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Read All About It [SL]

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Karisa would hear voices, something, someone that sounded familiar as she slowly and weakly let her eyes open to see Dae-Seong there. His scent was so intoxicating and wanted nothing more than to sleep, yes sleep. 'Crap... this is the last thing I wanted him to see.' Karisa thought sweetly as her right eye was completely purple with the swirl, a bloody tear fell from her eyes as she looked at him with both her brown chocolate eye and her purple gem eye. "D... Dae-Seong... heh..." Karisa coughed lightly, blood spewing from the side of her lips. She tried to give a small smile that was sweet and warm, her eyes sparkling with love and life, although the sparkling was slowly dimming.

"I.. I didn't expect to go against the World eater nor a woman who came up out of no where..." she continued weakly, her voice was turning more ghostly and raspy. She leaned into his embrace as her body was slowly becoming dead weight. She knew she didn't have much time on her hands as she could feel the burning of whatever she was stabbed with spread through her veins and blood stream. Her eyes gazed at Dae-Seong and slowly caressed his cheek and gave a small yet beautiful closed smile, "Dae-Seong... I love you, my star, my light and the burning passion in my heart..." Karisa's hand slowly slid off of Dae-Seong's cheek as she couldn't keep her strength up anymore as she knew it was time for her to go...


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She was alive. Thank fuck she was alive. He made it on time-ish. She said she didnt expect to fight a world eater nor a woman
"Thats why you were supposed to have me to watch your back!" he told her as he was willing to help her, but instead got whisked away to another world. He was gentle with her, but very midly very very mildly scolding her for what she did

Her voice was turning more ghostly and raspy. That spark in her eyes was slowly leaving her and her body was slowly becoming dead weight. He was internally panicking and didnt know what to do. Perhaps she can see that in his eyes. She gazed at him and slowly caressed his cheek, his hand immediatelly went and held the hand that was touching his cheek. He listened to her speak "I love you too Karisa. But now is not the time for you to go" he replied and wanted to get her up to carry her down the mountain to find something akin to a hospital in this hellhole.
"Dae-seong, dont move her. I think she's-"
"No she's not anything. I'll get her to safety!" he spoke sternly to the kitsune


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Karisa didn't move, didn't say anything as she felt his warmth, smelt his scent, and heard his voice, but unfortunately, she couldn't hold onto the anchor anymore as the light in her eyes slowly left. By this time or by a few seconds, Dae-Seong would feel her skin cold as ice. Suddenly, a swift dagger struck right beside them, electrifying powerfully. Quickly, a figure with a giant hat that had a veil covering their face arrived by teleporting where the dagger landed, a smirk appeared on their face as they paralyzed both of them, took Karisa in his arms and once more, teleported out before chuckling, "Cya," was all raspy male voice spoke as he took Karisa's dead body and vanished.

From Karisa's point of view, she gazed and was blinded by the glistening glory of gold, and white and she realized where she was. "Valhalla?" she asked to herself as she looked around, her eyes glistening. She felt lost, she was feeling sad and immediately she realized that meant she really was dead.


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She didn't move, she didn't say anything. He wanted to lift her up to carry her to a hospital or something. He felt her becoming cold, he needed to hurry. But suddenly a dagger struck right beside them, electrifying them powerfully. Paralyzing them so they couldnt move. A person appearaed, smirking at them. Kyu tried to move and use his own power to try and break through the paralysis. But the person took Karisa from Dae-seong and cheekily chuckled to them and vanished with Karisa's body.

