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A Dragon's Dogma P1

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Chapter 1: Shattered Pride

Anger... She could barely contain her anger as she stormed out of the temple of the Divine Shinryu. Even if her father, the divine dragon Shinryu had expressed his concern and love for her, the dragon girl couldn't shake off the smouldering embers of hatred that lingered. She despised Vortigern, how he had trampled over her pride with such ease after he had bested her so clearly in combat.

Inhaling the air Ryuko attempted to calm herself, trying to think of other, more pleasant topics but each time she attempted it the memory of the smug reaction from Vortigern as she was left at his mercy lingered in her mind. Her clawed feet thudded against the soft soil of the grasslands, as she moved out from under the shade of the massive tree which the temple overlooked from the distance. The grassland itself was fairly expansive and seemed to extend out towards a nearby forest that seemed to be on the edge of the plains.

"At least I have enough room to stretch my wings... And fly a bit."
She muttered under her breath as she attempted to lift herself from the ground and take flight. But even as she took a leap and flapped her massive wings in an attempt to fly the feeling of frustration only grew as she recalled the visage of that massive dragon towering over her. She knew she was alive only because Vortigern had lost interest and didn't consider her worthy of his time. At best she would be considered as a plaything by the likes of the Aspect, that dragon and its smug smirk only infuriated the young Dragonkin even further.

"I swear... If I ever have a chance..."


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Ryuko spoke up to herself as she let her thoughts trail off for a moment, but that only brought her attention towards the pain and the bruises and wounds that still covered her body from head to the tip of her tail. She needed to rest, the wound inflicted on her chest was especially bad. And if it wasn't for Nozrum's timely interference she would likely have died or remained comatose for an extended period of time.

As Ryuko slowly landed, the ground shaking as she landed and a small cloud of dust kicked up in the area where her massive wings had stirred up some of the dry soil. She walked forward a bit, as her wings slowly folded in and were dragged across the grass behind her. Her tail moved left to right as the young dragonkin approached the forest and slowly sat down. She sighed softly to herself, at least in this place there wasn't any immediate danger, not yet. As she glanced towards the temple, it stood tall and proud and appeared to be guarded by an assortment of winged warriors, warriors she didn't know but her father seemed to trust them. But for some reason it felt as if this wasn't going to be her home for much longer. Ryuko knew that if she stayed there for too long Vortigern would come to finish what he had started and burn the entirety of Caelum to the ground, or perhaps even set his sights on other places to provoke her.

No, she needed to gain power... A power strong enough that she could challenge the Aspect. Ryuko was unsure as to what she could do and the only path that remained before her was the path of power. It was an option, and an option that Ryuko would have to accept, at least for now. As Ryuko let the wind slowly flow against her massive form her thoughts lingered for a moment, she could recall how it felt when Vortigern had defeated her. It had been like the Aspect had just swatted a pesky bug away as Ryuko had charged at the Aspect with the intent of inflicting at least some sort of damage. But the massive dragon's might and strength was unlike anything Ryuko had witnessed in the entirety of her existence. It wasn't only his physical form but his power and magical ability...

And it made the Dragonkin shudder as she remembered the shockwaves from Vortigern's magical energy had torn at her flesh and ripped off some of the scales that protected her.

She recalled the massive dragon's massive, yet calm expression.

"So this is a dragon's true might..."

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Ryuko muttered softly to herself as she tried to find a more comfortable spot and sat down in the shade. The wind was pleasant and the heat didn't feel that intense at the moment. It was pleasant, even if it made Ryuko think of those moments before the battle that had raged on and brought ruin to her and Nozrum's plan. They had worked in perfect tandem with one another and even Nozrum's attempts to damage and possibly kill the ancient dragon had failed to take effect, at least in a decisive fashion.

The massive black dragon had simply shrugged off the magic Nozrum had hurled at him. And then as he had simply countered with a mere swipe of his massive claws and tail. Vortigern's massive body was the perfect defense to Ryuko and Nozrum's tactics and strategy. He was simply too powerful... The mere thought of it made Ryuko shiver once again as she sat there in silence for a while, basking in the sunlight as she contemplated what her next actions should be.

