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From one Divinity onto another [Kamui]

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From one Divinity onto another [Kamui] Empty Wed Feb 07, 2024 4:38 pm


The Arena of Champions, even now she was not entirely certain what to think of this place. After the recent adventure in Caelum Ryuko had decided to see whether Nozrum's idea had any merit: to see if there were any champions among the mortals of Earthland who could stand against Vortigern. Even now she was uncertain about it, but to issue a challenge was her best way of making certain the person she was testing was up to the match.

Standing tall at the center of the arena the young dragon girl had her eyes closed. Indeed, one might think her display was one of arrogance, and overconfidence maybe. But in truth, she was focusing on herself. Attempting to restrain her destructive nature, even now this form of meditation helped her drum out the noise of the excited audience who were waiting for the challenger to arrive.

And even then it remained yet to be seen whether this foe would be capable of leaving a lasting impression. The organizer had told her that there was someone who was willing to test her blade against her, a seeker of strength. That was a mindset she could approve of. There was always someone stronger in the world, and the ambition to grow was one worthy of respect, in a way it even stirred a desire in her to nurture such an ambition.

"Kamui hmm?" She muttered the name under her breath, a Joyan name, one that frequently was associated with divinity as well. But she couldn't help but wonder what type of individual would cross her today. Slowly she opened an eye as the gate at the other side of the arena started to be pulled open. Her opponent was about to arrive soon~


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Kmaui couldn't believe that she had waited so long to attend the Arena of Champions. It was the perfect way to gain the strength she so desired, the chance to prove herself to the gods themselves that she was worthy of their regard. Her companion, Mami, waited in the stands with nervous energy, leaving Kamui to take a moment alone before she entered the battlegrounds. While she didn't know this, like her opponent, Kamui valued meditation and centring oneself, which she was doing. Eyes closed, she took steady breaths. By the time she succeded imagining herself as a still lake, the doors to the area began to open before her. The announcer yelled out her opponent's name as Kamui began to walk onto the battlegrounds.

'Ryuko hm? A strong joyan name.' Kamui thought with approval as she stepped up to the raised platform. Finally, her opponent was before her, and Kmaui was pleased. The name matched the woman's appearance, sharp and strong. Ryuko had eyes that pierced through her, and Kamui felt a shiver of excitement go through her. Win or lose, this will be a splendid battle, she is sure.

"I am Tsunagi Kamui, a ronin of Joya." She announces, giving Ryuko a formal bow, as all properly planned battles should start with. "Let us fight with the eyes of the gods on us," Kamui says, preparing a battle stance, but not drawing her sword until her opponent is ready.


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As her opponent entered the arena and introduced herself Ryuko nodded her head lightly in acknowledgment to the greeting. Despite this being an arena the dragon girl had to admit the idea of proper etiquette before their duel was both amusing and fascinating to her. Many forgot the concept of honor in a duel, then again she had been taught the hard way that honor only leads to an early demise and that the battlefield held little room for such softness. If only her naive ideals of heroism had not died the day she set foot on Earthland. "Ryuko, if we are to go by calling then I believe calling me a member of the Shinigami Convocation would be correct." Noticing the formal bow the dragon girl smiled briefly. "Although seeing respect and courtesy on a battlefield is unusual.... But not undesired." She made a formal bow in return, her tail swishing lightly behind her as she watched Kamui enter a combat stance. However, the words that followed made Ryuko frown for a moment.

"Fight for yourself, the gods will carry little for your deeds unless you're one of their own." As she spoke her tone sounded harsh, almost scolding in nature as she took a step forward. "I do not mind if you draw your sword, you will need it soon." As she finished speaking the dragon girl lunged forwards, a motion that allowed her to cross the distance in perhaps a second or two, just enough time for Kamui to draw her sword, but rather than aiming for a straight dash toward her the dragon girl's footing ended to Kamui's left side, the hand carrying her Midas gauntlet balling up into a fist and soon made a sideways sweep with her arm, aiming to drive her arm into the side of the swordswoman's body!

Ryuko's stats:
Strenght: 16
Speed: 7(+170): 177
Constitution: 48
Endurance 4:
Intelligence: 507(+130)= 637

Actions: Ryuko lunged to Kamui's side (aiming for the left side of her body) and proceeded to make a swinging motion with her arm toward Kamui's torso) Midas Gauntlet is on Ryuko's right hand, meaning her strength is 16+100, an attack will inflict A-rank damage if it lands.