Breaking out of that paralysis, Dae-seong angrily just screamed at the guy or Karisa dying or his own frustration. He just screamed. Kyu meanwhile felt wounded. Not from that paralysis move or anything. But just in his heart, he felt like a tear, a wound. That a light went out. Karisa being dead. He took a breath and had a moment of silence for her, meanwhile the human by him mourned her in his own way. Shedding tears for his beloved. Kyu decided to give him a moment of privacy


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She looked around this place that seemed to be Valhalla as there was no other place Icebergians who died by battle go, right? Maybe there was something else, but was not sure exactly what it could be. She wondered what was happening to her physical body as she knew she was gone, but she maybe cared about more Dae-Seong and Kyu than her own body. Little did she know that a past enemy was the one that had her body now as they were taking her far away. He used his abilities of arcane and lightening to keep her heart at least beating despite her soul not being here to be actually alive. 'Last thing I need is your worthless mortal body rotting...' he thought annoyed. Meanwhile, Karisa saw the giant building doors open to reveal many people. People she has heard stories about, those that have fallen by battle and even some demigods who have fallen or was there for their own reasons as this was also Odin's realm that was created. She saw a raven fly by and towards a direction where she looked and then was approached by a talk warrior-like man who gazed down at her. "Greetings fellow Demigod, I didn't expect to see a child of -" he was about to say, but laughed heartily while his eyes gazed at Karisa.

"Well, you'll find out soon. Also, you have much of a journey and you've been on quite the mortal path," He spoke and another warrior who was a woman smiled and shook Karisa's hand. "He's right, lass, your battles are yet not over as the only way from the bottom is now up once more," she spoke in her icebergian accent as she told her about all of her own stories. How she fought beasts of the sea and those in other countries. "So, what slayed you in battle, my lady?" The male warrior asked. Karisa was unsure how to really put it to words, she then spoke 'its' name. It shocked many as usually the World Eater never appears, never has battled a demigod and some wondered the reason. "Well! Looks like you have quite the journey then." he spoke to Karisa as if she will once again have to battle the World eater serpant of Midgard. Not only that, they spoke now of how she has many things to do and things she could do such as Conquer a Country or more.


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He was a mess, because he lost Karisa in all of the ways. Like he doesnt even have a body to bury or cremate. She was just gone. He was angry that he didnt help her, everything was stacked against him to NOT help her. He felt as if he didnt contribute to her in any way. Kyu walked over to him and tried to console him.

But suddenly he stopped with the weeping, the mourning and the tears and just got up to his feet. His expression was much more emotionless and cold.
"Come on. We're done here" he spoke to Kyu as if it was just business. The kitsune knew he had something planned, something not good. He didnt know where they were going. He figured they would go back to Fiore, but he didnt know.
The two would start to make their descent down this cold mountain. They had a bit of a trek to come back to that shitty igloo area they were at and they needed to book a ship to Fiore. Or at least thats what Kyu thought
"We're going to Joya. Im not wasting my money for a ship. We got a land border we share, lets use it"
Kyu just nodded. It seemed he would see Joya sooner than anticipated, but he knew Dae-seong was plotting something, he just didnt know what. He watched as the man wiped away his tears or the makeup that messed up his face.
"Are you planning anything?" Kyu asked
"I need power. Lots of it."
"I thought you werent a fighter"
"Im not. But there are different types of power. I can always have an army"
"Oh" Kyu knew what he meant. But he still didnt know the mans next move after being in Joya to recover from this mess of a journey. Do they go to Fiore or Sin
"I got nothing to lose. No emotion attachments. Playing those people like a fiddle will surely be easy. I'll get that country and be their God. Karisa might have been born a god. But I'll claw my way to godhood whether any other god wants that or not. They will all see what I am"
Indeed, the guy who wanted to be the center of attention just wanted to cast a wider net of worship. Even doing something he's not into, just as long as he gets peoples attention and love. The worship and validation. It made sense to the kitsune. If the woman who gave him that love was gone, naturally he would look for that same feeling in a different way. Wanting to dominate people. Its just Kyu feared that Dae-seong would be worse than Shogun Ayame. He was cruel and emotionless as the former shogun, not having love and empathy for the common folk, wanting to crush them beneath his feet. Wanting to do that to Ayame and Mishiko even. He could tell what kind of a man Dae-seong was. But he knew he wasnt a threat to Joya. Although he cant say the same for Sin. He felt bad for that place, he was going to lash out on an innocent country and nothing was stopping him. Even if Karisa somehow magically blessed them with her presence, his mind was dead set on looking down on people. Kyu sighed and rolled with the punches


