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Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally)

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Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Thu Nov 30, 2023 12:00 pm

Yijun had arrived on the island and he looked around and he wondered why anyone would like the fun and sun of a place like this plus the over rated things to buy and that were being shoved in peoples faces that were tourist like. He scuffed at the humans that were walking around here and he didn't trust them at all as humans are the worst monsters of all and he hated them as they were all sneaky and creepy creatures so he made his way through the crowd and to a less crowded alleyway as he was looking to get away from the crowds and crowds of people, their smell and looks made him want to throw up as he would never forgive the race that killed his mother as they say her as a traitor to them because she birthed a daemon and refused to kill it.

He watched the idiots walk the streets and buy up over priced things and his hatred for the monsters that are humans only grew as he was not looking to have to deal with it but he was here for a reason he was going to look for the darker underbelly of this place and see if there was any words of his father being around or being seen as it is probably hard to miss a demon monster that might be wondering around even though in his heart he is starting to think that his father might have just went home and had lost interest in the humans and their goings on or maybe he as well was jaded by the fact that her own people killed her for having him. He was not sure but he knows that he will never trust a weak, sneaky, back stabbing human.


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Tue Dec 05, 2023 6:57 am

She was in Luluhawa, it was a rare experience and she was kind of lost. She didnt know what to do. It was like a world of opportunities had opened and you were overwhelmed with choice. And she didnt know what to do. She couldnt help but feel nostalgic as she missed her friends, Sally has heard that one was in Astera, but Astera was far away. She heard though that they would go here sometimes, so she hoped to find them. That is to say, if they were here at all.

But until then, she didnt know what to do. How long to stay here in Luluhawa, where to find an inn or a hotel or what is cheaper. She just needed to figure things out. Maybe it was bad she was clinging to the past, the nostalgia. But she felt happy back then. Before things turned south, she hoped to be happy again. Was that so bad?


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Tue Dec 05, 2023 1:03 pm

He walks the back streets and he looks around and then he sees a strange woman that seemed to stand out of the crowd and he walked toward her. Maybe this woman knew something and if not it was no big loss as she just looked to be a weak loser human and if she disappeared no one would probably even bat an eye that she was missing or dead. He wasn't probably going to kill her but there was always a chance that she knew something and might take some convincing to get to speak. He walked up to the edge of the ally and he spoke. "You weak pink haired human come here." He walked back into the alleyway once he sees that she is following him and he readies himself to see if she knows anything because she gives off an odd Aura and that was more than enough reason for him to try and get info out of her. He was going to wait to pull out his spear only if he has to do it.


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Tue Dec 05, 2023 1:43 pm

She heard a guy speak to her or someone else. She looked around and then pointed to herself questioningly, before walking over to the person. She noticed that he was going into an alleyway. She wondered why he was going there, though part of her knew why. Because crime, why else people live in alleyways and bring people there. Sally noticed she lacked her weapon on her person now, she left it back at the guild, so she had to rely on her weak magic. She could just taze him lightly and run if he tried to harm her.
She never felt like a defenceless maiden so this was to be the first time. Was she fearing being robbed? Or what if she was getting karma for what she did? If so, should she just accept her fate? Well either way, she was ready to defend herself if the guy attacked her


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Thu Dec 07, 2023 4:36 am

Once he has her deep enough into the alleyway he turns toward her and he speaks again. "Do you know of a demon snake that might be around here? Make sure you answer honestly or you will regret your choices." Yijun had his arm ready to summon his spear if this woman was to attempt to try and attack him because of what he had asked her and he knows that his magic will probably make her regret her choices but there was nothing that he could have done about that if she was just innocent as his leader would be mad at him if he were to attack the wrong person but he with his researches had thought he had a break through so he wonders if it was right or if he was simply questioning her here in the alley as that probably looked like a shady thing to do but he wanted to find this man his father and question him how to be like him and to why he left his mother to die. He figured that he would never get these answers but he had to try and find something any kind of lead.


