 | SPD: 6 | CON: 6 | END: 6 | INT: 6 | MANA: 200

"Piss off."
- Roana

She groaned.

The discomfort that radiated through her body had persisted throughout much of the evening, hardly a difference than that of the day before. Being confined to best rest was an ironic sort of hell to have to endure, the beautiful – and seldom expected – pleasure that came from resting on a warm cot, eroded by the pain that coursed through her body at all hours in the night. Any inclination of comfort erased by a quick but rough moment of pain as she awoke in a sweat and panic.

It had been like this since she had undergone the surgery. Quite what it was or what it was for, she still did not know. A ‘requirement’ for her residence here within, that was what it was sold to her as. A blind deal, but even a blind deal that offered her a chance to sleep in something that were neither a cage nor a dank alley was a better hand than what she was typically dealt. Roana just wished that she had had a chance to get even somewhat acclimated before awakening to the sight of the surgery scar just beneath her breast and the gnawing pain that came with it.

Was it worth it? Too soon to say admittedly. She wasn’t thrilled by it, but pain was hardly something that she weren’t used to by now. The best thing that could have been said was that it was intermittent, giving her a chance to rest even if just for a few minutes time. Even she had to admit; the feeling of her head upon a feathered pillow was a lovely sensation, one that almost made the pain she felt every so often worth it.

But the time for her to rest had come and gone, the young Demi-Human awakening not to that of a shock of pain radiating through her, but rather to a forceful hand gripping at her forearm, a rough jerk all but propelling her out from her cot, almost certainly to have fallen upon the loose carpets that concealed hard stone floors had it not been for the grip of the guard that managed to keep her semi-upright. “What the hell!?” She roared out, her free arm winding up and swinging with reckless abandonment, knuckles meeting against the iron helmet adorned the guard’s head, it ricocheting slightly as her hand shot back, a jolt running through her arm following shortly thereafter by pain as the adrenaline calmed.

Then came a kick, no direction given but simply hoping to strike at the guard, but that came to no avail. Another attempt, and barely any better luck, managing to perhaps graze against the iron legguards worn at present. This process continued on for a short while, maybe no more than some twenty or thirty paces before the guard opted for a rougher approach, the twisting of Roana’s arm behind her back, the tearing sensation that radiated through her limb, compounded by the pain of her still-recovering body. “Let go of me!” She kicked and screamed, but to no avail, being forcibly dragged against her will, even as she sought to dig her heels into the ground, doing little more than causing the carpet to ride up into an unorganized mess, Roana being pulled away each time just before tripping over it, only to repeat the process again and again.

Her rebellion continued until she found herself being thrown forward, landing on the ground as a hot sense of pain echoed throughout her body, nearly causing her to tear up. The surgery was still fresh, her actions having landed her a rough landing, the very last kind of thing that someone in her state could have wanted. Slowly, she got up to her knees, her eyes reddened, cheeks starting to appear stained by the forming of tears around her eyes, her breathing almost like that of a wheeze, trying to control her body and calm down the pain that surged throughout.

So consuming had it been that she almost did not notice nor hear the woman who was before her.  When she did finally realize it, her eyes looked up, seeing the woman adorned the throne. Regal in appearance, beautiful too, Roana was not sure what to think of her, as much inclined to think a possible threat as anything else. Until she heard her name utterly by the woman, not with the visceral venom that would have accompanied a slaver, but rather that of sincerity, the same kind of tone that she heard people talking to those who had money.  It made little sense to why she was being addressed with such high regard, almost making her doubt the woman’s intent.

She arose from one knee to being upright, her arms wrapping around her chest as a shiver ran across her skin; confusion, pain, and fear all seeming to intertwine at once. She stepped forward, albeit gingerly, still unsure what to think, far from confident in this woman’s presence. “Who… Dragon Order...?” Her ignorance was on full display, the truth to her situation open; a young woman who made an agreement and joined not knowing the most basic information contained within her accord. “What’re you talkin’ ‘bout?” She hissed, “Participate in what?”

Her blood boiled, her frustration growing, more in her clear confusion than anything else. With every word this woman spoke in her fancy tongue, the more it pissed Roana off, feeling all the more out of the loop than she did only seconds before. Finally, she heard something that set her off, an innocuous comment under most circumstances but one that left her fuming? “Bestowed upon thee? What!? What you mean this?” In a rage she yelled out, pulling at the ragged gown that she had been adorned in, her flesh exposed, the fresh surgery scar apparent, blood beginning to drip down her lower chest as some of the stiches found themselves torn open. “The fuck is this!? What the fuck did you do to me!?”


