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Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito)

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Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Sun Feb 04, 2024 2:27 pm

Here she was thinking it was going to be a wonderful time and she had nothing to worry about. However when Kaito had came here Averie heard people where spying on each other from the other baths, Averie was not the jealous type but she was the defensive type if some one dared spied on Kaito she would to make sure they weren't around.

What was the catch her? Averie had a few drinks already, Kaito was the sober one and she never complained. Normally Averie was better about this and never caused problems. But in this case she had gotten slightly carried away.

So much so she was not thinking about using her summons to solve these problems she wanted to do it her like the adult she was. So now A drunk Averie was sneaking around, not realizing she was actually going to turn out to be the peeper in this matter.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Mon Feb 05, 2024 2:56 am


Kaito is in the bathing area and guys are talking about how they know of a hidden way to spy on the women’s bath and they were going to wait a bit before doing so cause they want to make sure the woman’s bath was good and full of beautiful women. Kaito simply said one simple thing if they saw a woman with pale skin and silver hair and blue eyes they better look away or he would blind them himself . He was not the hyper jealous type but he was not going to stand by as they spied on Averie as he was also not the sharing type.

He pulled himself up out of the water and sat on the side of the pool of water he is feeling good and that was something that he was rarely feeling now a days as he was usually rushing from one thing to another and that was just his life as he was not one to worry about it but now that he had confessed to Averie he knows that he needs to slow down a little as he will need to see what he can do as a claimed man but what all that includes is hard to tell and if he can really be that kind of man or not. He was going to do what he can but he was not going to give up till he is sure that he is going it right.

Kaito feels like someone is watching him and he looks around, he can see the other guys trying to find their hidden peek hole but he keeps looking around to see if maybe the woman have the same type of thing to look in on the men but he isn’t seeing it if there was one but he slides back into the water just in case so he isn’t some eye candy for a strange woman that was looking through a peep hole.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Fri Feb 09, 2024 8:38 am

Drunk Averie was a magical being, She did not realize all entirely what was going on. she had not thought about what was going on might be her. She just heard people speaking about how there was peoples peeping about in other springs of the opposite gender and Averie not wanting anyone to try and catch a look at Kaito out of respect for him, Took these matters into her own hands. Keep in mind Averie came to this idea was drunk.

So being drink Averie was not exactly going to go on about this in a smart way like she might normally be done, Summon a ghost to talk with Kaito in the other spring make sure everything was safe and move on, normal smart things she would normally think up on her own. So Aveire determine to make sure Kaito's privacy was respected was lingering about in the background of the men's hot springs trying to find some one who might be peeking in on them. Not realizing she could be called that sneaking around as she did. She was trying to find some one doing something wrong, while most likely risking getting caught for it. At least she was swearing a towel over herself.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Sat Feb 10, 2024 4:27 am


Kaito is keeping his eyes out as he relaxes as he was in no real danger of being spied or that was what he thought, having no idea that Averie was watching him from the shadows and watching for people that were being bad and he wondered if he peeked if he would see her being cute and having fun or not as she would probably be sitting with a towel on by the side of the waters dipping her feet in while the other woman tell her that she is a kill joy for not just jumping in and having fun.

Kaito of course was not going to look as he had morals and wasn’t a giant pervert like these other guys were for the most part he was just trying to enjoy the time that he had here as his body was worn and tired from his many adventures he under took without actually taking the time he needed to rest chasing some dream of mattering to his master and showing her. That he could do it and that he would do it, she never contacting him after they had parted ways so many years ago at this point he figured she died or that she thought training him was a mistake. The waters did little to sort his mind out but they felt good on his body making him feel like he was recovering from the years of nearly non-stop questing, fighting, and adventuring.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Sun Feb 11, 2024 5:14 pm

Signs what Averie was doing would start to show. After all lingers sounds of some one moving about was hard most likely as Averie lingered around. Then well because she was drunk some times she would stumble slightly and feel uneasy and lose balance. Even falling over at one point in the background.