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Thu Dec 14, 2023 2:17 am

"I know of a demon snake, but I thought he was in Joya" she answered trying to sound useful. Like she had no idea if a demon was here. But she knew Joya had a famous demon snake. Maybe its the same person? Or maybe not and maybe the demon snake passed Luluhawa on their way to Joya? Or maybe she was mixing up a person of myth. She wished she knew more, but at least it was better than 'no' and 'i dont know'. She looked at the man, and he really looked on edge and rather intimidating. She didnt know what to do as he looked trigger happy. Not to mention she went into an alley with him. She was sure he'd kill her if she was useless. So she better be useful or try to find a way out of this sticky situation. If only her magic was stronger. If only she saw her Guild Master for guidance


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Thu Dec 14, 2023 2:05 pm

"I see so you have some worth. Tell me more of this snake that is there and I will see how much worth you truly bare." He calls his spear from his arm tattoo and he holds it in his hand and he wonders what else she might know or use she might still have to him. He doesn't know if he can trust anything she says but if he does find out her information is lies he is trained in how to very easily take things apart and study it so he guesses he has a plan in case. The people on the street just walk past as if nothing is happening and without a care and Yijun wonders if she was really alone or if anyone had seen her and had been following him, if he sees this is a trap he will aim to knock her out or wind her to spare her life till he can find if her intel is good and he might still drop by and pay her a visit.


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Fri Dec 15, 2023 1:34 am

"I dont know much! I only speak what I heard from others. Demon snake in Joya, name starts with O. Oro something. Im sorry I dont know much about demons! Im sure Joyans can tell you more about it!" she said a bit panicked seeing the spear and wondering what to do. Should she just run and escape?

Glancing at the people in the distance outside the alley, she could see that she was relatively unnoticed to be here. Which did bum her out. If she was to die, would she really be this unnoticed. She backed away from the spear daemon and backed to a wall of the alley, hugging herself and thinking her options. She would go on the offensive, but the man was clearly more powerful than her. Did she go soft? Or softer? Maybe she just followed all the wrong choices in life. Maybe she was too emotional


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Fri Dec 15, 2023 9:05 am

Yijun sees the fear in her eyes and he guesses that she was really alone here an that he wasn't in any danger here with her at the moment. He takes a seat on a box that is in the alley and he looked at her and motions with his free hand for her to sit. "You are find but yeah no I am not looking for a demon snake with the name starting of Oro so your info there doesn't give much in the way of helping me. Do you have an owner?" He was making a joke about her acting like a scared little puppy that had been cornered and she had put her own tail between her legs and had made herself seem smaller to him which is an act of submission in the animal world. He figures that she doesn't fully understand that her body language gives away her fear and thoughts of trying to flee if he were to turn his gaze from her. He will have to thank his leader for all the research books that were in the lab his team covered.


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Sun Dec 24, 2023 2:17 am

He took a seat on a box that is in the alley and he looked at her and motioned with his free hand for her to sit, which she did, though she was still a bit on edge.
"Uhm... I guess Fairy Tail" the guild master would be her owner since not her parents. But since the guild master was away and Kaito was taking her spot as a substiture, then Kaito?

She was curious why he called her to sit with him. What else did he want to know? She wished she could help but was sadly of no use as she had no idea about demons. She never met one as she only interacted with a werewolf, that was like the most super human thing she saw. She hasnt even interacted with wood elves. Sally tried to think of subjects to talk about, she had questions of her own for sure, but for now she would let him do the talking and just see what he wants.


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Mon Dec 25, 2023 3:14 am

The daemon man looked at her and he wondered why she would admit to being owned at all as that is just a very odd thing to admit to. "Wait you are a slave to your guild? I didn't take you for the slave of a guild." He had clearly misunderstood her statement about fairy tail owned her as he was not thinking of it as them saving her but that she was now a captive of the guild that she was part of. "So why are you on this island?" He had been pretty clear why he was here but why was this woman here and if she was owned by her guild was that the clear answer was she running away from a guild that had tricked her and enslaved her? Yijun's mind is racing a bit about stupid thoughts of this woman being miss treated by her guild mates and guild master though he had heard that Judith was a very kind and caring woman so he wondered if maybe she didn't know that this woman was one of the members slaves.


