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wildlife Study (Solo)

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#1Salem E. 

wildlife Study (Solo) Empty Sat Mar 09, 2024 7:34 pm

Salem E.

The crashing of the waves made a symphony of sound. The sand on his feet felt wonderful and even the sunlight reflecting off the waves felt nice on his skin. Salem was enjoying Luluhawa Island the more he was on it. He was excited to go on the mini trip to the reef and learn more about the aquatic life there. It was going to be an exciting trip for him.

“Hi HI~” Salem greeted the marine biologist with enthusiasm. She was at the boat they were going to take, reading a book as she waited for him. Salem was happy he came earlier, he did not want to keep her waiting and was excited to head out.

Putting the book away, she gave Salem a warm smile. She talked about some of the marine life with a great amount of enthusiasm. The fact that Salem was interested seemed to spur her on even more. Salem would ask questions as well. Impressing her with his knowledge about some creatures, as well as his willingness to do all of this. She seemed like she was happy to have Salem come along.

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#2Salem E. 

wildlife Study (Solo) Empty Thu Mar 14, 2024 9:03 am

Salem E.

Salem enjoyed the talk immensely and was more enthused about taking up this mission. He helped her get on the boat and move it to their destination. Being a water aligned one with nature made places like these too suitable for him. He was able to get to their designated area in record time and no shaking. Mona was even surprised by how fast it was.

She offered him diving gear that he declined. He offered his magic which she showed interest in. Salem went first by diving in and even coming out dry. It took her a moment because the urge to hold your breath is too strong for people that cannot normally breath it. When she got the hang of it she was amazed. Salem has to promise to teach her the basics of water type magic later. He did not mind so he agreed to it with no problem.

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#3Salem E. 

wildlife Study (Solo) Empty Tue Mar 19, 2024 8:58 pm

Salem E.

Endless. That was the sensation that Salem felt being surrounded by water. It was peaceful and he felt like he was flying. He found it funny that wind spirits could feel like this often. This was the type of thing that was his element, and he took to it like a fish in water.

Thinking about fishes. Salem started to examine some of the ones around him. Unlike other divers the fish took him for no more than a part of the ocean. He found some interesting specimens. One seemed to be a fish that was able to shoot fireballs. It was impressive to say the least. An adaptation of that type in an underwater environment.

Salem did not want to take the entire fish out of the water at first. Then he thought about it. He wrapped the fish in an aqua sphere and simply gathered it like that. He was more than capable of taking it out of the water without an ounce of harm. The fact that it could still shoot the fireballs that breached the sphere, that was another interesting thing. Salem could have stopped it but chose not to waste the mana doing so.

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#4Salem E. 

wildlife Study (Solo) Empty Tue Mar 19, 2024 9:20 pm

Salem E.

Salem spent another hour or so gathering cool things. He made sure not to harm the natural harmony of things. He also checked on Mona periodically. Salem did not want her to drown or get eaten by any creature. He had grown fond of her. Their intellectual conversations and interests in marine life were very riveting to say the least. That and she had his pay. He had the jewels ear marked for some tasty island snacks.

Making it back on the boat Salem shared what he found. From the fire breathing fish to the seahorse that shot sand like bullets. He even brought out some kelp that causes one to pass out for a bit. He let all of it get documented before placing it back in the sea. He did not want to be a menace to undersea society. Salem had an interesting talk wrapping up their adventure. He got paid and went to go grab those snacks.


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