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Officer This is a Cake Shop(Kaito Social.)

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Officer This is a Cake Shop(Kaito Social.) Empty Thu May 30, 2024 9:50 am

While Averie was not the most well known of Rune Knights and she barely showed it off. It was some times apparently she forgot being a Rune knight meant some times people might take her a bit more seriously or a bit more causal compared to just the local Necromancer everyone threw rocks at. Averie was on a mission.

And given who she was trying to settle with. It was not a shock she was looking for Kaito, Given Averie's nature she was sometimes distracted by a few other things. By that she had found the cake shop and just walked right into it.

Then she started ordering cake, she had yet to find Kaito but if she found him he might be in for a treat or not shocked that Averie was already in a cake shop ordering a few things. But she had not found Kaito yet, But so far she was here while she was also a recent open letter.


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Kaito was simply walking the streets of the city his guild sat in and he was just taking in the nice day as he wasn't on a mission because he was on a break from those things but he would have to return to them as he needed to make sure that he built up a decent sized nest egg to sit on if stuff was to go sideways and he need to fall back onto it because of hard times and quick drop offs in need for him as he is too strong to be wasted on small things and too well known to be used on bigger sneaker things unless someone needed him to completely ruin some place. Plus if he was going to start a family he was going to have to make sure that they were well taken care of if something even though it is unlikely it would were to happen to him and him ending up dead.

Kaito is wondering even where she is and if she is okay, he kind of hopes he hasn't missed anything but he is thinking if something was happening or if it had worked then he would have been getting letters asking him where he is as he has been gone for a small while and no one really had tabs on him and he hadn't told anyone one anything. He is walking past the cake shop but he doesn't look in as he doesn't have a sweet tooth.


Officer This is a Cake Shop(Kaito Social.) Empty Sat Jun 01, 2024 4:23 am

What happen next was most likely something Kaito should have expected. At least when it came to signs that Averie was around, Averie didn't tell anyone she was here. Merely turning around casually while she was glacing around with as the various baked goods, Then spots Kaito because she didn't rush out to get him.

After all she was still some what thinking about what to get, Ask she never really a massive sweet tooth so a lot of these things, might be too sweet for her, she did however stop for a moment, Her eyes would glow the same colour of blue they where currently just brighter.

The fairly large spectre start would seemingly coming out the window, While as first it did not do anything, it did seemingly scare the people around the cake shop after all spectre's were not exactly known to be pretty all of the time and it started floating towards.

Averie seemed to have selected randomly as it did not seem to have much of a personality that seemed friendly, more just enough to follow orders given. So far it did not seem capable to speaking. Pointing at Kaito then at the cake shop like it was suggesting he should go there. After it's horribly vague attempts it waited to see what Kaito would do.


Officer This is a Cake Shop(Kaito Social.) Empty Sat Jun 01, 2024 8:55 am


Kaito hears the sounds of people being spooked by the specter and he turned around and sees the specter and he wonders why there is a creature in the town as that was not usual but Kaito raised his finger readying to blast the specter with a beam spell when he noticed it was pointing toward the cake shop and he wondered what it could be wanting him to do. Kaito can't see in the cake show from where he was as the sun was perfectly reflecting in that spot in the window where Averie would be standing but he sighs and he walked toward the shop to find out what it wanted from him. He wondered if it wanted him to buy it some kind of treat as an offering or something. Kaito walked into the shop and waited for the specter to come in and show him what it was after so he could get back to his patrol of the city.


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It would lead Kaito right to Averie. Far letting out a ghastly screech like it was the only thing it knew how to do. Then vanished like it was no longer there to start with. Averie however was staring right at him. While Kaito most likely already knew Averie's mostly emotionless dead pan stare meant she was niether upset nor unhappy, while still not realizing she had that old habit slip again.

But Averie's dead emotionless start aside, How Averie actually felt might have been more apparent, When she raise her arms like she wanted a hug. Maybe Averie was just hiding her worry because she was in public. But almost like it's a form of eternal bond between them at the time. It was Averie was entire time trying to get Kaito's attention the odd ways she did. At least she was not throwing herself this time.