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Kamui barely has time to frown after that borderline disrespectful but definitely disregarding comment about the gods when the woman is lunging forward towards the swordswoman, fists outstretched. The woman is smart enough to aim for her non-sword-hand side, the left, with her gauntlet. Thankfully Kmaui is quick enough to draw Senzo no Hōkai to block the attack with the side of her sword which was also on her left side, katana only halfway out of its sheath.

But the woman's blow was still enough to make Kamui skid back a few feet, Ryuko's strength being sharp and intense. Kamui managed to manage her strong defensive stance as she slid, looking up to pierce Ryuko with her violet eyes. Kamui admits that her blood is pumping with excitement. This was a worthy opponent. 

"I assure you, honour to your opponent in such a way only has a place in duels of martial respect, such as this one. If we were to trade blows as foes on the battlefield you would receive no such pardon." Kmaui says to the woman, more as an explanation than as a threat, but still states cooly as she fully draws Senzo no Hōkai. She twirls her blade for a second before whipping it out to her side. Then she lunges forward to the other warrior, slashing at her right arm, the one that attempted to attack her earlier.


Kamui's stats:
Strength: 71 (+20%) = 85
Speed: 31 (+30+20%) = 73
Constitution: 9 (+20%) = 11
Endurance: 7 (+20%) = 8
Intelligence: 1

Actions: Kamui successfully parries Ryuko's hit, causing 1x A rank damage to Senzo no Hōkai and the same amount to Midas Gauntlet. Kamui then lunges forward and slashes her sword at Ryuko's right arm, and with her strength being 85+130 (215) with the sword, will deal 1x S rank damage if the blow lands


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Ryuko couldn't help but find her lips curve up slightly as she felt the metal gauntlet of Midas clash against the woman's blade. An impressive parry she had to admit. However, when Kamui decided to retaliate Ryuko's smile widened. "True, a duel like this deserves mutual respect - meaning:"

In the same fleeting moment that Kamui's blade went in a beeline toward her arm the dragon girl stirred the power of the Oblivion Lacrima, causing obsidian rods to puncture out of her arm to not only intercept the incoming blow, they even went as far as rebounding the force of the attack onto Kamui's own blade!

It was likely the sheer force of the attack would have left its cracks into Kamui's blade, yet Ryuko made no attempts to retaliate just yet. Instead, she took a few steps backwards, lifting her shoulder lightly and adjusting her stance a little. "Not bad~ Didn't expect I would be relying on one of my dragonic powers."

The dragon girl smiled briefly at her opponent, a light stomp of her foot following as something seemed to be happening. If Kamui paid attention to the dragon girl's features she would notice a liquid metal started to coat Ryuko's tail, swiftly transforming it into a makeshift weapon! "I'm not usually one to fight with blades you see- but I hope it will at least satisfy your swordsmanship~"

As she addressed Kamui the dragon girl's tail swished forwards, the tip of the barbed tail being quite similar to a lance or halberd in design, the sharp tip making a straight beeline for Kamui's torso! For now it was clear she was still not using her full strength, because her arms simply remained resting at her side, folded up underneath her chest as she gazed at how Kamui would be dealing with the assault of her tail!

"Hmm, A... maybe B? Or would it be a C? Nah, too developed for D..." she mused softly, as if she was calculating something.

Ryuko's stats:
Strenght: 16
Speed: 7(+170): 177
Constitution: 48
Endurance 4:
Intelligence: 507(+130)= 637

Ryuko uses Oblivion DS's Reflective Armor to intercept the attack aimed at her arm, rebounding S-rank damage to Kamui's sword.

Ryuko uses the Spell: to attempt to attack Kamui's Torso, inflicting A-rank damage if she lands a blow.