She had heard plenty of stories of Champions who had set out to the rift in Talaz Lagaar in search of some sort of power or a similar boon from the void. However, recent reports had stated the island nation had been wiped off the map when the rift imploded onto itself, leaving nothing but devastation in its wake...

Ryuko couldn't help but ponder about the idea, of searching for power within an uncharted realm like the void. There were many who had taken the risk before, even when some spoke words of caution about the effects such unfamiliar power could have. In the end they all sought power and were willing to endure the consequences.

"A power beyond the grasp of mortals and immortals... One that could allow me to surpass my limits and grow stronger."
Ryuko mused as the thought lingered in her mind for a brief moment, the void was supposed to be capable of bestowing such unusual powers onto others, so why wouldn't it be able to give her something to empower her and increase her capabilities? She was after all a being born from the divine Shinryu, surely it could make her more powerful?


Ryuko whispered softly, her eyes glancing at the vast, endless blue sky above her.

"Can someone like me truly become empowered by the void and remain unchanged? My father said that the void has a habit of corrupting and twisting everything it touches."

No, pondering about the consequences would help her little. Even if she had been exposed to the influence of the void, she still felt like she was herself. No, if anything she should start to search for a method on how to strengthen the newfound powers the void had granted her, even if their nature was yet to be truly understood.


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Meanwhile somewhere within the Divine Realm...

A deity had been pacing back and forth with a scowl visible on his expression. "That thrice-damned fool... It's only because she is Shinryu's daughter that we have been turning a blind eye to her actions. No more I say! No more!"

The deity yelled in frustration while another one sighed audibly in response. "Calm yourself, lest they hear you. Besides, even if she had lost the battle, she fought to protect the people of Earthland. Can you truly condemn her for such a deed? If it was anyone else we would have praised their valor for challenging an Ancient Dragon, even if it was an Aspect."

Yet the angered deity would not be swayed. "Nonsense! What about the fact she became corrupted by the void? She been devouring dragons! DEVOURING! What is to say she won't turn onto us someday? That woman is a stigma on our name as divinity! We need to purge her, lest the other pantheons start to consider us a mockery!"

Yet even despite all his protests the others would not heed his anger. Clearly aware he would find no likeminded allies in his hatred the deity stormed back to his temple and soon summoned one of his exalted champions to his side.

"You called for me Kami-sama?" The mortal asked as they bend the knee to the god. "Good, you have come. I have a task for you, one of vital importance."

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The champion lowered his head in reverence. "Speak and it will be done Kami-sama." The deity nodded his head firmly. "There is this monster... A being possessing the powers of both divinity and dragon alike. However, she has become twisted and corrupted by the powers of the void. I want her head, for the sake of all that is just and good in this world I want Ryuko's dead."

The Kami's words earned a frown from his champion. "Do you mean the selfsame woman who joined forces with the Shinigami Convocation? The daughter of the divine dragon?"

The words of his champion made the Kami scowl once more. "She is a blight, that if left unattended will one day ruin everything! I don't care how you do it, but she needs to die, I won't suffer a stigma on our pride as Joyan Divinity."

The champion nodded his head lightly in response. "Very well, it will be done..."

With his words spoken the champion left the temple.

Meanwhile Ryuko had been contemplating the recent events that had unfolded. She had to admit she was still worried about the consequences the powers of the void would have upon her. While her mind was still her own, she had lost the powers of the Oblivion Dragon, and for some reason she felt somewhat more aggressive than she used to in the past.

However, for now all she could do was ponder how to properly wield this power. She needed to master it and find a way to turn the power of the void into a weapon to wield against the Aspect of Vortigern. All other things could wait till later.

A hand reached for her chest, finding her body having slowly started to mend, the scar left by Vortigern's attack was almost no longer visible, but the humiliation he inflicted upon her was an entirely different story.

