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Investigate the Weeds (solo)

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Ittindi had been dealing with a new kind of struggle, one that had been self inflicted in a way.  He had been making a wish,  plea with something, he felt the raw energy. It hadn't occurred to him that this might be a trick. While he hadn't made a deal with the devil the reward he received, seemed to come from the pits of hell themselves. It started when he woke up in the morning, and his magic didn't work. Instead, there was a new voice in his head greeting him, daring him to be more to do more. In his dreams he'd see beautiful men or women, transients he had foot washed. Old masters, new ones, ultimately his dreams continued until their was a morning it spoke directly to him. He called it Naki, and it seemed to respond just fine to that name. It told him the cost of his new powers, his new magic


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It had granted him a life with new abilities, including a permanent melee weapon to go alongside his gun. Whenever he needed it he could materialize a spear, a Naginata to be exact. In his shame, Ittindi hadn't spoken to anyone about his new powers. No contact with the Rune Knights or his Young Master, he had taken a leave of absence, and he was staring at his old headquarters now. The only thing that had stirred him from his slump was a message from Inspector Nilan. It told him how the dangers he had stopped with the beanstalk had resurfaced. Ittindi was to meet Nilan at the forest outskirts, Ittindi had just went to headquarters to grab his badge. He was immediately recognized due to his suit, while he had forsaken his magic his equipment remained, the bright green strip adorning his top hat. His gun still inside his jacket ready to be used, Ittindi didn't plan on revealing his new powers to anyone.


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That also meant being more elusive, especially considering Naki's part of the bargain. They craved all the experiences of a human life. It wasn't entirely surprising, humankind offered the greatest journey of life, he'd seen gods demons and all other kinds of magical creature offer deals to humanity. Ittindi believed at the heart of all of it was the human experience. Some would become content with just learning about the human experience, but the beings with real power they wanted more. Naki was one of those beings, did that make them a demon? Even worse what did that make Ittindi, he could hear Naki's laughter echoing through his mind, entertained by the meta analysis that Ittindi did on himself. He knew that Naki could only hear part of his inner thoughts working on how to keep some to himself. The cost of that was dangerous, Naki could end his life at any point of time. Ittindi needed to live, to fulfill his goal, that hadn't changed, but now he'd have to be a daredevil , fulfilling both his and Naki's ambition.


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Making his way from headquarters, Ittindi would move towards the forest, listening to the constant jeers of Naki. Questioning how he could he expect his men to be loyal to him, if he couldn't even trust them with his magic. Would he let his men die before revealing his powers, how far would his ruse go? Thoughts that Ittindi shoved from his mind, as he returned a salute or two. Some of the men even seemed to miss him, their replacement sergeant must had been pretty piss poor for them to give Ittindi such warm smiles. He would usher them off even spotting a couple of his privates through town, before making it to the outskirt of Orchidia's forest. He'd hear the scientist clamoring before he'd seeing anything, assuming the noise was a sanctioned forward operating base. He'd be given another salute as he went inside the tent, not even needing to show his badge.


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Ittindi wasn't sure if he was becoming more popular or just another one of his men swapping scuttlebutt about the butler of the Rune Knights. The amount of words coming from each scientist’s mouth surrounding Investigator Nilan made it impossible for Ittindi to focus on just one. They all seemed to have their own ideas on what kind of creature the beanstalk was. Inspector Nilan would see Ittindi and motion for him to meet outside the tent away from the large audience of scientists.

”Sergeant Ittindi it's great to see you back in action. When I had sent off that letter I had hoped you'd respond. The situation has become more dire, we have learned where the magic beanstalk had originated from. We believe it's the result of magical tampering, but we'll need more samples to confirm. In the tent there's a set of testing devices I'll need you to go to the following coordinates and use it to take samples.”

Ittindi would nod before walking back into the tent, finding a small backpack full of the different testing kits. The coordinates were put on a magical map that would update with his current location. It seemed that this project was receiving more funding than Ittindi initially thought.


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Tracking down the location of the plants was difficult, while Ittindi loved moving through the forest before his change of magic. Now the only thing that seemed to call to him were the plants on their death bed, it made him wonder the true nature of his powers. Death, was that truly a demon or something else entirely, was he now a patron of death is that why Naki sought after a lively experience? The quiet from his new companion was the only answer he needed, as he continued through the forest now hostile to his very presence. That was when a guardians of the forest would appear, mangy maws dripping with hostility or disease, it made little difference to Ittindi as they charged straight at him. He would quickly unholster his gun, not fast enough to avoid the tackle as he shot one predator straight through the roof of its mouth, Jaws an inch away from clamping down on his throat.