Officer This is a Cake Shop(Kaito Social.) Empty Mon Jun 03, 2024 8:34 am


Kaito looked at Averie as the spector seemed to point to her and he blinks as he was not expecting her to be here in the east as she seemed that she was busy with her rune knight work. He sees that she raised her arms to him and he wondered why she raised her arms and didn't just walk up to him and hug him if she wanted a hug. He guessed she wanted him to hug her and not the other way around so he walked closer to her and got lower so he is closer to her height and he hugs her. "How have you been Averie and what brings you to the east? Miss me that much~?" He had to tease her a little cause he hadn't seen her in a little as they seemed to have both been very busy and have had things going on that had kept them apart.


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There was a sense that Averie had been tensed and worried for a while and with this she could be some what at ease sooner. In some manner she did miss Kaito, But they did cemented a bond. After a while Averie did speak just in Icebergian."I did, I also was also a bit worried." She was over all being a bit light with how worried she was. But that was entirely not important at this time.

Averie might have been hiding a bit too much how worried she was, Since she was normally a bit better at checking in with him. After the hug, Averie merely pull on Kaito's arms down to have him lean forward after a few kisses. She would mention a bit more why she was here."I was looking for her, I also had stopped here because I needed a break to read something, Being away from my office helps sometimes."She did not bring up the context of the open letter she had.

But after that merely asked."I do not tend to get a lot of sweets, I figured it would be nice to try something different, Do you want something?"Already upon returning Averie was already offering to get him things. Even if she really didn't need too do that.


Officer This is a Cake Shop(Kaito Social.) Empty Tue Jun 04, 2024 9:57 am


He had done as she motioned and accepted her kisses and he then stands back up and he speaks back to her in iceberg. "Looking for her? her who? Yeah I would think getting out of the office would probably do wonders plus lets you read your special books." He winked at her with a soft laugh as he has no idea to what she had been into reading lately as he had been busy and he guessed she was still into the books she was when he last saw her.

"I am not one for lots of sweets but if it is with you I guess I can go for some." He smiled at her and he wondered if he was doing her a favor here or if he was just taking a sweet from her that she might miss later. Kaito laughed to himself a little realizing how stupid that sounds to think about as she was offering and it was ruder to deny that than it was to take one and her miss it later. "You got anything else planned while you are here besides sweets eating and reading?" Kaito wondered more on if she was here on some kind of rune knight business and she couldn't tell him about it.


Officer This is a Cake Shop(Kaito Social.) Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 6:03 am

Averie might keep it short, Maybe she was not entirely out of line of being away from work for long but their conversation would continue in Icebergian for now."My sister was recently attack by some one, Apparently her magic was removed from her, So...I have a lot of questions and worries."Revealing that maybe she was actually moving over to the south to get some answer and dropping off a treat to make sure her sister was okay, That or she was just gonna send this over to her.

So it seemed maybe Averie was just in fact stressed and she really didn't let it out all that much might be effecting her at this time."After we have a few things bought out, I am planning to prepare a package to send off to Helena." But it seemed she felt a bit more settled now.

But that was the plan so far at least everything seemed simple."But after that could just be reading and sweets...it was one of the three things planned."But Averie was not actually looking at the things she could so she was already slightly failing in some manner with other things.


Officer This is a Cake Shop(Kaito Social.) Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 6:18 am


Kaito looked at the woman and he wondered how that would work, how could one steal her magic it was more a curse than a blessing but did that also mean that her sister was cured of the issue she had because of her magic as, how it had been explained to him the magic was the reason she lacked the ability to have a family herself. Kaito then spoke still using Icebergian as for some reason Averie was solely speaking in it. He wasn't sure why but maybe she was trying to have a private conversation others couldn't understand. "Does that mean she was cured of the issue that she had because of the magic?" He might have come across more blunt or unfeeling about the situation from how that was what he was asking about.

"Well if you like I can accompany you to make sure someone doesn't come after you next besides me." He gently petted her head and he was going to help her with her sweeties if she needed he was nearly done anyways with his rounds around the city but no one was really doing anything bad that he could see at the moment though he knows that evil and bad guys usually avoid him at this time.


Officer This is a Cake Shop(Kaito Social.) Empty Thu Jun 06, 2024 8:35 am

Averie did not have all of the answers if anything it seemed eventually that she would have to figure out."In some manner, I don't have answers for everything at this time..."Averie merely went back to Fiorian seeming most likely the more private info was now out of the way. Maybe she was just being a bit too guarded about it.

But she also continued on with her plan."Even then, She was not one who sent me the letter of what happen to her, Alisa the guild master of Blue Pegsus did.."So Kaito being gone, Averie got a letter and started to worry. But she was now some what calm.