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"I hope Nozrum has had some success in finding allies to rally to his cause." She wasn't certain he would find any. After all Caelum was far from the doorsteps of the Fiorian guilds, and even if it was only a matter of time before he would turn his attention to them, it didn't change the fact that there were a lot of risks involved with lending aid.

No, selfless heroism was something best left in the stories she loved to read about as a child. Rising back onto her feet Ryuko started to travel deeper into the forests. She wondered if perhaps she should counsel Mishiko about the matter. Perhaps she had more knowledge and wisdom at her disposal, and an idea about how to face the overwhelming might of Vortigern.

However, as she was pondering these thoughts Ryuko couldn't help but shake off the feeling she was being watched. Her gaze shifted into the direction she felt the presence from, and curiously enough a robed figure emerged. His attire felt somewhat Joyan to her, but the weapon on his belt was clearly a sheathed katana. A Joyan warrior known as a 'samurai'. However, what in the world was a samurai doing here?

"Are you Ryuko?"

The mysterious samurai asked, to which Ryuko nodded her head curtly. "Do you have business with me?"

Yet she could notice a certain emotion in the man's expression, a somber feeling similar to regret? "I apologize that it has come to this, but my master has demanded your head."

Ryuko's eyes narrowed into a glare at these words. "And for what crimes are you demanding such a price?" The samurai slowly unsheathed his blade. "It is for the sake of the realm that you been ordered to die."

Wait what? Did this man just gone insane?! "By the Kami's will I will take your head."

A curt response, but one that easily angered Ryuko. She had always been displeased with how the gods seemed so content with observing everything from afar without taking any action. However, to hear that a Kami had demanded her head for what? For existing?! Her anger started to resurface, and in the fleeting moment the samurai dashed forwards she raised her arm, coating it in a layer of thick metal to parry the incoming blow.

"If your god wants to claim my head, then he better comes to get it himself!"

Letting out a monstrous roar the dragon girl pushed the swordsman backwards, yet he quickly regained his footing, preparing for the duel ahead!

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The samurai was quick to regain his footing despite the unnatural strength her lineage brought Ryuko. Whether it was a sign of the man's experience in combat or some blessing from the deity he served she didn't know... and honestly she didn't care either. Her eyes narrowed into a glare as she watched the samurai dart toward her, yet this time Ryuko was prepared. With a violent beat of her wings she propelled herself off the ground, the wind forcing the samurai a few steps backwards while granting Ryuko the opportunity to launch her attack.

Once more she allowed the metal to encase her hand, forming into a blade as she lunged down at the kami's champion, a swing that the samurai skillfully parried. However, this time the samurai took the advantage, deflecting her blow and sweeping his katana upwards!

While Ryuko had barely been able to avoid the swing, the tip of the katana still grazed her cheek. If only she still had the power of Oblivion at her disposal... No, lamenting that would serve her little. No, instead the dragon girl found herself steadily being forced into defending more and more. The samurai's attacks were precise, fast and unrelenting, carrying a power that far surpassed that of ordinary swordsmen.

Another parry caused her metal blade to shatter, the sheer force of the blow causing a backlash that forced Ryuko to stagger back and lose the strength in her footing for a moment.

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Yet surprisingly enough the finishing blow never came... Instead a bolt of dark magic clashed against the man's blade as an unfamiliar voice called out:

"Is this the limit of one who is chosen by the void?" Ryuko's gaze followed that of the samurai who spotted a cloaked figure standing amidst the trees.

"Fortunately my prince demands for you to stay alive Ryuko, so I won't allow you to perish today. But why do you refuse to use the gift the void has bestowed onto thee?"

A question that made Ryuko grit her teeth in frustration. Was it fear? The fear that using the power would irreversibly change her into something else? She wasn't certain... And yet that hesitation had nearly led her to being killed. No more, she would hesitate no more.

A monstrous roar erupted from Ryuko as her body started to enlarge, her skin becoming covered by layers of scales as she revealed her true form: that of a massive dragon.

