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Bored Lament [Travel: Central to East]

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Bored Lament [Travel: Central to East]    Empty Sun Feb 04, 2024 5:32 pm

Night had fallen as quickly as it seemed the sun had first arisen. Time being nothing more than a segmented frame of reference that hardly translated from within the carriage. A trip that was scheduled, with some level of reluctance by both those involved and those whom had knowledge of it. Per her own intentions, she had championed for it, determined to venture out and meet with someone important, someone who a meeting had been long overdue. It would have been better, no doubt, if it had happened earlier, especially in the wake of everything that had transpired since.

Alas, that was no longer an option. Ideal circumstances were hardly ever something to be realized or expected, thus instead the circumstances that fell were the ones that they had to endure with. It was fine enough, as far as she were concerned. A few nights of travel, of which she would have little a care in the world save for simply being presentable upon arrival. That would be easy enough to achieve and ensure. But the boredom, that had been something that she failed to consider. How quickly Astrid had come to wish that some arrangements had been made to make the trip a bit more enjoyable. A stop at an inn for an evening. Or perhaps a whore for a night. Any option would have been welcome.

But alas, she found herself without such comfort, simply bound to Hargeon, bored and wanting to be there all the sooner.


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