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Good and Evil (Open)

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Good and Evil (Open) - Page 2 Empty Mon Feb 05, 2024 11:39 am

She was annoyed by the sass the girl was giving her, but she just glared at her. She felt as if Elise was goading her into the first attack to give her an excuse to attack. Jen had to admit, her fingers were itching to get her knife and just gut her. But she kept quiet as she curiously listened to the conversation the two had

When Elise talked to her after Michael, Jen just hissed at her. She didnt wanna talk. She swears the nun was provoking her into action. Thats why Michael told Elise to ignore her. He asked her a good question. What did the woman want to do now? She interrupted them plenty enough, surely her job was done now. Jen doubted she'd manage to get a word with Michael after this. But now she didnt wanna leave before Elise, she didnt want to leave Michael alone with her


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If there was one thing Elise wanted to be remembered by, was not just being some what of a scary hunter, but some one if you got down to it. Was actually a helpful woman who wanted honestly to just do good for the people around her."They might not, But...I am picky enough to be willing to look into. If you really do want answers for it."Elise said some how he was going to give Michael a serious offer."But in exchange, You may owe me a favour in return, Information for information." She left it at that he would have a change to say yes or no to it.

Elise's plan where simple really."I am going to show you, where this shop is. see if you need anything else then I may leave of my own accord to get a few drinks before the sun comes up, After all night shift is a pain for a reason."After all no doubt eventually the sun would come up and she would need to sleep because the need to sleep would hit her around that time.

Even if Michael wanted her to not think or do anything else with Jen, Elise had other plans and was not scared of Jen. Jen didn't know how well prepared Elise was to handle these matters."Unless, Miss former lover has other plans for me when i walk away from you."She had to take one last little mention.

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Michael Winters
"Depends what the information is. If its anything that can hurt my friends or species is a no. Like, y'know... I'd like to know what Im being held onto." like if she knew she had to look info on some old incident of a dead werewolf couple, he'd like to know likewise what exactly she wishes him to look into. Otherwise itd be a no deal, as much as he yearns for the help to find answers, he was just scared of hurting those he cares about. When he does care about someone, he is protective of them.

Michael nodded when she said that she plans to show him where the shop is and be on her merry way, unless Jen has something else to do. He then looked back at Jen who was annoyed. He wondered what she'd have to say, but he had a feeling she'd be harmless now.


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Jen was obviously annoyed by Elise and replied to her "No need to stay. You already cockblocked and ruined the mood"
To which Michael naively replied and said "But... you're a woman" to which she just snapped back at him and said "Its an expression! No need to be so literal" to which she just shrugged it all off and walked away. She may or may not tell her guild that a certain blue pegasus member was here. Depends on her mood. One thing was certain, Phantom Lord was too soft for her taste, she definitely wanted to leave as soon as possible and find a real criminal to cause some chaos, not just thirsty vampire girls that feed on weak prey. As much as she liked the vampire girls, they werent really criminals, but more like creatures who needed to feed. Jen knew she needed to plan bigger and find actually ambitious people



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In some manner it might be interesting to think that Elise was some what expecting that he just wanted the info on just that single thing. Elise assumed it that from the start."I mean this nicely, I would not give information was not entirely not needed, You want me to look into one thing particularly. That is my plan and agreed to." Elise was going to make him a fair deal too."And if i come up with nothing. You owe me nothing as well."Which seemed like a good thing because there was no promises about what could be resulted.

This seemed fair to Elise, She even offered a handshake over it."Seems like a fair arrangement yes?"She would not say it aloud but Elise would not blame Michael if he refused to shake Elise's hand. She was in some manner his enemy and it is unknown if Elise could be trusted at all entirely or not. Elise was just going off of base blanket trust alone, She knew in some manner it might be pushing a few things. If anything it was remarkable Elise got this far and Michael didn't just tell her to piss off like any one else would when they knew some one who could be their enemy was right in front of them.

But as Jen left Elise would make one final remark in Minstrel to her. She was not smug about it or anything Elise knew full well she was poking a beast one last time, But also was strong enough to pick up that beast with one arm and chokeslam them into defeat."Loin de toi, prostituée qui marche la nuit."Then waved good bye to Jen with a smug smile on her face.

