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A deep green paradise [Training/Alexandre]

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A deep green paradise [Training/Alexandre] Empty Sun Nov 19, 2023 2:35 pm

Ittindi had expected the worse when he arrived to his new duty station in the north. However, he found that his team didn’t have any problems listening to his orders. While it had been mentioned in a couple of the leadership meetings he had been a part of, Ittindi still wasn’t allowed to spar with the other corporals. It seemed that his strength was ranked at around a captain’s level, now he understood the faces they had made at his test results. He wondered how long before he found himself a sergeant, Ittindi still hadn’t heard rumors of that strange merchant. Should he buy the gun as soon as he makes rank or continue saving? He’d sit up from the humongous tree he had been taking a break under. The sun was somewhere out there, but beneath the canopy of the deep green it was hard to make out. Though the rays seemed to reflect off enough that the lush green landscape teemed with life unlike anything Ittindi had ever seen. While he hated how dirty nature was, its beauty always seemed to outweigh it. He was out in a long-sleeved t shirt, with a pair of harem pants and low-cut black hiking boots. His hair tied back in a ponytail he was ready to start his training.

An unfortunate side effect of his power, he didn’t have anyone at the outpost that wanted to train with him. It was similar in Era, but at least his Young Master had been there, he was by there guild hall he wondered if he should look him up. For now, he wanted to clear his mind with training, Ittindi would start to warm up his body.

He preferred to keep it simple when doing his dynamic warm up, he even swore it helped with his spellcasting. That was blasphemy amongst other sorcerers, thinking that intelligence was the only factor in casting. Ittindi would start with deep lunges while alternating his legs and moving forward. He had marked the spot he needed to make it too with a line of small rocks. Once he reached it he’d change his exercise to high knees. He’d continue this pattern doing a couple exercises to warm up when he heard someone a little distance out. Ittindi curious if it was an animal or person would start to move towards the noise.

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A deep green paradise [Training/Alexandre] Empty Thu Nov 23, 2023 5:48 am

Nearby, a Dragon Slayer was already there with his own space for training. Although usually he would train his spells alone. He would never ask others to help him. He just got used to do it that way. Besides, these werent new spells he was working on. But spells of old that he forsaken and lost to time and memory. He was merely remembering and relearning spells. Alexandre got to remember and relearn some weaker ones that were of D and C ranks, but now he wanted to get back to remastering the B rank spells he had. He needed a good offensive spell and he had just the one in mind to retrain once more.

Glacial Lance was a spell he had used in the past and now he wanted to see if he can redo it. But first he needed to remember the steps to it. He had the mana, but what was the trigger gesture. He'd look at the palm of his hand as he would think back how did he do it.
As a young highwayman and adventurer, he got in all sorts of shenanigans, illegal ones considering he was a highwayman. But how did it go away.
He knew he'd conjure up a lance and throw it at the target for damage. But what did he do? Well, to retrace the past, he needed to think, what would he normally do. Upon a bit of thinking and pondering he remembered.

He opened the palm of his hand as a cyan magic circle appears and manifests a lance made of frost, he'd look at a target and throw the weapon to deal damage.

Upon doing that he'd stop and think more, analyzing the deed and the performance of the spell
"No no. Still too weak. It needs more power put in it" he told himself as he evaluated his performance.



A deep green paradise [Training/Alexandre] Empty Sat Nov 25, 2023 6:26 am

Ittindi was no ninja, as he stalked through the woods, the sound of branches cracking under his feet and through his arms echoed through the forest. Ittindi felt bad breaking so many parts of nature’s beauty, the branches would regrow, and the things he stamped on would become recycled in life’s long process. The green forest seemed to weep as he finally came across an enclosing that had another in it. He witnessed the man create an ice spike of large proportions and hurl it straight at a target. The thud of impact quieted the rest of the forest for a brief moment. Ittindi would take that moment to appear, emerging from the surrounding forest to the east of Alexandre. He’d speak fast not wanting to scare the man, his ankh easily seen on his tongue as he spoke.

”Greetings good mage, I see I’m not the only one training out in this beautiful forest. Does nature inspire your magic as well? I’m Ittindi by the way, Ittindi Amali, I can leave if you prefer privacy. Otherwise I was going to ask if you’d want to collaborate on training.”

Ittindi found it easiest to get straight to the point when dealing with strangers. They seemed to appreciate it more, Ittindi didn’t have the tongue to try and deceive others outwardly, he prefers to keep his lies small or hidden. He did find it easier to train with others, then by himself it was irresponsible for him to assume a random mage in the forest would be a capable partner. That just meant he’d need to take it easy, not practice his more advanced spells until he got a feel for his partner. That was assuming the man would want to train at all with Ittindi, he still had his area not to far from here. Even if he couldn’t find it Ittindi could wander until he found another clearing to practice his own magic at.

Either way, Ittindi was already thinking about the first spell he needed to practice. He had watched another Rune Knight employ a similar spell albeit with darkness instead of nature magic. The idea was to wrap yourself in your magic to defend against others, it provided a full body shield, and served to protect valuable artifacts. You never knew when someone decided that it’d be easier to dispose of artifacts before the mage, Ittindi already had an idea for his version. The first would be multilayering the threads in different thickness and hardness. The inside of course would feel like a high thread count sheet, no need to discomfort himself. Imagining the layers in his mind was already giving Ittindi a headache, and he needed to be able to do this as a reaction. He could already see why it was considered a more advanced defensive spell.

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