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On the trail of an Ancient [SL]

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On the trail of an Ancient [SL] Empty Tue May 14, 2024 6:15 pm


The news had come like a storm. Reports suggested the dead had risen from their graves, leading to a period of unrest within Iceberg. It was clear this was an ominous warning, an omen of what was to follow. But the Dragon Knight saw an opportunity in this. Having send Skald and Coventina to investigate and function as a diplomatic delegation of the order Ryuko had chosen to take the time these two were on their mission to work on a task of her own. After all she had heard rumors that the mighty Yarghast, the dimensional dragon had returned to Earthland.

This by itself was an unprecedented case. The Ancient Dragons had avoided coming to Earthland at all costs, and in recent times Yarghast had only been sighted twice: to bestow her powers, her Lacrima onto a worthy successor. Of course, this revelation had made Ryuko decide to take action. Not only was Yarghast a powerful dragon, her magic was an essential part of what could turn her ambition into a reality. She needed to gain Yarghast's help if she hoped to secure a path to her next goal: To unite the dragon race.

As the Dragon Knight was about to leave, a woman clad in an ancient mage's garb appeared from the shadows. "Monarch, do you wish for me to accompany you?" To which Ryuko shook her head lightly. "Nay, keep an eye on Maple please and ensure she is protected." A soft chuckle escaped the mage's lips as she stepped back, melting into the shadows once again. "Of course. I will protect her with my life, should it come to this." And with these words, she was gone.

Ryuko knew that her lover could not accompany her, not yet at least. The task she was going to undertake was dangerous and she couldn't risk losing her, especially not with her plans so close to completion. Not to mention there was no knowing how Yarghast would react to her attempts to convince her to join forces. Fortunately the rumors suggested Yarghast had been sighted near the mountains where once Bahamut had lived in seclusion. Perhaps she had gone to seek him out? Bahamut was after all one of the few ancient dragons who had remained behind on Earthland after the tragic events that saw most of their kin leave the world behind.

Ryuko's wings spread wide as she took to the sky, flying over the river before eventually reaching the shore. While there were several routes up into the mountains, it didn't take her long to realize that they were not going to be any good for her, her wings being too large to navigate through the narrow and winding paths. And so, the dragon descended once more, her wings wrapping around her frame to allow her to slip between two of the taller trees. From here it was easy for her to get back into her stride, soon she found herself ascending into the snowy peaks that surrounded the dominion's territory. If she recalled right the caverns Bahamut used to dwell in were nearby, meaning Yarghast must had been as well.

"Yarghast!" She called out, her voice echoing through the snow-covered peaks. "I know you are here, please come forth and speak with me!" Her words echoed throughout the mountains, but there was no reply. The dragon girl let out a low growl, she was certain Yarghast had to be here somewhere. She began to walk further towards the peak, hoping the higher ground would help her see better. Eventually her search proved to be successful. In the distance she could make out a shadowy figure that appeared to be walking on a ledge.

As she approached closer, the dragon realized that the figure was indeed the very Yarghast she was looking for. The legendary dragon appeared to have stopped her march and turned around to face her, letting out a low roar that sent chills down her spine.

"I apologize for the intrusion." Ryuko spoke calmly, her voice calm and collected, yet even if Yarghast was disguised in a humanoid form she could feel the overwhelming presence of the ancient dragon. The intensity behind her stare... almost enough to overwhelm a mortal. "I wish to speak with you. To ask you for your assistance in my plans."

"And what exactly is it that you desire from me, young dragon?" Yarghast questioned, her tone curious.

"I want your power, and your loyalty." The words rolled off her tongue with ease. "Your powers are necessary to carry out my ambitions. Without them I will fail and our kind will perish. I can't allow this to happen." She declared.

"And what if I refuse?" The ancient dragon replied, a hint of amusement in her voice.

"Then I shall do what must be done." Ryuko stated firmly. "Even if I have to force you."

Yarghast laughed heartily at the declaration. "Very well. But first, tell me why I should join you. What makes you worthy?"

"Because I am a Dragon Knight, sworn to protect our kind." Ryuko responded with confidence. "I believe that humans and dragons should be able to live in harmony."

Yet Yarghast merely smiled sympathetically. "You don't have much left to protect then child, most of our kin left Earthland behind. The Age of Dragons has ended..." Ryuko felt her heart sink. It were words she had heard before. "But even then! As long as there are dragons there is a way to bring them back! The Age of Dragons isn't over as long as we exist!"

Hearing these words Yarghast turned toward Ryuko, and for a moment felt her thoughts freeze. Where had she heard these same words before? These passionate words, a dream of a glorious future for their kin, a future where dragons could coexist among mortals. "He... once said these words as well. I can see why Bahamut chose you to carry on his legacy." Yarghast muttered softly. "He would have wanted someone like you to take up the mantle. Very well, I shall lend you my strength."

A smile formed on Ryuko's lips as she heard these words. "Thank you, Yarghast." She responded gratefully.

"Just one condition." Yarghast stated firmly. "I wish to accompany you and observe your actions."

Ryuko nodded her head lightly in acceptance of the condition. "Just be prepared Ryuko, the welcome you'll receive from the others might not be the one you desire."

"I don't mind. I have to go regardless. For the sake of our kind, for the sake of our dreams. I'll do whatever it takes." The Dragon Knight replied determined.

Yarghast's gaze met Ryuko's, and the ancient dragon smiled gently. "Good luck." She whispered softly.

With these words, the two began their journey, Yarghast had used her magic to open a gateway, not just to another dimension but to the very realm the dragons had fled to after their exodus from Earthland.

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