Not too long after Jen left."Well this way we are not too far considering."Elise seemed normal, as normal and casual as a person seemingly not on shift at work was like.


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Michael Winters
Michael looked at her as he considered her offer. He squinted as he thought about the offer. He didnt know what to do, but against his better judgement he'd extend his hand for a handshake. By his grip, Elise could tell he felt uneasy about it still
"Fine. I'll do what I need, if you help me find whoever killed my parents"

When Jen left, Elise said something in minstrel. Michael obviously didnt understand so he said "Loins? What about loin?" he had no idea what that even meant in minstrel, he was clueless. But was willing to brush it aside. After all, they were nearing their destination. Michael wanted to buy something for Lumikki, a ring that she deserved. Coincidentally, that was Elise's guild mate. Michael though didnt know that as Elise didnt mention that she was from Paradise Dawn, nor he did see her guild mark. Instead he just knew as much as she allowed him to know


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This part would most likely be the dangerous part. Staring Michael down Elise merely simply said."Well for now you won't need to do anything. You merely owe me that favour for later."Elise said it was too far for Michael to go back now. He owed Elise a favour but with that final piece added in Elise could understand why he agreed to it."I see, one seeks closure do they?"Elise did not sound like she was judging him, In fact there was almost a sense of understanding with out saying it out loud, Most likely something she had seen before doing the things she does. Everyone needs that closure. In some sense Elise needed her own closure but that was not related to this matter at all.

In some manner Elise felt nice enough to just clue him in."I just figured, I would insult her on last time...Do not worry about it."Elise mentioning because it would have been a good to assure him of such matters."Detest what i am about to say if you will, But you have been wonderful to talk to and deal with. Far far nicer then most other people who I visit in the night."It was odd for Elise to give out compliments right away to someone but in some manner she wanted him to feel like this was all good for him.

But seemed to over all have a pretty quiet walk to this jewellery store. This one had a sign in Fiorian and in Sin. In which the sign said."Fu-Mei's Custom Jewels, Pride and perfection before you now."It sounded horribly egotsical. But to Michael's Benefit there was gold colour Blue Pegasus mark in the window. Just the store was not open yet.

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Michael Winters
"Closure is nice. Because this feels like a 20 year old open chapter thats haunting me. I want to end this story once and for all and live in peace" or die trying, though thats a part he didnt say out loud. But he was willing to die trying to kill the killer. He knew vengence wont bring his family back. But if he does kill them, they wont roam free to potentially kill more people and if Michael dies? Well, he will be with his family. So he was dead set on his goal. Either scenario a win win for him. The outcome tho decides whether the past or the future wins.

When Elise answered one of his questions, Michael nodded and let it be. As they walked, he noticed the store. And walked over to the window "Blue Pegasus member? I'll have to ask around about them." maybe this person can help him in a different way


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This is the part where Elise would depart. Mostly because she knew in some manner it was most likely she knew if this place was open the sun was up enough that she should go find a place to sleep. being up for longer period times was unneeded and unhealthy."I can't help you with that, I am a hunter not a people knower."Elise said for the sake of humour about it. She didn't sound as serious as he was most likely use too when seeing Elise in the past.

But since he was heading in there Elise merely did get the door for him and then merely would dismiss herself for now."We will see each other eventually, For now. enjoy talking to whomever this is."Elise most likely had no use for jewels of this kind so she would just leave him be. Off she went to go find an inn.

But as Elise left there was sounds coming from the open door of a Sin woman speaking her native language, Whatever it was she could not understand it but she was too far away to consider wanting to know anyway. Michael would be meeting a woman with snow white hair, ruby red eyes, Dress that was ten and gold. Various pieces of gold most likely being a jewel smith was ones they made themselves. Michael would end up getting a conversation with a member of his own guild. It would be a long conversation about what he wanted, But in some manner it was only so lon because in some manner Fu-Mei the owner and operator of the store. Seemed to easily reflect and show her ego and how massive it was. But given how it might be annoying to some customers, Fu-Mei's jewels was exactly what she boasted it as. The best one could get well crafted and not cheap. But Michael got a Guild member discount of not costing him anything because of the reason behind it and being a guild member. He just never had to mention it.


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