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It did startle the other 3 dogs or were they half wolf, Ittindi heart was racing so fast it was hard to tell. Naki's voice was as loud as his heart, begging him to brandish his newest weapon, saying no one was around to witness. Ittindi  knew he could resist it's voice with ease, just as he could ignore irreverent requests from the younger masters at households. He also knew the power of pretending to indulge those with more power than himself, going for the latter he'd drop his gun while summoning his new spear. A straight thrust, went through one of the creatures, while partially piercing another. The partially pierced stray would try to run but ultimately perish from poison? Or was there something else to his spear, he could hear the happiness in Naki's voice as it asked for more. Ittindi wouldn't recive the chance on another creature as the last guardian quickly retreated.


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While Naki was still cheering Ittindi on, he noticed there was more to the displeasure of the forest than his magic. Up ahead there was a maze of vines, seemingly covering any entrance deeper into the forest. Using his Naginata Ittindi would start vine whacking to find his way to the samples, unsurprisingly it seemed that the source of the vines was one of the very plants he sought to sample. The downward strokes of his Naginata tip was more precise and tiring of a movement than Ittindi anticipated. By the time he reached t he source of the vines he dropped the Naginata  letting it fade to wherever it existed outside his hand. He'd sling off the backpack in one smooth motion, opening it and pulling out the first sample device. It reminded him of a wand that they used in one of his clients favorite magic girl books, the things Ittindi would stomach to please a client. Though the book had been rather interesting, he'd take out the device and point it at the plant. It would start to glow intensely before he'd see a stream of script flow from the plant into the device.


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The plant would start to wither after he gathered a sample, so Ittindi would continue on his hacking journey deeper into the forest. He hoped to find more magically tainted plants soon, his arms starting to burn from the lactic acid build up, with his new spear and magic Ittindi would have to attend more to his physical training. He'd still have to train heavier, in his gunplay now that he'd have to rely on that more than his magic. That's when he spotted a plant that had a rainbow color pattern, it didn't take a scientist to tell him that would be the next plant for samples. This time he pulled out a device that resembled a mixture of a kunai knife with a syringe, the instructions clearly read to just throw it into the stem of the plant. His aim was true and sure enough the rainbow plant had some kind of rainbow juice on the inside as the plant died while the syringe function sucked up all of it. Picking it up he'd store it in the pack seeing that there were two other sampling device's he'd need to use.


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That's when he'd see a small pool past another stack of vines, Ittindi also noticed behind him the vines he had whacked, were starting to regrow, albeit slowly. He knew that there wasn't much time, he didn't know if he'd make it back to the forward operating base if he had to cut back to base. As he hacked sweat pouring from him, Ittindi found himself grateful for his suit, it cleaned so easily being magical he didn't even have to worry about how he washed and pressed the suit. It stayed immaculately clean, and as he approached the pool he saw two things that caught his interest. The first being a dead rabbit near the lake, it had plants forming from its corpse, and not any plants that Ittindi recognized as normally being in the forest. The second was a large plant that was growing from the pool, while he had felt odd in the forest it wasn't until he was close to this plant that he felt his magic and energy being actively sapped way towards it. He swore that he could see parts of the plant growing before his very eyes.

Pulling out the last two sampling devices, Ittindi had a miniature vacuum looking stick and a bag that he could take a piece of plant off and stick inside. He decided to vaccuum the plant coming out of the animal, which luckily for him seemed to have drained all the blood from the body as the root came out while destroying the bones of the creature. Then before he could second guess himself he jumped headfirst into the pool swimming up to the plant. Expecting something to go wrong, Ittindi was pleasantly surprised when he had no problem cutting a small branch of the plant from the lake and swimming back to shore putting it in his bag while he put the backpack back on. It was an odd feeling as by the time he made it back to the base, he was dry except for where his backpack had managed to retain sweat and his wetness. Turning in the samples to Inspector Nilan placing the backpack on the table to the awed whispers of the scientist. Nilan would hand Ittindi his reward thanking him again for being back in town

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