Name: Barbed Tail
Rank: A-rank
Mana Cost: 400
Requirements: Metal Dragon Slayer
Type: Offensive
Element: Arcane
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user steadies their footing with a light stomp allowing a magical circle to appear that is the equivalent dimensions of the spell rank that extends along the user's back. Afterwards the user's tail becomes covered in a layer of liquid metal that quickly becomes a barbed appendage capable of being used similar to a flail. The tail can extend up to twenty meters and moves around at spell speed. Due to the properties of Metal Dragon Slayer the barbed tail has S-rank durability, but once this damage is surpassed will start to damage the user's limb. This spell inflicts an additional A-rank damage on top of the user's unarmed attacks. This spell occupies one of the leg limbs for the purpose of their sustain.

Mana: 3150-600-240= 2.310


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Kamui frowns lightly when her hit gets parried, then outright scowls indignantly when she realizes how much damage her katana took while her opponents remained pristine in a bust of magic. 

She looked at the dragon woman warily as some mild distance was put between them. Because Kamui suddenly realized at the woman's words, that's what she was. A dragon. She then watched with her hackles raised as a spell became in the works

Kamui barely had time to react as Ryuko's tail became a blade on its own and slashed at her. Kamui falters with a grimace as the sword slashes at her torse with a spray of blood, causing Mami to gasp alongside the crowd. But this wound only filled Kamui's mind with momentary glee. Such strength. Kamui must show her own might quickly else she loses this woman's respect.

"A magnificent blow." Kamui compliments, standing up straight again, sincerely not getting what Ryuko is talking about. Her level of strength perhaps? "I assure you I am an A. Allow me to demonstrate for your enjoyment." Kamui says with a full amount of confidence. She then artfully flips her cracked sword again before running her fingers along its edge, causing it to light up with crackling lighting as a magical circle appears before her feet. "Lightning Heed My Call!" She calls out as she leaps forward, swinging the Senzo no Hōkai at the woman's chest, blade wreathed in purple lighting. It was a deep shame to mark such wild beauty, but it had to be done.


Kamui's stats:
Strength: 71 (+20%) = 85
Speed: 31 (+30+20%) = 73
Constitution: 9 (+20%) = 11
Endurance: 7 (+20%) = 8
Intelligence: 1

Senzo no Hōkai Damage: 3x A Rank in damage done (1x B rank left)

Kamui Damage: 1x B-rank in damage done (3x A rank left)

Actions: Kamui receives 1x B-rank damage from Ryuko's magical attack, helped by her Minor Magic Resistance. Kamui then casts the spell Lightning Heed My Call, dealing 1x S rank in spell damage, and 1x S rank in physical damage that ignores resistance if the spell hits. It will also drain 1x A rank of Ryuko's mana if she is hit, which Kamui will gain. 

Name: Lightning Heed My Call
Rank: S++ rank
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Weilding the Senzo no Hōkai
Type: Offensive
Element: Lightning
Range: Self
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The wielder of Senzo no Hōkai runs a finger or two across the side of the katana while saying the spell name, causing a violet magical circle the appear beneath the blade. As the finger moves, a violet aura and crackling lighting appear where the fingers had been, coating the sword in dangerous magic. This causes whatever is hit by the sword while the spell is active to receive 1x S rank in magic damage along with the sword's physical damage while the spell is sustained. Thanks to its overwhelming power, the damage this attack inflicts ignores the resistance of those who are hit by it. 

Mana: 950-(500-60%=)= 750

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Ryuko's expression remained focused when Kamui complimented her attack. Yet when the woman proceeded to answer her earlier observation with a verbal response the dragon girl withdrew her tail back to her side. "An A you say? Hmm, I find that hard to believe..." At the same time Kamui proceeded to demonstrate what the dragon girl assumed was her ace in the hole technique, at the very least it deserved such praise. The lightning that wrapped around the blade was magnificent to say the least, and the motion and agility that Kamui displayed were almost flawless. There was no doubt about it, if that attack struck her it would inflict quite the serious damage to her armor, but there had been a reason she had not yet displayed the true potency of her weapons.

With the blade swinging at her torso the dragon girl lunged forward, the gauntleted hand containing her Midas gauntlet forcing itself in between the trajectory of the swinging sword and her body when it finally was time to reveal one of her own tricks. The moment her golden fingers were struck by the lightning of the blade the lightning itself seemed to dissolve into nothing but golden particles! A nullification effect?!