But it seemed her plan was slowly working out so far she at least solved where Kaito was."To have your entire life work take form you, is something I would assume ruin a person."In Averie's view because she didn't think Helena had her entire life's work gone and could not achieve her current desire of life. It seemed she viewed Helena was most likely in a horrible mental state.

But since she felt a bit better."Now that I know your okay, My worry is gone, Figured it is a good time to say I love you."Yes it was a bit odd and a bit more strange too but she was not shy about saying things now days.


Officer This is a Cake Shop(Kaito Social.) Empty Thu Jun 06, 2024 3:17 pm


Kaito rubbed his chin on hearing that the guild master of blue Pegasus is the one that had alerted the woman to this having happened. "You sure this isn't a trap? I hear that the Blue Pegasus guild master is... How do I put this strange?" Kaito kind of wonders if it was some plan to get the woman to go there and her end up in a situation. Kaito might have to go with the woman and make sure that this wasn't a trap by some one else either but from what he had heard of the guild that was a risk.

"Someone taking that way is a monster, so we might have to help her to get it back and be able to keep up her good work." Kaito knows that he was not afraid to come back and try and fight for what he believes in. He would help her in what ever way that she would need him to do for her.

Kaito smiled a little hearing her say that she loved him and he placed his hand on her arm and looked into her eyes. "I love you as well." He rubbed her arm and then he looked around he wondered if there was a good place that was close by that he could use with her to sit and enjoy some sweets and maybe come up with a game plan for what happened to her sister and Kaito wondering if Averie may not be the next victim for her gift.


Officer This is a Cake Shop(Kaito Social.) Empty Fri Jun 07, 2024 2:07 pm

It sounded odd to Averie that he was thinking about that kind of stuff. She would never assume Alisa was going to trap her in some manner. But Averie over all had decent experiences with Alisa so it might be just Averie. And her experiences where pretty friendly and nice. Over all fairly respectful."I do not assume so, After all most of my experiences with Alisa have been rather safe and tame."Averie said, because she had met Alisa before.

But yes there was a monster to hunt in the future."If she even knows or remember who this person is."Averei was not ruling out that they could not see or know this person or being who took away her sisters powers. That was something they needed to be figured out eventually.

But for now one thing at the time."Almost makes me think i should have been somewhere else. But I know at least Helena likes cake."She did pay attention to some things even if it didn't seem like it.


Officer This is a Cake Shop(Kaito Social.) Empty Fri Jun 07, 2024 9:40 pm


Kaito heard her defend the woman and he wondered if maybe rumors were rumors but there must be a reason that Yuurei left Blue Pegasus for if not the leader he wondered why. He wasn't going to worry about it as he has only had one run in with Alisa and that was in Joya and they didn't speak but Kaito was going to probably keep meetings with them to a minimum in the future for now.

Kaito wonders what or even who could have stolen the power of Helena that she wouldn't be able to remember or even if there was a way to really find them if she did there is a lot of ground to cover if they are even in this dimension at all. As some one that strong would probably not be wasting there time on this plane unless they were looking for more powers to steal so he would probably have to keep his wife safe from those that would wish to harm her and take her magic.

"And I know you will make sure to get the cakes to her safely and make her smile." He winked at her with a smile and he hoped that the woman would be able to keep her cool and not get her self into trouble that she can't handle and get out of. He was going to have to be careful himself if this person or thing is out there.


Officer This is a Cake Shop(Kaito Social.) Empty Mon Jun 10, 2024 2:20 am

Averie had no doubt the cakes would be fine, It was more of which one because while Averie was smart she could admit entirely. she forgot what cakes flavours Helena liked or if she even liked cake."If I am entirely honestly, This matter is only complex..."Averie paused like almost she could feel embarrassed by it, But just given her normal slightly emotionless nature nothing seemed to be expressed at this time."I forget what treats my sister likes."She did not seem to feel any other emotion about at this time. Most likely because she was fixated at finding something fitting.

But maybe Kaito could help Averie in her delivery plan for what she was about to say might just cause problems."Well yes, I am sure which ever chosen undead can deliver it to my sister without problem and keep it in tact as well." She was going to use her magic and just send it that way.

Almost like what happen earlier, Or even long before their early days together when she threw herself with a giant skeleton hand. Her entire idea was just do it herself and hoped it worked. Not really seeming to pay mind what all and all she had options wise, She was smart but was not wise. She meant well but did not try really to take many things into account. But she this was just Averie.


