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Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally)

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Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) - Page 2 Empty Sun Feb 11, 2024 2:32 am

She shook her head "You missed the point of the question again. I asked because well its not the first time that happened, a human falling for a demon. So you dont have to worry about me being a race traitor. Because I really dont care what people think" though it depended what he wanted too. It was fair if he just liked her for one night, she doubted anyone would like her for anything more.

Yijun asked her what human rejects her "Oh... there have been a bunch in my life" though she did blush when he complimented her looks. "Oh well... I dont know... I guess other girls are mean" she always saw her self as an ugly duckling as opposed to the other girls. And the boys would see her as a weirdo. So outside the very few people that accepted her she has been a shy weirdo
He then asked her if she needed help with sunscreen and she merely nodded because she was still blushing from the compliments


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) - Page 2 Empty Wed Feb 14, 2024 3:39 am

"I rather not get anymore human women murdered because they are with me. Being with a demon or daemon would lead you to no where but trouble trust me." he was just being honest as him being around got his mother killed and her head cut off as a prize for those that did it, nothing but images of this woman’s head cut off fill his mind if she were to pick him as her life partner so he would make sure to keep a wall there to protect her from that kind of grim fate as it would just kill him to know he got someone else killed like this weak human woman.

Seeing the woman agree to him helping her with sunscreen he puts it on his hands and then started rubbing it on her body with his big strong hands as they follow along her body getting it into those hard to reach places and he seems like he was taking it seriously so the woman wouldn’t end up a burnt mess by the end of this beach day before they go for a walk in the forest.


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) - Page 2 Empty Yesterday at 8:01 am

When hearing his words, it sort of prompted a question "Oh um... you dont need to answer this if its too personal. But what happened to your mother?" he seems to imply that she died because she was with a demon. Did people kill her or did the demon kill her? She had no idea what happened and she had no idea if it was a touchy subject, but if he didnt feel like answering she was fine with that. Sally was sure she was pushing it by asking this, but just from his sentence and implication, she guessed that she wanted to know. Like what would happen to her if she wanted that.

When he asked her about the sunscreen she would nod and agree that she needs a bit of help. He would put it on his hands and started to rub it on her body. She blushed when he couldnt see her, but she definitelly enjoyed the touch. Like a lot.

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