Having predicted Kamui's sword was on the last of its durability the clash that came between the gauntlet and the sword would see the latter shatter, while her damaged gauntlet aimed for Kamui's wrist, hoping to restrain her arm and lift her arm upwards, all while the dragon girl pressed herself against Kamui's body, leaning over her shoulder while whispering softly into her ear. "You don't give yourself enough credit, I'd say they are at least on the level of an S~"

At the same time, hoping to use the momentary distraction to catch her off-guard Ryuko used her free hand, containing the Ali's Stinger to send a powerful jab toward Kamui's stomach. Considering the absence of protective armor, she was almost certain in the idea the attack would inflict enough damage to defeat the feisty ronin.

Whether her attacks succeeded or not she would finally release her attempt to restrain Kamui and took a step backward, humming softly. "I let you figure out yourself whether I was complimenting your Kenjutsu or your bust~"

Stretching her arms into the air the dragon girl's lips curved up into a smirk. "But you got potential~ I think I taken a liking to you Kamui~ Although with your sword broken I'm not sure if you have any tricks left in your sleeves."


Ryuko's stats:
Strenght: 16
Speed: 7(+170): 177
Constitution: 48
Endurance 4:
Intelligence: 507(+130)= 637

Ryuko used Midas' Nullification effect to dispel Kamui's attack, turning it into a regular melee clash that inflicts 1 A-rank damage to Senzo no Hokai and redirecting 1 B-rank damage to Kamui's arm

Midas has taken 2 S-rank damage so far. Ryuko followed up by attempting to gut punch Kamui with Hive Jab, inflicting S-rank damage (turned down to A-rank from Kamui's resistance), and 1 A-rank physical damage.

based on this Kamui would have B-rank durability left at the time she is released.

Mana: 2.310-500-400-240= 1170 mana left


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For all of Kamui's confidence in her blade and it's magic and the knowledge she his half-god by heritage, the swordswoman was suddenly very much reminded that she was also still half-human. Because the emotions she felt when Ryuko not only nullified her attack, causing her best attack to become nothing, and positively tank her sword strike was not very godly of her. Let alone her physical reaction.

Kamui's heart clenched at her friend's demise as Senzo no Hōkai was shattered by the beautiful woman's blow, albeit temporarily as she had been reassured that any weapons broken during the arena fight would be fixed for free after. Still, Kmaui could not help but feel a rush of pleasure at Ryuko's compliment to her strength. Even if Kamui loses, this battle was worth it. Yes, seeing as how the taller dragon woman's, restraining grab brought Kamui face to face and pushed deep into the other womans ample bosom, which by the way was only slightly covered by wrapped bandages rather than full armour or even a shirt, mean Kamui was feeling deeply fufilled.

So much so that the swordswoman didn't even notice Ryuko's fist flying toward Kamui's stomach until the hit landed. The lighting demi-god didn't mind so much, though her darkening vision and fading reality meant she could no longer see such a splendid sigh or feel such warmth. Ah well, this was truly a splendid battle. 10/10 would let the dragon goddess beat the tar out of her again. "One day... I shall beat you Ryuko, I swear this... Then my Kenjustsu shall exceed my bust" Was all Kamui could say before her world became black, in a tone that was not at all threatening, and not even really being aware of what she said. The she went limp.

In the stands, Mami stood with their jaw on the ground, both exasperated and horrified.


Kamui's stats:
Strength: 71 (+20%) = 85
Speed: 31 (+30+20%) = 73
Constitution: 9 (+20%) = 11
Endurance: 7 (+20%) = 8
Intelligence: 1

Senzo no Hōkai Damage: 2x S rank in damage done, sword is no longer usable

Kamui Damage: 2x S-rank in damage done, the character's Constitution is exceeded and they fall unconscious

Actions: After her magic damage is nullified and she deals only a physical attack, Ryuko shatters her sword and successfully hits Kamui, rendering her unconscious.


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Feeling that Kamui went limp and lost consciousness the Dragon girl decided that rather than stepping backwards and awaiting her result she instead scooped up Kamui, briefly holding the unconscious swordswoman in her arms in a princess craddle. Hearing the words that were muttered the dragon girl laughed heartily at these words. "I can't wait for the day that happens."

Her gaze shifted around the arena stands where the audience were cheering, some were expecting more of a catfight, others were either rejoicing at the bets they had won, or scowling at these they had lost. Meanwhile her gaze briefly locked onto Mami like a predator eying prey, after which she merely smiled and cocked her head toward the gate of the arena, as if to wordlessly beckon her to follow.