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The Dragon Monarch had to admit the ignorance had caught her by surprise, a brief blink of bewilderment showing her confusion as she brought a hand to her forehead and sighed audibly "Leave it to the legion knights to just nod along and then forget to explain things." The sudden outburst of the young lady did not go unnoticed either. "It seems you are truly ignorant of what happened." A light dismissive shake of her head followed as she watched the lass proclaim her anger, and a desire for answers. "Perhaps fortunate I had you brought here before the others arrived, gives us a moment to indulge in your confusion. You are currently in the headquarters of the Dragon Order, the faction that serves as the authorities of Illingrad and most of Pergrande."

She raised a hand to her side, letting a long furred coat emerge from a shadowy portal as she continued to speak. "I heard you were brought here after some escapades with several unsavory folk. While they were dealt with, you yourself were not exactly in the best of states."

She took a step closer toward the lass and spoke, her tone colder than before. "Most mortals wouldn't have lived to see the next sunlight when their heart was as battered as yours. Almost looked like it got gnawed on by an ogre and then spit out- simply said you were on death's door."

She stopped in front of the lass, extending an arm around her to try to wrap the coat. "That surgery saved your life, certainly it was not an easy procedure, not to mention most mortals tend to struggle to accommodate the heart of Dragonkin, but it is a practice we were able to complete to perfection. Nonetheless, your body and the Lacrima contained within made the process a bit easier. most mortals can't even stand for days after such a surgery."

She finished her explanation, her eyes narrowing for a moment. "So simply said: you are currently in-debt with me. I'm not as crude as a slaver to demand your freedom in return, if anything you'd be free to leave if that is truly what you desire. But if it is power to make your own choices that you seek, you'd better stay a while and listen Roana."

She took a step forward again, now face to face with the rebellious young woman. "Let this be a warning, next time you have such an outrageous outburst in front of me I will throw wide the gates and yeet you through Death's door."

Indeed, she couldn't have someone of the order disrespect her like this, right? "In terms of participation, I meant exactly that, the order is about to take on a task soon that would benefit you in nurturing your strength. At least if you're done throwing tantrums about the second chance you were given?"

She brought a hand to her chin and pondered for a moment. "Or we are both equally confused, I heard the order took in someone who had been caught by slavers in the region before we found their hideout, but then there was also some other recruits that joined, if only it was that easy to remember mortal names."


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"A broken child"

STR: 6 | SPD: 6 | CON: 6 | END: 6 | INT: 6 | MANA: 200

"Piss off."
- Roana

Anger fueled throughout her, the wish to lash out at this woman, who simply stood there indifferent to the suffering evident on Roana’s face. Did she care? The impression surely did not seem to be the case, but Roana knew of indifference. She knew of those that saw little value in life. She knew that all too well.

And this woman did not have that look. Her eyes did not see Roana as less than life. They betrayed her voice. But only to a degree.

Pain brought the young Demi-Human to her knees as her hand cupped the flesh just below her breast, even the faintest touch of flesh upon inflamed flesh causing her to wince at the stinging sensation. A wet feeling betrayed that pain, Roana needing only look down to see the crimson beginning to seep through the clutches of her fingers. Her head looked up, eyes now that of disappointment; disappointment in her.

A sense of shame, a sense of panic washed over Roana.

Her mouth opened, but words failed to escape, her body paralyzed for a moment as she heard the woman echo her threat with the casualness of a tyrant. It was something else, far worse than anything she may have heard from the slavers and cruel peoples whom she had encountered in the past. Often their words were nothing more than attempts to scare others into submission. Roana could tell that this woman was different.

She would very much see the Demi-Human discarded if she were to lash out again.

Holding her tongue, she swallowed, pain still coursing through her body making even just the focusing on the woman standing over her that much of a challenge. “Lacrima? I don’t understand…”

Keeping her hand close to her chest, she closed her eyes as she attempted to stand, her breathing heavy, the pain still there, but almost seeming to be something that she could manage. Her head tilted upwards slightly, her eyes focused in on the amber pupils of the taller, more intimidating woman, their expression static throughout. She kept her hand in place, still pressed against her chest before finally pulling it away, congealed blood acting like a natural glue, the pain as her and pulled away, with it ripping from the blood causing her to shut her eyes.

