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Surf's Up - Solo [Quest]

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#1Salem E. 

Surf's Up - Solo [Quest] Empty Sat Dec 23, 2023 10:01 pm

Salem E.

Salem got up with a smile on his face. He was feeling well and was enjoying the island. The beauty of the place brought a rare sense of peace to his soul. It made him feel like he was adapting to the changes that were going on in his body.

The fae made his way to the beach. The innkeeper recommended a new job that he took up. He met a man named Keanu and listened to what the actual idea was. It was to create a surf school and it was pretty alright as far as ideas go. They were on an island that had gorgeous beaches. It would not be a bad venture to teach people how to surf, assuming they knew how to swim.

“So. What are you missing in order to start this business venture?” Salem asked out of curiosity. It was an easy enough job. It had to be something that was holding him back.

#2Salem E. 

Surf's Up - Solo [Quest] Empty Sat Dec 23, 2023 10:02 pm

Salem E.

The surf instructor explained the issue and Salem got to work. It was really a lack of hands. He had the capital but the lumber that was imported from the mainland was too heavy to carry. The lumber needed to be shaped into surfboards and turned into the shop that he would be working out of. Since Keanu was missing the labor it was nearly impossible to do even with the money he had from the trust fund.

Like an octopus Salem summoned multiple tendrils of water. He picked up the logs and moved them with the strength of his magic. He shaped them by vibrating the edges to cut them, and made everything in the designs that was given to him. He simply was a one man army doing all the labor by himself. He did not complain but just got it done. It was a job that took him an hour and a half. Keanu gave him his pay and sent him on the way when he was satisfied.

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