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Valentine's Day 2024

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Valentine's Day 2024  Empty Wed Feb 07, 2024 4:00 pm


Valentine's Day 2024

Romantic Adventures

  • Social Interactions and Quests completed with your love interest will be rewarded as though they were up to two ranks higher (For example, submitting a B-rank Neutral Quest will give S-rank rewards).

  • Quests cannot be rewarded for higher than S-rank, and S-rank quests rewarded in this manner count towards your monthly limit of S-rank quests.

  • This bonus can be used up to 4 times per couple.

  • To be eligible, the quests must be completed only with the same love interest.

  • Single characters may choose to instead complete these quests with a close friend or a relative.

Gift for a Loved One

  • You may buy a gift for another character, or give them an single item from your inventory.

  • To be eligible, the recipient must be allowed to claim the item. As such, this excludes exclusive items from events, and items for which the recipient doesn't meet the requirements (such as race or class).

  • The gift can be any item from the shop that is available for purchase, including items purchased through auction from the Mysterious Merchant.

  • Each person may only receive and give up to a single gift, though they may choose a different character with whom to give or to receive.

  • To give a gift, they must have completed 5 posts with their chosen love interest for the duration of the event. This includes all In character posts, and may take place in multiple topics.

  • When choosing your gift, post in this topic stating which gift you are giving. If you are purchasing it from the shop, link the post you made here in the respective shop topic.

Event Details

  • The event will run until and White Day (March 14th).

  • Characters can only complete Romantic Adventures with the same partner.


Valentine's Day 2024  Empty Thu Mar 14, 2024 12:23 pm


Link t me buying a moderate exp potion to Fei Yu as my valentines day gift~

Technically it's from Mielle but Kamui is fronting the cost. Interactions between Yu and Mielle can be found here and here


Valentine's Day 2024  Empty Tue Mar 26, 2024 10:39 am


gifting Mielle my Machia modification as a part of the Valentine event~

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