Opening them again, she looked at her hand, her palm splattered with crimson tones, an uneven coating lined all throughout from the tips of her fingers to near her wrist. It was far from pleasant, but from how the woman described her status, it was a far better situation than she could have been. Roana kept her eyes trained on her hand, her mind struggling to remember something, anything really. What happened to her before? Had she been at death’s door? It would hardly have been the first time, but, there was just something different, something that she doubt she would have been able to quite figure out.

Finally, she returned her focus to the woman with a defeated look on her face. Her frustration aside, there was nothing that she could do. It was laughable to think that in her state that she could have done anything. Even before it would have been foolhardy. Her attempt at stopping the guard from escorting her had proven to be a failed endeavor; there was no reason to think doing anything to this woman would result in anything other than her demise.

Civility – as much as she loathed the idea – was her best course of action. No. It was her only course of action.

“… Sorry…” She whimpered, pain still in her voice, though also mixed with shame. A child accosted, scolded by a maternal figure even. How unbecoming of her. “Thank you… I…” She closed her eyes again as she winced. It seemed that the bleeding had begun to stop, but the pain from the surgery still spread inside her. Another shiver caused her to tense her shoulder blades as she pulled the gown close, an attempt by her to entertaining decorum and civility. “Thank you… for saving me…”

“Roana…” A lone tear began to stream down her eye, “That’s my name…” She swallowed again, another tear forming opposite the first, “What exactly, what happened to me?”


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Ryuko stood tall, her intense gaze bearing down onto Roana. Was it indifference? One might had presumed it to be so, yet these who knew Ryuko would have told the demi-human that it was not indifference, rather it was confidence: confidence in that the lass in front of her would be able to overcome the pain. After all, what didn't kill you, made you stronger was a saying mortals adored to hear.

She remained silent after her words, gazing still at Roana yet waiting to see what would happen. No, she would not come to the young Demi-human's aid, at least not yet.

Indeed, words often carried a weight behind them, a weight that depended on the one who spoke them. It was something she had become used to after the creation of the Dragon Order. In a way she had learned that the weight of words frequently was accompanied by the actual intention of the person. Certainly, you could often hear someone exclaim in anger: I'm going to kill you! But these words often lacked power, because the person speaking these words lacked the conviction or means to carry out their intent.

In that regard her threat was as much a statement. If Roana lashed out again she would see her discarded, and in her state that means a death that would be neither swift or kind. "Crystallization of a dragon's essence, it is how mortals become capable of drawing upon the magic of my kin."

For the first time since Roana's outburst the dragon knight smiled, a brief hint that barely would had been noticeable. "I'm glad we are finally on the same page."

In response to Roana's apology she nodded her head lightly. "If you genuinely mean to express gratitude, then you should do so to the dragon whose heart now beats in your chest. All I merely did was permit you to be saved."

She turned her gaze away from Roana, only for a brief moment as she allowed her magic to stir, slowly causing a hooded figure to emerge from the shadowy pool beside the Dragon Knight. "Heal her." It was a simple order, and one the shadowy mage intended to carry out with no protest. Raising both his hands into her direction he started muttering a chant, allowing a magical circle to appear underneath Roana and a stream of mana to flare upwards. It must had been an odd sensation, to feel the pain steadily numb away, the wounds that remained slowly mending themselves shut and vigor returning to her exhausted body.

"Although it is a procedure most initiates in the Dragon Order undergo later in their life, your condition made it a necessity to speed up the process. Your heart was replaced with that of a Dragon's, and as such you were able to return from death's doorstep."

Having answered Roana's question in a satisfactory way Ryuko resumed her explanation further. "But what happens next is up to you to decide Roana."

With a light snap of her fingers she dispelled the summon, causing it to appear back into the shadows as she spoke, her tone firm and proud. "I am Ryuko, the Dragon Monarch and leader of the order."


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"A broken child"

STR: 6 | SPD: 6 | CON: 6 | END: 6 | INT: 6 | MANA: 200

"Piss off."
- Roana

It proved difficult for Roana to truly wrap her head what the imposing woman was saying. She had died, nearly. They had saved her, for some reason. But to do so, it involved replacing her heart with that of a dragon? The logic made no sense. How could that have even been possible? More that, the idea of whatever they did being from a dragon?

Dragons didn’t exist. Right?

It seemed like an obvious answer that surprisingly was difficult to truly believe, made no easier by the way the woman before her carried herself. Such authority, such certainty, could it have been due to madness that such fervent belief lay in? Her time had certainly left Roana with enough doubt to even conceive that that were possible. How else other than madness could one explain the brutality and cruel nature of people that existed within the deserts of Desierto?