But Kaito would hear some one mumbling in icebergian about finding these people who wish to break rules and scare them away, Because shame on them for wanting to peek on the men. Forgetting the men would do the same to the women too. After all her focus on making sure Kaito was able to relax. But here she was drunk falling over and not relaxing herself. At least her towel stayed on with out much problem. Just well the sound of her falling over was eventually heard most likely and she kind of clueless to it all.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Sat Feb 17, 2024 5:18 pm


Kaito can smell Averies scent now so he knows that she is closer to the wall and he thinks fast and he speaks. "Are the women on your side as peek crazy as the guys on my side my love?" He is not sure if that will scare her into not peeping or her endlessly trying to find where the men might be trying to peep through into the women's bath but for now Kaito was working on not getting himself into trouble by peeping and trying to stop leering eyes from landing on him as well as he was kind of self sensitive about the giant scar that goes across his back as he finds it the ugliest of all of the scars that he has collected over the years and that was just something that he was going to have to come to terms with that he has it and that he shouldn't be so worried about the scar but he just couldn't get past it for what it is tied to and his years of being a captive that had made him so weak and stupid and he was still feeling the effects to this day from those days as he is crippled mentally in some ways and anger issues.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Mon Feb 19, 2024 9:43 am

When he asked that it almost sounded like it scared Averie slightly, by that the noise was really easy to pick up the gasp of being spooked for a moment. In some manner almost sounded like she tripped or something too. her drunken antics would become apparent in a moment.

She had fallen over at one point and bonk her head in some manner for a moment over all in Icebergian about what was going through in her mind."Ahh! ow my head." Icebergian as she got up from what she was doing and looked around it seemed drunken Averie was a bit different. In some manner her mind forgot things."That's my darling, I should say something else back to him."Averie forgot for a moment that Kaito could in fact understand that language she spoke.

as she got up for a moment even with a noticeable thud and it seemed she bump into something else. "Ow my knee."Then eventually she would speak up after realizing that she had not answered him yet."Yes, some of them are." She did in fact still sound a bit drunk and it was over all something to know note of but she was answering."Is anyone spying on you?"Averie asked as it sounded like she was moving around again.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Mon Feb 19, 2024 10:21 am


Kaito could hear her stumbling around and talking to him in her native tongue and he tried to keep himself from laughing as it seemed that she had been drinking a bit and she kind of in a way became more of a trouble for herself. He figures just to be safe he will ask her to find out if she is drunk or if maybe she had been in the heat for too long and it might be making her sick, cause drinking and being in a hot place like the spring are a bad mix for long term amounts of time. "Love have you been drinking or are you just starting to over heat from being in the spring for too long?"

He hears her ask him if he is being peeked on which was a strange question as how would he know if he was being peeked on as he is on the male side and only she would have the info to if someone was looking in from her side into the male side. "That is one you would have to tell me love as you are on the side that would have the ones peeking on me." He was going to be honest with himself she was totally drunk and probably not going to be lasting much longer so he is probably going to have to help her get home or take her to his place as she was going to be a mess as she already kind of sounds like she is a mess with little idea to what she is doing and sounded like she might have ended up hurting herself over on the other side of the wall.

The guys unable to resist after hearing the woman tripping over herself hurried to the wall and fought over the peek holes in the wall and were probably met with fingers or other eyes looking right back at them as they screamed as they put their eyes up to the holes in the wall.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Wed Feb 21, 2024 3:08 pm

It was a good question to ask her, because in some manner could be a mix of both and she had yet to realize. Even then she could not admit it right away. Over all she was unsure why she wanted too but drunk Averie being her own different kind of animal would just go."No I have not been drinking.....okay maybe a little too much."Most likely for the sake of her dignity. But drunk Averie was a horrible liar, normal Averie didn't lie for that reason.

But here she was falling over in general like an idiot."Oh right? Hold on I have some to solve this matter." She was speaking normally in fiorian for the moment sparing the world around them her speaking caelum or iecbergian drunkenly. But a few moments after speaking that Averie summoned ten spirits all in which made loud ghostly howls as they spread about the area looking. So everyone now who was running to peek on Averie where now going to be met with loud screaming ghost all flying towards them. Not Averie's bead plan but it was something so far she did not think to mention she did not see any one yet.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Sat Feb 24, 2024 12:06 pm


Kaito was not sure if he should be laughing or be extremely worried about the woman he was planning to spend his life with but for now he was going to let her be as she clearly needs to wind down a little as she as clearly getting a bit high strung and the guys seemed to have learned their lessons and are now cowering in a corner of the male how spring and he was not sure how she did it but he was no going to ask and brother her with anything else for now as she clearly was over doing it. He leans back in the spring water and relaxes as his body starts to loosen up and he has to wonder what she was doing drinking as he has never known her to get so drunk or at least drink that much so he now is worried someone had spiked her drink.