Afterwards Ryuko started to march out of the arena, her tail swishing proudly behind her but the moment she reached the gate and forced it open she noticed the cracks on her golden gauntlet. "Heh, seems I'll have some work to do myself as well later."

Fortunately the arena was equipped with not just a forge where a smith would be willing to repair the participants their gear for free, but there was also an infirmary where a doctor was present. It was the latter Ryuko had decided to travel to, and as expected the doctor's eyes went wide as he saw the woman she was carrying.

"To think there would be a combatant bringing her enemy to the infirmary herself, first time for everything I guess." The doctor mused half-jokingly but Ryuko harshly corrected him: "Rival, not enemy. Either way, do your work doc."

The doctor motioned for her to lay down Kamui on the bed, yet despite the fact she had gone limp the doctor mused softly. "No maimed limbs, good it is expensive to get these back fixed." The doctor mused softly. to which Ryuko groaned softly.

"Duh, I might be a dragon but even I know when to hold back when needed." Hearing these words the man laughed softly. "Yeah of course, judging you only broke her sword, the injury on her chest is shallow enough, nothing a medicinal salve and time won't cure, won't even leave a scar. But did your really need to punch her gut? She likely is gonna have difficulty walking for a few days..."

Ryuko couldn't help but raise a hand to her forehead. "Nevermind that, give her something that will get her back to her full strength within a day, don't care if you need to put the medicine bill on my tap."

The doctor frowned at these words. "Well we do have some phoenix drops, will get her better in no time, but why the concern?" Ryuko averted her gaze, simply gazing toward the door as she expected Mami to arrive any moment now. "Because I plan to make her mine."

The doctor blinked in disbelief. "Make her---" "Yes my apprentice?" to which the doctor sighed as he started rummaging through his potions cabinet. "Phrasing Ryuko, phrasing..."


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Unfortunately for all involved, Mami the cheagle, companion and servant of one Tsunagi Kamui happen to rush into the informary jsut as Ryuko declaired her intent to make their master her's. Even more Unfortunately is upon hearing the woman who so soundly defeated their master declare, in their mind, that they would be kind napping then probably ravishing their poor master caused the small creatures mind to blue screen just as the doctor became to scold the dragon woman.

There was a moment of silence as Mami stood there in shock, jaw practically on the floor as it processed this state of evens. One could practically see their mind quickly reeling around in the air until it suddenly slammed back into Mami's head with perfect clarity. The next moment found the cheagle lunging towards Ryuko with a loud screechy "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" as they began to pound their stubby little arms on side of Ryuko's leg. It was rather pointless and didn't even count as damaging blows despite Mami's efforts, and was honestly more cute than anything, mostly as fat globs of tears came out of it's eyes. "You can't have her! She's Mami's master! She won't become part of your dragon horde! Let her go! Waaaaaah!!" The little creature wailed as it continued to beat at the woman's leg. It actually spoke a lot to Mami's loyalty, knowing how weak it was and that Ryukon was stronger than the strongest person they knew, but still tried to attack her to save their master.

After a few seconds and heavier sobbing Mami finally yelled out "Wauugh, Master please wake up~! Mami Heal!" They yell, opening their mouth wide after an arcane symbol appears. Then possible to everyone conscious's shock, definitely to doctors, a bolt of blue lighting comes out of the cheagles mouth, hitting not Ryuko but Kamui. Then, still loudly crying and wiping their eyes, Mami flops to the floor in defeat.

Thankfully after only a little convulsing from the shock, Kamui's eyes open wide as her injuries were mildly healed. It takes less than a second for her to look around and get her bearings. Then the cheagles bawling finally reaches her, causing Kamui to briefly, slowly, close her eyes in resignations. Mami busting into tears upon her being injured was not unusual and something she dreaded dealing with every time, though this seemed worse for some reason. Probably because she wasn't knocked unconscious that often. Then her eye's opened and met Ryuko's. The one who defeated her so soundly, so majestically. For a second Kamui allowed her violet eyes to pierce gold, and she felt a mysterious kinship again towards this woman.