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Wed Jan 03, 2024 8:05 am

She raised her brow "No? I just figured that was your way of asking where I belonged or who were my people" considering a bunch of people talked down to her in the past, she just got used to roll with the punches and not fight the current anymore. He then reasonably asked her why was she here in Luluhawa and she replied "Well, I had free time to do what I want, so I wanted to explore a place I have never been to. Maybe do some quests if I see the quest board"
She was pretty open with her answers, even though the previous guild mate she talked her not to be so open. But she figured this wasnt some crucial information to keep secret. Granted she was aware what her guild mate wanted to warn her about. About being used by others. But you see, she was a bit desperate for a connection, a friendship, anything really, that she was willing to do whatever it takes to belong to a group or clique. So even if it meant being used. She hoped Fairy Tail would help her find a sense of belonging, but it didnt. It made her wonder was she the problem or if she could even feel that sense of fulfilment. Was she really just damaged goods of a person?


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Wed Jan 03, 2024 2:13 pm

He looked at her and he decided that he would explain why he had said what he did there. "I had asked that because you act very submissive and are very cute for a human. I was more or less being I think the word is a smartass? I wasn't being serious with the question which is why I was more shocked that you said that your guild had you as a slave. I guess I should ask are you above being owned or becoming someone's pet?" He guessed he should ask as she might come in good use to him later if she was willing to be such for him. Though as she is in Fairy tail he highly doubted she would be so willing or desperate as that guild is more a tight family and had a few monsters in it that would probably come for his neck if he was to stick it out to them in this way.

He heard out her reason for being here on the island and he smirked at her saying that she wanted to just explore and that she might do quests. "All work and no play will make you a boring woman." He had an idea and he grabbed her hand and pulled her along as he guessed maybe he should help her explore as she was her to enjoy the sites and the sun was still in the sky so why not explore now that he knows this trip was a waste why let it be a total waste for them both if working was the only other choice that they had to do while on a beautiful island that seemed to be alive with people.


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Thu Jan 04, 2024 5:31 am

"Oh uhm... sorry?" or maybe she shouldnt apologize, thats why she was uncertain in her voice "You're like the 2nd person to tell me that...and well... long story short... I guess I am a bit. Its just people in my past kind of asserted their dominance over me that it just kinda became ingrained in me that I am..." lesser. But she cheered up and smiled "You think Im cute?" looking at him with puppy dog eyes. Obviously starting to relax around him now that he wasnt as hostile as he was before and was being a smartass as he admitted. Next thing he asked was if she's above being owned or being someones pet "Well Im not into slavery" unless its some weird kinky roleplay, but pet? "I mean pet? Depends on the context. Humans give eachother pet names when they are romantic and affectionate towards one another. If I am being all romantic with someone, then yea I'd be their 'pet'" to be someones loyal sweetheart that she can be cute to, but also fiercely defencive and helpful

He said how all work and no play will make her boring which made him chuckle and think, 'if he only knew'. She let him grab her hand and pull her along as she was curious where they would go.
"True, it might sound boring. But considering a did a lot of adventuruous stuff before, it sounds natural to take it down a notch"


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Thu Jan 04, 2024 6:01 am

He looks at her weird when she questioned him on if he thinks she is cute. "Why else would I say it if you weren't?" He is unsure why humans are so weird and can't take a compliment. "I don't mean it in a slavery way. I more mean it in, a you are loyal and obedient to me and me alone. If you want you could wear the collar with my name on it and have me hold the leash while we walk around." He was not sure what humans really have as a limit for comfort so he might be pushing his luck and her bounds here with this but he was honestly asking her if she was comfortable with it.