The red-scaled dragon swept a clawed arm at the samurai who skillfully jumped over the appendage, but he had not expected what would follow. The sudden exhale was accompanied by a torent of pure fire, a dragon's natural weapon: their fiery breath! How could he have forgotten about the fact that whether she had been corrupted by the void or not... he was still dealing with a dragon!


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His body scorched beyond recognizing the man was about to climb back onto his feet when he saw what could only be described as his end: A large barbed tail swept toward him, the thrust making it resemble less of a tail and more of a jagged lance that cleanly impaled the man's torso. Holding his limp body on the tip of her tail the dragon lashed the corpse onto the ground as she slowly transformed back into her human form. Slowly she approached the corpse of the fallen warrior, causing the cloaked mage to inquire: "What are you planning to do?"

To which Ryuko stated coldly. "Delivering a message."

It didn't take long for the gruesome sight to happen, the tattered corpse of the samurai was put on display, a makeshift cross used to hold his body to the sky as she yelled.

"I had enough of your games! For years my father and I served the whims of you gods, and this is how you repay us?! Sending an assassin? Enough is enough! Screw your pacts and oaths! If you want my head, then come and get it yourselves!"

And with that she turned toward the mage. So this woman had just willingly made herself an enemy of the gods? What a curious thing to do... No wonder his majesty was so interested in people like her... A smile crossed his visage as he spoke.

"Lady Ryuko? Since you made an enemy of the entire Joyan Pantheon, am I correct in presuming that you will seek both power and allies for the conflict to come?"


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Ryuko nodded her head firmly. "This won't just be a conflict, it will be a reminder that even the gods aren't invulnerable to suffering."

Gripping her hands together into fists the dragon girl shot a final glare at the sky and then spoke. "You mentioned your boss was searching for me? Why don't you tell me more about who you are and who this boss is..."

The man nodded his head lightly. "I am but an attendant to his royal highness, Prince Igor Illin of Peregrade. My master has been searching for knowledge about the void, and who better to seek than these who been in contact with the rift in Talaz Lagaar?"

The dragon girl paused for a moment, a hand reaching for her chin. "You been looking into my activities?" The attendant merely smiled. "Not just yours, there are several individuals who have shown a high compatibility with their powers, and it is for that reason I came to seek you out. I believe that if you were to meet my master, you could possibly broker a deal that could be mutually beneficial."

A prince certainly had a lot of power at his disposal, and perhaps he would even know a thing or two about the void... Wouldn't it be a good idea to travel to Peregrande to meet the prince and learn more about what exactly he had been searching for? It wasn't like she had much to lose...
As their journey toward Peregrande began there was still a lot that Ryuko was unsure of: Who exactly was this mysterious Prince Igor Illin? While she had been wandering the mortal realm for a while already, the dragon girl had to admit she knew painfully little about the world at large. She barely even knew where Peregrande was to begin with! So it was understandable that she knew even less about the nation's leader.


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"Prince Igor Illin is the rightful ruler of Peregrande, a strong and wise leader, it is because of him that many of the refugees from Talaz Lagaar have been able to find new livelihoods in our nation." Ryuko smiled briefly, inwardly thinking that there was no doubt the Prince's generosity was because of the aforementioned interest in the void. However, there was another topic which slowly drew her curiosity. "However, our country is also in a state of unrest. Peregrande is made up out of various provinces, and not all of them acknowledge the Prince's rulership."

So the kingdom was on the verge of a civil war? "Although it is sad, for my lord only desires to see Peregrande united so that it could become the glorious nation he envisions." Although politics had always been a topic Ryuko took little interest in, it was still something she kept in the back of her mind. There was no doubt the situation with the void was somehow tied into all of this.

It would take the duo a couple more hours to finally leave Joyan soil behind, but the journey continued and as the scenery changed the group's conversation did as well. "We are about to cross into the borders of Peregrande. From here on the journey will become a bit more treacherous Ryuko. The weather tends to be quite inhospitable at times and foreigners often struggle to cross our lands, but as long as you stay close we should be able to reach our destination without any complications."