Then Mami's wails distracted her, and Kamui had to break the eye contact to painfully reach down to pick up the cheagle. "Excuse me lady Ryuko." She says, and if someone hands to crying companion to her so she does not strain her wounds, either the doctor or Ryuko, she thanks them, though her response would definitely be more flustered if it was Ryuko, and Mami would freak out a bit until they were in Kamui's arms. But then Kamui would simply, with resignation, put the cheagle over her chest and rub it's back until it slowly began to calm down, listening to their master's heart. As this happens, Kamui turns fully towards Ryuko and gives her a low bow.

"Lady Ryuko. I am honoured to see you again after our battle. My apologies for my companion, they tend to worry when I am injured." Kamui says formally, eyes searching all over Ryuko's body, trying to find injury. She was half relieved and half disappointed she only found cracked in her weapon. "This one greatly enjoyed our battle, and hopes to one day challenge you again on much more equal footing." The ronin says, forging on rather boldly and with an overt amount eagerness for the usually stoic warrior while still patting the cute creature at her chest. "What say you to another duel?"


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The Dragon girl blinked in bewilderment as Mami rushed into the doctor's office. For a moment she merely observed Mami, not entirely certain what was going on in the cheagle's mind. However, when the cheagle lunged at her and started to wail her little hands onto Ryuko's leg. For a moment Ryuko's confusion remained apparent when suddenly her lips curved up into a smirk. "Oho~ And are you going to champion for her? The fine-print of the duel did state: winner takes all~ So if you want her back, you better start training little one."

Of course she could have taken the teasing a bit further, but Mami's display of courage to attack the one who had bested her master spoke a lot. It was something that endeared the cheagle to her, for even if she might had been weak, the courage and loyalty displayed by Mami were the real deal. "My horde hmm? I think the both of you would make fine additions to it~ I do feel quite protective over the treasure I claim."

When Mami finally used her healing to help restore Kamui's vitality the dragon girl merely smiled as she waited for Kamui to catch her bearings.

Their gaze met, and for a moment Ryuko merely returned in kin, walking over to Mami and lifting her up by the scruff of her neck, like a mother cat might had done with her kitten and lightly dropped the Cheagle onto Kamui's lap. "Your companion is quite a brave and loyal one for being willing to challenge a dragon. Treasure her."

As Mami's wails finally subdued and Kamui started to calm down the cheagle, the moment Kamui replied to her the dragon girl merely smiled at her. "No apology is necessary, I am not that crude as to not respect the resolve of one who is willing to challenge others for the sake of their beloved master."

Ryuko watched Kamui's gaze wander over her body, once more earning a mischievous smirk from the dragon girl. "If you were hoping to see something different you might need more training~ Although I have to admit your resolve and swordsmanship were equally exciting as they were entertaining to deal with."

However, when Kamui invited her for another duel in the future the dragon girl paused for a moment, a hand raised to her cheek as she pondered for a moment. "I wouldn't mind a rematch down the line, but we haven't talked about the compensation yet~"

She took a step closer toward the duo, bending over so that both her bandage-wrapped cleavage and face were in clear view of the duo. "I still want you Kamui~ I think you have what it takes to be a worthy apprentice, and in due time maybe even surpass me~"

She turned her gaze toward Mami and grinned softly. "At least if the little one won't freak out during our spars. Then again~ maybe next time I provide you with a reward if you can push me far enough~ What say you Kamui?"


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As Ryuko's proposition hung in the air, Mami's initial reaction was one of utter panic. The thought of becoming part of a dragon's horde sent shivers down the little cheagle's spine, and for a moment, they contemplated the various ways their life could change if they were indeed claimed as treasure. Their mind raced with images of being hoarded alongside glittering jewels and precious artifacts, a thought both exhilarating and terrifying.

But as Ryuko's playful banter continued, Mami's panic slowly transformed into confusion. Was the dragon girl flirting with Kamui? The realization struck them like a bolt of lightning, and suddenly everything fell into place. Ryuko's suggestive remarks, her lingering gaze, the subtle tilt of her head—it was all too clear now.

Meanwhile, Kamui's mind was still grappling with the weight of Ryuko's offer. To be considered as the dragon girl's apprentice was a tremendous honor, one that filled her with a sense of pride and purpose. She had always sought to improve her skills, to push herself beyond her limits, and the prospect of learning from someone as formidable as Ryuko was both thrilling and daunting.