He sighed then got out of the water and got close to the wall. "Babe did you keep your eye on your drink as I have never seen you drunk before." Kaito waited for her answer but he was worried that maybe something was not on the up and up about how she was acting and he was going to have to find out even if he was going to break a rule and go to the other side of the hot spring to check on her.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Thu Feb 29, 2024 9:28 am

It seemed that she would continue to answer in icebergian."No, they all seemed fine."Averie said at that time because it was true it was not much of a worry at that time and nothing seemed to be a miss, she just did not recall drinking water or eating anything."I just maybe had drank....a few 5 too many."Averie answered.

So she was drunk and did not think about how many she had take in."Where am I again?"So Averie was just now back to being drunk and confused. It might be a good time to maybe help her."Oh yeah....i should go back to the spring."Then the sound of Averie moving around again was most likely heard as she was trying to find her way back to her spring. it seemed at least she was trying to get back to where she was suppose to be.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Sat Mar 09, 2024 8:04 am


Kaito on hearing the woman say five too many thought to himself on why she would allow herself to be taken in so easily by the drinks and wonders if maybe the woman he is set to marry might not be the right one especially if she was just going to get so openly drunk that she was forgetting where she was and then stumbling Kaito figured he was going to the woman’s side now and he uses the key to turn himself into a female and appearing on the other side in the woman’s side of the spring and he went to look for Averie to find her and make sure that she was not feeling the effects of something else.

Kaito saw her and walked over to her and got into the springs with her. "Hey Averie are you okay? Do you need some help or need some water or something along those lines?" Kaito had not really thought about what she had just done but she looked over Averie and wondered if there was a way that she could help the woman. She looked around for if there was anyone one watching them and she could see a dark haired woman that looked a fair bit jealous at Kaia having gotten close to Averie.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Mon Mar 11, 2024 11:56 am

This was a good question to ask her most likely she did not think of these things, Even if Averie most likely drank there must have been other factors why even if she did not drink much she was effected a bit differently. Lucky enough for Kaito, Drunk Averie seemed to be a bit simple minded for the moment and seemed to take it like she was getting offered help by a stranger or she did not remember Kaito could do this. But she would still be some what logical still."I just had a wee bit too much, When I drank at home It was not normally this bad a hug from my sister and I was okay."

That was the key seemingly, Averie had her sister around the one who most likely knew mentally and magically how to control and rid some of these things into human beings."Water does sound good."Maybe it was safe to guide the drunk Averie away, she was some what still there just a bit spacey.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Wed Mar 13, 2024 10:42 am


Kaia gently took the woman’s hand and handed her a towel she was going to lead the woman into the female changing room and get her some water from there as she had no other clues where to get cool water from as she doesn’t want to risk making Averie sick from drinking cold water after being so hot and clearly drunk. Kaia found the spot in the changing room that had water and she seemed to pull a glass out of thin air and hand it to the woman so she could drink and hopefully start to feel better. Kaia wondered if it was the alcohol and the heat that had got her to this shape or not but she knew that she needed to make sure that the woman was not over doing it or getting caught up in something strange.

"After you cool off a little are you looking to return to the spring or are you looking to leave?" Kaia wanted to find out if she was staying or if she would have to turn back to a man as she wrapped over to the male side of the springs to get her stuff and meet the drunk woman on the outside of the springs.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Fri Mar 15, 2024 4:12 pm

So far drunk Averie was not totally out of line, she was just some what different. At least that is what she would argue if ever asked about it. But this would also be a what if in a situation that Averie could most likely forget about pretty quickly."Maybe...just in case we should leave...Who knows what other things could go wrong."Averie might be drunk. But some what she was also self aware.