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Karisa's sweet soft brown eye and purple eyes gaze at the warriors and will soon be told something that surprised her. "The reason you're being stopped from going any further is because you are going back... Where your physical body is right now, I am unsure, but alas you will be safely given another chance," the male warrior spoke and then another voice from behind her spoke. "And you will take my spot in this lore of life and much more," the woman spoke as Karisa turned to see the woman that was there. "To many, you will be known as Sigyn, but in truth, you are your own person. One full of loyalty, devotion, and compassion towards those you love, but also you are the demigod and attached to those of flowers, the stars in the galaxy, and the moon. Your path is your own, yet know it will be a dangerous life you will be living. Yet, you will be given a new beginning," she spoke.

Karisa was wondering what Dae-Seong was doing, her heart that was in this spirit version of her felt worried about the darkness within him that she kept at bay. She looked at the warriors and nodded, wanting to go back. "Please... I need to get back to him, to fight alongside, to protect and make his dreams true... the right way," Karisa pleaded as her hand went against her chest. The Warriors looked behind her as a goddess was staying there, many kneeled before her as Karisa turned to see Freya, standing tall with her armor on and weapon. Her boar and two felines beside her, "Then the light is the path you need to go through to leave, my sweet child.~" She smiled warmly as she turned to walk towards the path Karisa needed to get to. She wondered why Freya was calling her 'child' or if that was normal. She could hear the warriors sing a song, a song for when she would come back someday and join them. Will she be joining them though when the final days appear or will she be somewhere else? All she knew was that she wanted to get to them.


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Meanwhile, the two descended the mountain and made their way to their igloo hotel rooms. They were mostly silent and just made warm meals to recover and rested. A warm shower and a bed. But they didnt really speak much. What was there to say? They were both tired. Physically, mentally and emotionally. And they needed rest.

And so after a sleep, Dae-seong would wake up to get dressed and prepared for the long trip back to Joya. He still had to think where exactly to go. That hotel? No... It still felt too close to the Shogun, he didnt want to be near her. He should perhaps find his family. Not to see them, but just to have a place to stay. Although he swears, if they give him attitude he will choke a bitch. But no, he had to remain calm.

All he needed to do now was to his hair and makeup, soon enough he would be done and go out to that harsh cold. Oh he hated Iceberg. Who knew he'd hate another country aside from Joya? How appropriate. Nevertheless, once he was done, he'd call Kyu over and tell him that they gotta go. Which was the only vocal interaction they did have since the mountain descend. They needed to go to Joya and he needed to see if his family is at the same place still. He didnt want to have anything do with them. He just needed a place. Maybe he could buy himself a place elsewhere in Joya. Another thing to do perhaps. Do some banking and find some temporary place to stay that isnt a hotel run by a dog. So much planning to do, so little time


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she didn't know what this woman was capable of, she knew that Freya had huge importance to the Icebergian religion and she still didn't know her own story after all this had happened. Will she perhaps tell her the answers that she so desired to know? The woman pointed her spear toward the direction she needed to go, vanishing in the golden light, making Karisa sigh and nod. She knew that her journey was going to be a long one once again. How long has it been since she has been in here? Minutes and hours could be days or weeks in Midgard, Earth as she wondered what all Dae-Seong had been up to. Her heartfelt pain, her eyes tear up as she kept thinking about the darker area of things. What if he found someone else? What if he had already gone down the dark path and there was no way back?

The path was full of golden and white sheets and puffs of clouds as the path was a rainbow-like structure that was also see-through but looked sturdy like fake or strong glass. Her eyes wandered about for any signs of anything as she wondered what she would see or hear once she got through that large area of light. Karisa slowly approached it as her hand felt the warmth of the door that was no ordinary door. 'Come on, wake up...' an annoyed raspy voice spoke from behind the door. 'Give it time... she will be waking up, I just hope she doesn't freak out about the appearance she will see herself in or as," the woman's voice spoke that almost sounded like the woman she just saw a few moments ago. Karisa went ahead and stepped through the light, feeling blinded and yet did not fall, one of her fears, but instead, she felt like she drifted into a sleeping cloud.


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