"I can handle myself pretty well, so you can count on me to not slow us down." Ryuko's words seemed to have pleased the man, the latter flashing a brief smile. "Very good, I will be counting on your cooperation then." He gestured at the worn-down road up ahead. "For now we will take this road till we reach the next village. It is situated at the easier to traverse paths leading into the mountains." Ryuko wondered just what they had in store for her. "Will we be staying the night at the village?"


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The man nodded his head firmly. "Indeed, the village is fairly receptive to travelers, and also looks favorable upon the prince so we should receive a warm welcome. More importantly: we will rest there to conserve our strength for the trip through the mountains." Ryuko was aware of the man's eyes on her. "You seem quite eager to make this journey. I understand that you wish to meet the Prince, but surely a single day of delay would not change much."

Ryuko had her reasons for being eager, reasons which she would not reveal to the man. "I'm curious, and eager to start exploring Peregrande, that's all." She hoped her words would be enough to convince him, but there was no mistaking the skepticism on his face. "I see." There was a brief moment of silence as they both continued riding. "Well, either way it would not hurt to hurry things along a little, so I will take your word for it."

As their horses continued to travel down the road Ryuko's gaze drifted along the landscape. It was not often she had gotten to see snow, and the wind had indeed become chilly, even if her dragon blood made her fairly resistant to the cold. Still, for the time being she would remain patient. "What can you tell me about the other Principalities?" Ryuko's inquiry made the attendant nod his head lightly in response.

"Drugigrad is likely one that most foreigners heard about before. They are the second largest Principality, but their leaders have become blinded by the lies and deception of their advisors. Whether out of greed or spite, they claim my lord has brokered a dark deal with a malicious spirit, nonsense I say..."

He sighed audibly. "The village we are heading to is called Kirkinstand, it borders Illingrad where my lord rules from. A lot of the merchants pass through it on the way to the capital so it is frequently an excellent place to hear about the state of affairs in other nations." While Ryuko was not particularly interested in the gossip, she did take note of his explanation.


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"I think I get the general idea, and I look forward to seeing the village. We are heading there right now, aren't we?" The man smiled as he looked forward, pointing at the distant silhouette of a small village. "That is right. If the weather continues to hold we should be able to arrive in under an hour." As they continued to move forward Ryuko took the time to look over her traveling companion, her thoughts drifting back to what the villagers had said.

"So... how did you end up in service to the Prince?" The question had caught him off guard, the man glancing at her before focusing his gaze back on the road. "My mother was a refugee, and when the Prince offered his aid, she chose to serve him. She died shortly after our arrival due to her ailing health, and after I was old enough to serve I did the same, and my children will continue the tradition."

It was a fairly simple explanation, but Ryuko felt like there was more to it than the man was willing to reveal. Still, the dragon girl had her own secrets so she was hardly in a position to question his past. "I see, thanks for the story." A brief smirk flashed across the man's face as he briefly glanced her way. "You seem eager to learn about us, is that not the case?"

"I am, even if I might have been born among divinity, I always took a great interest in the world of mortals."


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Finally the village came into sight. Even from a distance the houses were small, and the walls looked quite fragile, but the guards seemed to be in good spirits, and their moods lightened up even further once the two travelers were close enough to be recognized. "Greetings travelers, what brings you to Kirkinstand today?" Ryuko had little doubts about who the two of them were. "We wish to spend the night at your village and ask for safe passage through the mountain."

"Oh, of course! We will let the mayor know you arrived. You may tie up your horses here." Ryuko had to admit, she had not expected the reaction to be this positive. Her gaze followed the guards as they hurried toward the entrance to the village, leaving her and the man alone for a moment. "We will be treated well. Come, I will introduce you to the mayor." Ryuko briefly watched the horses as the man started walking.

With her hands hidden beneath her coat the dragon girl followed him into the village.

While the houses themselves were not in particularly great shape, it was hard to deny that the people living here had worked hard to make the village feel cozy. It was clear the people cared about the place. The town square was not large, but it did feature a small statue dedicated to the Prince. There was also a larger house at the end of the main road, the building clearly being the home of the village's mayor.