But this woman did not seem mad. Cold, that was without question. But she seemed within her own mind, and no matter how her mind may have worked, Roana knew better than to try to incite confrontation from her. Especially in the state that she was in currently. Pain still echoed throughout it, but it was manageable. She could endure, though not much beyond that.

It was enough of a reminder to keep her mouth shut; that the circumstances of how she had ended up here, not just within this room, but wherever this place in its entirety was, could have just as easily shifted elsewhere. She may have escaped death but what safety that afforded was at best, fleeting.

Rather than say anything, she simply listened. She did her best to withhold judgment, not think harshly, even more to not lash out unjustly at the woman. Too, she wanted to just understand. Even as the woman explained it, the idea of her survival having come from a Dragon, it was tough to believe. Perhaps a case of simply not having seen it to be true, nor could break that of what she had heard of Dragons, they simply were just creatures of fantasy, not reality.

Then came something that Roana was not expecting. A command issued by the other woman, one to a figure within the room that Roana had not much paid attention towards. But then it became the fixation of hers entirely as his arms moved, the faint glow beneath her body as she felt something within her. Not pain, no suffering, not even the slightest recognition that there was anything wrong with her. The pain that had come through intermittently ceased seemingly, so much to the shock of the Demi-Human that she could not help but look to see for herself. Pulling open the gown once again, she peered down, the recent scar just beneath the breast was there still, albeit looking in an entirely different state. Largely healed, any indication of it having been an open wound just a moment ago having been cleansed away.

"No way..."

She was a new person. Of sorts.

Her eyes couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She couldn’t believe what she was feeling. It was something so beyond anything that she could wrap her head around that it had become too much. She wanted to be polite, to be silent, but it was impossible not to ask after what she just witnessed, her mind as much struggling to understand what the cloaked figure had done as anything described to her.

“I don’t understand,” her words were scattered, her focus not entirely locked in to a singular topic, rather bouncing off one thought to another. “You keep saying Dragons. Dragon Order… Dragon Heart… But Dragons aren’t real?” Still, the doubt lingered within her mind, simply being unable to do anything other than beg to wonder, was she right? Was this woman right? “Aren’t they?”

“I… I always thought that they were just… just some kind of a story…”


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The confusion with which Roana expressed her concerns was understandable, although for a moment Ryuko couldn't help but tilt her head slightly to the side in bewilderment. "Well, your confusion is not unwarranted: Many of my kin left Earthland after the conflict between the Ancients. The handful of us that remained went into hiding, blending in with society or hiding among nature, at least till now."

She couldn't help but wonder how long it might have been, that Dragons had become reduced to the stuff of a fairy tale. Honestly it saddened her a little, but she soon decided to explain further. "Although I am in a humanoid form right now for ease of conversation, I am in fact a dragon." Ryuko corrected Roana as she added with a smile: "And I can assure you that I am very real."

With the statement made she continued to clarify another topic. "How else do you presume the existence of Lacrima still remains on Earthland? It is because dragons are real, that their powers are real as well and that mortals are able to obtain these powers."

A soft hum escaped her lips as she observed Roana's reaction to it all. "Although you better start accepting the reality, for I am not the only dragon among the order. In fact there are several whelplings already among the order who bonded with their Dragonborn, a select group of the order who has proved themselves capable of contributing to the order. And aside from them there are at least a few dragons that frequently visit the order, although not all of them decide to blend in like me. Some prefer subtility and take a perfect disguise, others are too proud and come in their true form- quite a headache for the unprepared."

She added the last bit with a smile, a hint of her jest as she turned her back toward Roana and approached the throne again. "But yes, we are real, and our time of solitude had ended. Which is part of what the Dragon Order is meant to be: To create a safe haven for both mortals and dragons who are willing to coexist among each other. Free to chose their own destiny, as equals."

She finally reached the throne and took a seat upon it again, her gaze lingering upon Roana. "I hope that at least cleared up some of your confusion, lest I'd have to transform into my true form to ease your concerns."

She rested her hands on her lap, simply waiting to see if Roana had any further questions to ask. She might had been known as a Tyrant Dragon to her enemies, but for these in her care she tried to at least be a proper and reasonable leader. For a moment she was simply content to let Roana come to terms with this new revelation, after all it was not every day you were told beings from legends were in fact very, very real.

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