Officer This is a Cake Shop(Kaito Social.) Empty Mon Jun 10, 2024 9:06 am


He looked around as Averie said she didn't know what treats her sister might like and Kaito wondered if he could maybe give a few ideas to help her. "Your sister seems a more health side of the boarder. So they have blue berry muffins for that but more I think maybe, cookies something that will hold over time and can be ate in premade/cut pieces." He wonders if that is the right way of thinking cause her sister will probably love what ever Averie sends her just cause it was from her sister so Averie is probably just being to over thinking on it but he would help her.

He hears her plan and he rubbed his chin and blinked. "You do know I can help you get those to her, I can open a portal for you or your summon to go through and deliver it so you don't have to worry about if it makes it to her." He gently put his hand on her head and ruffled her hair. He laughed softly as it was very Averie to forget she has people that will help her and not just hurt her and he wonders if maybe she was not sure of if it would be a burden to him to be asked to use his magic to help her to get there.


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It almost seemed better then Averie's idea to start with. She was just looking at extremely fancy looking cakes. Then merely look at Kaito as he suggested what he did. So she merely moved over to them and started looking at all of them. He was right Helena was extremely health minded. Why she did not have that in mind was most likely because Averie had so many other within her other thoughts."Huh...I forgot that.."Then she merely mentioned."I suppose then again most people forget how health minded my sister is."She almost wanted to make a joke but she didn't most likely thinking it would invoke some kind of boogie man effect and she would just pop up.

Then while she was distracted by what was side to her."Oh?...Here I was not going to ask you because I did not know when you would be around again."This was Averie, she was planning these things because she had it in mind to just doing it herself."I was just going to ghost mail it."This was typical Averie behaviour. Maybe it was just now more apparent why Helena checked in on her a lot when left alone she got slightly odder then when around people for longer periods of time.


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He laughed softly at her reply of ghost mailing it and that people forget that her sister is a bit more on the healthy eating side of things. He was surprised that the usually smart woman though odd she had forgotten of her own sisters life style but she might have gotten in some form blinded by the pretty designs of the cakes and other baked goods that were around the shop and she just forgot to think more about what her sister would like and got lost in how good they all looked to her.

"I think you are just stressed love just take some time and relax okay, you don't have to take on the world alone and if you rather ghost mail it that is fine I am not going to feel disrespected or hurt by it." He was fine with her doing what she wanted to do as he was just here still because of her and he puts his arm around her and rubbed her back gently.


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He was most likely right, Stress was most likely getting to her and she had not realized it entirely, Then again Averie never realized how horrible she was realizing she was stressed or not she was just merely there and doing her tasks. It seemed Kaito being that person to merely ground her mind to the various thoughts of the world around her and what she was thinking about at the time. It seemed to be a form of blessing she needed at the time.

When it came down to it, Averie still seemed to want Kaito's imput only because he seemed to have that better focus at the time."If i add in what your are suggesting...I was going to get her a Black forest cake..."Averie seemed to actually be think rather basic in terms of that, just merely one cake.

Then she seemed to look at a bunch of really small cakes and it seemed to be thinking up a newer idea."Or...i cake her two small cakes three muffins.."Now Averie was back to choosing all over again. Then again when it came down to it it seemed she would some what start coming back to normal taking Kaito's hand and merely holding it Averie seemed to take it casually."I suppose, the only question about your way of delievery, how does it work? Do you know where my sister is at this time?"This part was most likely why she planned it the way she did because there was a way she could track it and have it find her.


Officer This is a Cake Shop(Kaito Social.) Empty Wed Jun 12, 2024 11:59 am


He listened and watched her body language and it told him a lot of what was going on in her head. He was going to need to be careful and use his brain if there was any trouble here and he listened to her talking about her ideas for the cake and other things that she had on her mind and even how he would find her or do this, and how it works. He had to think about how to explain that but first he will tackle the cakes thing with her. "Hmmm the second one you said gives her a bit more to pick from if she isn't feeling one so some time variety is the best choice." That being said now he had to explain how his magic works and try to help her to understand how it works he held her hand and rubbed his thumb on the back of her hand to use as a way to kind of calm or soothe her.