In which showed she might be drunk but not too far away from reality."I shouldn't be too bad anyway..."Averie sounded unsure about it but given she was drunk and felt this way. But Averie was aware enough that it would be safe that way, Not that anyone saw anything too racy if anything this was most likely the most silly moment so far that she could say she had been in, if she remembered.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Sun Mar 17, 2024 6:32 pm


She was surprised that Averie is like that, she was hoping that the woman was going to be okay but the longer that Kaia was making with this conversation she was getting more and more worried that something might happen to Averie and that was not going to fly with her. Kaia has no idea if her wife to be even knows who she is upright now and if she would even care if she had been told as she seemed pretty out of it still but she took Averie’s hand in her own and walked with her as her own clothes appeared back on her self as she walked with Averie to get her ready to leave and head out. She was going to probably have to dig deeper into all the goings on here as something was a miss and the woman she was with seemed to have mostly lost her wits which scared Kaia as she didn’t want to lose Averie and to who would be the issue she was facing.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Thu Mar 21, 2024 11:46 am

This all would most likely be okay later. Or showed in some manner maybe how her big sister often did many things that made sure she was okay and did not give Averie a chance to learn her limits the hard way. But Averie seemed to rarely drink so that was one thing but she did not seemingly excuse her behaviour. At least when she was sober anyway she would not excuse this behaviour Averie never was the type to try such a thing.

But Averie seemed to at least still be walking okay so she was not too far off, She could most likely just say she had just gotten carried away and it was out of character. But they would gather and collect their things over or well Averie's things it seemed over all was not going to have much other problems. Weather or not this situation happens again would be interesting to figure out in the future.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Fri Mar 22, 2024 11:24 am


Kaia smiled and walked out with her and she wondered if Averie was really going to be okay or not but she knows that there were things that she needed to keep an eye out for as she got out side of the women's area she turned back to normal Kaito and he smiled at Averie and he spoke. "We should get you home and hopefully I can brew something up to help with the headache you are probably going to have later if I don't full off cut it off." Kaito was slightly teasing her and he wondered if she was going to be really okay but he knows that sometimes her sister was lurking around but he hadn't heard her, smelled her or even sensed her so he figured that her sister was not near by but the woman usually seemed to just pop up out of no where most times and that was just her way and he knows that Averie respects and loves her so that is what matters.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Sun Mar 24, 2024 2:57 pm

This all sounded fine to her. Over all there was not much else to do at this moment checking out any one spying on Kaito or herself seemed to have yield nothing. which meant a job well done right? Unless Averie missed something but she doubted it at this point after all her drunken mind told her everything was going to be fine."I am sure I will be fine."She said so casually but then again her own internal self reflection was off so she could most likely look like she was three sheets to the wind and not realize it.

But to Kaito's luck, favour of whatever feeling he truly felt at this time, There was no lingering sense of Averie's sister, either she was not anywhere close, she had not arrived yet or she was out and about somewhere else that was not going to cause a problem at this time. But Averie would most likely see that figure sooner rather then later, It was just how these things worked. Then again Helena was not the worst one to be around when drunk. Nonetheless it should all work as mostly for what Kaito assumed it would.


Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Sun Mar 24, 2024 5:10 pm


Kaito trusted her and he got close and put his arm around her and walked with her as he was not going to risk her tripping over or tripping and he wanted to keep her close to his side and that was the only way that he can think to do it but that was maybe a long shot to think about as there was nothing that really should be out here and the dangers should be behind them so he was going to help her walk it off and hope that she wasn't going to get sick or if maybe they will come across her sister as he figured that she would have been watching over her sister as she was usually close by and not scared or timid to let it be known but Kaito figures that was just simple conjecture and that there was no real proof to follow on that one so he was just gonna help her to get sorted out.
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Drunken Curiousity.(FPHS – Peeping Show/Kaito) Empty Tue Mar 26, 2024 6:27 am

It seemed to be a good and peaceful end to this situation, Averie might gotten drunk and drank a bit too much. Most likely when she reflected upon on it when she woke up that it was a horrible idea to do that. Maybe in some manner she needed to reflect on that matter about how she got carried away drinking. She also would let him know she was sorry it happen.

If anything she would be okay. She was not sick that evening and just seemingly had gone to sleep with out problem. Much problem a bit of drunk mumbles at the time but that was about it. At some point she might have tried to snuggle Kaito or Kaia whichever it was chosen that night to stay as. It seemed over all Averie was not thinking about much else but sleep, If Kaito said no or not she would not remember and merely just have a bit oa hang over.



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