He stopped in his tracks at what she had said. "I see are you not wanting to go and see more of the island?" He looked at her and he was still holding onto her hand and he wondered if she was displeased that he was doing this but she had not expressed that she was displeased with it, so he would wait for her to say something to him.


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Fri Jan 12, 2024 9:53 am

"Its called disbelief" she would answer him. When he spoke more she'd listen and nod so and later say "Kinky, I like it. Minus walking in public with a leash. I dont like the degradation kink. Not my thing"

When he asked her about exploring the island, together. She would answer "Oh um.. I'd love to explore it with you" she did later notice that he was holding her hand. But she tried to pretend like she didnt notice and kinda softly hold his as well. Tho she'd be lying if her heart didnt go all doki doki during all of this. Made her wonder if she was ok. At first she was completely scared by the guy thinking that he'd rob her and kill her. Or just kill her. But now he was here holding her hand and willing to explore the island with her


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Sat Jan 13, 2024 2:24 pm

"Is that a way of you saying you think I am lying?" He looks visibly frustrated from her saying that. "Oh what are your kinks then?" it was a more morbid curiosity for why he was asking but he wished to know a deeper understanding of what this human woman might see as her "Kinks" what ever that means but he figures she will deflect the question.

After she said that she wanted to explore with him he walked with her out of the alleyway and through the streets and he was going to take her around the place as this place was mostly straight forward as they had a lot of forest and beach area and he wondered if this woman had brought a swimsuit with her. "Did you bring a swimsuit?" He has no idea why he cared to ask but he had already asked her so he was not going to backtrack on it as this could come in handy later.


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Sun Jan 14, 2024 3:20 am

She scratched her head as she thought how to describe how she felt "No, I dont think you're a liar. Its just odd to hear it. Im not ever called that. Havent you ever had a moment like that. Someone throws you a compliment in a way you dont expect at all and you just stare in disbelief. Its like more of a lack of faith in yourself rather than the person who's complimenting you" she hoped that was a decent description of how she felt without offending him.

Now onto the next question, she didnt think someone would be so bold in asking that. "I'll get back on that one. I never thought of a list of kinks. Never thought someone would ask that."

As for the swimsuit question "Yeah, I do" she said nonchalantly with a shrug. Not that she expected a swim, but it was Luluhawa, she had to be ready just in case


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Fri Jan 19, 2024 1:32 pm

"I have never felt that but I am a daemon, so that isn't going to be something that I would get from people." He wonders why she would think he would know anything about that are daemons not hunted and attacked here he is of a dark race not a light one why would he be welcomed or given any kind of nice words he is not sure if she might not just have some screws loose.

He looked at her. "I see you have no idea what your interested in?" Another surprise the human woman didn't know what she liked to have done or to do. How does a woman of her age not have any ideas to what she might like.

"Then lets start on the beach get cooled off and then we can go on a hike." He pulled her along to a beach house so they could change in private and not have to worry about it. He comes out in his swim trunks and some sunglasses and a towel he looks like a fashion mistake clearly showing he has no idea about fashion.


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Tue Jan 23, 2024 2:25 am

"Really? No one ever told you that you're cute" on one hand she can see it because he can be intimidating, but when he wasnt all hostile, he really was cute or attractive. Though she didnt want to show that. She then replied to another comment of his "Well, I prefer to do things in private when it comes to those things" kinks and sexual preferences kinda stuff, she prefered it to be between closed doors metaphorically speaking, not to be observed by strangers or called a freak. Just her and her partner who accepts her. To do everything they like together. That would be wonderful, thats when she really could get frisky.

Anywho she had a swimsuit so he said that they can go on a beach to cool off and then go on a hike. It was interesting how this went from a hostage situation to a date or something. Sally mostly nodded in reply and followed him as he pulled her along to a beach house so they could change in private and not have to worry about it. She was in her swimsuit. She noticed the towel he had and wasnt sure should she ask about it


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Wed Jan 31, 2024 4:43 am

"Of course not I am a daemon. Why would I be called cute I am a half breed as they call me." He was not sure if her eyes were broken or maybe she was stupid to ask such a thing but he knows that he needs to make sure that he doesn’t make them think he is falling for a disgusting human.