"My magic opens portals that allow me and other people or things to go through. As to how would I know where to send it, I would think if your sister lost her magic she would be staying close to the town so that means she would either be in the square or the streets helping people or maybe working part time at the Sardina Restaurant so she doesn't feel like she is just idling. I guess if she was looking to unwind or rest maybe the beach." He was not sure if he was making any sense with his guesses but from what he had seen of her she was a bit of a mother hen toward people, and she didn't like to have idle hands, so she was always keeping herself busy and usually that busy was helping people as he doesn't know if Helena even knows how to mope or feel sorry for herself.

Kaito looked to Averie to see if his answers were to a level of being okay or if she was going to want him to go more into depth about how he had these guesses or the deeper workings of his magic and how he was able to do these things with his magic like he did, now adays like it was second nature to him like knowing how to breath.


Officer This is a Cake Shop(Kaito Social.) Empty Thu Jun 13, 2024 2:12 pm

As Averie listened it seemed she got an idea, that she would explain shortly because it did all make sense. She would be some where close by. So it all just merely connected."Or...We portal it to Blue Pegsus, Knock on the door with a letter that is marked too Helena from me and it will work out."Averie mentioned because it seemed prefect in her mind. Then she started working over and paid for everthing, Even getting a cupcake for Kaito. It was a small one. Merely putting the package together. shuffleing around seeing if she could fine paper and a letter and wore a quick letter.

Then got a box for it all to fit into, Then she made to put it together nicely. Then offered it to Kaito."That is...if you do not mind doing that for me Please?"Averie would never compel or force anyone to do anything.

But shortly after this was all settle Averie seemed to look out the window. Averie was not confused, But her expression was akin to that something sparked her senses, Given Averie was a necromancer it was assumed she was picking up. But how she was looking, She couldn't place where exactly it was.


Officer This is a Cake Shop(Kaito Social.) Empty Thu Jun 13, 2024 7:30 pm


Kaito heard what she had said and he smiled as she had made a better idea and even a plan on how to do it. He nodded agreeing to her plan and he waited till she was ready and he made the portal to blue Pegasus for Averie and they knocked and left it there for her and then Kaito stepped back and let it happen as it was taken the portal closed and he looked to Averie who had seemed to have caught onto something and he walked over to her and he hugged her from behind and he kissed the top of her head. "What is on your mind, you sense something?" Kaito was hoping that this woman wouldn't go to where Judith had taken him as there were things there that shouldn't ever be raised from the dead and if she did Kaito would probably have to find a new love as Judith would probably destroy Averie.


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Averie might not know what Kaito knew about these lands but she could not help but feel like there was something there."It is almost like there is a small child out there calling...for their grandmother."Averie would mention to start with almost like she could not pick up full details yet. But now she was on the the move.

At a normal walking pace. She was just following where she thought the pin point of the sound was. It was up to Kaito now to follow her or not. If Averie's focus was not so fixated she could easily be talked away from it.

But it seemed really Averie was going to be fixed on seeing whatever it was. She at least was not running off."I think it's this way."What this way was, it hard to say because Averie was not saying which way it was just going towards a voice.


Officer This is a Cake Shop(Kaito Social.) Empty Fri Jun 14, 2024 12:39 pm


He followed after her as he had a bad feeling about it as she said the spirit was seeking their grandma. "Averie stop and slow down. Please don't go raising any dead around here as you might piss someone off and get you in trouble." He wasn't sure if she was even going to listen to him or not as she seemed hyper fixated on what ever it was that she was locked onto and he needed to make sure that she didn't do something that would end up getting her in trouble or killed cause if it is the guild masters grand daughter then Judith will kill Averie on repeat without Kaito even being able to stop her or help Averie as knowing the guild master that she would time it perfectly so that Kaito was never able to reach Averie to save her from the fate that she can called onto herself.


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Averie did seemed to listen for a moment even stopping. She almost wanted to ask why she needed to not do her task, But this kind of stuff was something she normally got into. Then again suppose he was right, she did not need a repeat of some one throwing rocks at her, Or fighting a nun thinking she was an unholy being trying to ruin the world.

So she would just ask in case, But after she stopped before asking her question she took his hand just in case held on to it for a moment."I do not need feel like I am required to raise the dead while I am here."Averie mentioned almost like she was trying to centre herself.

But still self compelled to ask."But can I still find this place and observe it?"The east was more Kaito's area so Averie seemed to take the safe route. Kaito was trying to keep her in line to keep her out of trouble. But he most likely knew. Averie was drawn to something.

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