"Ah, Lady Ryuko," Kamui began, straightening her posture as she addressed the dragon girl. "Your words honor me. To be considered as your apprentice is a proposition of great significance."

She paused for a moment, gathering her thoughts before continuing. "As for the compensation you mentioned, I am more than willing to discuss it. However, I must clarify that while I appreciate your offer and the recognition of my potential, my loyalty lies first and foremost with my current endeavors. Any future engagements between us would be for the sake of mutual growth and camaraderie, rather than servitude."

Kamui's gaze remained steady as she spoke, her tone respectful but firm. "Nevertheless, I am open to the idea of further duels and interactions. It would be an honor to test my skills against you once more, and I am confident that our encounters will continue to be both challenging and enlightening."

There was silence as her words rang into the air, only broken as Mami took pity on their dense master to whisper "Uh, Master? Mami could be wrong but I think Lady Ryuko is hitting on you." They say, severely embarrassed by even needing to say it out loud. Also being in the same room as said flirting happened. But after receiving those compliments from Ryuko Mami's opinion of her soared, being weak to kind words as they were. So they were okay with giving this nudge.

The realization dawned on Kamui like lighting upon hearing her companions words. The dragon girl wasn't just offering mentorship—she was flirting? The realization caught Kamui off guard, her stoic demeanor momentarily faltering as she struggled to make sense of the situation. Was Ryuko truly interested in her, or was this merely a jest?

As the tension in the room thickened, Mami and the doctor exchanged nervous glances, sensing the sudden shift in atmosphere. It was clear that the conversation had taken an unexpected turn, and neither of them wanted to be caught in the crossfire of Kamui and Ryuko's flirtatious exchange.

With a quick exchange of hurried apologies and excuses, Mami (completely mortified) and the doctor made their swift exits, leaving Kamui and Ryuko alone in the infirmary. The air crackled with anticipation as Kamui tentatively met Ryuko's gaze, her violet eyes betraying a hint of uncertainty beneath their stoic facade. She bareley noticed the two leaving.

In that moment, Kamui made a decision. If Ryuko was indeed flirting with her, then she would respond in kind. With a subtle shift in her posture, Kamui mustered the courage to reciprocate, albeit in her own awkward and socially inept manner.

"Lady Ryuko," Kamui began, her voice steady but tinged with a hint of nervousness. "As I said before, your offer to be my mentor is one that I do not take lightly. To train under someone as skilled and respected as yourself would be an honor beyond measure."

She paused, gathering her thoughts before continuing. "And as for your other proposal... well, I must confess that I am not well-versed in the art of courting. But if it is companionship and camaraderie that you seek, then I am more than willing to explore that possibility."

A faint blush colored Kamui's cheeks as she spoke, her usually composed demeanor betraying a hint of embarrassment, mostly as she found herself eyeing to woman's cleavage again. Her natural bold nature has Kamui leaning forward until the two woman were almost chest to chest. In a softer voice, Kamui says "Since this one has admitted their inexperience, would this master be so kind as to mentor myself in... such... matters?" Kamui says in a low voice, tipping her body in a way that also shows off herself, peering at the looming body from upwards behind her eyelashes.


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Ryuko couldn't help but chuckle lightly at Kamui's remark. "I have no need for servants Kamui. These who can't think for themselves, and simply act blindly upon orders don't hold my interest. It is a follower, a student that I need. Someone who I can inspire to greatness, one who desires to reach the same peak as I am on, and who will struggle to even surpass me one day."

Yet as Kamui finally realized the intention of her earlier words through some helpful advice from Mami, the moments that followed were interesting to say the least.

With Mami and the doctor making their escape, Ryuko waited to hear Kamui's response, as she started to shift her composure and respond to her earlier invitation, the moment Kamui leaned in closer, their chest pretty much on the brink of pushing against her own, the words that followed earned a mischievous smile from the Dragonkin. "Well~ It is quite similar to combat. You need to be creative, have an eye for observing even the tiniest of reactions from your partner and the courage to take initiative."

Of course, what followed was to be expected, but when Kamui's lips pressed against her own, and the dragon girl felt herself being pinned down by the smaller woman it seemed her advice had been taken a bit too literal!

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