Yijun looked over the woman and he wondered if she was trying to be pretty or hot as this made him look at her a bit differently as he feels strange in his chest. " Are you sure you want to be seen with me?" He had looked away from her and he walked out of the beach house and on to the beach and lays down the towel for himself as well as grabbed a near by umbrella to plant in the ground to give them shade as it was a very harsh sunny day at this point. " do you know how to swim?."


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Thu Feb 01, 2024 4:14 am

"They dont know what they're saying. You're pretty cute. And handsome" he really was. Although he was still a bit intimidating, that first encounter did leave quite the impression on her. She wasnt sure what he really thought of her. Because as a daemon it seemed he wasnt a fan of the human race. She wondered why? Was it because it was the most populous race or as a half breed as he describes himself, he hates that side. But that cant be right, he was looking for a snake demon, right? She assumes he wants to kill that. So like... huh? What is this man?

He then asked her if she wanted to be seen by him. It was an odd question to her "Yes? I dont see why not?" would he feel uncomfortable if he saw her that way? "I mean if you're not ready, I could always wait for some time in the future. Doesnt have to be rushed, you know" Yijun was a person that was hard to read as he was asking sort of odd questions. Such as the next one, if she knew how to swim, of course she did. She merely nodded for an answer


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Thu Feb 01, 2024 10:34 am

"Do you wear glasses? If so you might want to put them on I am a monster not a good looking person... On day I will get rid of my human half and become the demon I should be with the pure blood I should have been born with." He just sees images of his death human mother that was killed by her own family and own kind because she wouldn't kill him or give him up for the creature and monster he was. Even if the monks worked tirelessly they were never able to get that habit to get broken to see himself as an ugly creature that is not able to be loved or even be seen as someone that should be complimented.

"I asked as I am not human like you and you might be seen as a race traitor as you are with a daemon and not your kind." He had seen what people do to people that walk with those that are seen as tainted and not a good "Race". He sees her nod yes and he gets out sunscreen and he looks at her and moves like he is going to offer to help her get some on so she doesn't burn but he stopped himself.


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Fri Feb 02, 2024 12:33 am

"I dont wear glasses, but its exactly my point when I say that one can be in disbelief about their cuteness and handsomeness." she looked at him curiously as he said he wishes to be rid of his human half and become a pure demon. He didnt know that was true.
"So does that mean your father demon loved a human woman?" she didnt mind getting it on with a full demon if Yijun wanted to become that.

As he mentioned her being seen as a race traitor or such she just handwaved that away "Dont worry about it. Im already a neglected nobody in the eyes of a human. Trust me it cant get worse and even if it did I dont care" she wanted to spend time with him and she didnt discrimenate. Like if he was worried about him being a dark race, her friend was a werewolf, granted he pretended to be human, but was trouble. So in other words she was ready for some spicy stuff. She clearly has to stand up for herself and him


Daemon meets a Fairy. (Sally) Empty Fri Feb 02, 2024 2:50 pm

"Are you stupid or something? Of course he did how else would I have been born a half breed?" He is starting to wonder if there was some kind of disconnect between her brain and reality. He wants to make this woman understand how biology works but he is not sure that he could even properly do that as he is not the stunning genius image either as there is many things that he doesn't know or even cares to know but he needs to try on to do too much.

"What human rejects you? You have pretty blue eyes, your skin is sun kissed, you have soft smooth skin. Why would humans reject you?" He was honestly confused that the woman had said that she was rejected and neglected by a human. He is not sure if she had misspoken or if she was serious as nothing about her seemed out of place for a human besides her back story of being a friends with other people like that. "Want me to help you with sun screen?"

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