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As the duo walked toward the mayor's house Ryuko's senses were on full alert, the dragon girl picking up on the various whispers and voices of the villagers. She was able to tell that some of them were a bit weary, but most were curious about the strangers. However, one voice stood out amongst the crowd. It was soft, and barely above a whisper, but the words made her stop dead in her tracks.

"They say she has come to answer the prince's call... That means she must had been in the void, just as bad as a cultist. But why would they let someone like that through? Are they crazy!?"

Ryuko could sense the man was about to turn around, and she quickly tried to compose herself, hurrying to catch up. The attendant heaved a sigh, attempting to ignore the commoner's words as he guided Ryuko into the mayor's house. "Here we are." As soon as they entered the mayor hurried to meet them, the man looking far more friendly than his appearance would have suggested.

"Welcome, welcome. It is a pleasure to have the likes of you gracing our humble village."


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He shook both of their hands, gesturing for them to follow him. "Please come inside, it has been a while since we received a guest summoned by the prince personally." The mayor glanced at Ryuko, flashing a bright smile. "We are in the presence of someone very special here." He turned his attention back to the attendant. "I assume you will want your usual room. It is the one closest to the entrance. I have had the staff prepare it, so feel free to go and rest up."

He nodded his head, gesturing at Ryuko. "I would appreciate it if the young lady could accompany me. It would be a shame if she were to miss the chance to see the village in all its glory." The mayor chuckled briefly, nodding his head. "Of course, I will send for you once supper is prepared." He bowed briefly before turning his attention back to the dragon girl. "Please enjoy your stay here, and do not hesitate to ask the staff should you require anything."

Ryuko had her eyes trained on the man as she followed him to his room.
The door closed behind them and Ryuko moved over to the table, sitting down on one of the chairs. "This place is nice, but I have a question for you." She watched as the attendant turned toward her. "I heard someone talk about me being related to cultists. You know the Prince would not want me to kill anyone here, right?" The man nodded his head briefly. "I had a feeling something like that was the case."


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He sighed softly as he continued. "The void is still quite an unknown force, and as such many who oppose the prince like to use the void as an excuse to voice their displeasure with the prince's actions. However, the prince truly believes the Void is a force of potential, one that could elevate people far beyond anything we seen before. It is for that reason Prince Igor feels we should learn to understand the void and admire the champions who have emerged from the rift, rather than fear and stigmatize them."

Ryuko nodded her head lightly in return. "That aside, you might be interested in an old legend that the people of this region are fond of. There is a recording of the legend in that book over there if you're interested."

Gesturing at the book the man watched Ryuko pick up its contents and scan through the pages after which she mused softly. "I never heard of a Dragon Emperor... I knew that the dragon race is usually led by the ancient dragons to a degree, but I never knew there was an emperor about the mortals who had the powers of the dragons bestowed onto them." Ryuko's expression became pensive. "I wonder if there is some truth to this."

"I'm sure it was meant as a metaphor."


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The attendant watched as the dragon girl returned the book. "I'm glad you find this interesting. Now, shall we rest for a while?"

"Yeah, sounds like a plan."
With a nod the attendant sat down on his bed.

Ryuko had chosen to sit down on a chair and was currently staring out the window. She couldn't help but ponder on the idea: A leader among the dragons, it did sound a bit far-fetched, especially due to how absent leadership was among the dragons. But for a moment she couldn't help but wonder, perhaps even admire the thought of someone with such power. She wanted to see just what exactly such an individual could do, but more importantly: just how far the potential of the dragon race could go if they were properly organized...

Indeed, if there was a proper chain of command among the dragons then surely the power of the race and their influence would skyrocket. It was only because of the lack of structure and interest in the affairs of mortals that one rarely even saw a dragon these days. No, Ryuko could already imagine how influential such an order could be: A order of dragons and these that had their powers bestowed onto them, surely such a concept would entice even Prince Igor Illin. However, she knew that it wouldn't be that easy to accomplish. She would need to find an ancient dragon that was willing to back her ambitions and strive toward that goal, a goal of uniting the dragon race...

Perhaps she could take inspiration from that story she had heard about earlier. Of a leader the dragons once looked up to. A Dragon Emperor... Perhaps if she took his legacy and build upon it, then she could at the very least inspire curiosity among the dragons. If the legend had once existed, then surely the older dragons would remember it.


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Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door, a moment later a woman walked in. "Excuse me, but I was sent here to inform you that the supper is ready." Ryuko stood up and followed the woman down to the dining room where she and the attendant were served their food. As the meal proceeded the mayor addressed the duo.

"As I mentioned earlier, the passage through the mountains is still fairly safe for crossing, but there have been reports of unrest in the capital. With the flood of refugees from Talaz Lagaar seeking their livelihoods elsewhere, the capital itself has been abuzz about all sorts of foreigners arriving at the city."

Ryuko could understand why that might be the case. Most people from Talaz Lagaar likely had some sort of knowledge or proficiency in certain fields that the prince could put to use, especially judging from his interest in the void. A hand reached for her chin, pondering for a moment. "I guess that could explain why the other principalities are restless..."

Ryuko's words earned a nod of affirmation from the attendant. "Correct, they likely think the Prince is bolstering his ranks." But was that truly the case? She could only truly find out once she arrived at the capital and had an audience with the prince himself.

For now she was not quite sure just what his intentions were.


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As the group finished their meal, the mayor stood up. "Well then, I suppose we should all head off to bed. You will be expected to depart early tomorrow." With those words he bid the two a goodnight, the duo heading off to their room. Ryuko briefly took notice of the whispers again, her ears picking up a few snippets here and there. "So what are they like?" one of the whisperers asked, to which another voice replied. "They don't look like cultists." yet these words clearly didn't convince the first person "Still, we should keep our eyes on them. It's possible they might try something." Ryuko sighed audibly, the whispers fading into the background noise as she went to bed.

The next morning the group headed out and began their journey through the mountains. "The path leading into the mountains is quite safe, and we are not expecting any trouble, however I would not get too far ahead. While the snowstorms aren't as strong during the day, it is still quite dangerous to travel in these mountains." Ryuko nodded her head firmly as she listened to the attendant's instructions.

As the duo continued their trek through the snow, Ryuko could not help but glance around. The cold wind howled loudly as the group trudged along. The scenery was beautiful, the white snow and grey skies painting an image straight out of a fairy tale. "The mountains are beautiful, aren't they?" Hearing the words spoken by the dragon girl earned a soft chuckle from the attendant. "When talking about Peregrande's scenery most would call it harsh and inhospitable, I think you're the first person I ever heard describing these mountains as 'beautiful'."


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"Well, the beauty of something doesn't have to be a pretty view. I just thought it was a very unique landscape, and that's why I was curious about it." Ryuko's explanation seemed to have intrigued the man. "You're an interesting individual, I'm glad you had the chance to visit these lands." The duo continued their trek through the mountains until eventually reaching the end of the path.

"This is as far as we can travel by horse." The attendant gestured at a small house closeby. "The owners have offered to take care of our horses for a fee. We will have to continue the trip by foot." Ryuko nodded her head, quickly following the man toward the house. Once the horses were safely secured the two began the second leg of their journey. "The way forward will become difficult from this point onward, however if the weather holds we should be able to arrive safely at the next capital."
"Sounds like we better hurry up, we wouldn't want the weather to start turning on us." Ryuko glanced up at the sky, a soft smirk spreading across her lips. "Besides, it wouldn't hurt to stretch our legs a little." The attendant flashed a brief smile in return. "Agreed."

Their trek through the mountains continued without incident, however, after a few hours the skies slowly began to darken, and a storm approached.

"We should be careful, if the weather becomes worse we might need to take shelter."

But fortunately they arrived at the gates leading into the capital before the worst of the storm arrived, and as soon as the guards spotted the attendant and his guest they saluted at the man. "The prince has been expecting your arrival, please head to the palace immediately."

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